Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/08/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 279

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/08/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 279

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 10-06-2015 – Release Date 10-08-2015

Production Number #279 – The Tip, The Shaft, And Sometimes The Balls

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Adam has a “thanks for listening” intro and talks about doing a morning radio tour to promote the DVD and Blu Ray release of ‘Road Hard’ and Adam says he’s interested in putting thoughts in other people’s heads, he wants to share (push) ideas with others.

Adam says he understands how life works and most people don’t get it, Drew asks why he has special insights and Adam comments on the “what makes you better than that guy?” logic and says Thomas Jefferson was a better guy than him and asks about ranking humans.

Adam talks about flying with Norm Pattiz on his private jet and why one should listen to someone who has achieved success and Drew is now asking about how long one should “sit at the hem” and Adam talks about his mini pickup truck and how it was the nicest thing he ever got, a 78/79 Datsun.


Adam says it was for sure the nicest thing he owned, it was his livelihood, this 2800$ truck was all he had.

Adam talks about not being able to afford insurance while paying for classes at ‘The Groundlings’ and betting on himself.


Drew is doing a Casper Live Read

Two of Drew’s kids sleep on Casper mattresses edition


Adam talks about having to move into Hollywood as Drew is asking for Adam’s life tip, Gary is now on mic laughing about Drew being so off course of Adam’s course of logic and “tip” he was trying to give.

Drew is now asking his question and Gary is telling him to laugh it up but he’s going to be in the crosshairs again soon.

Adam is asking Gary to share the logic Adam was using and now Adam is telling everyone to be fully insured and he does not support people driving uninsured, for the record.


Adam is talking about his fuel toggle switch and how thieves were wise for kill switches, due to the telltale noise, Adam explains why his switch left a little fuel to fool the thief.


Adam is explaining why he painted his stereo faceplate and they both comment on the reasoning for stealing stereos and the bygone era of carrying a CD player faceplate into a restaurant.

Adam explains how the cops reacted when he was pulled over with this modifications.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Ultimate plus Live Read


Drew is once again saying he was trying to create a sidebar, Adam says he misunderstood and it’s ok and Drew is doubling down.

Adam says it’s ok and they have a new avenue to explore, Adam is back to the cop’s reaction to his car mods.

Adam talks about people not being willing to listen to him or Norm Pattiz and their “way” and Drew is now asking how you get other people to apply better judgment or emulate successful people.


Adam talks about wanting to pursue a dream or art and how even if you’re not good enough to make it your career you can still benefit from it, even archery practice could make you a better human being.

Drew is talking about the men in their early 20’s who call into Loveline and how it’s morphing into a weird strange quasi stalker “you must responds” trend where young men and their entitlement of the “but it’s me!” participation trophy generation.

Adam is bringing up ‘You Are the Coolest’ by ‘Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!’ and says he wants his kids convinced they’re unlucky so they prepare and work hard regardless of their natural abilities or odds of success.


Drew is doing a Zip Recruiter Live Read


Adam talks about Gary sleeping through his alarms while on the road with their early wakeup calls and flight plans.

Drew talks about learning to wake up differently due to his med-school training and Adam talks about his wife and her alarm habits.

Adam talks about getting off his ass and up on his feet when his alarm goes off, he had the early morning radio tour and set his time to get some sleep.


Adam is sharing how he would never set his alarm for 20min before he’s supposed to wake up, Adam is talking about his own wiring vs. Gary’s and he explains how he gives himself 10min of wake up time while on the road.

Gary is on mic explaining how he’s learning to adjust and now Adam is asking him to explain what he’s saying, trying to point out a missed point.

Adam is talking about people knowing themselves and Adam talks about Jimmy Kimmel being able to fall asleep anywhere.


Drew is doing a Bulletproof Coffee Live Read

Adam woke up in time to beat his coffee maker edition


Adam talks about Gary putting his phone away from his bed to prevent himself from turning off his own alarm, Adam is back to his wife and explains how you can’t count on others, some people are fuck ups and they might not call you with your requested wake up call.

Adam is talking about leaning away from his impulses, he loves rice pudding and Olga made him some eggs recently.

Dr. Drew talks about an upcoming episode of his podcast.


1st Caller Greg, he’s talking about creating your own opportunity and Adam talks about his batting average for pilots and show pitches.

Greg wants to know if they judge historical figures through a lens of today and reality, Drew is trying to rephrase his question.

Adam says his tip for Greg is that he’s not looking for much guidance for other entities, Drew says he doesn’t understand what Adam’s saying.


Adam says he loves a tip, but he doesn’t seek guidance or turning himself over to another entity and he says you can’t repent on your deathbed when you’re in charge of your own destiny.

Adam talks about Gary adjusting his wake up habits on the road and how understanding your own limitations and says Greg is trying to breakdown religion and trying to read into it too much, he says relax and don’t break everything down.

Adam says that when you show him someone looking for religion hell show you someone that’s lost.


2nd Caller Chad, he wants to know if Adam and Drew are aware of the recent drama of Artie Lange and Howard Stern, Chad asks about the relationship between both guys.

Adam says he’s not aware of their private relationship and Drew talks about the consequences of addictions and giving someone multiple chances.

Adam talks about not wanting to go from crack house to crack house looking for his “buddy” and then transitions into a live read.


Adam is doing a Live Read

Adam is giving out the plugs and mentions an upcoming live show with Dennis Prager.