Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/21/2013 – Tito Ortiz and Bjorn Rebney

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Guest Tito Ortiz and Bjorn Rebney

Recorded 10-20-2013 – Release Date 10-21-2013

Production Number #1189

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro and some good days, a classic Ernest Borgnine drop from the old KLSX ACS days is the #TopDrop.

Adam is bringing up a few things that got him thinking about his own mortality, he’s citing the ESPN “30 for 30” on Mickey Ward and Arturo Gotti.

Adam is using the death of Gotti as another example of the passage of time, citing the Joe Naismith “I’d like to kiss you” incident from a decade ago.


BB is now asking Adam about the Mickey Ward biopic that didn’t include his most famous bouts with Arturo Gotti, Adam agrees and he’s now getting Gary to clarify on the date of Arturo’s death.

Adam is now citing the “No Mas” Sugar Ray and Roberto Durán incident as the other thing that threw him for a loop, now he’s summing it up and time itself, saying it drags throughout your youth and blows by when you really want to savor it.

Adam has a great driving to San Francisco analogy in response to Alison’s intelligent question, he’s citing the recent driving between home and the bay area giving him a context for the experience reducing it to almost nothing.


Adam is giving his theory of relativity, with a water torture and 10hr sleep session as dueling examples.

They’re getting really heavy and BB is even chiming in, Alison has a comment mocking the show itself, good stuff.

Adam is now commenting on the billboards he passed on his way through Hollywood, Sonny looked up and saw a billboard for “About Time” and stated how he wanted to see the movie, Natalia chimed in with how she wanted to see “Bad Grandpa”.


Adam is now using this to confirm his kid’s personalities and discussing how they ran around the JKL Theater for a bit, Adam predicted how the kids would react and Alison is now asking how long these kids can maintain these roles.

Alison is asking if Sonny could be this way at age 18 and Adam has a nice reply that Alison responds to.

Adam told Natalia to run around the theater with Sonny, he instructed her to go sit in Jimmy’s chair and used his imagination of what he would have loved at age 7.


Adam is explaining a funny moment where Natalia told him her desire to live in a modern house, she cited Jimmy Kimmel’s home style and Adam told her that he was her godfather which led to her wishing for something bad to happen to him.

Adam is now bringing up the Dingo Boy/Jimmy Kimmel moment from the show last week, where BB and Alison didn’t seem to hear it.

Adam is now playing back some audio from last week, Alison is stopping him to explain the confusion from her end, and Adam is confirming the same page they are on in their misunderstanding.


Adam is now playing the audio evidence, Alison is as honest as can be and goes along with it, no protest.

Adam is having them play another Dingo Boy bit, “Batman” with Ralph Garman and Jimmy Kimmel, Adam is explaining the history of the bit as I requested he finally share while driving him here in Illinois.

Adam is now explaining that the long version of the “Dingo Boy” theme only exists in the stage version, he’s now quoting all of the lyrics including the lost “Australian” themed closer, this is long lost Adam Carolla comedy history!


Alison is now asking Adam how he acquired the clips of the audio and why, he did it for both reasons she asked and BB has a priceless reply, Adam is explaining why he obsesses over these gaslighting scenario and how they drive him insane.

Alison is now citing the multiple tweets saying Adam never said anything about Kimmel, she’s blaming the time between he said the name of Jimmy and the role he played and her follow up question asking the same information.

They’re now playing another long lost “Dingo Boy” bit from Adam’s early syndicated and KROQ days.


Adam is now saying he did about 15-20 of the bits and we’ve recovered almost all of them, over a dozen.

Adam and BB are now joking about some lines from the bit and Adam is launching into a live read.

Alison is now praising Adam for his delivery of “Pussy Lips?” while promoting the new ringtone, hilarious!


Q and ACE

1st Caller Javi, finally saw “Exporting Raymond” and really enjoyed it, Adam is now jumping into explain the premise for people listening who might be unaware.

Adam is now mocking the “that’s your opinion” take everyone now has on various topics, He’s defending people are experts in everything from aerospace to comedy, I know his pain/rage on this topic.

Adam is now yelling and BB is stepping in to do a hilarious improv, he’s using his carpentry knowledge to mirror his “Goddamn comedy black belt fucking ninja” status.


He’s explaining his experience shooting photographs for Adam Carolla while in Houston Texas and cites the immense difficulty in working with Adam Carolla, he wants to know if Alison and BB have experienced the same thing.

Javi is mistaken in blaming Adam, as someone who has toured on the road with Adam many, many times and Adam nor are his crew never to blame for difficulties such as parking and dealing with the box office of a venue.

BB is now plugging his book and switching back to Phil Rosenthal and his documentaries, including his new one “Spinning Plates” and Adam has a hilarious response in mocking BB telling him it’s at his house waiting to be watched, is BB trying to toss Adam under the Rosenthal bus after getting kissed in to the movie parties?


Adam is now singing the praises of Phil and joking about his difficulty in being heard by modern studio executives after his previous success.

Adam is now explaining he wouldn’t have much traction or courtesy trying to pitch a new series to Comedy Central with his partner Jimmy Kimmel.


2nd Caller Chrissy, she wants to know if Adam is having a happy life and he’s got a couple solid replies, he’s saying he’s not interested in happy, he wants something more rewarding.

Adam is now sharing his take on the balance on how to live life, when relaxation comes into play with the hassle of doing things.

Adam is now citing his difficulties trying to lock in an interview with Mario Andretti for his Paul Neman documentary and he’s now saying he’s satisfied with life and how that might be worth more.

Adam is now telling Dawson about the “edibles” he was given for him by a fan while on the road, Adam is now citing fun as pixy sticks and empty calories and how he wants the meat on the bone of life.

They’re all now discussing this in depth and giving multiple takes, BB’s in the mix a bit.


Hooray for Baldywood

Bald saw “Captain Phillips” and he’s citing the man’s previous work, he’s explaining the plot and the real world inspiration.

Adam is asking for clarification on how exactly the pirates expect to make their escape after the U.S. Navy arrives on the scene.

BB is explaining that they do address the international waters bit and hint around the plan for escape but don’t actually fully flesh it out.


BB is saying this a good movie with white knuckle tension that he could watch again unlike some of Paul Greengrass’ previous work.

Adam is now asking about the New England accent and BB is saying it’s really great and enjoyed it, he doesn’t care if they smooth over some rough edges in the narrative.

Adam is now citing “Rush” and how Mario Andretti was briefly named dropped during the race in the movie, he’s quoting how Mario lapped James Hunt and won that race, excluding him from the movie.


Adam is using this as an example of how smoothing over the facts can affect the real people who were involved in these stories.

Adam is now sharing why Ron Howard might have switched focus to make a better story and even told that to Mario who was uncertain of why they left him out.

BB gives the A- and recommends seeing Gravity before it, even saying it could be saved for home viewing.


Adam is now giving his take on “Gravity” and how he didn’t care for the dialogue, BB is saying Adam is the 2nd person to tell him that, he’s not mentioned the 1st was Loveline Engineer Anderson on their other podcast The Film Vault.

Adam is now sharing the story of the time he and Jimmy went to the batting cages at 11am after a morning of doing Kevin and Bean, he’s citing the game “Violence Fight” and its bad translation, I actually have the game on my phone.

BB is blaming the director’s nationality for the dialogue problems and Adam is going along with it while overall recommending he movie.


Tito is now making his ACS podcast debut after two wonderful appearances on the KLSX ACS in march of 2008 and January of 2009 and Adam is asking Tito about his last fight with Forrest Griffin and the impromptu interview he conducted with him.

Adam is now giving his thoughts on the post-fight interviews in the UFC, he’s now commenting on how it’s the absolute worst time to ask the questions they do.

Adam’s got a great alcohol and list of people you want to bone analogy.


Bjorn is now making his ACS debut as well, telling Adam about the fight between Tito and Rampage and how it was set in motion.

Adam is now trying to figure out Dana White, he’s asking Tito perhaps the best and worst man to ask this question.

Tito has a very brief and telling reply without saying much, he’s asking Tito about the average purse for current fights and how it contrasts to bygone eras.


Adam is now asking Tito about weight cutting and working Alison into the mix with a “she has to” reply that BB seems to appreciate.

Tito is sharing his scientific method he’s been using since high school for cutting water weight before a fight, Adam is now telling Tito about filming “The Hammer” with Jeff Lacey who fights at almost 30lbs less than his rippled frame.

Tito is now further selling this fight between him and Rampage Jackson and their history training together and how the stuff in the cage is separate from their personal lives and friendship, Adam asks him about the incident involving Rampage and some traffic offenses from a few years back.


Adam has a hilarious “do you call him Ram or Mr. Page?”, Adam is mocking the current state of current heavyweight boxing and mocking Klitschko with a “Klitschko” joke that Tito thinks could be a great clothing line.

Adam is now comparing MMA vs. Boxing to the USA vs. Japan in the automobile industry of the 1980’s and Bjorn is now weighing in with some more insight in the glory of mixed martial arts.

Great Dingo Boy callback from BB that Bjorn runs with and now Adam is sharing his take on the great bouts from boxing history you realize haven’t taken place in over a decade.


Adam is now sharing his analogy for the Klitschko’s and their chessman like strategy for winning fights without taking damage, Tito interrupts to target the whole sport but Adam is saying you can build up the action with boxing.

BB is now asking Tito what makes him more excited for a fight, being close to the guy or having a bitter rivalry.

Adam is now telling Tito he brought his focus pads and Tito is mocking Adam a bit asking about his shoulders and elbows, Adam is being very modest and citing his old training partner Mike Weaver.


Adam actually had a cyst drained on his palm from years of holding pads for powerful punchers and even scored higher than Chuck Liddell on the boxing machine at the old KLSX studio.

Adam is now mocking Sonny for not having much pop when he held the pads for him the other day.

Adam is now having Alison and BB work in some commentary for this very rare treat that hasn’t been done since Adam held the pads for Holt on episode #180 of the ACS.


Alison and BB are now commenting on what they’re witnessing and Adam is giving him some pro tips, you can view the 2min video via the show page link above.

Adam is now commenting on how people use punching combos and Tito his now citing the reasoning why fighters don’t fully commit, well placed kicks!

BB is now mocking Adam giving a guy last minute instructions before his fight, ignorant of training and strategy, if Tito busts out one of these combos mid fight everyone will be singing a different tune.


Alison has a great “I’m sliding off my seat” comment that BB must be making into a drop and BB is asking Adam if Tito punches from “his ass” and Adam is now actually referencing the Chuck Liddell ACS from the old KLSX days where it took Chuck several tries to best Adam’s power.

Adam is now waxing poetic on heavy handed punchers and light MMA gloves and how it’s a recipe for knock outs.

Adam is now citing boxing matches where guys fight black gloves vs. red and how red always seemed like it would be more obvious and BB wants to know if there has been a study done on this.


Her top story is an update on the stenographer who flipped out on the house floor, she’s now quoting an interview the woman gave and the response from her husband praising her actions.

Adam is now giving his take on people turning on themselves and society in response to the sheer amount of options and lack of required work to get by.

Adam is now citing his nightly viewing of “Catfish” and the people portrayed with piercing and tattoos who are 100lbs overweight, he’s asking if they think the jewelry distracts from the weight.


Tito is chiming in with his take, Alison has a nice share from her conversation with Daniel and Tito is now telling them about his days working on boats doing manual labor, hard work and open seas.

Bjorn is now telling the guys about working as a roofer in the valley, Adam has almost as much of a dramatic reaction as when my buddy told him his dad was a roofer in San Diego while Adam was here in IL.

Alison has a great dinosaur jack off comment that has some real sense behind it, Adam is now commenting on Bjorn’s idea about faceless expression of opinions and hostility.


Tito is now telling the gang about his average day and schedule and how his kids work into it.

Adam has a great extreme stenography joke and is using the metaphor of the octagon for clearing out one’s head and thinking about nothing.

Tito is now telling the gang about his experience at the “Long Beach Celebrity Grand Prix” and how it echoes Adam’s words about focus and reaction, much like doing an MMA battle.


Tito is now telling the gang about knowing the guys from Korn really well and being on tour with them, Adam has also hung out with them a bunch, he used to open shows for them and even recorded message for when they played HFSetival in DC and Adam couldn’t make it.

Adam is now asking Tito about his nerves leading up to a fight and is getting some very honest answers, he’s now telling Adam about his sushi consumption pre-fight.


2nd Story is on a Boy Scout leader who might face charges for knocking over an ancient rock formation.

Alison is now reading the details of the event and now playing some video without sound showing them committing the vandalism.

Adam is now saying this a prime example of people trying to infuse the missing elements of our caveman heritage into daily life, great “Tough Mudder” comments from Adam and Alison.


Alison is now suggesting they undermine their safety argument by posting the video and Adam thinks people could get more sympathy in the public eye by confessing they made a mistake.

Now BB is jumping into do an improv with Adam as the drunken scout leader, not so sure talking about jack off moves while hanging out with kids in the desert is a good defense.

Precarious Rocks- Adam’s new indie band name in reply to Alison and Tito.


Adam is now commenting on the rock formation near his new house, he calls it a Rorschach test of life, the people who kick the smiley face, who fixes it and who gives the rock a Hitler moustache, very telling indeed!

Adam is now commenting on the people who leave their dog shit along the trail in a blue bag, he’s now countering the defense that the people are heading back to get it, Adam is telling them to truly litter if they’re going to not pick up after themselves.

Adam is now commenting on blue being a generic cover up color and BB reveals he doesn’t know about original Listerine and now Adam is riffing about troop leaders and the idea of forcing a man to attend those events.


BB is now chiming in to tell everyone that Bjorn’s dad is the “Winnebago Man” from the legendary documentary, Bjorn is totally good natured and telling BB all he wants to know.

Adam is now asking him some follow up questions about his dad and Bjorn learned to knife fight from him at age 6.

Adam hasn’t seen the documentary, if he had he would be full of questions and now Adam is giving a nice plug for his pals in “Blues Traveler” performing this week in Los Angeles.


Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping the show, with a nice callback to Alison’s guest Greg Proops eating nachos at the last live show he joined them for.