Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/26/2012 – Graham Parker

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS


Recorded 10/25/2012 – Release Date 10/26/2012


Adam is opening the show explaining one of the perks of working in entertainment is getting to meet your idols. He’s telling Bryan and Alison how he got John Hiatt booked on Loveline in 1997, Bryan is interrupting to ask if Adam meant the morning show, but that was his follow up booking 11 years later.


Adam is recounting how he went to see John Hiatt perform live after his classic Loveline visit and he’s telling Alison and Bryan how John worked Adam and Drew’s names into his song “Slow Turning”. Adam’s explaining in detail how it went down including a great bizarre fan boy scream.


Adam’s explaining how bleak his life when he was listening to John and Graham’s music as a youth, he’s telling Bryan and Alison how his future looked hopeless and how meeting these guys is his  own personal equivalent of fly fishing with Huey Lewis.


Bryan is explaining that Adam should have a fan find a bootleg of the show, Adam actually first mentioned that idea back in 1997 and even chastised himself on air for not bringing a DAT recorder to the show.

The concert was on December 12th 1997 and John did used his name again during a live show after his visit to the KLSX morning show in 2008.


Adam is explaining another recent walk with Natalia where he once again had to assist her with a bathroom break and their bedtime routine that echoes the system Adam’s step grandpa Lotzi had for him.


Adam is now recounting how Sonny told him and Lynette that he was bullied at school, Adam is sharing what Sonny told him. The gang come up with a new take on “The Karate Kid”.



Adam is explaining how he’s been talking with Lynette about getting a puppy as Molly is getting up in the years. Adam is explaining the smokescreen people put on getting a new younger dog when their current dog is getting old, Adam has a message for all dogs.


Adam is giving advice on buying a dog, he recommends getting a one year old dog as opposed to a puppy, he’s sharing an anecdote about Mike August and his new dog.


Adam is now explaining what it was like living with his German Shepard puppy “Lotzi” in 1998, Alison remember the story and helps him close it out.


Adam is giving a great analogy for his “Sleep deprivation trumps all cuteness” argument, they’ve now stumbled upon “Digger the Dog” and the control room fires up the old commercial. Alison is asking Adam about the types of toys he got as a kid.



Adam is explaining what KROQ meant to him as a young man, he’s describing how it shaped his musical taste. Adam has the control room fire up one of his songs to give the story more weight. Adam is telling the gang what records meant to his family and what a huge deal it was to find out his friend had a Graham Parker album.


Adam is sharing more tales of discovering Graham Parker’s music, he’s explaining how his buddy Alex had a copy of “Squeezing Out Sparks” and how they went to see Graham and John live at the Greek in 1981.


Alison is asking Adam if he ever joined a band or played music seeing as how he has such passion for it, Adam is explaining that he didn’t have the type of discipline necessary to learn and instrument and he can’t sing.

Bryan chimes in with comment about Adam and Jimmy being former members of Korn and now the control room is firing up the Man Show bit that features Adam, Jimmy and Korn.


Adam is now explaining how they filmed the spring training bit with “The Dodgers” and how when Tommy Lasorda guested on the morning show he told Adam he could’ve made him into a professional player if he had got to him when he was young.

Adam is using this to explain the comedy of The Man Show and how the joke was always on the hosts and the show wasn’t about making fun of women, Alison has a great response about people not paying attention and understanding the nuances of comedy.



Graham is now in studio, Adam reveals that he’s going to be interviewing Judd Apatow for his new film “This Is 40” and Graham is that movie. Adam’s having Graham explain how he got involved in the movie.


Adam is asking Graham about the late 70’s and early 80’s music scene, Graham is explaining how it was for him as the artist. Adam interrupts Graham to “geek out” on him about the changes in his style. Adam is asking Graham about how he’s perceived and if it’s accurate.


They’re now going super in depth on Graham’s upbringing and early time with his band, now they’re discussing how the band initially broke up and where Graham spends his time.



Alison’s News, Her top story is about Donald Trump’s attempt at controversy that was covered on the previous episode. Adam is explaining how Donald wasn’t in full carnival barker mode on this one and was making it obvious it was half hearted.


Alison is explaining how Stephen Colbert is involved, Adam is interrupting to explain how he’s discussing a deal with Babydoll that involves a former co-worker’s husband, hilarious!


Alison has the control room fire up a clip of Stephen Colbert giving a counter offer to Donald Trump on his show. Adam is explaining how he donated to Bryan’s brain tumor charity and was called up by Penn who’s filming “Celebrity Apprentice” All Stars and asked to donate to another charity in the same day.


Adam and Alison are recalling a woman who had charity fundraiser’s but wasn’t ill.



Alison’s 2nd story is about the death of boxing trainer Emanuel Steward, Adam is explaining how when Wladimir Klitschko visited the podcast he revealed that Emanuel never could pronounce his name as Adam always suspected.

Alison didn’t realize that Emanuel was the guy they were discussing and Adam is now giving his take on how he doesn’t need to see certain people everyday but if they were to die he would miss them.



Alison’s 3rd story is about the ratings for the 3rd presidential debate, they were lower than the first two except for one network. Adam is giving his take on how this is usually what happens and Alison is giving the ratings of some other recent programming.

Adam asks Graham about American football and now they’re all discussing soccer, Graham is explaining how he got back into the sport after a long absence.


Adam is jumping in to explain that Axl Rose was on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night, the control room are firing up a clip of his visit. Adam is explaining how Jimmy told him that Axl was a huge Man Show fan and suggested he do Adam’s podcast.


Bryan is jumping into explain how Axl would be one of the few people he’d be stark struck for, Adam and Bryan are now doing a reenactment.



Alison’s 4th story is from a story a fan tweeted about, Adam is interrupting to explain that he got a haircut because he wanted his hair to look nice for Graham. Adam is describing the power move of refusing to look at the back of his head.

Rod finally discussed the urban legend about him, Alison has the control room fire up the clip of Rod explaining what happened.


Adam and Graham are breaking down a song of Graham’s that Rod covered and now the whole gang are discussing Rod’s explanation. Alison has some great points and Adam is countering with a great question about what Richard Gere’s excuse is.


Alison wraps the news and Adam chimes in with a quick jag about heading to Sonny’s tiger scout meeting later in the day, he’s telling Graham that he’s going to tell Sonny about his dad.

Adam’s now explaining how people are treated differently based on how difficult you consider their job to be, Alison is asking what she can do to make it look like she was working hard. Adam has some hilarious replies.


Adam thanks Graham and wraps the show.