Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/11/2013 – Rob Riggle and Kelley James

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Guest Rob Riggle and Kelley James

Recorded 10-10-2013 – Release Date 10-11-2013

Production Number #1183

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Adam’s got a hilarious and energetic “No Joe!?” reply to the hilarious intro courtesy of Lynch and Dawson, the Mike with 2 ½ brains as it were.

Adam is telling the gang about shooting the book photo shoot and BB is bringing up his conversation with the attorney that he forgot to tell Adam earlier in the day.

Adam is telling BB about Drew’s praise for BB’s book and Adam’s got a killer ovarian cancer joke at BB’s expense and Drew actually said BB’s book was beyond just “smart guy” good.


Adam is catching the audience up and explaining the call BB is referencing with the attorney for the publishing company, hilarious Brooke Shields one liner from Adam and a great reaction from A-Rose.

“Yeah, TittyFucked the shit out of her!” – Adam riffing

BB is explaining how Jack Silver’s infamous Breathalyzer costume from the 2006 Playboy Mansion ACS party and BB is joking about how the photo is so ubiquitous it couldn’t have been actionable.

Adam is now going super in depth with BB about the lawyers “skin in the game” when it comes to the book’s outcome, as opposed to the system that exists where it changes nothing for them to remove as much from your book as possible, like the Native Americans and Buffalo.


Adam is sharing his “snake” compromise for his old buddy Todd, BB is explaining the full details of the call and Adam is contrasting his own experience.

BB is now revealing the cover photo and the title of the book, it’s just a photo of BB’s head and Alison has a great reply regarding BB’s suit purchase.

I know I’ll be pre-ordering a copy and Adam is sharing some “Chris Carolla-esque” praise saying it looks like a real book, the editor came up with the title and BB is praising him for being so helpful during the process.


Adam is telling the gang about a moment with some mild “Great Magnet” style connections going on, he’s telling them about the face and neck massage he got before getting his makeup applied and how this “Calling Card” of a massage would lead to him requesting her in the future if given the option.

Alison is now quizzing Adam about the extent of the massage and what parts were included.

As Adam says she’s a professional groomer, the antithitis of the award show makeup experience.


The Groomer was trying to get to the bottom of the mystery of Adam’s stye, hilarious one liner reply from Adam to her question about a dog pile of 7 year olds.

She was explaining to him the makeup application at O’Reilly could’ve been the culprit and Adam was getting makeup from her brush in his eye at the same time.

Adam is marveling at the idea of her floating the idea of the stye while performing the very task that may have caused it, Alison seems to appreciate the irony of the events and has a funny hypothetical example.


Adam is now reading his note to himself from earlier in the day when he taped The Adam and Drew Show #85 “It’s Just a Waste of My Water” and they discussed the roadside sprinklers going off during the recent L.A. downpour.

Adam is now using some Classic Loveline logic and ranting to explore this topic, after 17 years of Adam’s bitching they can’t simply invest in rain sensors that cost less than 20$ each? Sensors that have been around since the 1970’s at least, according to Ace.

Adam is explaining this is the root of his problem with the tax money, he doesn’t care about giving it, and he cares about it being squandered and wants it to be applied to actual uses and not wasted paying for water being sprayed during a storm.


Adam is now riffing on traffic light cameras and smart parking meters, how the city is full of geniuses when it comes to collecting money and Cro-Magnon man when not, hilarious quotes from the Aceman.

Alison is now giving an impassioned argument for parking meters, she’s using the logic of paying for an increment of time and how it shouldn’t be legal to change the meaning.

Adam is now bringing up a fan tweet that re-pissed him off, he’s sharing how he got 2 caffeinated coffee packets in Minneapolis and they’re dancing around the “person” who told Adam it could’ve just been a dual serving of both types.


Adam is now riffing about silver packets for both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee, Adam is observing how there are no male maids in room service.

Alison is keying into the exact reason and Adam agrees, it has to do with a man inside your room when you’re gone, the same reasons Adam cites to monitor cable technicians and plumbers, especially near your bedroom or kid’s room.

Adam is now joking and ranting about the need for decaffeinated coffee and the extra steps it should require.


Adam is now sharing a new “fuck me money” idea, where Adam leaves fuck you notes inside decaf coffee packets he replaces across the country, gold!

“If it’s Just Adam, we’ll do instant” – his Grandma’s reply to his acceptance to her query about a post dinner coffee, Adam is mocking the family discussion groups that broke off in response.


Adam is now keying up a pre-taped interview with Rob Riggle making his 2nd appearance on the ACS.

Adam is asking him about his life as a former marine and comedy powerhouse, Adam is sharing Mike August’s idea about a sitcom that he came up with James Babydoll Dixon based around Rob’s life as a marine in Manhattan, right downtown.

Rob is telling Adam about the Budweiser NFL “fan superstition” campaign he’s promoting and Adam is now referencing “Live and Let Die” another topic from the road trip to Waukegan, we riffed on “Baron Samedi”.


Adam is explaining the real world superstition his friends will become violent over, Adam betting for their team.

Rob is telling Adam about shooting “Dumb and Dumber To” with the original actors and they’re explaining away the prequel film that had nothing to do with the original cast or creators.

Adam’s got a killer “Social Network” reference that he butchers and Rob follows along with nicely.


They’re now discussing Rob’s pilot license and career in the Marines, Adam is now joking about “the different rules in the air” and joking about a horrible and hilarious scenario.

Rob is joking about the extra “cop talk” he would use to make it look like he was busier in the cockpit than he actually was in order to impress chicks in college while in flight training.

Rob is telling Adam about only getting to a single engine training aircraft and he’s explaining how it’s the type of plane you would encounter in a raffle prize.


Rob is explaining the differences in the side by side vs. tandem seating.

Adam is telling Rob about talking with Tom Cruise about his P-51 Mustang and Adam is now sharing his theory on the ultimate Hollywood freak-out.

Rob loves the idea and now Adam is breaking down how Tom could go about setting all this up.


Adam is now riffing a co-pilot and has a great death sentence/terminal Dennis Hopper idea and Rob is still in the mix riffing this idea out with Adam.

It wraps up with a super timely “Sharky’s Machine” reference and comedy between the two men.


Adam is now back to the live show and he’s doing a live read for Scorebig.com.

They’re back from break and Kelley James is making his 3rd visit to the ACS, Adam is launching into the Dodger Dog and Adam is now commenting on the “wiener buzz and dog chatter” on the wire that leads him to believe they might be replacing the dog at some point.

Kelley is now playing “Marinade” live in studio


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Kanye West appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, with numbers so high it beat Letterman and Leno combined.

Alison is describing the events and what happened at the end of the interview, Adam is now straightening out what happened as watched it.

They’re now playing some clips and Adam is giving Kanye an out while commenting on BB’s observations about his bizarre tone on the show, Adam is now comparing that to the hot chick loveline callers who have never heard “shut the fuck up you sound like an idiot”.


They’re playing some more clips and Kanye is commenting on the Hollywood Walk of Fame refusing to put Kim Kardashian in the list of honorees.

Adam is referencing the Dixie Chicks prank to counter the arguments that this Kanye West thing was another one of his legendary pranks.

2nd Story is on the USPS destroying a lot of “Let’s Move” stamps, Adam is mocking the message while Alison is trying to report on the story, and Alison has a killer one liner that everyone blows past.

Alison is reading the reasons why the stamps were destroyed and Adam is asking if they are shutdown or not, how they have the time to do a stamp burning in this crisis.

Adam is saying the government just proves his point with all this stuff, Adam is now mocking the cannonball being too dangerous to depict in comparison to a dive.


Alison is now quizzing the gang if they can do headstands and Adam is bragging about his yoga stand he can pull off for nearly 2hrs.

Adam is now taking them to how he tries to tech Natalia the same stand and she pushes him over while in her toy cluttered room, he’s joking about what it could do to him.

Adam is now mocking this “in 50 years we’ll all be chicks” culture and using the lack of cannonballs and other childhood activities to make his point.


Adam is now commenting on focusing on looks and how telling kids they’re beautiful does nothing to help them nor their future selves.

Adam is now bringing up how mental illness goes overlooked with all these discussions about self-worth, 2nd hand smoke and denying reality.

Adam is now working out “nerf knife” and “friendly poke” with BB as alternatives to the pool based “Jack knife” during his stamps.com live read.


3rd Story is on Ariel Castro and Adam is now remarking on how his head is too clouded with names of people he doesn’t need to know about.

Adam is joking about reading the headline to the Ariel Castro and mistaking it for Elion Gonzalez, the immigrant Cuban boy from the year 2000 news story.

Alison is reading the details and pondering what can be on the “anti-suicide” prison video, Adam is connecting it to his McDonalds training video.


Adam is now commenting on how great it’s going to be once the ACLU sues and uses the video as the evidence of negligence and BB wants to know if Gloria Allred would even touch this case.

Adam is now commenting on the “Crystal Brain” argument from 7 years ago on the KLSX ACS.

Alison is now wrapping the news and Adam wishes Ariel died while trying to kill himself not just accidentally like an old Classic Loveline guest, 3 actually …


Kelley is now busting out one of his awesome freestyle songs, he’s letting the gang pick his 3 chords and Adam is mocking Kelley using his creative license.

Alison just suggest Auto Erotic Asphyxiation for the song topic and Adam is telling BB to pipe down while joking about the mixed up Elion/Ariel story.

Alison is now listing off the pros and cons of AEA, Adam is mentioning the former Loveline guests and assistant to his old agent Howard along with his grandma Helen’s warning about AEA for a young Adam.


Kelley is killing it with the comedy and the music, this might be my favorite of his impromptu songs, comedy gold and awesome music too!

Adam is just as blown away by Kelley and his talent/gift/parlor trick and I couldn’t be happier this man is now a regular guest, Kelley James Never Disappoints Indeed!

Adam is doing a Hulu live read and commenting on Chris O’Dowd and his accent.