Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/25/2012 – Joel McHale

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS


Recorded 10/24/2012 – Release Date 10/25/2012


Adam is opening the show excited for Joel’s return to the show, Bryan is laying in a drop from the last episode. Adam is playing along and joking with Bryan, hilarious.


Adam is explaining how he doesn’t use his alarm clock as his schedule is so all over the place every week, Alison and Bryan are chiming in. Adam is now telling them how he was burned the other morning when he was getting up early for “This Week In Rage” on Kevin and Bean.


He’s explaining how Mike Lynch preps him a list of recent things that are bothering him. He woke up but the Internet was down because AV Ed was at the house installing a system to digitize all of Adam’s DVD collection.


Adam is explaining how he’s become dependant on the fan in his bedroom while he sleeps and he’s telling a funny story about Natalia and an anecdote about how Lynette reacts to the fan.


Alison is sharing that her boyfriend doesn’t care for the fan in the bedroom.

Adam is perplexed that he doesn’t like the fan and is now mocking them both, hilarious! Alison has some good replies and a great closing line.



Adam’s now explaining what happened to Mike Dawson, Dawson is now on mic and explaining what happened to him. Adam just came up with a great invention one could use to get faster attention, Bryan has a killer one liner and Alison initiated a great exchange, so funny.


Adam asks if Lynch stuck around, before Dawson can reply Mike Lynch shouts off mic and it’s hilarious, Lynch is now on mic and he’s explaining how sick Dawson was, Adam is joking about how Mike Lynch could tell, really funny.


Dawson is now explaining how he lost his spleen, he jokes with Adam and it’s great. Adam and the gang are now joking about what parts one could lose and still be ok, Bryan references Harry Potter and Adam has a great response.


Adam tells Dawson how good it is to have him back and brings him in for a Legal Zoom live read, really funny.



Adam is now explaining how fans have been tweeting him asking why he was bleeped saying Fuck in “Mansome” but someone else in the movie wasn’t bleeped when they said it.

Adam is now explaining his thoughts on why he was bleeped and what happened to his movie the Hammer. Alison and Bryan are remarking on something Adam just said, Adam has a great point and some amazing quotes, wow!


Adam is attempting to take a call but the caller isn’t there. Adam is ranting about Lemonade being ruined like Tea was by the dreaded “Passion Fruit”. Adam makes a comment about “Hotdog on a Stick” and Alison switches gears back to that comment, Adam is now explaining himself, hilarious.


Adam’s on a riff asking what was wrong with these food items he’s talking about and why they had to be ruined in the ways that they have.



1st Caller Parker, Adam puts him on hold to yell about the photo of his juice from the airport, he’s got a killer mini rant about being out of luck if you wanted juice. Dawson gets on mic to tell Adam about the beverage options at the hospital and how they made him think of the Aceman.


Parker has been the same woman for over a decade and he’s not sure if they should stay together. Adam is explaining their options, Alison has a great follow up question for Adam and now he’s elaborating.


Adam has some great advice that somehow incorporates “The Road Warrior” and makes total sense, Alison is agreeing and adding to his point.


Adam is making some interesting point about life, Alison agrees with him and now he’s telling some anecdotes about what Lynette and Natalia.


Bryan is giving his take on finding meaning in life while after living with cancer, Adam has a great reply to Bryan’s anecdote. Adam is now sharing how Seth MacFarlane was booked on one of the planes that hit the twin towers on 9/11 and how Seth doesn’t really have any major feelings about it.



Joel is now in studio, they’re responding to a listener voicemail. Adam is explaining how he saw “Tower Heist” and was bumped by the inaccurate car facts depicted in the movie.


Adam is asking Joel about Community and working with Chevy Chase, Adam asks if “Chevy is Chevy?” and Joel attributed that to Bill Simmons. Joel is hinting around some of the on set reports and explaining how James Brolin is going guest star this season.


Adam is explaining how Joel McHale used to come into the morning show every week and how his former program director named 3 guys he didn’t want on air as they were “Comedy Death”. Joel is explaining how the ACS helped put “The Soup” on the map.


Adam is now setting up the clip of his infamous “Nothing” rant from the 2008 morning show, The guys found the clip, cut up the clip and reduced it’s length, nice work!  Adam is telling him the gang what he got correct in the classic rant, he’s now explaining the codes in depth to Joel.


Adam’s telling the gang about his old house and the wheelchair access that was impossible. He just referenced the time the female loveline listener no showed when she was supposed to give him a ride to the airport.


Adam’s further explaining the point from that rant about nobody collecting a dime because Joel gave up trying to build a pool because it was too difficult. Joel has a great observation about motorcycles being allowed to cut between cars and how crazy that is.


Adam is explaining how his hyper vigilance notices these guys as they approach and he always gives them room and moves his car to the right. Joel also moves out of the way and now Adam is sharing an anecdote about something that happened to Kevin Hench.


Adam is explaining what it feels like to ride a motorcycle between cars, Adam’s now sharing an anecdote about driving near a group of cyclists and how he got the stink eye. They’re talking about Seth MacFarlane’s success and Joel’s chances of being a sequel to Ted.



Alison’s News, Joel talks over the news intro while remarking how it feels like going back in time and wanting to know how Alison ended up on the show. Adam makes a joke about how they met and mentions Ray, Joel wants to know if Ray is still as physically intimidating as he was in the KLSX days.


Adam’s telling a story about Ray wrestling a guy in a wheelchair, Joel has a great observation about how Ray would have made an excellent MMA fighter.


Alison’s top story is about Donald Trump claiming to have some big news, The control room fire up the clip but it doesn’t play immediately and Joel is mocking it, hilarious. They’re now playing the clip.

Adam has some observations and questions about transcripts and what’s public record, Adam says he’s prefer that all records were kept private.


They’re now mocking Adam’s major in high school and looking at an image of his GPA, he’s explaining how if you removed all of his A’s from sports what his GPA would be.


Joel is making some good points about how the public education system failed Adam and a brilliant observation about Adam’s mom and her priorities when it came to him. Adam’s explaining how difficult it was to eat the crappy health food peanut butter his mom bought.


Adam’s talking about all of his crazy eating while he babysat, Alison and Joel both have some anecdotes and observations, good stuff.



Alison’s 2nd story, a surfer was killed by a shark. Adam is now having Joel assist him in a reenactment about what he would do after being attacked by a shark.


Adam is on a roll, Joel is playing the local news anchor interviewing Adam, Adam has amazing quotes and is taking this reenactment on a bizarre twist, Joel is game and keeps making it funnier.

They’re now all discussing the behaviors of surfers they know, Adam is reiterating his point about surfing becoming a way of life and almost an addiction.


Adam’s got a great observation about the types of surfers, how they have an almost “Rich Man Poor Man” element. Joel creates a great running bit mocking Bryan for his reaction to movies being brought up on the show, Bryan has a hilarious and disturbing contribution.


Alison is asking the guys their thoughts on female surfers, Adam has a great quote that stuns Joel.



Alison’s 3rd story is about a man suing the New York Public library for once being asked to leave for smelling bad.

Alison is reading the quotes from the story, Adam is giving his take on what it must be like to have to break the news to someone they have to leave because they smell.


Adam’s giving his take on libraries and how they all smell, he’s on a great riff about them doing it on purpose. Joel comments how people who file frivolous lawsuits should face a serious risk, Adam agrees and explains his opinion on the North Hollywood Shootout.


Joel is now asking the gang if they remember the shooting on Vine from last year with the dead record executive. Joel’s explaining how the police still cuffed the body of the killer. The control room fire up the details of the North Hollywood shoot out, they have the same set of information I brought in with me one of my first visits to the podcast.


Adam is further going off on the family and the case, he’s got a great series of quotes where he’s pretending to struggle to say their last name. Bryan chimes in with his 4th movie interruption and stuns everyone.


Adam is now working Joel into a live read, Joel doesn’t realize it at first and Alison jumps into save it. Joel is now making the live read gold, Joel just revealed a great quote from Chevy Chase and is now sending Adam on a great riff about cloud computing.


Adam is wrapping the show and Joel’s still going, just like old times! Adam is recounting the time he wasn’t allowed in the building the last time he went do “The Soup”, Joel confirms that’s how it happened and Adam is telling a quick version of the story.


This might be the all time longest closer for an ACS episode, Joel chimes in with one last call back to the bit about Bryan’s reaction to movies being brought up.