Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/24/2017 – Kevin Sorbo, Sam Sorbo, and Jim Ross

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Guest Kevin Sorbo, Sam Sorbo, and Jim Ross

Recorded 10-23-2017 – Release Date 10-24-2017

Production Number #2186

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Adam opens the show a “Baby, Baby don’t give up dying” lyrical intro, Adam is thrilled and attributes it to Mac Davis, Lynch must have been travelling.

Adam is now talking about the extreme heat in response to BB’s “It’s so damn hot” #TopDrop.

Adam is sharing his theory on the SoCal summer death rattle, it gets extremely hot in late October, one last surge of heat, that’s his dumb “feeling” like his wife worrying about spicy foods and the full moon affected Phil’s seizures.


Adam is now talking about the various items on tour rider(s) you hear about when touring across the country, Adam says Chris Rock needed a specific picture of Prince framed in his dressing room after telling them about Eddie Griffin and his unique requests.

Gina asks if this a “brown M&M” situation, BB steps in and says green, Adam hasn’t labeled Chris Rock’s demand as “full douche” just “partial douche” and Adam talks about his tour rider.

Adam lists all of the items, Adam wants to remove oatmeal cookies from the list as August’s complaints echo in his head as he enters the stage, he doesn’t need it, it’s bumming him out.


Adam is now listing all of the possible mistakes and arguments about oatmeal cookies, he explains how the best versions are crafted.

Gina asks if Mike is aware he’s not the one performing, Adam is recommending peanut butter cookies as even the cheapest ones are tasty, oatmeal has more risk.

Adam says he will explain why they bumped the Bakersfield show but first a live read.


LifeLockEquifax, the dark web, don’t worry, buying oatmeal cookies online all-day Edition


Gina hopes it’s not about Sonny being in the hospital again, Adam is laughing to himself about Lynette worrying Sonny is going to smash his skull.

Adam suggests that doctors have two modes, one for dad and one for worried mom.

Adam lists all of the various examples of interactions regarding Sonny’s injury, hilarious!


Adam is now explaining he’s delaying the show in Bakersfield due to a party at Seth MacFarlane’s house, he found out last minute.

BB suggests that Adam is on the list of “the b team” for guest invites, Adam is now sharing his endless desire to make Seth’s annual parties, he loves them and the grand spectacle usually involved.

Adam justified the move of shifting the show as it’s recon for the ACS, he could get some stories or a guest, Gina tries to invite herself and BB to the show, hilarious interaction and comment from BB.


Adam brings up the Paul Newman watch that will be on display with Adam’s Paul Newman car, Gina mentions where it is and BB mocks her for knowing her way around NYC, funny.

Adam tells fans to go check out the display and send some photos in.


Totally Topical TiVo Trivia


Simply SafeAdam has this stuff up for two years, it doesn’t move, sturdy kits Edition


1st Movie ‘Ride Along’ (2014)

BB takes the point.


2nd Movie ‘Walking Tall’ (2004)

Adam as Pete, blows his initial guess and then tries to steal a half point, he wants to know who put this movie in this game as they just did it in the other game, Gary says Dylan made the lists.


3rd Movie ‘9 to 5’ (1980)

“Three Female Office Workers” and Pete (Adam) takes the point! Impressive!


4th Movie ‘Interstellar’ (2014)

BB recommends ‘Inception’ instead.


5th Movie ‘Rock Star’ (2001)

BB thought he had it, but Adam takes the point and BB assures him his guess would’ve been incorrect.


6th Movie ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ (2012)

BB saw this in the theater, he says people started talking during the music scenes.


7th Movie ‘Wargames’ (1983)

BB nails this one early, impressive.


8th Movie ‘Keanu’ (2016)

Adam and BB agree the movie was alright, a couple of good parts but not great.


9th Movie ‘Three Kings’ (1999)

BB gets this one off just a few words, very well done.


10th Movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ (2014)

Pete takes the point off hearing just “cosmic outlaws”, very impressive!


11th Movie ‘Rain Man’ (1988)

Gina gets her first point!


12th Movie ‘Mallrats’ (1995)

BB takes the win!


They now have Jim Ross on the line, Adam asks Jim about his career working with professional wrestlers.

Adam asks him how he knows about the other stuff in a person’s character, to know if they can truly become the champion.

Jim is telling them about going out to eat with Dwayne The Rock Johnson and how women were in awe of him how he handled it as a young man.


Adam asks Jim if he thinks The Rock will run for president, Adam is complimenting his work ethic and how his dedication is what built his career.

Adam is asking Jim about Conor McGregor taking a bout in the WWE, Adam asks about a possible payday for that venue.

Adam is now making a point about earning money and coming from poverty, how making a large sum for light lifting is appealing even when the money isn’t technically needed.


Adam plugs Jim’s book signing in Illinois, Adam plugs his podcast and asks him to come visit them when he’s in town.

Adam keeps saying Jim McMahon, he gets corrected and says Vince McMahon and Adam compares him to Hugh Hefner offering actresses to pose for the magazine, Vince must offer all big names in combat sports contracts or appearances.

BB tells them about his wife enjoying the female wrestling divas and Gina talks about growing up watching wrestling, Adam is now quoting the motocross events at the coliseum he heard while growing up.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Andrew, he wants to know about people living in pole buildings.

Adam asks him what that is, Andrew explains it looks like a garage.

Adam says there is a whole new thing out there with people building all kinds of new homes, Adam doesn’t have strong thoughts about it.


Adam says we will have to be building premade homes from now on, he cites the inefficiency of building on a jobsite and how it’s not evolved much since the beginning of construction.

Adam says the houses we’re all living in are just old timey structures, we need to live in engineered and controlled environment.

Adam has a perfect cars analogy of putting a cool navigation system and entertainment screen in an old car, you want a new car too, not some old thing.


Adam says he thinks people will be able to order their homes online and have them delivered, he shares how inefficient building outdoors truly is.

Adam says he’s going to town on his new nap room in the new house he’s designing.


They head to break


Good Sports

Car livery discussion, Adam explains what a livery is and Dave asks what the meaning is and Adam elaborates.

Adam shares the word “homologation” with Dave, he explains what it means when it comes to racing and Adam tells him about the red, white and blue liveries of Japanese cars, Dave asks if that was their “make nice” and Adam shares his take on it.

Dave compliments Adam’s bold flare for colors on walls and floors, he compliments Adam’s midnight blue walls in his bedroom at the old party house.


Adam says the party house is akin to having a new 22yr girlfriend while you’re in your 50’s, you’re free to experiment and try new things.

Dave is sharing how divine Adam’s mint green floor looked, Adam says he’ll never be appreciated in his lifetime for his genius.

Adam brings up comedians and how people refuse to believe they can do anything else well, comedians do one thing and that’s it.


Adam is mocking the people who seem to be unable to accept that he could accomplish more than comedy and wants to talk him out of his accomplishments in building and racing.

Dave brings up his audience’s reaction to his preference for ‘Grease 2’ over the original.


Bet DSIUse your sports knowledge to make extra cash, Dave is very quiet Edition

Dave teases tomorrow’s episode and they wrap up.


They’re back from break

They have a new “Definitely Not a Jew” intro and Kevin Sorbo is back for his 2nd appearance on the ACS, he was previously on ACS #1724 which was recorded in December of 2015.

Sam Sorbo is making her ACS debut, Sam compliments the “mancave” (studio and warehouse) and Kevin talks about his movie getting a limited theatrical release.

Adam asks how they arrived at 300 theaters, Sam explains how they setup the release for the film and Kevin cites the movie he was promoting last time he visited titled ‘God’s Not Dead’ and Adam is talking about marketing to specific audiences.


Adam brings up Tyler Perry and Kirk Cameron, Kevin says he often gets stopped and approached by fans asking for him to make more family friendly content.

Adam says it’s so weird working and living in Los Angeles, he says it’s like you don’t even know/think other options exist.

Adam brings up his sister and how when she was employed at a salon and Adam asks her how many men she presumed were gay, he shares her 90% reply.


Kevin says he’s a Christian and doesn’t get why people are offended by religious text and Adam shares his lack of interest in burning calories as an atheist.

Adam feels like he wants his family and kids to be around religious people, he might be out on a limb but he likes that he lives in a town with churches, he likes that the community is into it as he drives by calling them suckers, hilarious!

Adam shares his cutoff line with something like PETA, Sam says she cowrote the film and Adam asks how the script came to be.


Sam says she called another writer to partner with her, she explains how the movie came to be and shares the premise of the film.

Adam says he’s a VOD man and agrees with them, saying he likes uplifting art and he doesn’t like bummer movies.


Adam brings up ‘Defending Your Life’ and how it spoke to him, Kevin and Sam seem to agree with his sentiment.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Justin Timberlake agreeing to perform at the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show.

Adam is joking about Justin wearing super short dolphin shorts hiked up while preparing for the show with the crew, hilarious prank!


2nd Story is on a man who won the lottery and attempted to abandon his wife, Adam wonders if they lottery in Canada screws people like the United States lotteries do.

Adam jokes about dumb people running into cash and how they cannot hide it, they always get caught with a fancy car with fur on the outside of it.


3rd Story is on Kyrie Irving’s fine for shouting at a fan during a game, BB has a killer “where are the Juggies” which leads to Adam’s funny line about sucking their titties.

Sam is blown away that Adam used a BJ reference with her in the room.


4th Story is on the possibility of Mark Cuban running for president, Adam jokes about Mark offering him a dollar for ‘The Hammer’ and now Kevin is telling them about the time he was sexually pursued/harassed by Gianni Versace.

Adam jokes about Kevin “hiring that gay guy to kill him” holy shit, hilarious!


OnnitAubrey Marcus clip played again, “gum on nothing’s shoe” Edition


5th Story is on the new Tommy Hilfiger ‘Adaptive’ athletic wear line meant for disabled consumers.

Adam is now talking about jean jackets and how uncomfortable they are, Adam says he will never wear another denim jacket since Kimmel gave him one of his preferred jackets.

Adam is now making a point about fashion and how certain things are the same, Sam makes a point about consumerism and Adam says he doesn’t like that suits come with extra jacket buttons as he’s never used them.

Adam brings up the stitched closed pockets and how it makes him think of coroners doing it to your eyelid or being on a maritime disaster as you head to Davey Jones’s locker.


“you ever get a barber who critiques your last haircut but he did it?” – Adam


6th Story is on the recent all female crew Southwest Airlines flight.

Kevin has Sam share a funny joke from a Southwest flight attendant on a flight she recently took.

Adam is now riffing about the flight attendants getting bugged by the female pilots trying to celebrate this whole “all female” thing as they’ve been holding it down for quite some time in the cabin of the plane.


Adam is asking BB about the Southwest Airlines deal for locals, BB is giving the details about how they could save tons of money, they could cut their flight costs in half for travel.


7th Story is on a survey about the best lovers across the globe.

Adam says the countries with the least innovation and most wasted time will be the top contenders, Gina says it’s Australia, South Africa and the USA.

For women it’s Canada, France and The United States.

Gina has the bad news for New Zealand, BB asks Kevin where ‘Hercules’ was filmed and they move on.


8th Story is on the increase in injuries among older men caused by sexual misadventure.

Adam is now bringing up the time he asked a friend about the skin burned off their legs, which was done while having sex.

Adam is making a point about sex masking pain unlike other activities.


9th Story is on the food required to feed an NFL team per month, Gina has all of the details and BB asks if Adam ever had team meals and would carb load before games.

Adam and BB talks about high school football and night time games, Adam says predictable but still interesting, Gina jokes about that being the title of her autobiography.


True CarWhether you want new or you want used, figure out what the options are Edition


Adam plugs the movie ‘Let There Be Light’ and wraps up the show with some of his own plugs, inviting the Sorbos back anytime.

BB closed the show with “you are not the girly man, you are a man’s man” – Kevin as Gianni Versace