Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/27/2017 – Mike Rowe and Greg Fitzsimmons

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Guest Mike Rowe and Greg Fitzsimmons

Recorded 10-26-2017 – Release Date 10-27-2017

Production Number #2189

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Adam opens the show to a killer “Mike Rowe (Micro) is Lynette’s nickname for his penis” intro and Adam welcomes the gang to the show, BB plays the “damn exciting stuff” drop from ‘Defending Your Life’ as it was on cable earlier in the day.

Adam is now telling the gang about his experience at the World Series with Sonny, thanks to tickets from Jimmy Kimmel.

Adam is sharing how the experience went down, starting with the entrance gate and the process of gaining admission to the stadium.


Adam says they walked around and “went down one” but were still unable to locate the gate as directed by the employee, Adam says he knows “orangs is the new ducking dumb” as he asks why everyone who works everywhere must be a total moron dick.

Adam says this is the new version of society where nobody gets special treatment or consideration after BB mentioned that Adam was seated in an important/expensive area.

Adam is bringing up his book ‘In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks’ and the “gilded cage of minimum wage” chapter, Adam is puzzled that there is no form of supervision of these employees.


Adam reveals that John Kimmel and Adam Perry Lang were both there seated next to Adam and Sonny, Adam is telling them about the current state of the series before this game began.

Adam says that both John and Adam Perry Lang were trying to leave early to avoid traffic, Adam cites how Lynette was concerned with Sonny being struck by a foul ball, BB is amazed if that’s true and compliments her mothing instincts as Adam mocks her lack of interest in statistics.

Adam is now talking about how Sonny doesn’t like either team nor have any dog in the fight, Adam asked Sonny if he wanted to bail early, he wanted to stay so Adam has them sit back down to watch the rest of the game.


Adam is saying the guy who sat next to him got a full dodger dog, smothered in ketchup and nauseated Adam.

Adam is now talking about the dual edged sword of American genocide, we will kill all of your people but we will then name everything after your culture.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Eric, he wants Adam’s thoughts on a blood sugar control product meant to curb diabetes symptoms.

Adam is saying that Martin Luther King’s dream will be complete when a commercial can feature a black klutz, Adam is now bringing up the hypocrisy and racism of commercials.

Adam mentions ADT commercials and moves on to the latest RING doorbell commercial, two white guys and a white chick are the burglars.


Real Estate and Wealth ExpoSonny handing backstage with Stallone Edition


Adam closes out the story of his trip to the Dodger game with his son and how he saw many other older fathers with middle aged sons and what it meant to him to experience it.

Mike Rowe is now joining them over the phone, it’s his 6th appearance on the ACS and his first via the phone.

Mike first was booked back on the KLSX ACS in 2008 after I had called in requesting to hear him on the show as a favor to a group of very vocal fans who were dying to hear him on air with Adam, that part of the story always gets left out.


Adam compliments Mike’s “simplistic” message that he compares to a great logo, he cites Mike’s nuts and bolts working man focus combined with his theatrical background.

Adam asks about a backlash or more accurately a response to the current status quo, he cites the national anthem at the stadium last night and how emphatic the attendees were with standing and showing national pride.

Mike is saying there is something primal and essential that is not connecting with the American public, as we’ve been flooded with negativity for so long that people are now eager to be in a better/decent place.


Mike tells them about his new project and how it came to be, Adam brings up the subject of perspective and how people can be swayed by news media despite their own personal experience and better knowledge of how things actually are.

Mike brings up porn and Christmas movies, watch too much of either and you’re going to become skewed, Mike cites cable news and advertising.

Adam talks about his rich white guy weekends and how much better he feels when he disconnects from media and news, just focusing on doing something like racing and interacting with other people.


Mike is now telling them about his new project with Facebook and how fascinated he is with the process, he says they got 80 million views and Adam has him plug his foundation.

Mike explains how they try to hook people up with jobs that actually exist and need to be filled that don’t require 4-year degrees.

Adam tells Mike about speaking with Suze Orman yesterday and how money and finances were never brought up when he was in school, he mentions the home economics classes and sewing classes he took instead.


Adam shares his theory that teachers were so averse to talking about money as they failed in the real world and copped out of the free market, the easy road.

“fuck it I don’t want to work” – Adam on 90% of teachers he encountered a student.

Adam says there are no money classes nor focus on blue collar trades, as the teachers are not involved in either, one is above them and one is beneath them.


Gary just informed Adam that both of Mike’s parents were teachers, Mike agrees while rephrasing the dumb bullshit argument about education vs. hard work and physical labor.

Mike says screw the skills gap, he says it’s a “will gap” and makes a funny crack about this not being a shorter rephrasing of what Adam said.

Adam doesn’t like the $15 minimum wage talk nor the everyone needs to go to college talk, he wants something in between.


Adam gives out one final plug for Mike Rowe and his show on Facebook ‘Returning the Favor’ and they wrap up with him, inviting him back on the show anytime.

BB mocks Adam’s comments about teachers, Gina gives them some insider info about Mike’s career and training.


Tommy JohnWallet friendly underwear, roll them up and makes some room in your luggage Edition


Adam was listening to the radio and heard a Fat Domino hit ‘I Want to Walk You Home’ and then has them fire up some Kanye West ‘Gold Digger’ saying this is the evolution of the Fats Domino song and sentiment in music about women.

Gina jumps on mic to tell them about the end of her job at the radio station and how they’ve been going through the catalog, she mentions ‘The Marshall Tucker Band’ and they discuss them as they listen to one of their songs.

They segue to ‘Jethro Tull’ after Dawson asks them for the 3 big rock bands that were led by a flute, Dawson reveals the third band is ‘Canned Heat’ as they hear some of ‘Going Up the Country’ and they move on to other various songs from all 3 bands trying to see which feature the flute.


BB has them wait to clear the calls until Fitzsimmons joins them and Adam goes into a live read instead.


Blue ApronAdam has never been disappointed with anything from Blue Apron Edition


They head to break


Good Sports

Dave opens the segment with Adam and his cup, Adam says he brought the cup in to tell a story he hasn’t told in a long time.

Adam has a clear plastic cup, he used to keep it in his garage near his water cooler at the party house, Adam is lamenting being wealthy, it’s you letting the dumbest people in your home so they can hide things.

Someone hits a music bumper or left part of one in while editing, nobody reacts to it.


Adam is sharing how he showed up at the house with the don’t touch glass sitting on the floor, half full with water.

Adam reveals that someone touched the glass and poured water into it, only to later find out that his buddy Rich the architect poured the water for his dog.

Dameshek reacts just as Adam intended and Adam asks what is up with people and their dogs, Dave agrees and asks why people don’t think they need to abide by the rules and respect your home.


Dave talks about being coddled by the women in his life and how it goes too far, what goes through the head of people who move stuff and clean things up without asking.

Adam shares the story of the time the maid hid the nail clipper from him, Dave mocks the “I don’t know why you’re so upset” reactions these people give.

Dave has a “to what end” on children’s toys being put away, Adam is now suggesting a list of things people should do every day like making their bed and things that don’t matter.


Dave laments the element of society that is too helpful, too nice.

Dave cites the people waiving traffic instead of simply taking their turn when it’s their right of way, Adam talks about the time he wanted to turn into his gate, arriving at the stop sign right at the same time another guy showed up.

Adam then got into a “you go ahead” standoff with the other motorist, unaware Adam was intending to make a very bizarre maneuver to get to his gate.


Adam is now sharing how Lynette was asking what was going on, concerned how this was going to be resolved, a car pulled up behind the guy finally and then the guy drove by and shouted “fuck you” at Adam and his family, the kind gesture went to the most hatred filled expletive possible in just a few moments.

Dave wraps up the segment and laments all of the topics they never touched upon, solid installment!


They’re back from break with Greg Fitzsimmons retuning to the show as they play a new listener voicemail about a chicken shit ticket that the listener drew a cock on.

Adam is giving out the plugs for Greg’s live dates.

Greg says he got a red-light camera picture, he says in the photo he looks like he is smiling as if he won a race, he says he sent them back a picture of him writing a check and then got a 50% fine.


Adam shares a recent parking experience where he had to repark to avoid having him bumper in the red, even though he was trying to leave space for the vehicle behind him.

Gina brings up the annoying tire chalking that takes place, Adam is mocking parking enforcement and any job that involves chalk on a stick.


2nd Caller Mike, he’s driving trucks in Idaho and he took Adam’s advice of doing something that wasn’t his job, Adam interrupts him and he asks about produce trucks being kind of “catch as catch can” with the vegetables.

BB shares his uncle’s theory about seasonal truckers and how tomato trucks are the ones most likely to flip, Gina asks if that was the same trucker uncle with the truck he jacked off inside of, BB has a killer reply.


Mike is back to his story and he shares his anecdote about complimenting his supervisor’s wife, Gina has a funny reply and Adam thinks he’s overthinking it. Adam then delivers some hilarious one liners.

“nice turd cutter” – Adam

“nice fart box” – Adam

“she could pick up a hydrant with no hands” – Adam


Adam says the boss wants hardworking folk, the best thing the boss can see you doing is cleaning while you wait for your truck to be loaded.


3rd Caller Paul, he’s calling about production assistants. Paul says he worked one years ago before becoming a Steadicam operator.

Paul shares how he worked as a PA on various productions including ‘The Man Show’ and ‘Crank Yankers’ and Greg mocks Paul for being longwinded, asking if there isn’t a shorter way to say the same thing.

Adam mentions Mick Jagger and ‘Dancing in the Street’ and sums up Paul’s call, millennials are entitled assholes and can’t do shit as they’ve been coddled through life.


Adam talks about filming ‘Road Hard’ and then segues to men putting their feet on furniture, he cites a nude man shaving in a locker room and the guy who put his boot on Adam’s sofa.


Adam recalls the guy who was holding his shaggy dog over the catering table, trying to prepare his bagel with his dog dangling over the food.

Greg is now joking and taking Harvey Weinstein’s side, Greg is glad that women are empowered and coming forward, Greg suggests there is a titillation or tawdriness to hearing beautiful women talk about being assaulted.

Adam is now talking about learning that a hot woman has Crohn’s disease and how it makes you feel better about yourself, Adam is making a great point about nature of celebrity.


Adam says it’s his bathtub theory, people raise their tugboat lot in life by sinking other more famous boats.

Greg brings up Gwyneth Paltrow’s website ‘Goop’ and the insane products and suggested alternative health products and treatments.

They go over vaginal steaming and anti-psychic vampire supplements.


Adam is now sharing how he tops off the “veggie wash” to prevent his wife from rebuying it, trying to keep one bottle for the entire length of his kid’s childhood.

Adam is now talking about butt funneling beverages before going through airport security, Greg talks about the class action lawsuit he’s going to file over the oil used at the massage parlor he visits.


Geico – Take that extra money, put it in your pocket Edition


Adam is going to Seth MacFarlane’s birthday party tonight and he asks about dress and gift ideas, Gina says no merch nor gear that has logos from his stuff on it.

Greg suggests two Vicodin before he goes to the party, Greg says he had a run with Vicodin last Christmas.

Adam says Gwyneth should have a “take the edge off spray” and goes back to Greg’s rule of thumb regarding “two vics” and Adam says he’s not a good drunk, he’s the best!


Adam is now riffing about a movie where he’s forced to come out of retirement to be the best alcoholic once again, funny!


SimpliSafeThe best protection so easily these days Edition


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Bill Cosby’s income, he’s nearing bankruptcy and BB has a killer “GoFundMe!” in Cosby’s voice, he cracks everyone up!

Gina shares all of the details and Adam jokes about Harvey Weinstein going full cartoon evil and suggests he bankroll Bill Cosby.

Adam says if you go full monster you’re fine, instead of backpedaling.


2nd Story is on the Corn Pops cereal box controversy, Gina says the dark corn pop cleaning up teaches racism and BB is now asking for a swatch of the yellow vs. yellow, he thinks it’s the same shade as it’s surrounded by dark colors.

Adam is now asking about the skin color of the person complaining and Adam says that this corn pop is operating a floor buffer and he’s Mexican if he’s a darker skinned corn pop like it’s claimed.

Adam asks how old this box art is, if made in the last 40 years the person is an idiot for approving this artwork.


Adam talks about the gay couples doing “un-gay-like behavior” in various commercials, Adam is now learning the corn pops box was recently updated with the new art.


3rd Story is on the best and worst states to trick or treat in, Adam says Sonny is either going as Sherlock Holmes or Joey Buttafuoco.

Gina mixed up John Wayne Bobbitt and Joey Buttafuoco and Adam riffs about someone having the ability shoot another person in the face, Gina says open casket seemingly unaware the victim of the face shooting, Joey’s ex-wife survived.

Adam talks about Phil dressed as a taco as they pull up the photograph, Adam is now asking Fitzsimmons about the annual decorations and stuff that they re-purchase every year.

Adam laments that today’s young boys don’t have the desire to vandalize nor cause trouble on Halloween, Greg talks about the shaving cream he bought his son that he doesn’t know what to do with.


Adam shares his “how come nobody’s in a headlock?” perplexation that Sonny and his buddies don’t wrestle and roughhouse.

Adam says there is no opportunity to tell the kids to “take it outside” as they are always quiet and well-mannered and there is simply no excuse to use to get rid of them.

Greg and Adam recall throwing darts at friends and Adam reiterates his point with the marshmallow engulfed in flames that Ray hit him in the face with, Greg shares his lighter scar he still sports from a buddy who burned him while they were out drinking at 15.


Adam is now telling the story of the time Cousin Sal Yokozuna slammed Mike August’s face when he passed out during football Sunday.

Greg has a funny Harvey Weinstein plant one liner, nice delivery.


They’re now playing the footage from The Man Show featuring Cousin Sal jumping on Mike August’s face.

Gina thanks SimpliSafe for sponsoring the news and BB closes the news with Gina saying “ahnn-uh” over and over.


True Car“Uhh Uh” Edition


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, BB closes it out with Adam’s “Take it outside” joke about his son, killer episode!