Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/22/2013 – Blues Traveler

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Guest Blues Traveler

Recorded 10-21-2013 – Release Date 10-22-2013

Production Number #1190

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Adam is opening the show with some praise for Blues Traveler and their performance in Malibu at his “Cinco De Mangria” celebration.

BB’s #TopDrop is from Ty Pennington calling into a different non-Carolla radio show asking about all the “hatin”.

Adam is now sharing his history with Ty, first being asked to join “Extreme Home Makeover” as part of Ty’s team, Adam is explaining why that was insulting to him.


Adam is now sharing the events from the March 9th 2004 Loveline with Ty, Adam asked him some basic carpentry questions and Ty couldn’t answer one, essentially admitting his brother was a contractor and he was more of a bullshit artist/pretty face.

The gents got along great despite the quiz, Ty was also almost unaware of how honest and revealing he was.

Alison is now asking Adam some follow up about the type of question he asked Ty in 2004, he’s now giving some analogous examples and Alison is now throwing in some technical terms and impressing even Ace.


Adam is now sharing an anecdote involving the standard prison beating style wake up he gets from Natalia, she needed Adam’s phone to text Lynette.

Adam is explaining how his keys were left in a child friendly location and he’s using that to make a point about base level human instinct and behavior.

He’s really extrapolating this and getting to some deep material, this echoes all of his “force people to change and better themselves” ideas and rants.


Adam has a great goblin one liner to describe living with kids and how they misplace things, almost gas lighting you on a daily basis, Adam’s least favorite experience.

Adam is now citing Drew popping his keys in the fridge this time for hard boiled eggs and celery, Adam has a killer Fondiler joke too.

“We all start off like Natalia, how fast can we get to Dr. Drew” – Adam, he’s now sharing an idea that echoes his theory on (Religion Redacted) and it’s rule pertaining to women, the “I’m bigger so do what I say” rant, this is the candy version of that.


Alison has a great point about driving herself to school and how rude of an awakening it was that she was using her freedom to punish herself, Adam really likes that thought and praises her accordingly, and he even doubles back for more praise.

“We all start of as liar narcissist thieves” – Adam, Alison is now using some science to explain this and Adam has a great “Button, Button/The Box” style scenario to preset how a kid would allow genocide to obtain something want.

BB is explaining how when he had to pose as a latch key kid on the few occasions his parents needed him to enter the house alone before they got home from work, meanwhile I was carrying a house key I never lost once from age 3.


Adam is now setting up a clip from “60 Minutes” that echoes his sentiment and proves him right, Adam is peppering in some more ideas, adding to how politicians are the worst offenders.

He’s even adding a caveat to excuse them for their self-interest and scamming, he’s got another analogous reference and he’s playing the clip.

Adam is adding some light commentary throughout this very fascinating and nonpartisan piece.


Adam is now stopping the clip to offer some thoughtful and practical solutions, mostly about presuming motivation and curbing negative behavior of those that can’t help themselves, like congress.

Back to the clips with more light commentary, some potting up and potting down as it were.

Adam is setting up the next, most egregious clip and citing how California is always the worst and most offensive with their brazen theft, Alison and BB are jumping in and expanding the conversation with questions and comments.


Adam is now setting up the Maxine Waters clip coming up, he’s citing her remarks about the morning after pill to him off air on Politically Incorrect in the late 90’s.

Adam is now citing adults who lie and he’s got a great “did you pay that guy” example, he’s referencing an event with a former staff member that I have keen awareness of, he must get this a lot with people he knows.

They’re now playing another clip from this excellent “60 Minutes” piece stating congress members hire their family and pay them with political contributions from supporters.


BB has a great point about Adam and Kimmel as dueling congressman, with very different styles and Adam has an excellent point about refusing to hire his sister to do hair on his sitcom pilot.

Adam is now saying how much he loves the “my fucking assistant is so getting fired” rich white guy face when a camera crew coroners them with questions of impropriety.

They’re now playing another clip and Adam is offering some more commentary, classic “Whaaaat?!” from Ace.


Adam is now setting up his favorite clip from Grace Napolitano who charted her own campaign 18% interest, she’s using race baiting and lies to defend herself with a “sing songy” tone and stupid hypothetical questions.

Adam is now offering his take and BB has an excellent point about her having 150k previous to trying to obtain a loan and how that would have been collateral for her to get one, BB just proved she’s a liar, FACT!

Adam is now commenting on her name and less than obvious ethnicity, that wouldn’t have played a role in her getting a loan, people like me can’t get loans, she can get a loan.


Alison even seem to agree with Adam, excellent points from the whole cast and Alison has a great summation and “Grinch”(Cat in the hat?) analogy.

Adam is calling her bullshit race lie “poison” and explaining how much damage it does to people trying to achieve and rise above historical traumas.

Adam is breaking down her brain, how she called the reporter sexist and racist while excusing her 4x interest rate that resulted in her 200k+ windfall.


Adam has a great “henter” to close out the live read.

He’s now going off on people in the diamond lane who don’t bother to keep up speed with the rest of traffic.

“L.A. Is not a good place for hauling ass” – BB


Q and Ace

1st caller James, he called Adam on Loveline on August 29, 2005 and told Adam that his beloved Dr. Hogly Wogly’s Tyler Texas BBQ was not as good as Adam had been preaching about since the 90’s.


He’s now calling to offer amends as it’s become his favorite BBQ establishment, thus proving the inaccuracy of something like “yelp”.


Adam is having some great comedy mocking James like he remembers the call.

Adam is explaining the establishment to Alison and now BB is stepping in to offer more information for out of state listeners.

Adam is now explaining the evolution of decent BBQ and Pizza in Los Angeles.


Adam is now sharing an anecdote of going there with “Chris Darga” Adam’s old friend from the Acme/groundling days who also starred in “The Hammer”, nice pull BB!

Adam is explaining how they both ran a construction company, did not know that detail, a new reveal, they both would spend most of the day thinking about lunch and they arrived to an empty parking lot except 1 other car, belonging to a giant fat dude.

Adam is explaining his history with the place and Jimmy Kimmel, perhaps its other biggest proponent.


Adam is now using his growing excitement in ordering BBQ to prove that humans were meant to have an omnivore diet, Alison is even getting worked up and so is this vegetarian Superfan, Adam made/encouraged me to order Krave Jerky I couldn’t even eat last time he did one of these speeches.


2nd Caller Andrew, he wants to know how Adam got his motor and he’s giving a nice reply about the nature of time on the planet and wanting to improve his quality of life.

Adam is now sharing how deep they are into the Paul Newman racing documentary and how they just picked away at it over the past few months, the real way to make a documentary instead of just talking about it and planning.

Adam is saying all of these interviews feel like a dream, he doesn’t remember what he did yesterday, so it feels like doing nothing, he’s making a great point about painless minor time incognizances that result in the same accomplishment without blocking off two months of time.


Adam is now bringing up BB’s “chipping away” at his book and how that resulted for him, Adam is now setting up his upcoming filming for “To Catch a Contractor” and his drives to Dana Point.

He’s going to use the time to work out his 3rd book with Mike Lynch via teleconference.

Alison has a killer one liner about where and how she preps the news for the show, BB orders himself (?) to get that drop.


Adam is really elaborating on how he couldn’t have been more burnt out during the NYC run and how he doesn’t even recall the details of his days and how that’s paid off for his documentary.


3rd Caller Kevin has an “automotive Sophie’s Choice” for Ace, he’s telling him about his two vehicles and how he’s trying to figure out which one to sell.

Adam has a great “death machine vs. tank” superstitious reasoning for telling him to get rid of the motorcycle to preserve his health and safety.


John Popper/ Blues Traveler are now joining the show, it’s John’s 3rd visit after many classic Loveline visits and some legendary ACS morning show on KLSX visits too.

John and his band mate Chan, Adam is being mocked by john for his racing in comparison to John’s insane 150mph run through Montana and how he got arrested in Spokane and they’re riffing on Adam’s “M&M” analogy.

John is now bringing up the story about uncle Jimmy’s studio from yesterday’s episode, John is telling Adam about the first time he met Sonny when he was 3 or 4 and started weeping upon site of John.


Adam is now bringing up the time John was ecstatic to see Rowdy Roddy Piper choke out Cousin Sal at Jimmy’s house for the old NFL Sunday’s.

they have a great back and forth about the sweet way men set other men down after choking them out, both saying you’ve never seen a strong man be so gingerly with another man.


Now Adam is getting John to offer some live harmonica accompaniment to improve some horrible songs, akin to his 2008 attempt to improve “Paula Abdul” on the old KLSX show.

Chan is peppering in some light guitar too, this is pretty solid!

Adam is now having him jump in on Rod Stewart’s “Passion”, this is pretty good too.


Adam is now setting up “Diamonds” by Rihanna and John is killing it, Adam is now sending him a curve ball and BB agrees that John has improves every track so far.

Adam is now having them play Alanis Morisette’s “Hand In My Pocket”, John is disgusted with her harp technique and Alison is agreeing with Dave Coulier reference but Adam, but she doesn’t know he guested on the morning show in 2006, didn’t deny the claims of his relationship nor his “endowment”.

Adam is now having John riff with his harp on “Ain’t Going to Work on Maggie’s Farm No More” and Adam is hoping this song has some deeper meaning, John has a killer one liner, gold!


Alison is now explaining the meaning of the song after googling in the live read, nice work A-Rose.

They’re all riffing on the judgmental folk scene from the era the song comes from, hilarious one liners from the guests, Adam and A-Rose.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Cee Lo Green pleading not guilty to giving a woman Ecstasy without consent from several years ago.

Adam is now joking about his tasteful GI for court and John is trying to figure out what he’s saying or conveying in the photo.

Alison is now reading the facts and claims from the woman, Adam has a great bit of rape counseling, nice work BB!


Adam is citing his own experiences with Ecstasy, he’s done half a pill a few times over the past 15 years.

Adam is now commenting on how one wouldn’t know what they were drugged with unless they were told.

Adam and John are now discussing the drug and Adam is bringing up dudes who claimed to have been roofied and how he went along with it even though it doesn’t add up.

John is one of these guys and is now telling the gang about it, Adam is bringing up the time he saw John on stage vomiting on TMZ.


John is explaining the bug that lead to his vomiting and nobody saw, Adam is bringing up his own Floridian bug story where his “tower” was buzzed by a giant insect.

Adam is now happy to clear up the record that John couldn’t hold his booze, he had swallowed a bug.


Alison is sharing her own experience where she thinks someone slipped her something, she’s now sharing the details and how she couldn’t even walk with the two gents talking her up post band gig.

Adam is sharing a great analogy of someone claiming their non-disturbed home was broken into, John has a great one liner that calls back “The Bodyguard”.

Adam is now citing all the Loveline calls where people bragged about consuming near fatal levels of alcohol and claiming they were drugged.


John is now sharing a great 2nd hand Roofie story from an old crew guy who heard it from a cop, so actually 3rd hand.

Adam has a great “Bad Lieutenant” reference during the story that the brilliant John picks up on right away.

Adam is now sharing the laws in California regarding intoxication and sexual encounters.


2nd Story is on the Sparks Nevada School Shooting from Monday

Alison is giving the details and John is clarifying that all handguns are semi-automatic and revolvers are actually repeaters.

Alison is getting John to further explain the differences and Adam is sharing his thoughts on how crazy guns are, the LAPD can’t hit one wrongly identified target but a 12yr old hits everyone he intends.


John is giving some in depth expertise on how you can’t fully train adrenaline effects out of trained personnel.

John has some very deep follow up points and now Adam is riffing about the idea of someone being lucky by only getting a flesh wound, the “another inch to the left and you wouldn’t be here” reply.

Adam is now busting out another live read, with a killer 18% interest callback.


3rd story is vendors being banned from selling tickets for celebrity home tours, Adam is bringing up how these tours have gone nuts around his home as of late.

Adam is explaining how he’s wired as a human, citing the times where people take pictures of him as he pulls out of his driveway.

Adam is saying he’s not high profile enough to get his own stop, he’s just collateral photo damage along the way to Johnny Depp, a target of opportunity as put by BB, nice.


Adam has some funny comments about the possible danger this could present and how celebrities have no rights when it comes to other people profiting off of him, great counter analogy from ace to seal his point.

John is bringing up a woman who sued him for “stealing thoughts from her head” for the song “Run Around”.

Alison is now sharing a figure she read on 100% of celebrities having stalkers, John has another personal example of this happening, that then lead to an ATF agent being stalked in his stead, hilarious stabbing joke from Ace.


Adam is now busting out another live read with a helpful non-mocking John Popper, John is now asking from some honest language and they’re talkin’ boners.

Adam is now plugging the live shows for Blues Traveler and closing out the show and John has some great praise for Mangria, Adam’s signature booze.