Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/24/2013 – Jo Koy

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Guest Jo Koy

Recorded 10-21-2013 – Release Date 10-24-2013

Production Number #1191

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Adam is opening the show with a nice commentary on the intro from Dawson and Lynch, good stuff.

Jo is making his 8th appearance since April, the new record for bookings for a comedian on the show, Adam is plugging the latest Adam and Drew Show #89 with Jo Koy and Brandon Marshall.

Jo revealed his brother’s mental health status and went very in depth with Adam and Drew, he’s now sharing the details with Alison and BB.


Adam is now bringing up “Tent City” and Jo is sharing his observations, Alison is unfamiliar with the impromptu homeless living areas.

Adam has a great “Scared Straight” one liner that’s lead to him getting Jo to bust out his own impression of the large brother from the show, Adam I playing the voice cracking tourist trying to take a “star tour” from Jo’s intimidating black man character leading the tour.


Hilarious one liners form both gents and now BB is playing the effeminate son, Jo is killing it. Alison is now bringing up the “10 M&M” idea presented on episode 1190 with John Popper, recorded immediately before this one on Monday evening.

Alison uses some vague language to help disguise this as being pre-taped, what are the chances BB blows it by playing drops from this show on Tomorrow’s episode that airs before this one, thus spoiling the drops as has been done in the past, fingers crossed this gem of an episode goes unspoiled.

Alison is now jumping in with some very insightful comments about mental illness and Adam is engaging her in a meaningful dialogue and now Jo is sharing how he helps homeless people as he recognizes their mental illness status, which goes back to what happened to the mental health system during the 1980’s under the Regan administration.


Adam and Jo are now citing all the things that take priority over mental health and helping out our fellow human beings, Adam has a great “we can’t step out of our own minds…” reply that references “Rainer Cherries” and now he’s citing producer Angie from the KLSX days who didn’t enjoy them.

Some solid “whisper” one liners between Adam and BB and now Adam is taking it serious about the wellbeing of people with mental illness and those who have to live with and around them.

Adam is now bringing up his trek into downtown L.A. past tent city after his last Loveline appearance when the city of course didn’t bother to use their 10 million dollar electronic signs to warn anyone.


Jo, BB and Adam are all remarking on how tent city seems almost like some kind of art installation as it’s too harsh to believe it’s real.

Jo is saying he’s going to pay the 5k for Brandon’s cleats as mentioned on the Adam and Drew Show earlier in the day.

Jo is now busting out the “P.F. Changs” waiter character and Adam is right in tow to act out a scene trying to get their reserved booth, good Toyota comedy in this one, hilarious!


Now I entered the studio right about now, by complete chance showing up out of the blue with almost no notice, we walked in on this bit and watched it live and it might be my all-time favorite.

It’s now touching on China’s one child policy and dipping in and out from Japanese, Chinese and other Asian cultures, Jo is killing this one!

Jo is now joining Adam for his live read to further mock the one child policy of China, funny and very original live read.


Q and Ace

1st Caller line 5 as Alison picked, Steve is taking Adam’s advice bringing his kids out to work his car with him instead of playing video games.

Steve had an accident and the jack slipped, crushing his son’s arm.

Adam’s now on a great “Backup Car” analogy for having two sons, Steve is now saying his other son is now freaked out to try and help dad.


2nd Caller Ian, he saw Adam in Waukegan when I was driving him and now Adam is bringing up our drive listening to “Float On” by “The Floaters”, Adam is setting up a bit with Jo as there only Asian member.

Ian wants to know if BB is as jovial about his brain tumor off air as he is on air, BB is giving a nice insight coming from his POV as someone with this medical condition and how he’s got to augment his behavior to make everyone else comfortable with it.

Adam is bringing up the fact of the tumor no longer growing adding a level of comfort to joke about it and BB is sharing how some of his friends and family couldn’t deal with his condition and distanced themselves from him.


BB is being so open minded and considerate saying he doesn’t fault anyone for that behavior and totally understands what motivates it.

Adam is now talking about Paul Newman and his last days, how he went into exile and Adam is sharing his own thoughts on how he would do the opposite.

Jo has a funny and harsh claim of what he would do if he were diagnosed with a terminal illness, BB just named checked my assistance with his book research (in lieu of a thank you I’d wager).


BB is telling them how I got him a copy of the show where he first announced his condition, along with a few others for key milestone moments from his past 4 years working on the podcast that are left unmentioned.

BB is now breaking down his thought process about first sharing the news and why some people would be hesitant.

Adam is bringing up the level of superstition some people have with a cancer diagnosis, citing Dr. Drew’s own delayed reveal.


Adam is now asking if I’m wandering around the studio, Ace has a killer one liner mocking me and I’m now on mic trying to keep it brief as I didn’t want to intrude too much.

I’m standing in the control room in between Dawson and Gary with Caelan entering and exiting as he does his work, Adam is now asking me about the ride back from the venue in Waukegan.

Adam turned on the radio and “Float On” came on, which has now inspired over 3 different classic on air riffs, in the car we discussed how Dag needs to bust out his Teddy Pendergrass on this one but it looks like Jo is getting first crack at it.


I am now correcting Adam on the closed freeway off-ramp and he’s getting me to recite his hilarious dig aimed at me, BB has a “great story” drop that I reply to in kind with an appropriate “how dare you!”

Now Jo is debuting what might be the all-time funniest thing I’ve ever heard or witnessed with Adam playing the band’s manager.

This needs to be up for Ace Awards 2013, “ROOSTER!” – Bong Lo So/Chung Wha/Bong Cho Lo/Bong Choi


Adam is working this bit and Alison’s reactions are gold, in the control booth we all were losing it and right after Adam finally composed himself he looked over to me and Gary losing our shit and that totally cracked him up again, awesome!

Jo has a killer closing line to end the bit.

Adam now has me on mic again to further explain the drive home and how we eventually heard the full song, Adam, Myself, Mike Lynch, Mike August and @Dune.


Adam is now having BB play the “extended dance version” with the astrological signs and the types of women they prefer, this bit riff ain’t done yet.

Adam is peppering in some light commentary describing our hilarious drive back to their hotel.

Jo is adding some great one liners and mocking Charles and his desire for a “quiet” woman, Adam is now mocking it too and asking how it got past the other guys in the band, great one liners from Jo and Alison make it even funnier.


3rd Caller Mark, he has a terrible commute and hates people who drive below the speed limit in the diamond lane and fast lanes, Adam is now citing how these people are impervious to shame.

Adam is saying the person in the car with them needs to shame them, Adam does this while riding shotgun and it’s incredibly helpful for avoiding hazards and dangerous out of it drivers, Adam can spot a shitty driver from quite a distance and with almost 0 indication sometimes.

Adam is now bringing up the ladies on “Catfish” who have the large arms and sport the sleeveless tops, he’s making a great analogy and being very considerate to larger people, nice pretty face comment.


Alison is now calling for a law prohibiting people from photographing you from low angles, Adam aggress in full and they’re further describing the best and worst mirrors, the elevator ceiling is the best according to Ace.

Adam is now complaining about people with profiles that feature an upward slope after their perfectly carved chin, Adam wants to add Viggo Mortensen to the list and BB immediately jumps into say Adam would have a tough time.

Let’s examine that statement: not a joke, BB recently saw “A History of Violence” and thinks Viggo’s movie tough guy could compete against Adam Carolla’s 643lbs of skull crushing force in his punch, we’re talking Chuck Liddell vs. an actor, also Adam was joking – BB the point/joke shitter.


Adam is now bitching about the guys in the NFL with jagged triceps budging from their arm, Adam says it’s like looking at Italy from outer space.

Alison is now sharing how fans were taking photos from the LA pod fest from a lower angle, Adam says “get in the dirigible bitch” – to anyone who wants a picture of him.


4th Caller Michael, he wants to know about the Classic Loveline days, he wants to know if the tragic stories on the show have stuck with Adam or left him with any emotional baggage.

Adam is now saying know and citing all the turmoil around the world that doesn’t allow him to get hung up on a specific problem.

Adam says there is enough tragedy to go around and is citing 9/11 and the readily available gruesome footage of the destruction.


Adam is now saying how working on LL was almost a way to fix the problems or put some work in trying, he’s citing Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Producer Lauren back at loveline and the 2003 episodes where she told Adam what she learned about working in radio from being around him and working FOR HIM!

Adam is now calling for a class in school, teaching children how to talk to superiors and people in charge of them, Adam is now just citing all the shitty Loveline staffers who challenged his authority after being insubordinate and rude to his very minor requests.

Adam is bringing up former 2005 assistant Matt from the Adam Carolla Project who demanded Adam sit-down and discuss Adam’s attitude towards him.


Adam and Jo are now bonding over working with people who “got too comfortable” and the people who ask them about their hypothetical plans to do standup comedy, he’s once again hinting at “Matt” from the Adam Carolla Project, not to be confused with vastly superior Matt Fondiler aka The Porcelain Punisher.

Jo is doing great with Adam as the delusional former assistant and his plans for performing live comedy, Jo is fucking killing it with his follow up questions.

Adam is now in character talking about “flow/flowing” and Jo is still right in step with him, this is such brilliant commentary on delusional people trying to break into comedy, at least in their head, Alison’s reactions on this last bit are pretty solid.

“I don’t give my art away” – Adam Carolla. AND SCENE!


Adam is now bringing up the people who tell Dr. Drew how there would be doing his job in 5yrs and how supremely insulting that was to him, Adam has a great captain Sully analogous joke to wrap it up.

Adam is doing a live read.


Alison’s news

Her Top Story is on the city of Los Angeles dodging their “pothole payouts” she’s explaining the nature of the program and the NBC investigation that revealed this.

Adam’s got a solid gift certificate analogy and he’s bringing up the notion of having to prepay for traffic fines before obtaining a court date and how it feels like it would be illegal if it was anyone but the government trying to do get away with some shit.

Alison is now bringing up her ticket that she didn’t fight and how she finally paid it as the time suck was too great in comparison.


Adam is bringing up the poorly functioning transformer near his house that would cause the power to go out whenever it rained, that power surging caused his 4k dollar Gateway 40 inch plasma screen to burnout and he tried to use their reimbursement program to no avail.

Much like when he tried to use the solar rebate and couldn’t even get to the installation without overhauling his property.

Adam is now saying commenting on falling into a pothole as a motorcyclist and never emerging, this has led them to talking about digging a whole to China.


I guess all great minds think alike as, Adam, Alison and myself all actually bought into that myth as children, I even went as far as to dig every recess in kindergarten with my friends, only to have to restart the next day when the hole was filled back in.

Jo Koy just referenced Adam’s classic “Quicksand” and he’s moving past it.


2nd Story is on Carol Burnett receiving the “Mark Twain” prize, Alison’s giving the details of the ceremony and upcoming broadcast.

Adam is commenting on what a high falootin award that is and how they always mix in a black choreographer.

Adam is now commenting on 71 year old black choreographers and their inherent mystery, solid Sasha Baron Cohen closer.


Alison is now commenting on her experience interviewing people billed to her as big starts that she wasn’t familiar with, the hype of publicist.

Adam is now bringing up the Meritocracy of sports and the various figures you won’t be able to argue about down the road, the guys with the numbers.

Adam is saying he used to watch and love the Carol Burnett show as a kid but is unsure she’s built a big enough body of work to receive this.


Jo is now giving his take on their practice like performance and Alison has some insight too.

Adam is now bringing up how the NFL charts stats, both the good and the bad such as picks.

Adam is now working in some of the novelty bad Whoopi Goldberg movies that should count against her good work and keep her from any hall of fame.


BB is now bringing up Joe Namath and his less than stellar stats, Adam is now explaining his position in the NFL hall of fame and BB has some more critical commentary of the man’s career.

Adam is now telling Jo that the Broadway Jo incident, the “I wanna kiss you” incident was a decade ago and Jo seems to be misunderstanding his point, Alison is jumping in to save the day.

Alison is now bringing up the 80’s aren’t 20yrs ago, they’re now 30 years ago, another point that Adam seems very into, Adam is now jumping into a live read with BB, Dawson kills the “Henter”.


3rd story is on the recent Dick Cheney interview where he stated he was in fear a terrorist could compromise his heart. Alison is wisely bringing up the “Homeland” connection.

Adam is now bringing up the special correspondents sent out, he’s referencing the times when it’s done for racial reasons and how Sanjay Gupta was selected to interview Dick Cheney.

Adam is now bringing up the “not even a little bit?” and Alison is calling it a “Yeah but still” and now Adam is getting Alison to share the history of his heart problems and early heart attack in his 30s, we all know what Drew would say about that one.


Adam switched gears to “Whale Wars” after the Cheney interview and now Jo Koy is jumping into the role of Japanese whaler explaining why they have to fish them.

This is a great improv and now Adam is bringing up Hayden Panettiere.

Adam has a killer riff about a whale being killed by the smaller of the human’s races, he’s got a killer Kimbo Slice one liner and a clever “the other night” to help this is banked episode feel fresh on Thursday.


Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is now saying the idea of a heart transplant is why he can’t smoke pot anymore, he’s asking if you had that scheduled could you ever get high again.

“I Love to Ingest Marijuana Laced Food” – Mike Dawson, Adam has a box full of edibles given to him by a fan, Dawson is now getting re-gifted and Adam is joking about the Dilemma of “The Stoned Pelican” and Alison is chiming too.

Adam is doing the final live read of the episode, Chris was actually running out the car while they were recording this and Adam has 3 lbs. for Dawson.


Jo is sharing his own experiences with cookies and how he can’t do it, Alison is travelling back to college smelling one of the treats.

Adam is plugging the news merchandise you can get in the store via the show page link above, Adam is plugging his upcoming Glendora BevMo appearance and live ACS show.

Adam is plugging Jo’s upcoming gigs in Las Vegas and Toledo and he’s now wrapping the show with a kind thank you for Jo and his amazing work this episode.


Alison is as chosen as the closing drop of the day, the Cherry quote.