Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/09/2013 – Art Alexakis and Noel Biderman

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Art Alexakis and Noel Biderman

Recorded 10-08-2013 – Release Date 10-09-2013

Production Number #1181

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Adam is opening the show with a tease for the two guest extravaganza, BB is ordering his hello to be delivered and has a prideful display of this wonderful yet spoiled #TopDrop.

Adam is sharing how his eye stye finally exploded and Alison is encouraging more details despite her “might vomit” voice.

Adam is explaining how excited he is to speak with Art from Everclear, he’s sharing how these songs are meaningful to him as they were playing while he was holding before a Kevin and Bean KROQ phoner bit.


Adam is sharing some very rare details of these early phone calls into Kevin and Bean and I can totally relate to his nerves.

Adam is bringing up his old bit “Dingo Boy” and he’s sharing how he doesn’t think he ever brought it up on the podcast, Adam is telling the gang how Lynette observed how cheap Disney was and Adam was actually approached by them for an animated series idea.

Adam is now sharing the GIO-esque way Jimmy Kimmel used to cut tape and prepare these Dingo Boy bits, Adam is explaining the origins of the bit.


During our drive here in IL, I actually brought up the bit and told Adam how much I love the theme song and observed how similar it was to some classic animated series from a bygone era.

Earlier today I was contacted by a fan (1780’s Guy) looking for a list of the 1780’s guy bits and the Dingo Boy mp3’s, the two very topics I brought up to Adam last week.

So I sent the studio all the clips, two Dingo Boys Clips including the version that was just played with inferior sound quality were found by another fan (Laxdude) online and the best version “A Dingo Boy Christmas” with better sound I strongly suggested they play for just the theme, minus the Bob Lassiter syndication intros, perhaps the Flac format tripped them up, should’ve sent an mp3 too!



BB just mocked the short theme for being “too windy” and I’m debating the odds they play the other crappy audio version of the theme or if they play the good one, C’mon play the HQ one! PLEASE!

Adam is further explaining the premise and Alison is giving him her funny feedback.

Adam is now going very in depth on the 1940’s style offer Disney proposed for the rights to “Dingo Boy” the deal was so out of line it confused James Babydoll Dixon and Adam turned down the offer that paid less than MTV Loveline almost 20 years ago.


Alison is getting him to elaborate on the timeline, he’s saying it was from 3-4 years ago.

BB is saying he’s not familiar with Dingo Boy and wants further elaboration on the premise, once again.

Now Adam is ordering Gary to play the longer theme song version they don’t possess as it doesn’t exist online to all of your knowledge.


Adam is riffing about his “Blood and Semen” salad dressing and has a great reaction from Alison, Adam is now setting up one of the episodes “Dingo Boy meets Siegfried and Roy”.

Adam is giving some live commentary and really weaving something interesting out of this.

Adam is now saying someone needs to listen to these things in advance, this irony is painful.


Adam is telling Alison that Ralph Garman and Jimmy Kimmel were both involved and he’s asking if he said that up top, he did say that before the clip began.

Everyone is now gaslighting Adam, and BB is blowing it off in lieu of listening to the tape from the show that just got recorded.

Adam is now blaming himself for rushing this to air and mentions that he reached out to me to obtain them, true.


Adam is now revealing there are possibly 20 episodes, we know of about a baker’s dozen.

Adam is explaining how difficult these were to “build” in the analog 90’s and citing it as another example of why Jimmy is where he is today.

Adam is now rolling into a Blinds Galore live read.


Adam is bringing up the vanity plate he spotted upon entering the studio, he was inquiring about the vain Lexus owner and Alison is now reading the photo of the plate.

Adam is joking about the “torch the place” response and is joking about the kooky guests of Drew’s show who may or may not have had a hand in framing Sonny for “Sonnygate 2013”.

Matt was borrowing his parent’s car, just like when he was borrowing his pops shoes, Adam has eagle eyes and is now setting up the warning Matt gave him about his mom’s vanity plate.


Adam is sharing how shocked he was about Jimmy getting Easter cards from his mother and his attorney who was vacation with his mom, the long referenced story is now able to be attributed to his attorney, interesting.

Adam is now having Matt get on mic to confirm what his mom’s vanity plate says.

They’re now riffing about Matt Fondiler “The Generic Pile of Shit” instead of the more unpleasant self-entitled piles of shit typical of such loving parents.


Adam is asking the gang if they would have noticed the frame much like he did, Gary is now on mic stating how he instructed Matt to swap it out with a spare dealer plate, Gary is revealing why he keeps multiples and how Kevin Hench got burned for his yellowing.

Adam is now explaining how he drove around with the McKenna AUDI plate for 4 years the duration of the entire lease, BB is on his 2nd year with one as well.

Adam is calling it a subtle FU to the man and it results in you getting pulled over 40% less of the time, Adam is explaining how Kevin Hench was busted with a faded plate.


Adam is now telling the fans how to go do this and BB is making it racial calling it the white man’s version of the sticker/tag on the hat, and Adam is clarifying the Minnie Pearl Origins





Q and Ace

1st Caller Giovanni from Florida he is probably the same Giovanni from ACS #89/ACP #421 from 2010, he wants to know about “Super High Me” the story of how Adam allegedly stole Sarah Silverman’s Volcano brand vaporizer.

There seems to be an audible noise from someone when the name is read by Adam, probably thinking it was the superior Giovanni, but alas their hopes were dashed.


She came to Adam’s house with her vaporizer in tow, much like the 2004 Marilyn Manson on Loveline with Absinthe story.

Adam is now telling both stories and explaining how they share similarities and speak of the person giving the “gifts”, Adam is giving the all-time most detailed version of the vaporizer story.

Adam is explaining how being stoned causes things to get misplaced, Adam is asking him if he’s satisfied and he’s quite the gentleman in response.


2nd Caller Steve wants to know who would make the best pair out of all of Adam’s former on air partners.

Adam is now breaking down how everyone would work together, Adam is now reading the question and his thoughts on the premise, and he’s mocking the narrower noose he crafted when asking the question.


3rd Caller the palate cleanser and Adam is mocking BB for is Rectummendations, George wants to know how to keep his triplets out of shenanigans, running around getting into dangerous area/stuff.

He needs “Time out for Toddlers” as Drew would recommend and did for Adam, Adam is now telling George to beat them with a garden hose as the water costs too much money.

This is comedy gold.


George is now sharing the further complication of his wheelchair, he had a spinal cord injury at 17 while riding a dirt bike.

Adam is now once again sharing his “when I’m in charge” rule regarding guys how get boners not getting handicapped parking stickers.

Alison is now asking him how has sex, Adam is asking him about his dexterity and joking about running over the kids, he’s now mocking the guys with the fancy wheelchairs, he likes his efficient and stripped down, right in line with what Adam prefers.


Noel is now joining the show for his first visit and I was actually in studio with former employees the first time his company was brought up as a potential sponsor for the podcast in 2011.

Noel is now on the podcast after appearing on the KLSX ACS on January 6th 2009, Noel claims 2007 but I don’t quite recall that and there are no known notes regarding it, so it’s possible but he did for sure show up in 2009 and I’m betting he was off on his math.

Adam is now having Noel explain his companies and how they’ve grown into such splintered products and branched into other markets as well, Adam is quizzing him about his marital status.


Adam is asking Noel his theory on the innate desire to step outside of monogamy and Noel is explaining the almost feminist angle he claims motivated him to

Adam has a crazy one liner about a park Noel witnessed men who get paid to perform oral sex on married women in Japan, Noel’s explaining the difference and summing it up.

Adam is now taking it back to “the love hotels” and Noel is telling BB he could make big money over there “chowing box man”, sadly Bryan has not touched that perfect A-Rose drop.


Adam is now riffing an impromptu Eddie Griffin movie, BB is chiming in and Noel is taking it back to the topic at hand.

They’re going further in depth on how one can avoid being caught by their spouse and the nature of the site itself, Noel has a prideful comment about the parody of their site on “The Simpsons”.


Adam is now welcoming Art to the show to a clip from a local news segment about bullying, Adam is saying he wants his kids now to just get “bullied a little bit” not “Carrie” style but something along the way.

Art hasn’t been on air with Adam since December 1st 2006 and he’s asking Adam about his life milestones, Art has 8 known Classic Loveline appearances and possibly more lost for the time being along with an MTV appearance or two with his band.

Art is now explaining how he has changed his parenting style since his first daughter, he’s explaining the almost “time out for toddlers” approach to spanking they now employ with his 2nd child the 6 year old.


Art is now giving some examples of how it’s now appropriate and commenting on his daughter’s feisty attitude.

Adam is now getting into Art’s childhood adversity and he’s asking if Art could refresh it for the new people in the audience who don’t remember the story.

Art is now giving his journey, Adam is now riffing as Art’s non-monogamous Greek father, and this is gold!


They’re discussing the nature of infidelity and Adam is on a “cock negligence” riff that everyone seems to appreciate and Alison’s reaction is the best as per usual.

Art is touching on many childhood traumas and explaining how he feels terrible guilt for over sleeping with over 1k women and sees it as almost an abuse of power, interesting.

Alison and Adam are really fleshing this out and Adam is citing how being famous and on MTV opens up opportunities for men.


Art is telling the gang about his band and their work ethic that still goes to this day and they’re discussing being comfortable in one’s own skin.

Art is sharing a very similar story to his classic LL surgery story regarding throat surgery, he had to do the same thing over a decade ago, and this is total CarollaVerse Déjà vu.

Adam is now asking if the abuse as a kid hardwired him to be an addict in his experience, he doesn’t think it helped but is not stating it was necessarily coded into him from the abuse.


Art is telling them about moving around the country and getting into music while in the height of his addiction, Alison is quizzing him and he revealed he was smoking pot at 9 much like RDJ and his Classic Loveline reveal.

Gummi Gin – Adam’s new booze for kids.

Adam is now commenting on the early rise of “Everclear” and they’re now setting the record straight about “Santa Monica” finally being played by Kevin Weatherly in 1996.


Art is commenting on the 4 multiplatinum albums in a row and his 3 marriages in that time, Adam is now commenting on the evil allure of the road, his classic eating shitty food on the road riff.

Adam is asking Art about the reconciliation with his father “Father of Mine” and art asks for permission to tell another rough story.

Art is getting right to the heavy shit and Adam is right in the mix asking great follow up questions.


Adam is telling Art about the relationship between his mother and his grandmother, he’s now sharing an anecdote about the time he tried to give her some tips on kindness.

Adam is sharing the bathroom remodel compliment story and Art is getting heavy in his reply and connecting it to his own story with his father.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Kanye West appearing on JKL to settle his rap feud with Jimmy Kimmel.

Adam is now telling the gang about the quotes from Jimmy Kimmel regarding their first encounter and has some killer quotes about hobo dog with lamp cord leashes.

BB and Adam are joking about Kanye West and Fiona Apple being the same person and he’s now bringing up the follow up talk with Jimmy about the hatchet burying.


Alison is referencing the time Wendy Williams sent Adam to make up for her mean spirited follow up comments on her post show, that their crew merely sped up and Adam’s crew then slowed down and played on air, awesome!

Adam is explaining his wardrobe for that booking and he was even dressed up in comparison to his normal attire, he was wearing the very shirt he is wearing as he records this show.

Alison and Adam aren’t recalling the part where the audio was sped up and had to be decoded.


Adam is bringing up the time he was doing “Lesbian” crowd work on Conan and got himself banned from the show since 2000.


2nd Story is on the split of Kris and Bruce Jenner, BB is claiming his wife will be devastated.

Alison is bringing up the confusion “story line” from the show and Adam is now riffing about a new reality series featuring a single Bruce Jenner who has guested on Adam’s Carcast.

Adam is bringing up the former image of Bruce, the greatest athlete on earth of the era.


Adam is now joking about how he would behave under the Kardashian roof, hilarious one liners from Ace describing how he would lay down the law.

Adam and Alison are speculating on the possible windfall he might receive in the divorce.

Adam is now joking about Robert Kardashian sitting in hell watching all of this “on his fiery flat screen” and now BB is chiming in to riff with Adam about the required viewing for Robert in hell.


Adam is further riffing about Bruce wearing his own image from the Wheaties box over his head, comedy gold!

Adam is asking if everyone else is noticing the increased amount of people getting divorces far too late in life or well past the option seems plausible.

Alison has noticed it and is commenting on the speculation one does upon learning of the news, Adam is now bringing up the 5 things he thinks that contribute to the divorce rate.


3. Inner Princess, infinite possibilities, gotta do you.

2. Longer lifespan, forces one to reconsider the choice and bail out

1. Internet dating, the internet in general.


Art interrupts to share that he’s noticing the same trend and pitches his own internet dating site and the gang are all modifying and adding to the riff, good stuff.

Adam is doing a great live read, welcoming Art back to Los Angeles and declaring they will soon hang out, very funny drinking comment from Adam to close it out.

Adam is now wrapping the show, the news was never wrapped to me recollection.