Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/22/2012 – Dr. Drew

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Recorded 10/19/2012 – Release Date 10/22/2012
The show opens with a new and hilarious “Warner Archive” spot, one step closer to that “Bad Ronald” commentary the fans have been demanding.


Adam opens the show with Dr.Drew in studio, they’re continuing an off air discussion about Dawson and staph infections. Drew is explaining how staph infections work to Adam. They’re now discussing how fans will tweet Adam telling him that his various theories and ideas are now becoming a reality.


Adam and Drew are now discussing how Adam’s always right when it comes to nature and even more so human nature. Now Adam is presenting a very “Jurassic Park” series of quotes and Drew is agreeing. Drew and Adam are now sharing their mutual experience being forced to watch Euell Gibbons doing “Grape Nuts” commercials.



Adam is now further discussing the “Purell Generation” and why he doesn’t get flu shots, he’s got an amazing string of quotes about his own constitution. Drew is now asking if Adam’s brain that is often correct with his predictions is the dual side of some mechanism that also allows him to create such amazing metaphors.


Adam is explaining to Drew how his metaphors and analogies come to him, Drew jumps in that the way he’s describing it is textbook aspergers. Adam is now trying to further explain it to Drew. Adam is now giving Drew a metaphor about how he comes up with metaphors.


Drew has taken Adam’s point and switched gears to if people have been on earth so long how come past life regressions only go back 500 years and always involve nobility. Adam is now telling Drew about all the tweets he’s been getting that feature service animals, including ponies, Adam has an amazing quote.



Adam and Drew have now swung back to the topic of the entitlement levels of people in modern society, Adam is going off on young women who make calculated statements at presidential town hall meetings, Drew is losing his shit as Adam goes on a hilarious jag, wow!


Gary Patrick Smith fired up a photo of a gentleman in a Apple store with his service pony, Adam has an amazing one man reenactment of someone asking the guy about the pony. Drew brings up the “1780’s Guy” bit from Adam’s “Too Late” TV series.

Adam is now telling Drew about his all time favorite “1780’s Guy” bit they did.


They’re still discussing the entitlement generation, Adam is explaining how he gets characterized as anti women or anti gay and for voter suppression. In reality Adam is for people having identification as it’s a legal requirement for living in modern society and he’s for people taking responsibility for their own lives.



Drew is now making a great point about social media and how in people’s minds it has leveled the playing field and all opinions are of the same value. Drew and Adam are now breaking down the mob mentality that comes up and how the mob is often wrong but it’s a perfect avenue for people to act out their aggression and self righteousness.


Adam is now giving a prime example of this mentality on social media, he’s citing the recent 30 rock plot line that everyone was tweeting him and how it doesn’t have anything to do with him. Drew is now getting the facts of what Adam actually said and helping him clarify his point with sound logic.


They’re discussing how Adam’s brain works and have now segued to politics, Drew’s making a good point about the tyranny of the majority and Adam is following up with some additional arguments.


Adam is now explaining to Drew how his mom taught him to believe that rich people were evil just because they had money. Drew is attempting to get Adam to sugar coat his argument but Adam refuses and has a great series of quotes about rich guys raping the land and the people.



Adam is making a great point about character, how it’s impossible to count on the majority of society to make the moral choice without incentive. Adam is now making a new analogy comparing and contrasting greed to male sexuality and how they’re both necessary parts of society but also have a dual good and bad side.


1st caller Theresa, her daughter is serving in the armed forces and recently confided in her that she had been sexually assaulted by a commanding officer. Drew is explaining that bizarre nature of human beings and how they always find a way to recreate the trauma they fear most in their children’s lives.

Adam and Drew are giving their full Loveline expertise, both guys are advocating for her daughter to report this.


Drew is explaining to Theresa that the fear she just presented to them is not her daughter’s fear, it’s her own from another era and doesn’t apply in this day and age.



Adam is now explaining how he’s always interviewed about Drew and Jimmy, he’s explaining to Drew how he likes to make fun of it but in reality has no problem with either guy’s success unlike the typical comedian who would have a problem.


2nd Caller Bill, he’s trying to get through the 12 steps of sobriety and can’t get past the higher power concept. Drew is explaining the mechanism of that step from a scientists point of view. Adam is now pitching Bill on Mangria should he ever backslide.



3rd caller Susan, she was browsing through her boyfriend’s search history and found some links to porn that are troubling to her. Adam is explaining how male sexuality works to her, how there is a small chance the guy is just looking for debauchery.

Drew is now explaining the possible scientific explanation for this and asking Susan follow up questions. Adam is picking up on the weird vocal suppression tendencies in Susan’s voice, he’s asking her the usual questions.



4th Caller Tom, he found out his son was smoking pot. They’ve tried consequences and drug testing but nothing has worked. Tom reveals he was checking his son’s private facebook messages and Adam launches into a reenactment of what he would do if he were to find disturbing messages on his son’s facebook.

The series of quotes is so funny that Drew sits back and loses his shit for over a minute and even when Adam is done Drew is left reeling.


Drew is now asking why so many people come after him about pot, he’s reiterating that he doesn’t care what people do and that he has not problem with pot but he’s not allowed to state facts about the drug.

Drew was on Conan and asked about legalizing pot, he told him he would go along with whatever the medical association decides to do, Drew’s explaining that his reply actually got him thrown out of a drug prevention group he belonged to.


They’re back to Tom and he’s talking over Adam and Drew, they let him keep talking and Adam comes back at him with instructions on how to lay down the law to his son. Drew is explaining the studies that show marijuana use before 18 can permanently stunt brain development. Adam has a great riff about drinking at 16, hilarious!



5th Caller Adrianne, she wants to know Drew’s thoughts on working on MTV’s “Teen Mom”, Drew is giving a very thoughtful reply about seeing the same teaching model as Loveline in the show and how the teen pregnancy rate has dropped during the show’s run.


Adrianne is loudly scoffing at Drew’s replies, despite Adam and Drew welcoming her and complimenting her during the opening of her call. Figures she would react this way considering her profession and what Adam and Drew have said about the type of women it attracts.


Drew is giving even more thoughtful replies to Adrianne who is laughing at his explanation while bragging about her husband’s work with metal. Drew is now backing up his correct take with facts and Adam is wrapping the show.