Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/09/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 683

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/09/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 683

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Dr. Bruce

Recorded 10-04-2017 – Release Date 10-09-2017

Production Number #683 – Our Neighbors Must Think We Have A Special Needs Child

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Adam opens the show with a standard intro and Adam remarks on how Loveline keeps going and people never stop bringing it up.

Drew says it’s been coming up a lot lately and asks why people didn’t seem so into it 3 years ago.

Dr. Bruce is choking on a fruit cup and getting mocked by the guys for being busy with his mouth while they’re recording, even Chris gets on mic and ridicules him.


Adam is talking about how things pertaining to Steve McQueen weren’t that valued immediately but 20 years later all of his stuff is now skyrocketed in value.

Adam is making a point about going away for nostalgia to kick in, Adam has been off of LoveLine for 12 years and now it’s time, c’mon fellas we know why it’s popular!

Adam mentions that Drew is sick and jokes about Dr. Bruce going away so people could be nostalgic for him, Adam explains that Bruce is in studio to conduct a medical screening on Adam to make sure he’s still fit to race cars.


Adam explains his eye is infected again and they discuss the possibility it’s caused by Phil’s butthole, Adam explains he still sleeps on his arms as his mother wouldn’t let him use pillows as a child.

Drew suggests it’s a cyst and they ask Adam when the last time he showered was, Adam says he rinses himself on a daily basis in cold water.

Drew explains that cold water doesn’t allow things to be removed from the skin, Drew says he’s having problems with his eyes not producing enough oil after his surgery, Adam asks him why he’s sick.


Bruce is asking them about his M5, much like Dr. Drew’s old car, the best car he ever owned and Bruce helps Adam with the exact specs on the car.

Adam brings up Tom Petty’s death and he asks about drugs, he makes a point about Alec Baldwin and how you know he’s not on drugs, he also cites Bryan Cranston and how he’s always on the spot and with it.

Adam is sharing his feelings about Tom not doing a lot of talking over the past couple of decades, Drew is sharing the early rumblings he’s been hearing, Adam brings up Siegfried and Roy and how he talked everyone into seeing them perform before it was too late.


True CarDr. Drew standard read, sick voice Edition


Bruce asks Drew to hit the microphone with his coffee cup and Drew says Adam has beaten him into submission, Bruce is telling Adam about Tom Petty’s radio station and how you would hear him talk once a week.


Drew asks if Adam wants to talk about Las Vegas, instead Drew brings up the cold-water showers, he says he took Adam’s advice and he’s now starting with cold water, to experience the full pain.

“I declared you should do what I do, so you get a staph infection” – Adam

Adam says he put a fart fan in his bathroom, that has a heat blower setting, he then uses the heat blower as a carrot on the stick to sustain the 3 minutes of cold water.


Bruce says someone did a study on these cold-water showers and found no benefits, Adam says he does it to beat himself every day, he shall create pain. Drew quotes their past guest who suggested cold water could change the fat in your body.

Adam talks about being able to push through pain, he says bringing it on to yourself intentionally, not falling out of a rowboat in the dead of winter.

Adam says Sonny just learned to pedal a bike just yesterday and he describes it to them, joking that “Our Neighbors Must Think We Have a Special Needs Child” and he tells them about the infamous video of Lynette screaming about getting Sonny a towel after he took a dip in the cold pool, before they move on to the callers.


1st Caller Casey, he has a very attractive girlfriend and thinks he’s confident but doesn’t get why he feels jealous when she dresses sexily.

Adam says he doesn’t think this is predicated on whether the chick is a 6 or a 9, he thinks it’s more in the eye of the beholder.

Drew thinks this is a specific thing, he’s trying to explain it to Adam and Adam says they need to get him to clarify what he means, he detects some Bogosity in the call and Bruce is now asking about the psychology of the girl and wonders if he’s sensing some underlying issue like a borderline personality disorder.


Adam still feels a weird disconnection with Casey and offers up some practical advice and asks if he can’t just ask her about it.


LifeLock The Equifax breach, everything they need to get a mortgage in your name Edition


Adam is now showing them the video he described earlier, Bruce warns him that he and Drew are both designated reporters and wants to know if there is child abuse so he doesn’t have to narc out his friend.

Drew heard 72 degrees, Gary says no and Adam says he loves that Phil, Natalia and Olga are all laughing their asses off watching Sonny jump in.

Adam jokes that idiots love company and he mocks Lynette, telling the guys to say 5 instead of 7 so they will hear the accurate “52 degrees” and they all marvel at Natalia’s glee.

Drew promises to open with Drew’s cold story for tomorrow’s cold open, Adam mocks Bruce and his performance and promises to guest on ‘Weekly Infusion’ whenever they want him.


Adam is giving out the closing plugs and he tosses it over to Drew to give out his show plugs and wrap things up, Adam jokes about trying to drive traffic to a very popular Instagram account of one of his guests, hilarious sarcasm and tone from Adam.