Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/22/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 283

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/22/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 283

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 10-15-2015 – Release Date 10-22-2015

Production Number #283 – Hose Clamps

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Adam has a good day intro and says he has a lot of suspicions in life, he talks about hose clamps and explains why they’re in the studio.

Adam jokes about cock rings and c clamps, Adam explains the guest stool seems to slide down all the time, Adam is going to now fix it into place, using a hose clamp.

Drew is unsure how Adam is going to use the clamp, Adam is now explaining the simple process and asks Drew about not having a childhood.


Adam is asking Drew about working on his bicycle and his family’s carport, Adam jokes about nobody being more worthless than his father, nobody!

Drew is telling Adam about plastic models and yardwork, he got his bike fixed at the bike shop down the hill, he remembers them helping him for free.

Adam says he would spend his time in his friend’s garages and pantries and thinks he might have based many relationships on his hunger for food and yearning for gearhead stuff and tinkering.


Adam is talking about the abundance of things and how when he was young people would keep fancy booze bottles for decoration, nobody keeps empty bottles now.

Adam says stickers were a big deal, Drew talks about the lack of urgency among his kids, and they work hard but are lacking something, the need for a crescent wrench.

Adam is now trying to sum up what Drew is saying and he talks about buying tools on sale and Sears and using coupons to get a better price.


Drew is back to how young people are today in comparison to how he was, Adam talks about the abundance of lighters and car stereos.

Adam talks about what things represent in work, Drew is now talking about phone bills in the modern world and Adam takes it back to the “fire in the belly” of Drew’s kids.

Adam and Drew are now arguing over semantics and Adam is trying to sum up what Drew just said.

This is getting intense, they’re yelling at each other and Drew says that Adam won’t yell at Mark Geragos, Adam is asking Gary to get on mic and explains the difference.


Adam is doing a Zip Recruiter Live Read


Adam asks Chris why they can’t go back and listen to the clip, he mocks his answer and then clarifies he knows what he meant.

Drew is back to the immediate yearning that he and Adam shared that his kids already have met and Adam is trying to continue and is now doing another lap bringing up Drew’s interruption.

Adam is trying to use the fire in the belly terminology to explain how being comfortable makes it hard to be hungry and grow that belly inferno.


Adam asks what’s next when you have a nice car, the cheapest car has power windows, AC and a stereo and just fucking works.

Drew is talking about the disparity of wealth and Adam says it should only be measured in happiness, Adam says that BB makes a fraction of what he makes but has a much better quality of life.

Drew asks if Adam might want to do something about that, he jokes about bringing down BB’s quality of life then tells Drew about his plan to wind down and enjoy life more, he won’t share it on air.


Drew says that Adam is worrying him, they do another lap.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


Adam brings up not showering with soap and a new article that was tweeted at him, Adam talks about being into nature and not needing to rub creams on himself, he talks about proctor and gamble being a huge machine that preys on the fear of women.

Adam talks about his wife rubbing lotion on his newborn kids, Drew doesn’t think lathering kids in hydrocarbons is healthy.

Drew is realistic about nature and the 22yr lifespan it expects of us, Adam is back to his cleaning ritual and how he just uses hot water.

Adam talks about how he’s mocked for his methods and how rude it is.


Adam talks about the new articles that keep popping up and Drew is now quoting the article and confirming what Adam said.

Drew isn’t sure if all the data is true or accurate and does another lap on it with Adam, Adam is talking about kids rolling around in dirt vs. rolling around in Purell.

Adam talks about hand sweat and how it has an evolutionary role, Adam is saying as long as it smells good most of society is in, Drew says he is.


Drew is now trying to clarify the writing in the article and emphasis the part that was confusing Adam, Drew segues into a live read.


Drew is doing a Live Read


Chris brings up the good feeling of being clean and Adam talks about lines of tooski and other things that feel good that we don’t do, Drew has a funny laugh to the cocaine comment.

Drew is bringing up the sweating and clothing and how clothing can get funky, Adam is now arguing some logic and Drew brings up sunscreen and its effect on clothes and funk.

Adam is talking about when a real cleaning is needed, like motor oil or hair goo.


Laxamana says he showers 4 times per week and really enjoys it, Adam is talking about oily vs., dry hair and water conversation, and he talks about being judged for being smart.


1st Caller Joe, he’s a huge fan and compliments the episode with Vinnie, he talks about the guys approach to things and how his wife wants to take their kids to church.

Adam says he needs to convert this religion time into his own thing, he says the kids might be hard to indoctrinate in 2015 and talks about the internet and how it can refute everything and kids won’t buy a story their whole life.

Drew has a scientific angle about humans and their need for religion and mythology, Adam is asking him if it’s about him and the kids and he thanks them for the “more meditation, less indoctrination” angle they suggest.


2nd Caller Thomas, he’s calling about his son and wants to know about moving him in with him and his current wife, Drew has a funny reaction to the noise in the background at his work and Adam tells him to cool it, the noise comes back and Adam screams, hilarious!

Adam is asking him about the current situation with his estranged son and his mother, Adam asks what the mother thinks about the kid moving in, Thomas mixes up the mom and his wife, Adam says that’s why he specified the mom 3 times, and the caller apologizes.

Adam talks about the democratic debate and the black lives matter conversation that didn’t feature any mention of intact family units.


Adam asks how top notch education access if going to work when the kids are 14, getting drunk fucking and not showing up.

Adam is now offering up some practical advice for a conversation with the kids’ mom and how it might lead to him moving in with him and his wife.

Adam is talking about not severing the contact with mama.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Ultimate plus Live Read

Adam has a funny Beelzebub line


Adam is giving out the plugs and wraps up the show.