Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/24/2012 – Shadoe Stevens

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 10/23/2012 – Release Date 10/24/2012 Shadoe Stevens


Adam is opening the show with a story about a nap he took earlier in the day, he’s explaining how he was a guest on Dan Dunn’s satellite radio show.

Bryan and Alison are recalling his visit to the ACS and how he brought them booze, Adam has a great line about how he brings booze the now.


Adam is describing how Dan and his mixologist came up with a premium cocktail containing Mangria, Adam is now having Alison and Bryan sample his new signature cocktail.

Adam is explaining how a fan alerted him that the ACS was featured in “Rolling Stone”, he’s on a tangent about how you can tell if your city is a piece of shit. He’s giving a couple metaphorical markers  you can use to determine if you too live in a shitty city.


Adam is now explaining what Rolling Stone said about the show, Dameshek joins them and Adam is getting him to sample the new cocktail. Adam and Alison both object to one of the terms used by Rolling Stone to describe the podcast.


Adam is explaining how the ACS is not really a “Bro” type of show and whoever wrote up the piece on the show only cited best of episodes from over 3 years ago. Adam has a great super fast jag and Alison has a killer reply.


Adam is on a quick explanation about their guest Shadoe Stevens and hit involvement in the early days of KROQ.


Dave Dameshek’s #1 Sports


Dave is celebrating the 100th episode of his NFL show and is inviting Adam to finally guest. They’re discussing how Adam guests on Rich Eisen’s show all the time and how Adam was kicked the last time he visited Rich’s show.


Adam and Dave are discussing Michael Vick and other mid level Quartbacks, Adam has some great insight and a nice metaphor to sum up the relationship between a QB and a franchise. Dave Dameshek emphatically agrees with Adam and switches topics.


Adam is making some great points about Philadelphia and their NFL franchise, he’s on a great jag about the stadium jail and legal system. Adam is telling the gang about his “Stadium Judge” idea for a sitcom in the style of Night Court set under the stadium.



Dave is switching gears to Oakland, he’s asking Adam about his story from being out there. Adam is now telling a short version of the time he contemplated suicide after a night of stand up. Adam’s now telling the gang a super rare story about another time he came close to death while in a car.


Adam is now on a tangent about how society needs to exhibit more couth, Adam’s giving some examples about people asking him about his old KLSX morning show schedule. Adam and Bryan are recounting the time Joan Cusack did the morning show.


Adam and Dave are discussing how awful waking up early is, Adam has an idea for a solution. Adam is now telling a story about his old girlfriend who graduated USC and was taking a year off while he had to get up early for work.


Adam, Dave and Bryan are all recounting working around Jay Thomas back in the early days of the KLSX morning show and the time he was a guest on the show.



Dave’s now telling Adam and the gang about the possible elimination of the NFL Pro Bowl, Adam is making a joke about gambling on that game. Dave thinks Adam is talking to/about Cousin Sal, but he’s actually talking to himself.

Adam is now explaining how Mike Cioffi is to blame for him gambling on the Pro Bowl, Bald Bryan is jumping in to help Adam explain it to Dameshek.


Dameshek has a great alternative for The Pro Bowl, Adam is now helping him come up with who could do the broadcasting. Dave is telling the gang who he’s talked to about this idea and their reactions.


Dave is now launching into “Creep of the Week”, he’s explaining who’s not a creep first by recounting meeting some “Raiderette” cheerleaders. Adam and Dave are now talking about the fraternizing that must have gone on between the players and the cheerleaders in the early days of the NFL, great Otis Sistrunk humor.


Dave briefly touches on the Lance Armstrong controversy and is now talking about people diminishing sports like cycling. Adam and Dave both have great riffs using this logic for gender and the Earth.


Dave’s creep of the week is the Letter F and all letters in the alphabet that don’t begin with or contain their own letter. The gang all discuss the letter Q and Adam makes a revelation about his own relationship to the letter Q.



Shadoe Stevens joins the show, he’s telling Adam about some old commercials he used to and Adam is asking him about his early days at KROQ. Shadoe tells Adam he’s a huge Mr. Birchum fan and Adam is asking him about all the classic stories Dr. Drew often references.


Shadoe is explaining how he discovered “Rodney Bingenheimer” and they’re all discussing Rodney and how unlikely of a radio DJ he is. Alison has a brilliant observation about Rodney’s personality that Adam and Shadoe make note of.


Shadoe is asking Adam about Datsun cars, Adam is explaining the history of the racing side of the brand. Adam is now telling the gang about the recent Paul Newman Datsun he acquired and how personalized it is. Adam’s now explaining just how truly modified the car’s been by Paul.



Alison’s News, Her top story in on Apple’s ipad mini announcement. Adam makes a great point about bottled water and they’re now all reflecting on a common problem about driving with bottled water.

Adam is now on a jag about how we’re living in a time where everything is growing and shrinking at the same time.


Adam’s now lamenting the loss of the ability to express yourself with a phone by hanging up or flipping a lid.



Alison’s 2nd story is the results of Tony Scott’s autopsy, Adam is weighing in with some thoughts on clinical depression and suicide. Adam’s now explaining how unlikely it is to jump of a bridge completely sober and is explaining how there is something in everyone’s system. Alison has a great reply and Adam follows it up with funny tag.


Adam and the gang are now discussing Clamato, Adam has a great riff on how he would reply to someone asking him he wanted some, hilarious! Alison is jumping and only making it funnier, Adam is telling the gang about the time his dad’s friend lived with them and kept his water in an old Clamato bottle.



Alison’s 3rd story is about a University of Texas study that shows people who wait to lose their virginity until their twenties have better odds at a happy and healthy relationship later in life. Adam is jumping in with how it’s always true that delayed gratification results in a better situation.


Shadoe is giving a personal anecdote about his own relationships, Adam is getting a kick out of it. Adam is now going further in depth on delayed gratification and it’s benefits. Shadoe is explaining how he lived in a boxcar for a summer to save up and buy a car.


Alison is making a great point about these types of studies and immediately regrets a comment, Adam and Shadoe both have a follow up to it. Adam is now on a great explanation about the type of guys doing these studies and how they weren’t getting laid in their teens.

Adam is now on a tangent about the emotional component of people that doesn’t get factored into these studies and how it’s kind of unique for each person.


Alison wraps the news and Adam is wrapping the show.