Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/28/2013 – Henry Bushkin

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Guest Henry Bushkin

Recorded 10-27-2013 – Release Date 10-28-2013

Production Number #1194

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Dawson has an excellent intro with some help from Lynch I presume, BB has a wicked #TopDrop from last week with Penn, Alison is still unclear pertaining to Roy’s condition and they all enjoy his bizarre laugh.

Adam is fresh from filing his new Spike series “To Catch a Contractor” the spiritual successor to “The Adam Carolla Project”.

Adam is now telling the gang about Cousin Sal’s thematic Halloween party, Adam was deep in Tustin and had a long day of filming.


Adam is explaining the “Too Soon?!” theme of the party as in “Too Late” according to Adam, he’s explaining the confusion of the party.

The mistake being “too soon” implying people who died before their time as opposed to recent deaths fresh from the headlines.

Adam is citing the 2001 Hugh Hefner roast and Gilbert Gottfried’s “too soon” riff regarding 9/11.


Adam is explaining how Lynette mixed up the premise as well and it lead to one of their all-time great sitcom fodder arguments, almost a “who’s on first” level confusion.

Alison has a hilarious question in response to Adam saying he wishes BB was there to back him up, nice work A-Rose!

Adam is explaining how he shares the same traits as Lynette when it comes to distasteful comedy regarding the recently departed.


Adam is sharing his wicked idea for a costume, so good it’s shocking.

He’s explaining how she ended up not using his idea after their steak dinner with the kids.

Hilarious “Too Soon” vs. “Too Soon?!” comedy and delivery from the Aceman, get those drops.


BB just revealed he was listening to the show last week, Alison is getting Adam to flesh out the story including Natalia using a knife on her own for the first time.

Alison is blaming Sal for having a too clever them for his party and wisely bringing up the mysterious almost symbiosis among everyone else regarding a Saturday celebration this year.

Adam is now giving the moral of the story about how women ultimately would prefer a costume that makes them look good over a solid joke.


Adam is sharing an anecdote of Sonny and Natalia in their respective Halloween costumes, Natalia had a bizarre Adam like moment using her weird “Shining” twin powers.

Alison and BB have a great reaction to the “bit o’ me” story Adam is sharing regarding Natalia scolding Sonny for smiling beneath a mask.

Adam is now sharing how he always comes across advertisements for children’s programming when turning on the TV as the kids have just finished watching their crap.


Adam is now mocking the idea of “A Whole New World” for children, he’s saying the entire reality is almost too much to handle why introduce magical elements.

Adam is now begging for a new world and purple ponies after baring witness to the horrors of the planet earth, BB has a funny wormhole aside.

Adam is now mocking the idea of locking his kids in a pantry to give them a whole new world, this is gold, the Whole New World rant of 2013.


Adam is now mocking the other commercial he saw, a mother taking her first sip of coffee in the morning.

Adam’s proposing that he drinks coffee in primarily crappy locations, he’s on an “Omega Man” riff thanks to BB, once again doing his “Mathias You’re Alive?!” Heston impression.

Alison has an evocative comment about the woman in the commercial with her sleeves over her hands in reply to Adam saying he’s never enjoyed a beverage enough to “double fist it”.


Adam is father riffing on the events leading up to his coffee, citing the Atlantic City elevator nightmare from last year.

Alison and BB are jumping and getting Adam to elaborate and he’s now on a pastry tangent.


Adam is now setting up some clips from Bill Maher’s “Real Time” on HBO and also available as a free podcast on iTunes.

Adam is playing a clip of Bill making a point about cultural relativism, as has been covered many times on Classic Loveline, the KLSX morning show and this podcast.

Adam is praising Bill and his take on politics even in the areas where they disagree, he’s now contrasting their differing approaches to Atheism and Alison helping Adam clarify.


Adam is now praising many aspects of religion that he appreciates even as an atheist, Adam is now mocking the replies from the panel that complete sidestep the discussion.

Alison has a great “The More You Know” comment to some things up after the last clip, Adam is now riffing about Dr. Huxtable and Alison’s got a great reaction, BB has a funny comment.

Alison is filling Adam in on his Cosby show history, Adam is using the success of several black people in a complex analogy pertaining to the clips.


Adam is now mocking the quotes from the members of the panel and Alison is totally destroying the arguments of everyone, somehow in observing their responses she’s revealed how truly intelligent she is in comparison to Bill’s entire panel.

They’re now playing another clip to wrap things up, Adam has a great follow up and BB is jumping in to and now they are discussing the inflated rape statistics used in the reply from Michael Moore.

Adam is now calling for some philosophical consistency among both political parties and has a great Mr. Peabody reference, BB has a great vertical pinstripe comment pertaining to Al Sharpton.


Adam is now responding to Valerie’s comments about a specific sect of Christianity that Adam’s never heard of, Alison has a funny “Homeland” comment and Adam is jumping into a live read.

Adam is teasing the appearance of Henry later in the show and his years working with Johnny Carson.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Christy, making the rounds of the Carolla Digital network this week.

She wants to know what Adam won’t discuss on air but mainly seems to want know about dong size and sex positions, Alison and BB have funny reactions.

She’s polite and tries to wrap up the call very quick, not bad.

Alison is now asking Adam about his current position “reversed checked-out cowgirl”


2nd Caller Nick, he’s telling Adam about an auction to save a species of Rhino by allowing someone to hunt and kill one.

Adam is now commenting on endangered species that are hunted to extremes in unregulated parts of the globe and how difficult it is to keep an eye on the animals when money is involved.

Adam is now commenting on the “Asian Dude Repellant” – Alison summing up Adam’s early comment about parts being attractive to Asian dudes and their role in poaching.


Adam is now explaining that their shouldn’t be any vitriol for those that hunt over people who buy meat at the grocery store, Alison is sharing her own experience with hypocrisy regarding that judgment and Adam is kind of with her despite his philosophy on the subject.

Adam is now arguing for how this situation could be a smart move, he’s got a numbers focused approach and now Alison is asking Adam a hypothetical and he’s got a reply that even shocks BB.

Alison has a killer reply as Adam wraps things up.


3rd Caller Shawn wants to know where Adam is going to aim his sights for artists on the “Road Hard” soundtrack, Shawn’s clearly angling for a slot.

I hope Adam once again taps


4th Caller Alex, is essentially explaining “Lyft” and “Uber” car services and he wants to know Adam’s take on the concept.

Adam is now once again mocking and referencing the “Soca” music while bringing up his cab driver who was less than skilled.

Alison is explaining she was in a minor cab related fender bender in NYC and Adam’s point about how these Uber/Lyft drivers could potentially be safer and more skilled operating their own vehicles.


Hooray for BaldyWood

Bryan is reviewing “12 Years a Slave” and he’s breaking down the premise along with actors in the cast.

There is some decent violin/fiddle racial comedy and now BB is proposing a question akin to Adam’s “bomb Germany again” idea and Adam is explaining that premise.

Adam is now responding to BB’s idea and has his own concept for a “don’t blame me” windbreaker Alison remarks on his penis size windbreaker and Adam has a killer joke.


Adam is now calling for the people who directly benefited from slavery to be blamed and not all white people, most of whom don’t have any relatives that were involved in it.

Adam’s logic is flawless and BB is saying the movie is great, but like other movies as of late one he doesn’t want to see again.

BB is recommending “Cabin in the Woods” as a rental for Halloween viewing and Adam is now mocking the title after BB screws up the name “Joss Whedon”.


Henry is now joining the show, making his ACS and I’m gonna assume podcast debut.

Adam is asking him about his history working with Johnny Carson, Adam is being tempered in his descriptions to elicit more reveals from the so far monosyllabic Henry.

Adam is now delving into Johnny’s recluse status after retiring from “The Tonight Show” and Adam is asking him about some specifics from the book.


Adam is now quoting Frank Gifford and citing his excuse for not being able to remember things from his past, Henry is telling Adam about busting Frank having an affair with Johnny’s wife the day after meeting him.

Adam is now refreshing the audience on what the late night world was like before the 90’s and how the ratings just aren’t achievable in this era.

Henry is explaining the nature of Johnny’s legendary invite over to the couch and what it meant to comedians of the time.


Adam is now having Henry walk us through their first meeting and common sport of tennis.

Adam has a funny aside after Henry tries to downplay the controversy that’s erupted after this story was shared in his book and Alison tops it with a killer callback, perfection!

Adam is now having Henry walk them through the apartment story and how they busted his wife.


Henry is now offhandedly telling Adam about Johnny’s 1980’s DUI bust after Adam laments the bygone “bribery” days of yore.

Adam is now getting Henry to reveal the finale of the story and how Johnny never spoke to that ex-wife ever again, Adam is now getting Henry to clarify Johnny’s relationship with Ed McMahon.

Adam is now having Henry break down Johnny’s daily schedule and commute to the show.


Adam is giving Henry to tell him the most detailed and inside account of Johnny’s prep work and drinking involved in the show.

Henry says he would have had Johnny retire in 1985 to get the replacement host settled before the 90’s and how it was postponed until Johnny felt like he was finally ready.

Henry is revealing the way Johnny felt about Rich Little and Adam is getting him to elaborate.


Hilarious reply from Adam when Henry won’t fully reveal what Johnny thought of Rich, Adam is now bringing up impressionists and how he doesn’t usually target their hack-dom as they possess skills he doesn’t.

Adam is bringing up the way some celebrities can hate people for no reason and worship and adore others for almost no reason as well, Adam is now citing some other people who Carson might have had specific feelings about.

“Did he think he was better than the Buddy’s?!” – Adam on his Buddy Rich/Buddy Guy mix-up.


Alison is asking Henry about the rifts they had over the years and now Adam is asking some follow on questions.

Adam is explaining “Fuck Me Money” to Henry in light of learning about the “Here’s Johnny” line of toilets that Johnny went after in court.

Adam is getting Henry to reveal how much Johnny was making for essentially less than 3 days’ work.


Adam is now bringing up the fact about “The Tonight Show” popping up in more movies and media than any other show.

Adam is now being told that “The Man Show” pops up in “The Recruit” with Colin Farrell, it can also be seen in “Down To You” with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Julia Stiles.

Adam is now bringing up Joan Rivers and the rift between her and Johnny.


Adam, Alison and BB are now jumping in on a live read with new content regarding identity theft and their new sponsor.

Adam is now summing up his thoughts on the Johnny Carson’s of the world and Henry is proving him right with the chilling statement about him dying alone despite all of his riches and accomplishments.

Adam is now thanking Henry and wrapping the show sans news, unusually paced ACS.


Adam is now sharing Mike Lynch hitting him up with an idea about “Glendora BevMo” being the possibly mother of one of his hilarious fictional NFL players.