Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/19/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 183

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/19/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 183

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 10-07-2014 – Release Date 10-19-2014

Production Number #183 – Food Poisoning

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They’re back for hour number #2 and Adam does the standard intro and hints at how he can’t say “free shipping” due to ridiculous laws.

Adam is now asking Drew about his hyper vigilance and why this season of ‘Catch a Contractor’ has been depressing him, the sad tableau of barred up windows and weathered children’s toys rotting in yards.

Adam says he realizes he’s absorbing the environments and crying inside, unlike everyone around him who are just commenting and seeing the scenery, Adam is getting depressed due to his constant absorbing of his surroundings.


Adam is now commenting on the idea and lame excuse of “these people don’t have the money” and he asks “to clean their yard?” and Drew says they need to be rallied and not encouraged.

Drew is calling for leadership, real leadership not “you’re a victim, don’t work or make effort” excuses.

Adam is further describing the horrific scenes he sees and Drew says he probably gets a mild PTSD reaction, they’re both arguing for real leadership and Drew brings up the shit he got for asking what the federal government does for people, in comparison to the local government.

Drew addresses all of the possible counters people can volley at him, he asks Adam what he gets for all the money he pays and repeats the toxic messages the government only seems to reinforce.


Adam is now addressing his own campaign for people to embrace personal momentum and change, he cites the “I don’t need to write things down” people from his life.

Adam is now telling Gary to write this down, joking.

Adam is asking for the episode of ‘Real Time’ with Elizabeth Warren and her “the playing field is rigged” rhetoric, Adam is addressing the idea of “now you can’t” and the federal government.


Adam is further expounding on his points about the non-cost of labor and effort, how people can improve curb appeal for their homes by simply moving.

Drew is bringing up the depression among the masses and preaches about the interconnection of human beings, Adam tells him to fuck off and says he’s not connected to these losers.

Drew is now sharing a quote and theory of living from holocaust survivor Viktor Emil Frankl and Adam shares his wishes to contact the families of the person who dropped the dime on Anne Frank.


Adam is now breaking down Drew’s wishes to “empower” others and how condescending it is to think others need to be taught how to be as functional as he is.

Drew asks if they must wait for a social collapse in lieu of his wishes for a new political party or system, Adam explains that L.A. is turning into Mexico, Mexico is crappy hence why people are immigrating here.

Now they’re playing the clip of Elizabeth Warren from ‘Real Time’. Adam is responding to her claims from the clip about the government leaving families behind and asks what they’re supposed to do to carry people.


Drew is sharing that he agrees with 95% of what Elizabeth said, Adam seems to agree as well, but Drew clarifies those actions were right for the time, not today.

Drew says she’s right, but how do we do these things she’s asking for, it’s not the government at least not in the traditional way it’s intervened.

Adam is once again harping on Drew’s use of “empowering” and Adam argues against her “we need to take it back” quote, explaining to Drew she means to tax the achievers to pay for the freeloaders.


Adam is sharing his take on citizens getting the government in line, but also expect realistic actions and effort from the government.

Adam is explaining its mathematically impossible to create a level playing field, Drew is now bringing up the philosophy about creating a level playing field despite the history of individual families.

Adam is now asking Chris about his dad, a machinist who works for a company that makes the metal used by Boeing, Chris reveals he hasn’t talked to his dad in a few years and they want more info.


Adam is joking about Gary’s dad being a golf instructor and he gets on mic to explain what he actually does, Adam cites Matt’s father the attorney.

Adam explains the problem with relying on the government is they can build the school, staff it, but they can’t follow you home and make sure your parents make you do your homework and try to achieve.

Dr. Drew is asking what we do with her rhetoric and Adam once again references the infamous Gavin Newsome interview, Adam says he’s just moving, the lunatics have taken over the asylum in Southern California.

Adam says killing Detroit is not good enough, they need Los Angeles to fall before people get their shit together.


Drew queues up queues up a live read.


1st Caller Paul, he has a 13yr old son who is experiencing some suicidal ideations, Adam asks if his son voluntarily admitted this or was spotted as having different mood/affect than usual.

Paul is sharing the details and how they referred his son to therapy and now his son has turned off from the whole thing and doesn’t want to continue with therapy.

Drew has a great point about mental health issues in comparison to any other disease or illness, they’re both praising Paul and the system that noticed the changes in his son’s moods.


2nd Caller Nick, he wants their take on the book “The Nurture Assumption” and explains the premise of book, Drew says there is no doubt about genetics and the self, he goes very in-depth and Adam is now giving his take about nature vs. nurture.

Adam is sharing his new “kids are like credit” theory, he says that there is no such thing as good credit, only bad, he’s now tying it all together and citing his credit history of spending millions on properties and referencing some of his ups and downs.

Adam explains the 30% down required for everyone, despite his 20 years and 20+ properties and never missing a payment or being late once, he riffs about the “nothing we can do” reply about going after the people and tenants who have stiffed him for rent  and how they would fare if it was tax debt.


Adam is explaining how he is going to emotionally and financially support his kids, but he can’t give them good credit, he can only give them bad credit by getting involved and fucking them up.

Adam has a funny back and forth with Gary, now Drew is bringing up the “boys and girls are different genetically” explanation of the idea of a “good enough mother” and Adam is bringing up hearing Dennis Prager’s radio show and hearing him go up against the gender neutral bathrooms at colleges.


Adam says that at one point a caller asked Prager about the “abusive heterosexual couple vs. a great gay couple” when it comes to raising kids.

Adam wants to know when adults became children, college educated 50yr old adults became unable to have or engage in a cohesive argument, he mocks Ben Affleck’s comments from the recent ‘Real Time’ and has a funny almost Shaggy-esque impression of him.

Drew wants to know how we solve this and Adam says the solution is listening to him.


3rd Caller Greg, he’s a big fan and has been listening since 7th grade, Drew comments on the coincidence of the age being mentioned.

He thinks he might have food poisoning and uses the term “booted” and Adam mentions how Deaf Frat Guy uses it and they’re now letting him finish his explanation.

He has his first day of work tomorrow and doesn’t want to miss it or go in sick, Drew is now quizzing him about his symptoms, Adam is telling him to have a Banana and some Pedialyte, Drew says he risks getting his coworkers sick and Adam says good he can help weed out the pussies in the office.


Adam is now bringing up the two bouts he’s had with food poisoning, he’s referencing the WHFesitval soft shell crab incident and the smoked clam chowder that Jimmy insisted was a “smoke flavor” and Adam was convinced it had gone south.

Adam is referencing the few things on earth that you can’t tell have gone bad, he is now describing the scene on the part bus with all the ‘Man Show’ writers and how some of them started going off in the strip club unaware everyone was experiencing the same symptoms.

Drew is now explaining the type of parasites found in shellfish, Adam is back to the D.C. incident and how much pain he was in and how he felt pressure to show up and perform on stage after being flown out just to bring Beck out on stage.


Chris gets on mic to laugh about having the same credit as Adam, Adam is asking if he’s not dead right about this “no credit” theory and now offering a practical solution to the banking crisis after effects we’re still experiencing due to blanket rules.

They talk about Ben Bernanke not being able to get a loan on his house, Adam is now wrapping up the show.