Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/26/2017 – Dave Rubin, Jeff Cesario, and RJ Bell

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Guest Dave Rubin, Jeff Cesario, and RJ Bell

Recorded 10-25-2017 – Release Date 10-26-2017

Production Number #2188

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Dawson opens another episode with a Toolbox Talk Up of a song, this time it’s The Alan Parsons Project ‘Sirius’ and then he transitions into the normal show opening.

Adam opens the show with another lyrical intro “He found his thrill on blueberry hill” and BB plays Denis Leary telling people to not be a douchebag as today’s #TopDrop

Jeff is in studio and he compliments Dawson’s talk up to the song, Adam is sharing how he got the free World Series tickets and declares he’s starting a new restaurant chain called “Pass It Down” and it’ll mimic the stadium experience of strangers handing stuff to you.


Adam is recommending Tommy’s chili for chilidogs, it’s very finely strained and works as a topping, it wouldn’t win a chili cookoff but it’s better than any other chili you could use over a hotdog.

Adam is wondering why they don’t sell chilidog chili at the store, Gary suggests the Hormel chili made without beans, Adam got it but it wasn’t the same.

Jeff is now doing a Hispanic waiter character named Miguel and BB says the pile of fries is the anti ‘Jenga.’ Gina brings up the news about Fats Domino’s passing and how he was another person that could have been added to BB’s list of celebrities who are surprisingly still living.


Adam brings up Todd Bridges and suggests him for the list and then BB mixes him up with JJ Walker, Adam jokes about that being a Blacsimile example, hilarious!

Adam says he is excited to go to the Dodgers game, they will be in the seats under the sun.

Adam shares his conversation with Matt Fondiler about who was more miserable while walking outside in the heat, Matt argued his larger frame made it worse and Adam cited his historical trauma from a childhood without climate control of any kind.


Jeff Katz is on the phone, Adam is excited to hear from his old buddy and shares the details of the discussion he had on yesterday’s Good Sports with Dave Dameshek and Sean Avery.

Jeff is talking to Adam about his dad getting him a prostitute and carrying his first chin hair in his wallet, Gina is chalking all of this up to ‘Definitely Not a Jew’ material.

Jeff shares how he has been listening to the show for the last 6 months, Jeff is into Gina.


Adam is now recalling that Jeff was around for the time they through a sack of flour into the fan in Adam’s room, Jeff confesses that was him.

Jeff talks about Ray and Adam both getting him to compromise his morality, hilarious mention of Chris filling his ass up with water at the Mulholland Club, Adam says that wasn’t necessarily his nature either but he was roped into it too.

Adam says he was ghost ridden on a bike, left to fall and get injured unbeknownst to him, BB plays a drop of Sonny and Jeff mentions “Extruding” which Adam can’t get into as it’s a clean show.


Jeff is giving a clean visual, Gina is reading the definition from Urban Dictionary.

Adam asks Jeff how good of a hockey player he actually was, he says he was very good and quick.

Adam says Jeff had a little more of the “Jewbilly” in him.


Blue Apron5th Anniversary Special recipe re-release Edition


Adam says when people claim to be blessed he finds he would never switch places with them, Adam would have his son switch places with someone snake bit over someone who considers themselves blessed.


Waterhouse Sports

Jeff as Chet Waterhouse going super topical, fires in California, the World Series etc.

Tin two bite apples, sit-down ass guard.

Solid outing.

Adam gives out the plugs for Jeff Cesario and moves on to the calls.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Spencer, he’s calling about CBD dog treats to help treat Phil and prevent his seizures.

Adam has a killer black labs one liner and BB tops it with pipeline joke.

Adam says Lynette got some cannabis oil for the dog, he compares the syringe full of butterscotch flavored weed oil to the cleaning pumice at the dentist.


Adam says Phil is all noggin and he rejects the oil, Lynette has taken to mixing the oil with peanut butter.

Jeff suggests a therapy dog hired for his dog, Adam brings up Richard Belzer and his seizure detecting dog, this might actually work.

Jeff has a killer “Arf, arf, arf” delivery.


Adam is talking about women and their radar for things they care about, he brings up his wife’s concern for Phil’s water bowl level, he had multiple bowls, it’s a feminine obsession with dogs and hydration.

Gina says this is a multiple daily fight she has with her boyfriend as she’s always trying to get his senior dog some fresh water.

BB says his wife is also more diligent with the dog’s water bowl.


Adam has a killer “she thinks that’s a Whitesnake cover band” comment about his wife not knowing what radon is.

Adam is using the dog not dying of thirst vs. dog living like Eva Gabor scale for importance.

Adam jokes about Lynette not giving the dog tap water to end up costing Adam more money.


Bet DSI200% bonus match on your money Edition


RJ Bell is joining them for another parlay segment.

Adam is asking him about his losing week, Adam says though we are statistically even he had fun and now we see if we can’t finish the year ahead.


RJ’s Parlay

RJ is now giving his picks of the week for the NFL.

Adam gives his take on the perhaps overhyped Raiders team, BB is arguing about the intelligence of Marshawn Lynch.

Adam gives his take on the guy and how he seems antisocial and a little scary, BB is further sharing his negative take on Marshawn, he just likes taking jobs away from dudes named Lynch.

Adam talks about the Chargers and how they disappoint their fans every year.

Adam has a hilarious point about playing NFL games on soccer fields, saying it’s like having an Indian burial ground beneath you, it’s cursed.


Adam wraps up with RJ and they move on, BB has a thought that Adam has him stifle for a moment.


Varidesk Just set it on top of your desk, do it like Chris while on your skateboard, core Edition


BB is bringing up the Marshawn Lynch game fight footage, BB credits all of his relationship knowledge to Loveline, he says “he wanted out” and they watch the footage of Marshawn Lynch going after a referee.

BB shares his theory about Marshawn going back to his hometown team only to realize he sucks, Adam is now joking academic requirement for athletes at college universities.


2nd Caller Louie, he wants to read them the real description of the movie ‘Beatrice at Dinner’ and Adam asks if the goat in the movie has AIDS.

Jeff suggests they fake a movie, never even film it but simply check the boxes to get the cred and Oscar buzz.


They head to break


Good Sports

Dave starts it out touching on the topic of hockey players getting attractive women, Adam is now mentioning Wayne Gretzky’s daughter, saying she’s very lucky.

Adam is now using Harvey Weinstein’s wife and her good looks to make a point about the genetic element of appearance and how Harvey’s ogre genes might outweigh his wife’s when it comes to their daughter.

Adam is making a larger point about how pretty and feminine Wayne is for a man, let alone a hockey player, two beautiful waifs got married and had a daughter, she had good odds of being pretty.

Dave and Adam are riffing about Russ Francis and dudes who are big, not jacked and roided out but just large male physiques.


Adam and Dave are now going over the looks of various men in the NFL, Adam suggests the attractive brothers who are playing quarterback.

Dave gets Adam to bring up Efren Herrera as his NFL dreamboat, despite his lack of physicality and much to Dave’s delight, they wrap up the segment.


They’re back from break

A new listener voicemail is played with a fan complaining about a barefoot encounter, Adam blames flip flops and they welcome Dave Rubin back for his 2nd appearance, he was previously on ACS #1774 back in March of 2016.

Adam plugs Dave’s show and brings up one of his favorite videos from Dave’s YouTube channel, Dave says Adam has described him as ‘levelheaded” before and he laments that label, thinking they might need something more powerful.

Dave is telling them about learning from the episode Adam mentioned with Larry Elder, he says he chose to let it all stay in the episode, showing he was less informed.


Adam is now talking about people who are good with nonfactual arguments, his wife and Jimmy Kimmel being his prime examples.

Dave is now bringing up Muslims and Islamic faith.

Adam is asking for them to pull the clip of Dave, Adam shares how it came across as a listener and he quotes his mom who thinks rich people don’t pay taxes.


They are now listening to a clip from Dave’s show with Larry Elder.

Adam jokes that Dave called him a “dumb N word” and the just laughed, holy shit!


Adam is now explaining how much he liked that Dave let someone else speak and didn’t talk him down when he had the facts Dave lacked.

Adam says we need more Dave Rubins on both sides of the aisle so we can work things out.


Adam is now asking if Turkey can just acknowledge the Armenian genocide so Mark Geragos can sleep at night.

Adam says a nation denying genocide is like a husband denying snoring.

Dave is now giving his take on liberals and libertarians and the things they share in common, Dave is now bringing up how great America truly is and making some excellent points about “the left.”


Adam is now talking about Dodger stadium and how good things are, bad things can happen there much like how they can happen in Disneyland and any place with a population of humans, microcosms for America.

Dave jokes about banning his mom from twitter and Adam brings up how he will not warn Sonny about the dangers of the Dodger stadium parking lot, let’s not freak everyone out for rare actions of lone perpetrators.

Dave shares his how some of his favorite comedians becoming hysterical and obsessed with online venting about politics du jour.


Adam is sharing his own feelings about people he knows wasting their lives tweeting and complaining online, adults flicking their loose teeth with their tongue in the modern era.

Dave references his time at college, smoking pot and playing Sega Genesis, rad!


LifeLockDave Rubin’s mom doesn’t have it, she’s been banned from the internet Edition


Adam brings up the last appearance of Glynn Washington on ACS #1947 last year and his reaction to Trump winning the presidency.

Adam is talking about the overreactions often synonymous with left wing politics, Dave is now talking about Donald Trump and what he’s actually done while president.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on a group that is trying to sue Kid Rock for financing a campaign as a federal candidate for senate when he says he’s now not running for office.


2nd Story is on Kevin Sorbo’s recollection of Gianni Versace hitting on him and how the story has now been picked up in the press.

BB is asking why are they using the “he claimed/alleged” language in the article, it’s a subtle discrediting the witness, we shouldn’t question victims with these experiences.

Adam says they should simply say “Kevin Said” as he said it.


3rd Story is on Cosmopolitan magazine saying that culturally appropriated ‘Moana’ costumes won’t be tolerated.

Adam is now talking to the gang about Moana costumes being banned is a “gyperoo” and argues along with the rest of the gang that that movie and people embracing it and the culture presented in it is a good thing and the people from there might like it.

Adam is now giving his take on being realistic with kids, hilarious kid stumbles into a Klan rally in La Cañada.


Tommy JohnStandard Edition


4th Story is on a new app that delated nude pictures from your phone, Adam asks if the new era of celebrities are now so tech savvy that sex tapes aren’t leaking.

Adam clearly doesn’t know about the Fappening, Adam wants a classic Tommy Lee steering a houseboat with his dick sextape.

Gina does reference the Fappening and Gary thinks the nerds are now keeping the leaks for themselves and not sharing them.


Gina wraps the news.


GeicoExtra money, put it in your pocket, why not Edition


Adam closes out the show and gives the plugs, BB plays the “we’re having a hotdog party at home” drop from the Aceman earlier in the show during the Chilidog discussion.