Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/25/2017 – Denis Leary, Clay Travis, and Sean Avery

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Guest Denis Leary, Clay Travis, and Sean Avery

Recorded 10-24-2017 – Release Date 10-25-2017

Production Number #2187

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Adam opens the show to “sexy ladies, Adam Carolla Halloween costume” intro and BB has Kevin Sorbo as Gianni Versace as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam is now talking about Denis Leary and his success, Adam says back when MTV could make someone a star, they wouldn’t pay you but they would launch your career.

Adam is saying that now after all of these years they can dig in on ‘Judgement Night’ and he asks if they can do a palate cleanser with the Rotten Tomatoes score.

They all make their guesses, Adam talks about being a stand in on the movie and how you hope the person you’re standing in for is in the majority of the movie.


Adam recalls the notion of being able to get paid while hanging around a movie set, working for a few minutes every hour, enjoying craft services and chilling.

Adam says it was the exact opposite of construction, it was constant movement on a job site and there was always something for you to clean up.

Adam is now going over the filming of the movie and when it was relative to Adam’s bottom in life, in February of 1994 he was three months away from 30, renting a house with no AC nor heat.


Adam is going in depth on his life in February of 1994, Adam says it all changed when he met Kimmel who sent him a text that he got some dodgers tickets.

Adam says he will take the boy and he’s proud that he’s not that into baseball nor soccer.

Adam is asking about the World Series this year, he wants to know who to root for, who is the underdog and BB fills them in.


Adam is lamenting the extreme heat in Los Angeles, Gina says they are breaking October heat records.

Adam is now going over his preshow haircut, someone had ‘Tubular Bells’ the theme of ‘The Exorcist’ as they’re ringtone, Adam’s barber asked him if he knew what movie it was from.

Adam shares his killer ‘Meatballs’ reply, Adam wants to know if he should go back and cover this with the barber who didn’t get it was a joke.

BB says this was the first single released by Virgin Records, the music is still playing and it’s insane.


Adam is now going over the conversation with the barber, the music is still playing, nobody cut it off.

Adam explains how his barber who only watches things brought to him by the other barber who is proud to be a “freak show” and insists up on watching movies on physical media and shopping at Amoeba Records with the other oddballs.

Adam is now bringing up local news and how you should watch it every couple of months, just to check in with where we are in society.


Adam is now talking about the freak show barber who was cracking himself up in front of an old TV while Adam was mad his barber didn’t like his ‘Meatballs’ joke.

Adam says the female version of this is the woman who loves collecting hippos, hilarious impression from Adam in character as one of these hippo collector women, nice “HippoCon” comment from Gina.

BB suggests “hippo pie” and confuses everyone.


VarideskStay active, make the most of your work day, improve your health Edition


Adam is now sharing his caveat, saying we need to speak to the spouse or ex-spouse of the hippo lady and the freak show who loves to shop at amoeba records.

Gina adds “near death experience” as an excuse for the freak show guy wanting to take that path in life.


Adam is now sharing a sad realization, he mentions Phil shedding all over the house and how despite buying a Roomba, his family is too lazy to recharge it and empty it.

Adam says his family is too lazy to own a robot, hilarious!

Adam is now sharing his feelings about the Roomba, they have some maintenance required and BB brings up the Polaris cleaning devices that would clean the bottom of pools.

Adam has a killer “killed Steve Irwin” one liner when talking about the machine’s tail.


Adam is now setting up a clip from ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ which was from two weeks ago, Gary confirms the date and they play the clip of Bill.

The clip is of Bill addressing the hypocritical and stereotypical democratic regulations that only make the opposition correct, “the part of poopers” clip.


Adam says that part where Bill talked about getting rid of kids, he means that and he recalls Bill talking to him about his kids at a Seth MacFarlane party.

Adam shares how he was trying to explain he genuinely enjoys his kids, Bill has the same response that Adam had when his lawyer told him about going on a cruise with his mom.

Adam explores that idea some more and sets up the recent ‘Family Guy’ where Peter Griffin talked up a song, Gary asks for a moment to reset the clip he had ready previously.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Shawn, he’s asking about Adam dumpster diving as a kid, he cites the 11 inches of unmolested bamboo he would fine and mentions the Schwinn Shop.

Adam brings up Target and how his kids can go spear gun shopping at the same place they buy everything else, he explains when he was a kid all shops were very specific and he loved the Schwinn shop.

Adam shares how he would find parts in the trash from time to time, Adam explains what a slick tire is to Gina, Adam says he tried to put a slick tire on the front wheel of his bike, he says it didn’t work and you can’t ride a bike that way due to the tire’s shape.


BB recalls he measured his cashflow by how many baseball cards he could buy, he is reminiscing about a bygone era.

Adam has Gary fire up the clip from ‘Family Guy’ and they all react to it.

Peter Griffin is talking up ‘Two Princes’ and Gina asks if anyone has watched ‘Broadway Bill’ talking up ‘Third Eye Blind’ and they move on to another call while Gary searches for it.


2nd Caller Jerry, he works for a local Minneapolis municipality, they had a parking study and wasted tax payer dollars despite the answer being quite obvious.

Jerry shares the local parking issues and asks them if they can guess what the common-sense answer is, Adam shares his thoughts and makes his guess.

BB gives his guess at the “no duh” results and Gina jokes about coupons for tacos.


Jerry says they want to make more spots and charge more money, he shares how little local police collected in tickets last year.

Adam is now asking about business renting out parking when they’re not open, Adam compliments Minneapolis and recalls the time he was trapped in a cab with Habeeb who loved “Soca” music.

They now play a clip of ‘Broadway Bill’ and move on.


Denis Leary is on the line, Adam plugs his new book. Denis has a ringing phone in the background, Adam brings up Diane Farr and he mentions how she worked with on ‘The Job’ and ‘Rescue Me’ and Adam tells him about working with her on Loveline.

Denis is trying to recall which bad guy Adam was standing in for, Denis is telling them about the movie and what it was like on set.

Denis is confirming how they purposely didn’t hang out with the “good guys” from the cast, eventually during the Los Angeles shoot for the film they eventually crossed party lines and made friends.


Adam heard Denis on Howard Stern and asks him to explain the new book and how this all came to be, Denis shares how he found common ground among his audience mocking both candidates before the election.

Denis shares his feelings about this country in spite of all of its flaws still being the greatest country on the planet.

Denis shares how he’s often mistaken for Willem Dafoe and Kevin Bacon, Adam reminds him of the time he was mistaken for Jane Lynch, hilarious!


Adam is joking about Denis not gaining weight as he aged, Adam asks him about being in his own lane of show business.

Denis mentions Steven Wright and Lenny Clarke, Adam says Lenny is such a Boston guy he’s like 5 Boston guys in one body, hilarious!

Adam prompts Denis and he’s telling them about having dinner with his dad, who was extremely proud to be an American and Denis explains how that has stuck with him over the years.

Adam wraps up with Denis.


3rd Caller Mike, he has some praise for both BB and Gina.

Mike says he doesn’t know many people who can do what he does with the computer, BB jokingly tries to wrap up the compliment, he says girls aren’t that funny and he agrees with Adam, yikes…

He ultimately compliments Gina, for a girl…

Mike brings up hard boiled and deviled eggs, Mike says Billy Bush was doomed no matter what he did, if he told Donald off back then in 2005 he might not have worked again.


Adam is talking about “encroachers” who make rules for the sake of making rules, government and busybodies are the same in that way.

Adam is now talking about the evolution of beach signs, how things have changed over the decades, ultimately becoming just a list of things that you cannot do on the beach.

Adam would like to roll the list back a bit, take it from 30 forbidden acts down to 25, is that too much and they all now look at a sign from the beach that forbids digging.


Legal zoomAs business owners it’s important to keep moving forward Edition


They head to break


Good Sports

Sean Avery is joining them for this installment, Dave starts the segment talking about his love for the NHL and Adam shares how knew a couple guys who played hockey. Jeff Katz and Dave Sorenson.

Adam talks about how equipment for hockey isn’t provided like football gear is, Dave knows the name Jeff Katz and his hockey talk.

Gary says that Vinnie Tortorich has challenged him to game of Connect Four, Dave brushes it off.


Gary plays hockey, cool!

Sean Avery is now on the line, Dave plugs his book and Sean immediately asks about guys who played hockey, hilarious!

Dave asks Sean what women see in hockey players, is it a physicality thing?


Dave asks Sean which town was better for women, Los Angeles or New York.

Adam asks him about having a rule named after him and how it’s akin to having your hands registered as a weapon.

Dave is now setting up a clip of his move trying to distract a Goalie, instead of screening the Goalie with your back turned to him.


Adam has a hockey question, asking about the NHL helmet rule and how they grandfathered it in.

Sean gets into it and asks Adam about being booed as a standup, Adam has a solid metaphor for what it’s like to tour as a comedian.

Dave says Sean was too clever for the sport of hockey so that’s why they had to outlaw it, Dave asks Sean 66 or 99. As in Mario Lemieux or Wayne Gretzky, who is the best player.


They’re back from break

A caller wants to know if The Cranberries are tool tunes, Adam says no.


LifeLockThey will protect your identity Edition


Clay Travis is making his ACS debut, Adam says Gary told him he was discussing how politics are bleeding into sports off air.

Adam is saying porn is next, Clay agrees and shares how ice cream as a reward works for kids, sports can be the dessert of life for adults.

Clay clarifies his opinion on politics merging into sports, Adam gives his take and says employees are employees and they need to represent a company, sometimes you’re not entitled to your opinion while on the clock.


Adam is mocking the notion of not being able to express your political views while working is oppression, Clay seems to agree.

Adam doesn’t like that the Boy’s Scouts let Girls into the organization now, Adam says you’re going to ruin boys and you’re going to be goddamn sorry turning dudes into chicks, it will not pay off as intended.

Clay is arguing against the idea that Colin Kaepernick is the modern-day Rosa Parks, Clay brings up the movie ‘The Matrix’ which Adam still hasn’t seen, Adam tells Jesse Jackson to keep his “cotton picking hands” off of the English language.


Adam and Clay are arguing against calling everything racism and/or sexism.

Adam brings up the mixed-race dilemma of living as a black person, despite the white part of their family sticking around, he cites Obama and Colin Kaepernick, isn’t insulting to not acknowledge your family that has a different skin tone.

Clay has a McDonald’s breakfast menu analogy for Colin Kaepernick protesting something that is already being done, Adam is arguing against feelings and social justice warriors.


Adam is now bringing up the touching videos with sick kids retuning footballs, Adam jokes about having Terry Tate take the kid with Leukemia out before he got to the end zone, just to keep sports tough.

Adam tells Clay about the time Olga slapped his daughter and the time he fired an assistant who sat him down to tell him about his attitude and then was immediately fired.

They mock Amy Adams and her acceptance speech thanking her daughter, Gary plays the clip.


Zip RecruiterAdam on applications never getting anyone hired before ZR Edition


Adam asks Clay about the ratings dip for the NFL and ESPN, Clay brings up the variety of choice for programming and entertainment.

Clay does thing sports have made a bad move by showing their cards and putting this dividing line between the players and the fan base.

Clay is now sharing some real-world stats about death statistics and danger, great train danger example.


Adam has a funny Charlotte Hornets reference, he suggests how people might avoid negative police interactions and Clay tells them about his POV being changed by a police ride along experience.


GeicoAvoid those train tracks Edition


Adam gives out the plugs, he’s wrapping up the show and BB closes it with “I’m a freak show man, and I love it!” – Adam has the other Barber who supplies his barber with movies.