Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/11/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 280

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/11/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 280

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 10-06-2015 – Release Date 10-11-2015

Production Number #280 – Affordable Housing

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Adam has a spirited intro for the 2nd hour, Adam and Drew appreciate you!

Drew plugs his most recent episode of his podcast, Drew is busting Adam’s balls about being late for this show, Adam explains his internal decisions that Drew can wait 3 minutes.

Adam didn’t throw the first punch in this bar fight and explains he has constructed his life around L.A. traffic times, he says he’s only 7min late at most and he factors in Drew’s paranoia.


Adam talks about Gary’s late mornings on the road and says he’s fable like the starfish one, Drew gets laughed at by Chris who was late himself this morning.

Drew is telling Adam about his prep time before taping his CNN show. Drew talks about using “The WAZE” to get to work.

Adam is bringing up the homeless encampments popping up across the city and Adam explains to Drew why Mexican people sleep on the lawn after an earthquake, it’s not racist but there is a construction based reason for it.


Adam is talking about the decision to spend 100 million on affordable housing for these homeless people and Adam talks about how he lived in a 1 bedroom with 3 dudes and how it wasn’t comfortable but they did it.

Adam talks about the various structures and units for these homeless people, Drew is talking about a recovering homeless guy who called into his AM show.

The caller described state hospitals and Drew says we need them again, Drew explains how Kennedy was the person responsible for starting the closures of the hospitals, and Reagan finished the job.


Adam talks about “The Man” and the narrative that fits vs. the honesty of a bipartisan fuck up over decades that led to the end of state hospitals that help rehab or treat these homeless people with mental illness and other issues.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read


Adam is talking about the homeless problem in Los Angeles and his feelings about the government, he explains he would be for large government if it actually worked.

Drew shares the enormity of the homeless problem, Drew explains the frontiersman element of the modern homeless and how we don’t have an environment for them to thrive like bygone eras in this country.

Adam is mocking the “war is not the answer” proclamations and how Huffpo seems to address the homeless problem, Adam talks about the low income housing that already exists.


This same topic was discussed on ACS #1677 recorded after this.

Adam talks about minimum wage salaries, top ramen dinners and grouping together with roommates to get by.

Adam explains why affordable housing won’t work, Drew and Adam agree what we need is mental health care, vocational assistance and a renewed focus on family to prevent this in future generations.


Adam talks about his wife and her retirement condo in Boca, he’s oddly absent from the picture.

Adam talks about his wife taking in their kids if needed much like her family rose to the challenge to care for her schizophrenic brother.

Drew talks about this being where our mass shooters come from, they’re talking about the through lines between most of the cases.


Drew and Adam are in agreement that treating illness removes the paranoia and insanity from these people.

Adam is talking about people choosing to start families and personal responsibility, Adam says the unspoken obligation is to care for your kids, regardless of the challenge.

Adam says that’s on you to care for that child, the community, family and friends can rally to help, but it’s primarily on you.


Adam is talking about Lynette’s family taking care of her brother that kept him from becoming a statistic.


Drew is doing a Live Read

“Do It Bitch!” – Adam


Adam comments on the criticism that he oversimplifies the issues, Adam does it on purpose, Drew suggests he re-package his simplicities as ‘Occam’s razor’ or something else scientific that would be harder to mock/call into question.

Adam talks about the human inability to run things via the government, Adam says don’t cant on anyone truly solving homeless as they don’t pay taxes nor finance the politicians.


1st Caller John, he’s has a miserable life and mentions his bad childhood of depression. John talks about anger and poverty, he feels like a broken person and wonders if other people can smell it on him and know to mistreat him and further abuse him in life.

Drew asks about John finding a spiritual connection, Adam uses George Harrison and his spiritual quest to make a point about the inability for imperfect humans to ever lock into serenity, truly.

Adam talks about John finding a purpose and comments on people liking to mire themselves in other people’s art and work, you can’t love your hammock.


Adam is mocking John’s “watching movies” reply and is trying to find anymore interests he has, Adam says its depression and he can’t hide his tone, his posture and tone make him alienate others.

Adam says he’s being selfish and is telling him to treat his depression and act as if.

Adam asks about bumming people out while Drew was mired in his youthful misery, Adam says he wasn’t laying his sadness on others and bumming them out.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


2nd Caller Liam, he wants to know what Adam and Drew think of the Washington Redskins and the seemingly endless debate about changing their name.

Adam is talking about focusing on meaningless surface things like this instead of the real plight of the Native American people.

Adam is making some great points about wanting to actually address how a group is not doing well, instead of wasting energy on this meaningless stuff, Adam has a call for real discussion about the real issues of the day for Native Americans.

Adam has a great point about the Fighting Irish mascot and mentions it not effecting Greg Fitzsimmons son, after Liam brings up a psychological study.


3rd Caller Jeff “hey asswipe” asks Adam about doing an ‘Adam Carolla Project 2.0’ with his new pure/envelope house.

Adam reveals he found out he can’t teardown his latest home and rebuild it, they need to find a new lot or location.

Adam is fairly calm about this and Drew is more worked up than him, Drew almost mentions the locations of where Adam lives, Adam gets upset and they have a moment.


Drew is trying to be empathetic to Adam’s recent moves and all of the work involved, Adam stops him and brings up how little he’s actually moved over the years.

Adam tells him to be quiet and is now breaking down his 2 moves over the past decade.

The city won’t let Adam be Adam, that’s why he’s learned to hate government.

Adam explains why he doesn’t care about the “whys” in life, he just wants shit fixed, and he doesn’t have time to waste fretting and regretting.


Adam and Drew do a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam wraps the show with a cool plug for the latest Take a Knee with Ralph Nader.