Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/29/2013 – Jonathan McEuen

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jonathan McEuen

Recorded 10-28-2013 – Release Date 10-29-2013

Production Number #1195

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Adam is opening the show with one of this standard intros and Alison has a quick and starling reveal pertaining to a feminine hygiene purchase.

Adam has a great tagline and Alison has a decent follow up, she’s now wrapping things up with a reference to Adam’s old Ford Explorer with the confusing lock icon on the key dongle and what is sure to be a new classic drop.

Adam is now riffing about the key dongle and how confusing the locked vs. unlocked icons were.


Adam is now riffing about confusing packaging in light of Alison’s mistaken purchase, BB has a Dorito’s back up point for Ace and Adam is literally screaming at Madison Avenue.

Adam is now pitching “smart people drooling” during his rant about the confusing no parking signs.

Adam is referencing the maple rye at Simmons as an example of confusing labels and packaging.

Adam wants to eliminate all confusing signs ala push/pull and east and west, Alison has some great follow up examples and Adam agrees whole heartedly.


Adam is now explaining how he likes lightly salted planters peanuts, he’s describing the bullion-y salt and has a hilarious comment about his nightly prayers to cleanse his roasted almonds.

Alison’s reaction and follow up question is gold, they’re now back to the scented tampons and Adam has a great callback to the candle riff from earlier.

Alison is filling them in and now BB is asking Gary to look up the euphemistic scents titles they use, Alison has a reveal of the brand she uses and tens of thousands of pervs are taking note.


Adam is now responding to generic smells that are worse than any smells they are masking, Alison seems to have Adam smelling something too bad this isn’t VPN.

Adam is describing the scent as an alien or old lady teacher smell, something that 5 year old girls would want.

Adam is now bringing up the “Retarded Goblins” from his home that he had to bring up in therapy.


Adam is bringing up the lost remote and t shirt and the previous goblin he had to fire, Ozzie’s wife that BB clues clever audience members in on with a key drop.

Adam is explaining how he had to have Olga tell her in Spanish to reduce the perfume.

Adam is now revealing the novelty gift Jimmy Kimmel bought him after the firing and he’s now riffing about the money rich guys spend on novelty gifts that could solve the worlds hunger problems but is still kind of worth it for the “you’ve arrived” status it brings.


Adam is bringing up other forms of scent masking and kitty litter, Alison has a point about the pine scented sawdust used for vomit in public schools.

Adam is now asking how much of the mistaken tampon choice is to blame on Alison and how much of the blame falls at the feet of the marketing executives trying to trick people into buying the wrong variety.

Adam is now bringing up his racing long johns, the mint scented variety made in Italy.


BB is now reacting to this information as if he’s never heard it before, though he has indeed, guess it’s not interesting enough to remember.

BB is now sharing his theory on mint flavoring and citing it as the best mask for chemicals and dental work.

Adam is bringing up his OTF filming for “To Catch a Contractor” and how he was scanning for his mark before filming, a red twig/leaf combo.


Adam is now saying someone should invent an actual mark for filmmaking instead of gaffers tape or impromptu branches.

Adam is quickly citing his inline water heater dentist story form the Classic Loveline days.

Alison has a funny inverted laugh when Adam describes his feline fecal based mark for his filming.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Nick, “he almost got his Hi out” – BB

Adam is now describing having a first time experience as an adult, his director a Korean gentleman was trying to arrange a shot.

A crew guy from Boston yelled at the Asian director, using the word “Bro” and Adam says he’s never heard an Asian man called bro or dude, along the lines with how he’s never seen a black person sneeze.

Adam is now getting Dawson to chime in with his use of Dude when talking to the ladies.


Adam now wants to work out the “Bro Flow Chart” discerning who uses the term with which other races.

Alison and BB are chiming in helping him discern who gets called what.

Dawson is now asking what happened after this guy busted out with the insubordination towards the director.


BB is now playing the “fuck my pussy bro” exchange from last year.

Nick is now back on the line, Adam has a muted “thanks bro …” reply to his attempt at a joke and Nick wants to know if interning at radio stations, podcasts or successful podcasts is the route to take to enter broadcasting.

Adam is now declaring that TV is screwing people up, giving them unrealistic plans and goals they’re unwilling to attempt let alone complete.


Adam is now trying to get Nick to clarify his broadcast intent, it’s comedic definitively according to him and now Adam is getting Nick to join her on her top story.

Her top story is on the death of Lou Reed and Nick has an immediate hilarious comment and then another intentional one, Adam seems to appreciate.

Adam is still using his wicked F-18 metaphor and mocking the idea of having nothing vs. something.


2nd Caller Brad wants to know if Adam ever had to experience performance reviews in any of his work and if he does it with his own employees.

Adam is bringing up his old carpentry gigs and how being hired for the next project was your immediate evidence you’re doing ok.

Adam is not touching on his “air checks” with his program director Kevin Weatherly back in the Loveline days.


Adam is getting into how he was told to teach aerobics instead of actual boxing technique in contrast to his fellow trainer Mike Weaver as mentioned on the Tito Ortiz Episode earlier in the month.

Adam is bringing up the time Dr. Drew told Stone Stanley to supply him with as many notes as possible as was so unfamiliar with working in TV and how he told them that only applied to Drew, not himself.

BB is now bringing up the “Air Checks” that Jack Silver would put them through in the KLSX days.


Adam is bringing up what they have done and the parts of business he enjoys and has distaste for, Adam is now getting to his attempt at a 20min nap before recording tonight and why he chose not to change before leaving the house.

Adam is taking back to his day trip to Dana Point working with Mike Lynch on the 3rd book, smart commuting!


3rd Caller Dave wants advice on his wife’s bulimia and how to get her into therapy

Adam is having Dave clarify her condition so they’re all on the same page.

Adam has a great two zeros reply to the length of time Dave says his wife has been doing it, Alison has a killer one liner and this is wonderful!


Adam is now bringing up how cocaine would be safer than being bulimic, he’s marveling at the human body’s resistance to some illicit substances.

BB is bringing up how heroin has no negative effects on the body, it’s the method of use and addiction that leads to all health problems.

Alison is taking it to the serious topics and Dave is sharing how she has had some adverse reactions, even needing her teeth capped to cover up the damage.

Adam and Alison have a bonding moment remembering an old TV commercial for a bulimia treatment center and Adam has a “small sniff” to close things out.


Jonathan is now making his ACS debut and Adam is telling him about listening to a live CD of his earlier in the day.

Adam is asking Jonathan about Coors, he’s telling him about taking the brewery tour, Adam is inquiring further about Jonathan’s origins.

He’s getting into the “Mongoose and the Snake” and Alison is now commenting on the photograph, Adam gets confirmation that Tom McEuen has the same spelling, then immediately gets corrected by Gary.


Adam is now further riffing about classic drag racers and how it eventually lead to a movie that nobody gives a shit about.

Adam and Alison are giving into Jonathan’s attempt to sweep them away despite Adam’s misgivings.

Jonathan is now playing live in studio, as per usual it sounds amazing.


Adam is now calling for a picture of Bill Bixby circa “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father” and he’s explaining that Jonathan has a similar look from that era Bill Bixby.

Adam is now telling Gary or whomever is manning the mac to take their time and find the most appropriate picture as opposed to rushing for speed.

Adam is now bringing up how a series would change from 1969 – 1974 based on the change in culture in contrast to a modern show like “Modern Family”.


Alison is now asking about the kid from the show and if he went on to front a punk band, some nice “Dead Kennedys” discussion between Adam and A-Rose.


Alison’s News

She’s asking about Adam’s take on the death of Lou Reed and he’s explaining how he had to pretend to be into his work so he wouldn’t be mistaken for “squares Ville”.

Adam is now using Frank Zappa to contrast the love for Lou Reed, Adam is now calling Lou the aids for hipsters and has a nice quilt joke.


Alison is bringing up the death of Hal Needham, he died at 82 and she’s wisely mentioning his appearance on the ACS #167 (ACP production number #499) back in 2011.


Adam is now riffing about the son of a sharecropper being the bygone profession for a man’s father and he’s now breaking it down to Alison.

Adam is now joking about the water temperatures in various salons and how they can overheat or cool your head when getting someone else to shampoo your head.

Adam is adding this to the category of things he never does but greatly enjoys, hilarious “blow dry bar” comedy with some great quotes from Adam.


They’re now discussing childhood haircuts and Adam is calling for all mothers to take 15min and learn how give a buzz cut for their sons.

Alison recently gave herself a trim and started to think she might be too good at cutting and have to take on a new unwanted profession cutting her friends hair.

Adam is now sharing one of his “I’m not going to let it go” conversations, that he has with everyone and BB has a witty reply.


Adam was talking to his hairstylist at his usual haircutting place, Adam is now citing the time he lost a bet regarding Steve Yeager hitting over a certain amount of home runs with Jimmy Kimmel.

Adam faced another direction for the first time at his barber shop, the stylist claimed to cut Adam’s hair in that position the last time he was in and Alison’s reaction is very telling.

Adam is now bringing up another mistake earlier in the day dealing with his production staff, he had to correct 10 people in the room who were ready to move along with bad math.


2nd Story is on the release of Chris Brown after another run in with law enforcement.

Alison has the details and Adam has a “have you seen that cat move” reply while Alison stresses the serious nature of this crime.

Adam is digging into how dancing opens doors and almost gets you a legal free pass in many cases, he’s got a great example using his son and his hypothetical dance skills.


Adam is now on an epic “every time there is a dance floor and a DJ you’re getting your dick sucked” and Alison is now bringing up the bizarre unspoken common thread among women.

Adam is now listing the various things a stadium full of women could witness you do as a man and how dancing blows them all out of the water.

Alison is now bringing up her fears of dancing lead to other concerns and Adam is bringing up his “hickory farms sampler of sex” theory and Alison has a killer salami one liner in response.


Adam has a great captain Sully reference while breaking down Michael Jackson’s 9 second moonwalk that changed his life, BB wisely knows where the footage originates and they’re playing the incorrect version with Slash from 1995.

Adam has a terrific Scrabble analogy citing his own inability to spell and in reply to Alison asking about shitty dancers who are compelled to get onto the dance floor.

Alison wraps the news to a great new drop of her quoting Chris Brown.


Adam is launching into a live read, Adam is now sharing the Glendora BevMo comment from Lynch and plugging the gig with K.D. Wang aka the Stones Pelican Mike August.

Adam has a plug for the final 2013 show from Amalfi recording later tonight.

Adam is now bringing up how the BevMo’s are selling out of his Mangria and he apologizes to fans and is telling them to try again.


He’s got some plugs for Jonathan and he’s wrapping the show, Killer drop from Alison whoa!