Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/15/2013 – Lars Larson, Live from the Aladdin Theatre in Portland

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Guest Lars Larson, Live from the Aladdin Theatre in Portland

Recorded 10-11-2013 – Release Date 10-15-2013

Production Number #1185

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Adam is welcoming Lars Larsen to the stage, he’s a local radio guy syndicated across the United States.

Lars seems appreciative of his gig and enjoying his Mangria.

Adam is setting up the show, some Q and Ace.


Adam is bringing up his old friend Jeff who was in “Not Taco Bell Material” and Adam has a killer “Ghost written anyway” comment to mock his own work on the books.

Adam is now bringing up the one time he felt sorry for someone else, he’s taking everyone back to the jobsite with Mike the Vietnam vet who manned a minesweeper Vietcong delta, hilarious one liners from Adam to really paint the picture.

Adam is now telling the story of Mike’s new puppy and Jeff jumps in to tell the ending, hilarious reaction from Ace and he’s now declaring he’s going to pad the amount of cats listed on the sign on his window just to fuck with the fireman to punish Jeff.


Adam is now back to the story, a slightly deflated and sped up “just the facts ma’am” variant, Adam is getting to “Buckwheat” and how Jeff failed in his duty to watch the dog.

Adam’s got a hilarious thought to take the burden off of Jeff and Alison has a reassuring comment re: puppy death.

Adam is asking Jeff about his career as a fireman and their time spent doing earthquake rehab work, Jeff is telling Adam about their last lunch together on Dr. Feigenbaum’s porch where Adam declared what proved to be his destiny in comedy.


BB has a question about the availability of prescription drugs for junkies and Adam is now riffing about the pieces in ones back, hilarious vertigo joke with Alison roped in by Ace, good stuff.

Adam is now asking Lars about his consumption and he’s telling Adam about the legal weed in Vancouver Washington, Adam is now connecting Vantucky to FonTucky, and Adam says people use tucky to mock other things.

Adam is now saying the last time he got high he was supposed to race a vintage event the following day, Adam was picturing his eventual crash over and over and he’s now contrasting how being drunk would have made him feel, nice follow up from A-Rose.


Adam is now explaining that getting high with bills, kids and mortgage takes all of the fun out of the experience.

Adam has a hilarious question about Lars name and is now suggesting he get together with Rob Riggle for a morning show.

Adam is now riffing a new middle name for Lars “Arson” Larson, he’s saying go full kooky name, don’t use a normal name bridge to apologize for the zany first choice, he’s now question Rob’s middle name.


Adam is now stating you need longer names just to be able to use to yell at your kids, he’s using Sonny/Santino to make his point and can’t pull his middle name in response to Alison’s impromptu question, he’s got it!

Alison is actually calling Adam out about the time it took for him to pull the name, Adam is explaining why and being honest and now sharing how Jimmy Kimmel pointed out that Adam names his kid “Sonny Dick/Sunny D”.

Adam is asking Lars about the confusing bums of Portland, he’s citing the tell-tale signs of L.A. homeless and the use of doggie bandannas.


Q and Ace

1st Question from Diane, she has a very beautiful and poignant question about bring the remote father figure for people like this Superfan.

Adam is joking about his lack of nerve ending and how he doesn’t feel anything, he’s now bringing up the fans who give that praise then share the negative details of their lives as if they never listened to the advice Adam and Drew were presenting.

Hilarious description and comments from Alison, Adam is saying he does appreciate it and he’s sharing how he can never apply those years of advice to his own family life, he’s using the classic contractors house analogy.


Diane is now thanking Adam on mic and Adam is telling her to continue her praise, she’s a true fan and makes Adam’s famous cranberry sauce recipe, the one from the bag with half the sugar recommended.

Adam is now sharing the origins of his annual tradition of sharing this recipe and bringing it to his Aunt Pat’s house.

Adam with an assist from A-Rose just coined Queefberries, they’re now joking about Captain Crunch and his sexuality and Alison has the Gordon’s Fisherman chambered.


Adam is now riffing on the Old Spice guy and his persona.


2nd Question from Kellen, Adam is having him clarify his German last name and has a hilarious comment before he asks his question, what Adam would do for a billion that he wouldn’t do for a million.

Adam is now riffing about the value of money and how million dollar houses in Los Angeles have become a crappy house in the valley.

Adam is joking about using his sons name if he took up a career in gay porn.


3rd Question from Dustin wants to know what Adam and BB think about “Fight Club”.

Adam is now admitting he’s never seen the film and BB is filling Adam in on the movie a bit, Adam is joking about meatloaf’s chest in the film.


4th Question from Alex, he wants to know what Adam thinks about the government shutdown.

Adam is now going off on his current take on government and how he doesn’t care for the “preachy” part of the process.

Hilarious wheelchair ramp to his bedroom joke, killer!


Adam is explaining his take further and going off on the notion of food insecurity, he’s got some great sound bite comments on the topic.


Alison’s News with “Pussy Lips” infused intro – NOW A RINGTONE

Her top story is on a local school district that is putting in place a rule that requires all of the students to get accepted to their college of choice before being allowed to graduate.

Adam is now riffing about being the Matthew McConaughey of the school and Alison is explaining the theory behind the bill.

Adam is now connecting it to the warehousing of kids and standardized test bonuses for teachers, Alison agrees and is giving her take with and interesting logic twist.


Adam is quizzing Lars about his origins and his college days, Lars is telling them about being a 16 year old DJ and there is some nice local Tillamook cheese comedy.

Adam is riffing about the death of the open face sandwich and lack of Havarti in California, Adam is mocking the idea of being paid hourly to host radio is akin to being paid and hourly blowjob wage.

Lars explains why the Polka was mandated by the local dairy farmers at his first job.


Alison is telling Adam and the gang about milking cows during her stint at Camp Rawhide, good stuff.


2nd Story is on interns not being protected by sexual harassment laws in NYC and Adam has a killer joke.

“You seem like a guy who’s done some groping Lars” – Adam asking how sexual harassment works, hilarious one liners from Ace.

They’re now riffing about exposing oneself to coworkers, good comments from Adam and Alison, pretty funny.


3rd Story is on a new study showing U.S. adults aren’t as smart as the adults in Japan and other countries

Adam is now commenting on how everyone seems to be getting by ok despite the decline in intellect across the board.

Adam is explaining how he never learned Algebra and is citing his great skill with mathematics while asking why he was never put into advanced classes.

Adam is now riffing about junior college and how he doesn’t like the notion of any nonimmigrants attending in order to “find themselves”.


Alison wants to know why his mother chose “Chicano Studies” and he’s blaming the movie “Billy Jack” and her quest to end the plight of anyone but her own family, whoa!

BB is asking if she ever used her degree to find a job once she was on the other side, Adam is saying that by the time she graduated she was too old to work.

Weird Awkward Pause moment, BB cuts the tension with a knife, the 6th of pause of the night, it’s as if Adam is testing the guest or other hosts to fill the air when he takes a sip or breath.


4th Story is on a bank that insisted upon talking to a baby to verify a transaction

Adam is now bringing up his kids college funds and how he could parlay that cash to some rare cars and gain some much higher returns and he actually checked into pulling the cash out, Adam was denied access.

Lars wants Adam’s take on liberal colleges as a fellow conservative, Adam doesn’t bother to correct anything and is predicting the future of college, mainly online components.


Alison actually heard the Adam and Drew Show episode pertaining to this discussion and she’s giving her take with a great follow up.

BB is now reminding everyone “Buckwheat” the lost puppy and Adam is explaining why it’s not so sad when an asshole’s puppy dies, he says it almost feels good.

Alison is sharing how she was compelled to share a cute puppy picture with Adam but wasn’t sure if his heart had room for other dog love, this Superfan can attest there is after witnessing him pet an actual service dog in downtown Chicago.


Adam is now riffing about the scruff on the back of Molly’s neck and her insulin shots, he’s describing how dogs only have one shiver move to signify getting out of the pool or any other event like the shots.

Adam is now to the move he doesn’t care for, where Molly suspiciously trots off with her treats and won’t eat them in front of him, Adam is now on a great riff about how he might change his mind and how he dictates who gets the treats, great disrespect riff.

Alison has a great observation how dogs act like they’re getting away with something and Adam is now sharing Molly’s latest “well timed exhale” during one of Adam’s “Ted Talks” from his kitchen.


Adam is now riffing about dogs even further, he’s sharing the move Olga hate and how Molly must view him as “other dog who learned how to stand and gives me treats”.

Adam is joking about Olga and her village, how he likes to joke about how long Molly would last in their village.

Great use of “Henter” by Mike Dawson to close out the live read.


5th Story is on a new diagnostic test to detect Alzheimer’s disease, Adam is now joking about how boring this is in contrast to his ostrich feather version he whipped up in his head.

Alison is reading the details of the test and Lars has some info too.

Adam and Alison are riffing on how this can save peanut butter and Adam is now calling for some candy replacements onboard flights while acknowledging people with actual allergies.


Adam is now connecting “Bugles” snacks to Fish and Chips, he’s on a crazy long riff about them and Lars just proved his point regarding the fish.

Alison is suggesting a “bugle plug/mute” so people can make the snacks fuck, Adam is calling for a dip of some kind, they’re a dip less chip.


6th Story is on a man in a gingerbread costume who was walking back and forth in a crosswalk for over an hour, in an effort to ticket motorists who didn’t stop for the crosswalk.

Adam is now riffing on the officer who was forced to don the gingerbread getup.

Adam is now explaining that we society has forced cops to do more and more chicken shit stuff that they’ve comprised their role.


Adam is now riffing about meter maids and BB has a funny observation about how Adam views meter maids in contrast to Nazis.

Alison is now wrapping the news and Adam is doing a live read with BB and Dawson!

Nice Henter call back from Adam too, Adam is now wrapping the show with a plug for Lars.