Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/16/2013 – Marijuana Investors Brendan Kennedy and Christian Groh, Live from the Neptune Theatre in Seattle

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Guest Marijuana Investors Brendan Kennedy and Christian Groh, Live from the Neptune Theatre in Seattle

Recorded 10-12-2013 – Release Date 10-16-2013

Production Number #1186

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Adam is opening the show live from Seattle for the very first time and the city with smartest people and the most Carolla fans are truly representing with those cheers.

Adam is now sharing an anecdote from the road, after I dropped them off here in IL, he was waiting for the hotel airport shuttle the next morning and witnessed a fellow guest walk into the lobby barefoot in his pajamas.

Adam is now showing his image you can see online, Adam is now mocking the spikes used to discourage seagulls from shitting on everything.


Adam is now joking about the war with seagulls over their rampant shitting and BB is now chiming in to clarify that Adam is indeed riffing another hypothetical conversation with an animal.

Adam is asking if we now need to start using spike strips to encourage adults to wear shoes in public.

Alison and Adam are now riffing about the missing wardrobe accessories from the photo.


Alison is now riffing on the motley crew in Adam’s hotel lobby photograph.

Adam is bringing up another sad turn for society, he’s bringing up Portland and Adam is doing his best Seattle Ass Kissing, nice work.

Adam is now commenting on the airport van, rented at the airport.


Adam is now telling Gary and Dawson to hang on for a bit as this will get a little tough, uh oh!

Adam is explaining that Gary purposely left the car back at the hotel so they could get boozed freely without having to return the van.

Adam is now sharing how he and August were greatly amused by their honesty and contrasting it to the old days where people would make up excuses to get out of work.


Adam is now joking about Fondiler going to Bonnaroo, he was at Coachella to be fair.

Adam is now saying he doesn’t mind the part of getting drunk at work, he minds Gary not having the quiet decency to lie to his boss.

I love this story as it totally redeems my super motivated and sober ventures driving Adam, August and Lynch on the road.


Alison is now sharing a “very paranoid” thought she had post show last night, she turned down some offers to party, Adam is now explaining what that code phrase actually means from a guy.

Alison says she would have said yes and agreed to let one of the dude’s kiss her on the forehead, she was concerned he used his lips to transmit LSD directly into her brain, wow!

Adam is now bringing up the LSD on the stamp methodology and riffing on the annoying drunk guy who trying not to be “that guy”.


Adam is now calling for a drunk phone called “the fist” where you can just whack it when drunk to make it work, Adam is detailing the multiple attempts to get a voicemail recording with this gent.

Adam is now bringing up the two guys waiting for Adam outside the theater in Portland about 2 years ago, who wanted a photo and took two for safety.

Adam is now riffing on the shy friend who won’t get in the photo, fucking Dean!


Adam’s Portland scenario is very similar to the 2010 Denver Comedy Works one with a drunken fan who had the same “twist” of events and turned on the Aceman.

Hilarious hypothetical alleyway circle jerk reply from Adam, comedy gold!


Totally Topical TiVo Trivia – Seattle Edition

1st Description “A Seattle Detective …”

Pete fucked that one up, he knew the movie and its clear, Alison has a hilarious Emilio Estevez and Richard Dreyfuss hiding under the bed comedy.

Adam is now asking when hiding under the bed stopped being a go to premise, BB is playing a key Norm MacDonald drop from the 2008 ACS.

Adam is now telling Alison all the details and more than anything I want to get her the clips, the husband was outside mowing the lawn while Norm went to town on his lady’s b-hole.


Adam is now giving his most in-depth thoughts he’s ever shared on this classic ACS reveal, Adam is now once again praising how sonically beneficial mowing the lawn was for Norm.


2nd Description “A new kid must find a date for a mean girl’s older sister”

Adam is now asking about the high school depicted in 10 Things I hate about you, he was so jealous of the high school and the audience members who attended it.

He’s contrasting the barb wire and warning shots of his high school, Adam is getting filled in on the Tacoma high school depicted in the film.


Adam is now talking to a former student, class of 1996 and he says who cares if it’s a good school, he’s got a great Gisele Bundchen at a whorehouse analogy to that question, comedy gold!

Adam thought the school was CGI as it was so impressive, BB is describing it as almost college campus like and Adam now further hates Los Angeles and the endless murals of Cesar Chavez, depressing the shit out of everybody in the land.

Adam is further quizzing this nice Seattle lady, Adam is going nuts praising the school as it’s now being projected behind them and he’s contrasting his own gulag like high school.


Adam is now on a great artichoke analogy for Washington State, Alison is asking how the first person who hate an artichoke discovered how to properly ingest it.

Adam wants to meet the first guy who hate a lobster and squid “the thing is just spraying black jizz at me and attacking my head …” Adam on eating a squid for the first time.


3rd Description “Green Beret Veteran”

Adam is now riffing on “First Blood” and the cleaning up scene, he’s mocking the idea of the plan of the local Sherriff’s office and BB is bringing up the tourism board being upset at their tactics.


4th Description “after a young woman suffers a brutal rape in a bar”



5th Description “a young journalist investigates a mysterious videotape”

Adam is now sharing his history with the movie “The Ring” and how it spooked him with a strange event in the middle of the night, in his sunken living room.

He’s telling the full story of this horror show of his 42 inch Gateway flat screen, he’s now sharing a conversation he had with AV Ed recently about AV technology and how his wife’s DVD player “looks like Wesley Snipes napping” when in use, with a red standby light when off.


Adam is now further going off on the TV and its flawed design relating to powering on after power surges and outages.

Adam is going fully in depth on this classic story where the TV was on some televangelist on the local channel 3 I assume.

Adam is working his samurai sword into the story and it’s definitely adding a new element to this story, I love this variant!


6th Description “A Teen taps his computer…”

BB takes the win once again, Adam was clearly thrown with the location based theme, had he not been thinking of locales he would have done better even if it was Seattle themed but if he wasn’t told about it.


Adam is now introducing Brendon Kennedy and Christian Groh, two local entrepreneurs trying to get in on the ground floor of Marijuana distribution on Washington.

One of the dudes is now explaining how they decided to aim towards this industry as they see it as the next big cash crop.

Adam is now asking the guys about the legality of weed and the recording seems to take a jump, either an edit or audio hiccup during recording.


Adam is sharing his observation on the cupcake stores and how Kimmel answered his query by citing all the pot dispensaries in the vicinity to the cupcake stores.

Adam is now further asking the guys about the industry and the potential revenue along with the 14 billion in untaxed revenue for the state of California.

Adam is quizzing the guys on the legal status in Washington and he’s asking the guys what they’re needed for if people can grow their own on their own property.


Adam has a great point about people now growing their own celery and he’s now breaking down the variety of strains, the guys are telling Adam about the 500 known strains and the most popular “Blue Dream”.

Adam is now joking about not understating how pot is consumed, Adam is quizzing them about whether they partake and vaporizer use.

They’re now telling Adam about the “pot for potholes” movement and Alison has a hilarious misinterpretation and she’s now quizzing them on “Blue Dream” the most searched cannabis strain on the internet.


Adam is now asking/pondering marijuana edibles and Adam is saying it’s too tall an order for him in the trip department, he’s comparing it to a never ending “Zipper” ride at the local carnival.

They’re now predicting the legalization in various states over the coming 3 years and Adam has a killer riff about the reaction in the city of Portland, hilarious rubber band beard one liner to boot!

Adam is asking the guys how they make their money and after a pregnant pause they’re giving some vague replies and Adam is now mocking the idea of exporting vaporizer technology to South America.


Adam is now asking them about potential spokesmen, they think Adam and Rogan would be perfect choices.

Alison is now asking some wise follow up questions and fleshing out the interview, Adam is getting them to explain the plans for retail stores in Colorado and Washington.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the casting changes in “50 Shades of Grey” and Alison mistakenly says Dakota Fanning and Adam is joking about her killing his wood, she comes back with a killer and comically perfect yet totally insulting one liner, Adam takes it well.

Adam is now bringing up the rock hard avocados that inhibit guacamole production to make a fine analogy about monitoring the age of young starlets until they hit 18.

BB has a Celine Dion one liner that Adam is now riffing on, he’s joking about the older male partners who clearly were staking out their claim, and Adam is saying they’re much creepier than statutory rapists.


Adam is further elaborating on almost tasting Dakota’s guacamole, Alison is now explaining the experience of following her on Instagram.

BB has a disgusting and great one liner, he follows it up with a choice Tom Leykis or possibly fake Leykis.

Alison is sharing an anecdote about a male friend who had a calendar charting the age of the Olsen Twins and now Adam is picking his favorite of the two.


Adam is now mocking the notion of “erotica” and how it’s no longer needed because of the internet, the magical box with people fucking.

Alison is now mocking Adam’s mimed stroke and he’s trying to finish his point about youporn, Alison is once again destroying the plot and writing in the book.


2nd Story is on the death of Scott Carpenter, leaving John Glenn the lone survivor of their famous mission.

Alison has some very interesting points about the role of astronauts in current day society and what it means for our present and future as a society.

Adam is now riffing about the former competition to get into space, he’s saying space is now too inclusive.


Adam is now sharing a conversation he had with James Babydoll Dixon, James was convinced there was an anti-gravity chamber of some kind, not understanding how the movie “Gravity” was filmed.

Adam is well aware of “The Vomit Comet” the only true way to photograph zero G without leaving atmo, Alison and Adam are now discussing how he could come to think of this.

Adam is sharing the super unsatisfying reply from Babydoll, Adam is now telling all people to give up the “you’re right” response when in the wrong, hilarious ancillary options with that too.


Alison is now asking Adam if he would ever go into space, Adam is now saying he already feels like he’s been there after seeing so much Imax footage, he’s sharing his universal “if you can imagine it, you can feel it” theory.

The same theory he has about skydiving and how he knew what a booby would feel like beforehand, he’s once again bringing up the white pride dude Alison dated and she’s not disputing his dong size, hmmmm?

Adam is now joking about Richard Branson feeding him fister mix in space, Alison is taking it back to Adam’s riding on shamoo analogy from a few moments ago, she’s asking how one holds on and now Adam is giving his expert take as a killer whale cowboy.


Adam is now joking about how he would spook surfers with his dorsal fin if he was a killer whale, pretending to be a shark with a semi tumescent dorsal.

Alison is now revealing she’s never rode on a motorcycle and wants to know if that is as she imagines and Adam is once again explaining that he’s done tons of experimenting and everything feels as expected.

Adam is now joking about Lynette’s odds of eating sushi when he calls the house post show, Alison is now contrasting her relationship to Adam’s and BB’s because they both use the phone while away from their wives.


Adam is joking about how he impersonates a human and most things he does are to act as if, Alison is now explaining how she’s been able to figure out Adam’s moves when it comes to compliments.

Adam is now explaining how and why he compliments women’s shoes and scent when hugging, he’s now explaining how men view women’s shoes and even feet, titty stands riff.


3rd Story is on the fed allowing states the option to foot the bill to re-open their own national parks, Adam is now asking why many of these places aren’t free and why unmanned locations would ever be closed down.

Adam is now explaining that he never goes to national parks or on vacation, he’s citing the trip he made to the Grand Canyon with Lynette and how it looks just like his 1974 View master.

Adam is mocking the idea of a view master passing as entertainment and the process of using one, hilarious one liner about what Sonny would do to Adam if he attempted to give him one, shitty toy lube, gold!


Adam is now riffing about the shitty old view master now on the screen, he’s once again working in the shitty toy lube.

BB is asking Adam what he’s going to be bringing the kids back from Seattle and now Adam is explaining the awesome rant I’ve heard in person, the kids don’t need a gift every time you leave the house or every time Adam returns to it.

Adam is now explaining how he refuses to be a part of the process muling in chines junk that end up becoming impromptu caltrops for Adam, Adam is now riffing about the kids skipping the middle man and install “Punji Pits” to capture him.


Adam is now sharing his idea for “Loser Dad” the airport store for dad’s coming home to their kids who need a shitty last minute gift.

Alison just got it back on track and threw Adam to his postponed live read.

A mail man just interrupt the live read, Adam is now asking him about his job and the guys who use the handcart with a brake, Adam wants to know why they need one and has a killer “Pikes Peak” comment.


Adam is quizzing the guy how to properly tip the postal workers around Christmas time, he claims to have witnessed a woman getting into a shower, Adam stops everything to find out if he boned her or not.

Adam is mocking his way of speaking and using some great sarcasm.


5th Story is on Magic Johnson leaving ESPN, the rumor is over a power struggle with Bill Simmons.

The audience objects and Alison is reading the details from Deadline, Adam is commending Bill!

Adam is explaining how he and Bill only discuss the upcoming Fast and Furious Film.

Adam is now sharing the funniest cartoon he ever saw in a “Hustler” magazine, he’s describing the horrible and sometimes racist cartoons featured in the magazine.


Adam is describing the “Magic’s Johnson” and “Larry’s Bird” cartoon that delighted him, very penis heavy episode.

Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam is busting out another live read with BB and Mike Dawson.

BB has some great Seahawk’s of yesteryear and Adam tries to jump in but isn’t supported by the audience.


Another use of “Henter” from Dawson, I hope it never ends.

Adam is thanking the two gents and Alison is now giving a plug for her fantastic podcast.

Adam is now wrapping the show, the first of two historic recordings done in Seattle, Adam’s adopted hometown.