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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 10-04-2017 – Release Date 10-10-2017

Production Number #684 – More Assholes Than Racists

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Adam opens the show with a still sickly Drew, standard “band is back together again” intro and Drew is now sharing how his wife just tweeted about the upcoming ‘Weekly Infusion’ and they head to the calls.


1st Caller E.K., he disagrees with two points Adam made last week on the ADS, he cites ADS #678 and the comment about statistics of police violence among different races.

Adam agrees with his point about manipulating stats and his point but clarifies that at some point FBI crime stats are just unbiased reflections of reality.

E.K. says there were two points missed in the conversation, he is making a point about the “fallout” after officers aren’t convicted for murder, the lack of a punitive response causes the fallout.


Adam agrees with E.K.’s two points, he transitions to Ferguson Missouri and Michael Brown, E.K. says he won’t give Adam any pushback on that one, he cites Treyvon Martin and interrupts Adam to make another point.

Adam is now taking it back to both of the aforementioned cases, explaining what actually happened in both cases, Zimmerman wasn’t a cop.

Adam says it’s not, not happening but it can’t be every event, Drew shares some expertise about how the courts give the cops a pass for shootings and violence while on duty.


E.K. now corrects Adam and says he needn’t have repeated the Michael Brown information, Adam says he was addressing it, not telling him about it.

Adam says he could bring Geragos in and have him tell the listeners about his current case where a white man was executed while lying face down in a hallway.

E.K. says Marek Geragos needs to provide his “evidence” to Fox news, so we can all be privy to the facts and stats Mark has.


Adam tells E.K. what he needs to understand at 44, Fox News, any other network is not the black person, Hispanic nor Asian person’s “best friend” and E.K. is now countering that white people are protected.

Drew says they purposely didn’t air the case from Arizona as it wouldn’t get ratings.


E.K. says he is trying to say that if these other stories exist, he transitions to Donald Trump, Drew is sharing they tried it and says it’s true, unless it’s a white female who killed her baby.

Adam says the reason that the story of Mark Geragos’ client doesn’t see the light of day, is because it doesn’t fit a new media narrative.

E.K. is now reacting to the story of Adam’s luggage being taken away, Adam makes a funny ‘Popeye’s’ chicken joke and E.K. says that a black person might presume racism if they were in Adam’s shoes, he argues that racism is so prevalent it cannot be escaped.


Adam says he’s Italian and he can still watch ‘The Sopranos’ and Adam tells at Drew saying he was trying to get out of her 10 minutes ago. Caller E.K. leaves the line saying Adam is unwilling to grow or listen, bummer he feels that way.

Drew shares the revelation by Laila Ali about her father feeling like he was unable to escape racism is whole life, Drew asks Adam if he doesn’t feel bad for Muhammad Ali, Adam says no he feels bad that he thought that and made himself feel that way.

Drew is bringing up the heritage of racism and Adam explains that he was the recipient of racism, it’s sad he thought that way, it’s now 2017 and he’s trying to keep people from feeling and thinking that way to improve people’s lives.


Drew says he’s miserable and hates the cold showers, Adam is arguing that the cold from the hot actually feels good, like hot tubbing outside in the snow.

Adam is asking Drew if he can’t keep mastering his reptilian brain to endure the cold.

“Cold Taint, Frozen Taint” – Adam


LifeLock Equifax “There’s been a breach” nefarious Edition


Adam gives an update on his new documentary ‘Uppity’ about Willy T. Ribbs, he says Lynette wept openly while it was playing and he shares how Muhammad Ali is involved in the movie as he met Willy while he was racing in the UK.


2nd Caller David, he’s calling to tell them about getting ahold on life finally, he has finally got sober and is now learning to be a carpenter, working on jobsites.

He’s is explaining that he’s doing mostly clean up and demolition work so far, Adam says Rick and Steve are the top two names for finish carpenters.

David shares his desire to build and have meaningful work, Adam says society doesn’t talk about working and the need for jobs.


3rd Caller Jake, he promises not to talk as long as E.K. did and tells them about his buddy who tried Molly last week, he’s been miserable and depressed ever since he took it.

Adam is now asking about Molly, he’s trying to discern if it’s the same as Ecstasy, Drew is doing his usual “the purer the drug, the worse it is” routine, Adam is just trying to figure out if it’s a novel compound or just a new name for an old drug.

Drew is talking about the recalcitrant depressions that he sees in patients 1-2 decades after they last used MDMA.


True CarPeople can configure cars online only to find they’re unavailable Edition


Adam is now giving out some live show date plugs, he tells listeners to check out Carolla Drinks and Chassy.com, Dr. Drew plugs his latest podcast and they wrap the show.