Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/23/2012 – Don Felder

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 10/22/2012 – Release Date 10/23/2012


Adam is opening the show with a story about tossing the coin for a football game at North Hollywood High. He’s explaining how important football was to him as a kid and how nobody ever tells the people on the field that somebody is doing the coin toss.


Adam is going in depth describing how truly important football was to him growing up, he’s giving a few anecdotes about dreaming of playing years after he stopped and a short story about hearing the sound of a game after his stripper ex girlfriend broke up with him.


Adam is telling a rare story about a possible unintended joke from his buddy Vince during their old playing days. Adam is now back to the coin toss from this weekend, he’s describing the crowd at the field and the new school they were playing. Adam is on a riff about the namesake of the school North Hollywood was playing against.


Bryan chimes in with a quick reply and now has Adam going about Mangria, Adam is once again proclaiming that his invention might be his own undoing. Alison asks about the “accidents” and Adam now admits there has been another near miss.


Adam is explaining that fans have been tweeting him photos of them drinking Mangria all across the country and now he’s explaining how he spent Saturday building the haunted house at his kids school with some of the other dads. Adam is now explaining how he pulled his car up and played some music for the group as they finished working.


Adam is now explaining the speech he had to give the guys about how the music they were hearing wasn’t from his mp3 player but was from the satellite radio station. The control room is now playing the song that started up right as he was giving the speech.



Adam is now explaining that he got an email from a guy who was in one of the F-18’s following the space shuttle into California. Adam is now explaining how flying one of those would be one of the all time great jobs.


Bryan is giving an update on his health, he went for an MRI on Friday. Adam is asking him follow up questions about his progress and Alison has a good quip.


Adam is now describing the initial reactions he got from Dr. Bruce and Dr. Drew upon them hearing about Bryan’s condition.

Adam’s on a quick jag about buying gifts for friends and the type of guys who make it difficult by not having a favorite sports team.



Adam’s now recounting an experience dining out with the guys, he ordered a chicken salad to take home and someone opened it and then left the lid flapping. Adam is really hitting on society and how people have great difficulty undoing whatever they did. Alison makes a great point and Adam is now back to the salad story.


Alison is telling a story about going to visit some friends of her boyfriend and their new baby, the baby didn’t seem to react well to Alison. Adam is explaining that he was putting his kids to bed last night and had a moment where he thought about how he would have happily never been a father had he not been lead to it.

He’s now explaining how he can see himself living his life without having the kids and it would be meaningless to an extent.



Don is now in studio, he’s giving a quick recap of his history with “The Eagles”.  Adam gets him to go even more in depth on how he first got into the band. Don is explaining the behind the scenes drama with the band.

Don is now telling Adam about the origin of “Hotel California” and how he crafted the song.


They’re now discussing drug use among the band and playing music sober after playing high for so many years, Don’s making some great points about musicians becoming drug addicts and he’s sharing how he was the guy who drove Joe Walsh to rehab.



Alison’s News, Her top story is about the final presidential debate from last night. The control room is playing some clips.


Adam is explaining how he was listening to the Alfred E. Smith memorial dinner and both candidates had some great material. Adam likes how good writers now actually get to provide material for the candidates.


Alison’s 2nd story is about Lance Armstrong losing all of his Tour De France titles, Adam doesn’t really care, he assumes that the majority of the people in the sport are all doing the same stuff. Alison wants to know if you strip a title from someone if it deeply effects them, Bryan is weighing in as a USC fan.



Alison’s 3rd story is about the parents of students suing the school district for teaching yoga classes in gym. Adam has a great observation about young people being inherently flexible.



Alison’s 4th story, Disney has unveiled their first Hispanic princess and people are critiquing them for not making her ethnic enough. Adam actually agrees that she’s not quite ethnic looking enough. Adam is sharing how he has a role in “Wreck It Ralph” though he’s still not positive on his role or character’s name.


Alison stumbled upon an episode of “Wizard’s of Waverly Place” and heard Adam’s voice, Adam is now explaining how he got the job.



Alison’s 5th story is from a study about the average twitter user. Alison is quizzing Adam about various facts among the average users. Alison is now sharing more details. Adam is revealing how he’s more apt to reply to a fan on twitter if they have an image of a black person as their avatar.


Adam is now proposing a study on how quick you reply to someone or how you treat them based on their twitter avatar. Adam is now explaining how he hung out with a young black EMT while he was on the sidelines of the North Hollywood football game.


Adam is recounting an inspirational message he attempted to deliver to the kids playing football, he’s now asking Don if he was able to appreciate similar moments from his own life, Alison has a great point about the kids hearing the “enjoy it while you can” sentiment so often that it no longer means anything.



Alison’s 6th story, Banana Boat is recalling some of their products due to a potential fire risk. Alison is asking Adam his sunscreen use.


Adam is now explaining how Brian Posehn is a “stud” after their live podcast in Irvine last week, he filled in last minute for another guest and was flying to Toronto at 415am after the show.


Adam is now explaining how the sun was the one danger his mom got wrong, he’s doing a live read and wrapping the show.