Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/25/2013 – Penn Jillette and David Wild

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Guest Penn Jillette and David Wild

Recorded 10-24-2013 – Release Date 10-25-2013

Production Number #1193

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Alison is opening the show with a very rare late Adam Carolla not in time for the show, this happened one time on the morning show, maybe twice.

David Wild is in studio with Penn Jillette, David’s making his 49th appearance and Penn is making his 5th.

Alison is clearing up the Ringo Starr? On the schedule and now asking David about the Cee Lo case after BB makes a comment about David trying to get rid of the books.


David is going super in depth with his thoughts and sharing a joke from Brad Paisley, BB is asking about bad publicity and Penn is now on a Jack Ruby/Lee Harvey Oswald tangent and explaining how he and Teller will recreate the infamous scene of Oswald being shot.

Penn is critiquing the staff for not having a copy of that photo already on display, BB is asking him about “The Bullet catch” and he’s going super in depth on its history and sharing some additional anecdotes.

Penn has another anecdote about Teller getting his eyes worked on by a German doctor for another one of their tricks.


Alison is now announcing that the formerly lost photos from Portland were found, the memory card was located inside of the town car, much as I predicted.

Penn is now asking Alison about Adam’s after show photo sessions, he’s trying to kind of take credit for spending more time with fans and using the fans personal cameras.

Alison is doing a great job of explaining how they do it but Penn feels like he’s pre-loaded and now he’s going into a plug for his new movie along with an explanation of the premise.


Adam actually always uses fan cameras on the road and very rarely employs the talents of local fans/photographers despite years of other fans pestering him to do so, because it can sometimes go wrong as it did in Portland.

So for record Adam does the exact same types of full meet and greets that Penn was describing he and Teller do.

Alison and Penn are discussing the upcoming videos promoting the movie where Penn gets to be a bad guy, he’s got some kind words for Adam Carolla that come off a little perfunctory.


Adam is now in studio and Alison has a hilarious summation of the mutual ass kissing going on, Adam is now sharing Jimmy Kimmel’s take on Adam being a push over if you compliment him in response to Penn’s questions.

Penn is now setting up a personal anecdote by asking the other members of the gang a question they don’t have any examples for an answer.

Adam hints at BB as a person who doesn’t respect or like him that he considers a good person, solid reactions across the board.


Penn is now sharing his anecdote and Alison is asking him a follow up question to get some more reality out of it.

Adam is now giving his take on Penn and how he wasn’t put on earth to be liked, hilarious bicycle and malt shop references in Adam’s complex Compisult.

Penn has them back to his Fund Anything Campaign and Adam is sharing his reaction to Penn’s very specific dollar amount and Alison’s comment leads even Penn to accuse her of trying to start shit.


Adam is now bringing up “Celebrity Apprentice” and the “Forte” correction along with how his grandmother pronounces ordered, he’s got a wicket elevator fart metaphor.

Adam and Penn are now revisiting the final presentation Adam was a part of that sent him packing, Adam is giving his take and Penn keeps disagreeing while complimenting him.

Penn is further waxing poetic on Adam’s performance and his take on what was going with some possible behind the scenes dealings.


Adam is now explaining his experience and take along with what it was like running into Michael Andretti immediately after the firing and just recently while racing and interviewing him.

Penn is having a hilarious reaction to Adam’s preposterous firing, Adam’s got a killer “Wallflowers” joke while describing how David would’ve endured on the show.

Adam has a “was I that bad” quote from Michael that is almost as painful hearing 3rd hand as Adam described and now Adam is telling them about the cards for therapists that were given them to after being thrown off the show.


Penn’s laugh at his own anecdote of dealing with “Celebrity Apprentice” after his own firing leads Adam to mention he hoped Penn uses the cackle in his new movie.

Penn is quoting Teller and explaining how his laugh cost over 100k to remove from “The Aristocrats”.

Adam now has Penn pulling a David Wild and dropping some names, he’s telling them about Trey Parker’s take on Penn and how he would be a better person if he did drugs, and he’s now sharing an anecdote pertaining to that.


Adam is now once again getting Penn to confirm the “Bob Kraft” story and Penn is confirming he can’t ever share the story as he can’t remember the guy’s name or profession, further confirming Adam’s point.

Alison is now telling Adam about her announcing of the discovered Portland photos, Adam is now describing some of the shots that you can see on the Facebook page.

Adam has some funny comedy describing the black guy in the photos and he’s further explaining the emotions regarding the lost photos and the sheer number of people who showed up.


BB is now throwing August under the bus and Adam is explaining what it’s like when someone actually sits through an entire meet and greet, per Gary on air, we learned BB does not.

Adam is further defending August with his own experience getting overwhelmed on the road.

Penn is now sharing the story of the time Siegfried and Roy met the pope, the mistaken ring story.


Adam is now asking Penn about Roy and Penn has a hilarious response that needs to be a drop, he’s further describing the aftermath of his accident and Adam is getting him to deliver some great funny replies.

BB is explaining the details of the Putin/Kraft ring urban legend.

Adam is now doing the math in reply to Penn describing the brutal honesty of the show performed by Siegfried and Roy.


The show has once again looped back around and Penn is citing how the guys would always thank him for talking about them on various show, even when he was saying negative things, Penn just rightfully credited BB with the “no bad press” comment.

Adam has a funny hypothetical “just listen to the story whore” reply to his mom getting confused by this story.

Adam is now riffing about the lumberjack section of “Versace” in reply to Penn’s comments about getting a wardrobe to honor his fallen magician/performer peers Siegfried and Roy.


Adam has a killer “tell that to Tupac” reply to Penn praising the trauma surgeons of Las Vegas, Adam is correct about Tupac but gets discouraged with misinformation from Penn.

Penn is further describing what good people work there while leading back to that trauma unit being the one that treated Roy.

Adam is now mocking Penn’s lifelong sobriety, calling him a puss and has a great Randall “Tex” Cobb analogy, he’s now trying to explain who he is to Penn.


Adam is now inventing “The Most Bizarre 6 Seconds of Your Life” and he’s describing some footage of a tobacco spitting completion among drunken college kids on a balcony.

Adam is now breaking down the scene among the 6 friends from the time between the spit and the fall.

Adam is saying this might be a 20 year old story from Spring Break in Daytona Beach Florida.


“That’s The Most Fucked up Seagull in the World” – Adam on the guy below getting spit on, hilarious quotes from everyone.

Penn is asking Adam about his racing and his own brushes with danger, he’s now explaining that he doesn’t often feel that and it’s not part of what he enjoys about the sport.

Adam is now giving a nice historical contrast to the cheating death element of many sports.


Adam is now riffing about roll cages/bars and how they used to be the mark of the pussies, much like hockey helmets and face guards in the NHL.

Alison is telling the gang about seeing someone have a heart attack and now Adam is going into a live read.

Adam is now asking Penn about the person he’s sure he saw buy it, Penn is telling the story of their original 3 man group.


Adam has a killer joke right at the key moment in the story, Penn’s friend was alive and conscious with hurt legs.

Penn’s buddy had actually jumped over the car utilizing his giant calves and pigeon toes.

Adam is now telling the gang about John Morton’s crash, Adam was in attendance for the race and his friendly with John, he’s now playing the footage of the accident and giving live commentary, Penn’s reaction is priceless.


Q and ACE

1st Caller Jim wants to know about the difference in human and canine consciousness.

Penn is giving some very wise responses and Alison has a key correction.

Adam is now giving a simpler analogy involving Natalia and her recent tooth loss, Adam used her upcoming visit from the tooth fairy to help shape her behavior.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the cop who was casually pepper spraying protesters in 2011 receiving more money in workers compensation than the victims in the video themselves.

Alison is now asking Adam how he feels about things like this, Penn has a thoughtful reply and now Adam and BB are doing and improv scene about the level of depression the officer was experiencing.

Adam has an excellent traffic analogy after Alison clarifies her point and he’s now using his own observations on the daytime TV commercials of today vs. yesteryear.


They’re now al riffing on Altamont and the footage from that disastrous day.

Penn is fleshing out the emotional time of that era and Adam is calling it a Turducken of that era, the 1960’s on top of the 1960’s.


2nd Story is on Michael Skakel and his 2002 conviction, Alison is explaining that he’s now due to be retried in the case.

Alison is reading the details of the crime and the murder weapon.

Adam is joking about the idea of a Kennedy not being properly represented in the courtroom, Penn’s got a great reaction.


Adam is now mocking the testimony of Michael and other people who admit to 75% of the events except the murder, Adam jokes about placeholder murderers.

Alison is now brining up his old excuse and Adam is bringing back his “World’s Worst Seagull” riff from earlier, this show has so many callbacks!

Adam is further riffing on the jerking off in a tree defense and Alison is wrapping the news, comedy gold!


Adam is doing a live read and giving out the plugs, he’s now wrapping the show.