Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/23/2013 – Rich Eisen, Live from the Ice House Comedy Club

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Guest Rich Eisen, Live from the Ice House Comedy Club

Recorded 10-22-2013 – Release Date 10-23-2013

Production Number #1192

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Adam is opening the show with Rich Eisen making his 7th appearance on the ACS, his first live show with the gang.

Adam is plugging Rich Eisen’s podcast that he’s guested on, Adam loves doing the TV show with Rich and for those that don’t know he’s actually a classic Loveline guest from 2004.

Adam is now bringing up a recent fight and what he suggested, the NFL replay gimp, Rich has an immediate hilarious reaction to this idea, and Adam is giving the super abbreviated version, not focusing on the funniest elements from past variants of this story.


Rich is now waxing poetic on Adam’s NFL replay gimp idea, I think he’s heard this the last time he visited, possibly on his own show too if memory serves.

Alison is now asking for the job and Adam is trying to figure out how to properly hunch her back.

Adam is now bringing up the sunlight and how it blinds the gimp, BB is now asking if this a kidnapped feral child and Adam is rolling with it, Rich just jumped in and changed the topic back to what they were discussing.


Alison’s reactions are priceless, great laugh just now!

Adam is now bringing up the flogging element of the display and a new twist involving cheerleaders.

Rich is confirming he will indeed send this idea up the ladder, but now Adam is reacting to something be knocked over as he sat down.


Adam’s on a killer riff about the noise as he sat “Don’t time your knocking things over with my ass hitting a stool… if I’m staring at an airplane and I sneeze and it starts spiraling to the ground, I’ll start running”.

Adam is now going off on the large production for his new show, asking how many vegetarians worked on the set and would be fucking up his lunches, Adam is now polling the audience after one volunteers the info.

Adam is now back to the days filming, he happened upon what appeared to be chili, Adam loves chili and doesn’t eat enough of it, averaging about a teaspoon per year, could do a bucket per year.


Adam is really going off on the vegetarian chili and the move he’ll be pulling for season 2, hilarious.

Adam is back to the on-set poll, he was betrayed by a carpenter/vegetarian who boldly ratted out the one other vegetarian guy who wasn’t there at the time.

30+ crew, 1 vegetarian and Alison is now asking Adam if he really forced someone else to tally all the workers. Adam was insulted along with his soy injury after finding goat cheese in the salad.


Rich and Alison have some nice comments and Adam is now sharing about the plate of rice Krispy treats he went sick on upon arriving home.

Adam is now asking if there is any better combination of ingredients that aren’t so great solo, rice krispies, butter and marshmallows.

Adam is offering to blow the man who invented the recipe in response to Alison’s’ question, nice work A- Rose, what a setup!


BB is now weirdly trying to get Adam to blow him, funny then gross.

Rich is still killing it with the dry one liners and Alison is helping Adam riff on a better level, this is alchemy!

Adam and Riff are riffing about Jewish guys in the rodeo, Rich is bringing Adam on to the idea that “you know you’ve arrived as a country, when you’re doing shit that other countries dread, for pleasure…”


Adam’s on a killer one time only riff, so many great quotes and he’s now laying into guys wearing down vets, dolphin shorts and cannot commit to a full ensemble.

Adam is now saying the balls on top of snow hats are just one extra thing to catch on fire, he’s now going off on tassels in general, hilarious loafer comedy and Alison’s laugh is great.

Adam has a nice Sugar ray Leonard and Mike Tyson reference, he’s now busting Rich’s balls in response to him trying to setup a Mike Tyson story.


I wish he would tell the Mitch Blood Green ones from Classic Loveline in 2004, Adam is now quoting the other famous Mike Tyson press conference quotes.

“Equilibrium” and “Boliviem”.

Adam is now riffing on the idea of asking a fighter “are you thinking about retiring” post ass kicking and what a dumb idea that is, Adam has some hilarious examples of a nail salon and Nabisco employee’s reactions to the same thing happening in their workplace.


Adam has a killer Dick Cavett reference along with some snow shovel comedy.


Q And Ace

BB has a nice Mangria plug, good job.


1st Question from Stephanie, she wants to know what Adam thinks the appropriate cost of an engagement ring should be.

Adam is asking Alison about the rule, whether it’s 2-3 months’ salary.

Adam is now giving his take on engagement rings, his theory on the misery index, how much does it hurt the guy?


Adam’s got a great floral shop/funeral home analogy that makes perfect sense and is hilarious.

Adam says he loves cordless drills and if his wife worked at “Makita” his favorite tool company, he wouldn’t factor in that she works there and gets a discount and freebies and think less of the gifts, he would be thrilled.

Adam says women would not be as into flowers if they dated a florist or funeral worker.

This is comedy gold!


Adam is now riffing about picnics and how he’s never seen his wife eating outdoors on the grass, he says women love pain, and this is great.

Rich has a killer fortress of solitude one liner in reply to Adam’s strange “True Story” closer.

Adam is now giving his theories on wedding dresses, how women never wear their mother’s gowns and the cost/weight requirements.


Adam is now riffing about Alison trying to make weight before her wedding, hilarious visuals and Alison has a funny reaction to the idea of “sauna pants”.

Adam is now joking about fighters having extreme shifts in weight, Alison just brought up colonics and Adam is now riffing about how he would fill up before entering the octagon.

Adam just invented the move “the brown squid” and has a great sushi restaurant joke, this is episode is amazing!


Adam is now getting into the idea of not owning a property and buying an expensive ring, he’s talking to Stephanie, if you don’t own a condo or house you need a price ceiling of 1500$.


2nd Question from Chris, he’s getting married, his future sister in law is dating his former best friend.

How does he ask her not to bring him to the wedding? (Asked much after they riff all this upcoming stuff)

Adam is now riffing about Covina being an owning town, he’s asking Chris and Rich is saying it sounds like the name of a pharmaceutical and Adam is now riffing the commercial for the drug.

Adam is pitching Rich as the actor in the commercial and now Alison is chiming in with a decent one liner, Adam’s got a great farmer’s market comment and now he’s transitioned to the idea of “use anywhere” being used on labels and in advertisements.


Alison mistook his name for Kurt, BB is quick to correct her. Adam is now joking about BB and Chris, Alison and Rich have funny reactions.

Alison has a killer one liner that Adam gives a “YEAH!” to.

Adam is now bringing up people you don’t like who don’t like you, the normal people who are wired the same way and want to avoid each other, Adam is now asking why some people who claim to hate others make sure to encounter them.


Adam just told Chris he doesn’t even want to see him and is asking why he thinks the guy would even care, Alison is now asking for more background info and they’re all reacting to the info that he found he’s cheating on his future sister in law.

Adam is now saying “let’s not rush to judgment” and has a killer Kennedy quip.


Alison’s News

Adam is stopping everything to say they almost made it without having the “Goal Post Height” conversation.

Rich is well aware of this and his twitter followers won’t let him forget it every time it happens.

Adam is now bringing up the various kicks this year that have been in question, he’s showing some footage and Rich agrees.


Rich is telling Adam that he was told it’s “aerodynamically dangerous”, Adam has a funny and angry space shuttle themed reply.

Rich said that the NFL is now looking into a way to finally extend these things, Rich keeps saying they need to figure out how to do it and Adam is fucking pissed and telling them how to do it but not as in great detail as he has before with the type of metal etc.

Adam is now joking about the Golden Gate Bridge and taking the entire committee to view it just too sarcastically point at it and ask them if they can’t simply extend the posts.


Rich called this the “Adam Carolla Rule” as it shall be known forever, Adam and Rich are talking about Tuck rule and the other pushing rule, and Adam is now going off on the tuck rule that’s never been fully explained to him.

Rich is giving his take on the rule and now Adam is giving a very vivid description that Rich is now declaring he must bring Carolla in front of the committee to hear the “Gronkowski Scrotum” theory.

Alison wants to know if the game of football has the equivalent of blue laws when it comes to rules people don’t know about and she wants to know where the rules are written, Rich says they’re online and in a book.


Her top story is on the Texas football game which resulted in a “bullying report” against the coach after a 91-0 victory.

Alison is reading the quotes and Rich has thinks it’s ridiculous, Adam is now riffing about bullying not being a word understood in Texas, he’s using an accent and asking about actual bulls, comedy gold!

Adam and Rich are now commenting on the story and Adam has a great “feather in the cap” explanation about how all teams involved in these legendary blow outs have a great anecdote at the very least.


Adam is now on a tangent about how he would have reacted if playing on one of the NFL teams opposing the boy with cancer as part of that “make a wish” moment, hilarious.

Rich is now back to the parents in this story and objecting to their behavior, Adam is now declaring the sport of football as one giant attempt at bullying.

Adam is now fleshing out the bully on bully nature of tackle football, even Alison has a knowing reaction that this is true, wow!


Adam is now riffing about “when you go half speed, that’s when you get hurt” and mocking the probable mother who filed these charges against the opposing team.

Adam is now sharing he lost his final high school game against the Monroe Vikings and he’s going super in depth on the former team members who died in the tragic pinto accident that they dedicated the game to.

Adam called a last minute switch up with the defense “reconjigured” if you will, Alison reacts to that word as well and Adam is spelling out the play, saying he remembers it more because they lost.


Adam is now explaining how you know your team sucks in high school when you are playing another team for the “homecoming” game and he’s working Vince Digiacomo who can be found at Anawalt lumber.

Adam is sharing how Vince had a killer one liner that Adam still doesn’t know if was serious or not to this day about the coin flip.

Rich is now validating Vince and calling all coin tossers who don’t flip anti-American non sporting individuals.


2nd Story is on a middle class Oklahoma family that decorated their house for the holidays and have upset some neighbors.

Alison is now describing the realistic scene constructed by these folk and telling them about the 911 call.

Alison is saying her neighborhood decorations are even kind of scary and Adam is reacting to people like this who create wildly impressive tableaus or make their own hats, but also could never hang out with these people.


“I couldn’t eat a bucket of chick next to you people if we were running, that’s as close as going to dinner I could get” – Adam on hanging out with these types of people.

Adam and Alison are now riffing about other things, dogs eating their own vomit and men sliding into mud pits.

Alison is now quoting the reactions from the family, the Jesus loving holiday celebrating Oklahomans.


Alison is sharing an anecdote of walking in her neighborhood and has a funny side comment about her dog’s afternoon proclivities, Rich is in the mix and Adam wants to know what type of guy is enthusiastic about kids coming to their homes to scare them for Halloween.

Adam is now presenting a new theory on people only having so many scares in them before they start losing time of the end of their lives.

Alison and Adam are now commenting on the holiday being celebrated earlier and earlier with each passing year, Adam is working Rich into the mix and he’s playing along great.


Adam is now riffing about silly string and its potential hazards as well as the annoyance factor and Adam is now getting into the guys in the NFL wearing goggles post win in the locker room and Rich is explaining why.

Adam is now predicting a future with even more exaggerated facial gear.

BB has a funny reaction to the elaborate scene and the execution style garage door murder depiction, showing where his attention is mid-show, Alison and Adam have a great back and forth about garage doors.


3rd Story is on the average amount of time the average woman waits to go without makeup around a new male partner.

Alison is giving her take on this and how most women and photo shoots use limited makeup when claiming none.

Adam is mocking the idea of that being a brave move, for a woman to go without makeup, this is after Kathy Lee talked about this on Adam and Drew Show #88.


Adam is now declaring he’s officially over seeing himself naked and Alison is chiming in with her take about her own body, she’s got a killer one liner.

Adam is sharing an anecdote of walking into the bathroom with some post boxing cuts and trying to recreate the “oh hi there” moment with himself.

Alison has further thoughts and Adam is mocking his grey pubes and zits on his body as he knocks on the door of 50, he’s got some further thoughts and sums things up with Alison wrapping the news.


Adam is now jumping into a live read with a funny Rich Eisen pretending not to know about the other side of enjoying the NFL.

Dawson has a great use of Henter and Rich is plugging the free app he’s involved with, Adam is giving the remaining plugs and wrapping the show.