Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/08/2013 – Matt Nathanson and David Wild

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Guest Matt Nathanson and David Wild

Recorded 10-02-2013 – Release Date 10-08-2013

Production Number #1178

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Adam is opening the show with an interesting choice for “#TopDrop and BB explains why, David Wild is in studio for the 46th time and Adam is launching right into a story of Sonny and an accident.

Adam is explaining the unique pleasure you only get during a short window of parenting, the process of taking someone else to urinate in the middle of the night.

Adam is now joking about Viking parties and has a great “Tovar” use, Alison is quizzing Adam about how involved he is in the process for each kid.


Adam is explaining how rough Natalia can be and Alison has a key reply that leads Adam to connect all the dots between his grandmother, Lynette’s mother and Natalia, nice work A-Rose!

Adam is explaining how much Helen his grandmother hated work, her carpools with a probably republican in a pickup truck.

“He was pussy whipped with a puss o’ nine tails” – Adam on his step grandfather Lotzi and his relationship to Helen the breadwinner.


Adam is now riffing about the gender role reversal and how it’s all understood she as the breadwinner should come home to a prepared meal and a clean home, Adam’s got a great point about the new inequality when it comes to the reverse.

Adam is now sharing his “I felt sorry for the purse snatcher” observation on his grandmother getting purse snatched while in Europe.

Adam has a great point about Helen’s own hypocrisy when it came to the gender roles and he’s filled them on his “”F Lazlo Money” after Lotzi retired from screenwriting.


Adam is now explaining how Lynette’s mother Helen was very similar in ball busting ability with a 3rd degree black belt, I think it might be higher actually.

Adam just let out a brilliant impression of his daughter screaming upon entering the home to make his point about her possible genetic influence from “The Two Helens”.

Adam is now explaining how Natalia is only calm and in need of a father when she’s done peeing while half asleep, he’s now contrasting how it is taking Sonny to the can in the middle of the night.


Adam and David are singing the praises of Mathew and Alison is explaining her collegiate roots with Matthew and Adam is quizzing her and jumps in with a “Yeah but still” and it is now like she was in half of a band.

Alison is telling the gang about seeing Beck in a coffeehouse before his chart topping success in the 1990’s, Adam is now sharing his take on Beck after seeing him perform his first set at the KROQ acoustic Christmas.

Adam is explaining his evolution to guy sporting a cane on stage and how much of an improvement it was to the early t shirt and Casio days.


Oddly there are no known Beck appearances on Classic Loveline, there could be a lost one in the mix soon to air on the Podcastone feed and he may have appeared on the MTV show too.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Matt, he wants to know about the party for Road Hard and a production update, Adam is telling him about the upcoming taping at the Neptune and there is a time confusion as they’re banking the episode.

Adam has revealed the script is as done as it can be before now going through it line by line with Kevin Hench, Matt Fondiler has read the script and enjoyed it.

Adam says they will not be shooting until March of 2014 as Kevin doesn’t have hiatus until then, his December was too packed, so the movie has been delayed by 3 months.
Matt is joking about the money and Adam is explaining that only the .4 is going to the fine Columbian powder.

David is telling Adam about praising the Hammer with Phil Rosenthal over food (shocking!).

Adam is now sharing how he thinks about the opinions of those he respects and why you want a lot of talented people around to assist and how much you end up altering the script on the fly when filming.


Alison is giving her take on trying to block out the opinions of others in her work as it can cloud her judgment when she is indeed right and is facing discouragement from a peer or friend.

Adam is now giving his analogy when it comes to home design and how it’s smart to walk some people through just to get some extra eyes on what you plan to do with a remodel, very sound logic.

Adam is explaining how an editor refused to cut something while they were working on The Hammer  and how he hate people who preemptively refuse to try an idea based on their own experience.


BB is sharing a key idea and note that David Wild gave him about the first chapter of his upcoming book, Adam is bringing up how Lynette is a key set of eyes he uses for his projects, “she’s a good see ’er” – Adam.

Adam is now explaining how the final edit of The Hammer took place in the old office right behind the studio, he’s sharing how the editor Rich hired an assistant.

He’s sharing the story of the junior editor who didn’t care for the movie and promptly lost her job after Hench decided he didn’t want to work with her, the “I guess I’m not in your demo” story.


2nd Caller Roman, he wants to know if Adam has ever walked into a destroyed Port-o-potty, Adam is joking about his use of “Mexican Space Shuttle” and telling the gang about the “free cowboy hats” graffiti that still cracks him up.

Adam is now bringing up jobsite pooping throughout history, Adam is now bringing up how the port-o-potty should have had the urinal attachment/option since their inception.

Adam is riffing about people who shit at work and how it ruins everything for the rest of the people who work there.


Adam is describing the reasons why peeing into a full Porto potty is so horrific and how “no duh” the half a milk carton for the 99% of people using it for only urination.

Adam had these very types of classy portable toilets at his Cinco De Mangria event this past May.

Alison has a good female perspective for being uncomfortable at an outdoor concert and Adam is killing it with “Day 3 at Bonnaroo”.


3rd Caller Jeremy, he’s asking Adam about “no work/no pay” doing construction and how even Christmas was ruined by poverty and Jeremy wants to know how congress still gets paid during the shutdown.

Adam is knowingly using his horsepower to rear wheels metaphor and further exploring how much “gets scrubbed off”.

Adam is now asking out of every dollar paid into taxes how much is making it to the rear wheels.


Adam is now bringing up the now decommissioned Nike missiles and the costs to build them and now eliminate them, Adam is bringing up the possible argument explaining their necessity and acknowledging its validity.

Adam is now bringing up how much he wouldn’t care about spending on taxes if he knew where his money was going, he would even buy iPads for public school children, wow!

Adam is bringing up the administration becoming a machine that grows so large it needs to shovel a ton of money into the “Leviathan” until it’s fed before even addressing where the tax money goes.


Adam thinks everyone he knows but Mike August would happily pay 45% in taxes over 30% if they knew 85% of the money went to improve life quality and civil projects.

Adam is bringing up the video someone sent Mike Altier of a wedding video where Adam did a pre-recorded best man speech, BB is now in the mix and trying to figure it out.


4th Caller Kristy, she’s using Mangria in her ceremony, Adam has a killer Santeria joke that harkens back to Classic Loveline and Adam is asking if she tweeted him about it.

She want to know if Adam has any wedding day advice, she had to do the “your producer wanted a question” thing that Adam hates and declares she must be cute because he wants to punch her, classic Aceman!

Adam just did a stripper DJ bit and Jade went to stage 2, how bizarre!


Adam is now ordering her to tell him what she does for money, Adam is mocking her inability to communicate well and Alison has a polite muted reaction showing sympathy.

Adam is asking if she can quit her job once she gets married, she’s telling Adam her husband doesn’t make enough to support them both.

Adam and David are riffing about the collective works of Nicholas Sparks in response to her less than enthused response about the need to get married after 9yrs of dating.


Adam is now playing the wedding ceremony video with his video used during his wedding, Adam is giving live commentary and mocking the 7 views.

You can see the video via the Adam Carolla Facebook page and he’s now telling the gang why he does things like this for fans, how it takes so little effort for him and it means so much to them.

Adam is now bringing up the X-Games incident where he was forced to walk around the arbitrary line dividers by the security guard, he’s bringing up the “historical landmark wall” demarcation that caused him 1,000 headaches as the douche refused to call downtown to settle it.


David is telling the gang about working with Jennifer Love Hewitt on the set of “Party of Five” and one of the other two female actors refused to meet a “Make a Wish” kid, David refuses to implicate whom it was but Adam has it settled, it was Neve Campbell and that now explains her crappy 1996 Classic Loveline appearance.

Adam is bringing up the time he was with Kareem Abdul Jabar and refused to sign a baseball at Dodgers stadium for a woman and her child, the “17 no’s from Kareem story”.

Adam is telling the gang about a guy who setup shop in an unoccupied kiosk, with piles of Adam Carolla merchandise for Adam to sign when the gang arrived in Minneapolis.


Adam is bringing up people who don’t sign autographs and the nature of how it only causes more of a scene and makes more of a crowd, Adam’s just keep walking theory, and he’s using Leno at Laguna Seca as an example.

Alison is explaining how she had autograph requests in Minneapolis and did come out for a bit, I have witness her mingling in NYC with fans, she’s cool and nice!

Very low-key “Henter and Hentry” use by Dawson during his legalese for the live read, he’s telling Adam he followed his wisdom and recorded some outgoing messages for fans, nice work!


Adam is explaining how much he gets a kick out of people recognizing Mike August and Mike Lynch at live events and when they get brought into the photo-ops and autograph requests, I love that too!

Adam is bringing up the “Jeff Good Times!” autographs that looked like he was copying what Adam wrote as they would open Adam’s first.


Matt is now in studio making his ACS debut, he’s playing the song “Kink Shirt” and it sounds excellent as usual for the music in that newer studio with Dawson at the helm.

Adam is explaining that was the very song he was listening to while driving to the studio, he mistook the lyric for “King’s shirt” and started breaking down the lyrics, frantically trying to connect the dots.

Alison is asking Matt about the masturbation theme in the song and he’s now quizzing her about the “average masturbators” from her relationship past, Adam is now bringing up her “accidental Nazi dates” and now Matt is quizzing her about it.


“If the jeep rolls just step out” – Alison quoting the white pride ex, Matt is now telling the gang about the inspiration for the song, he’s describing a waitress they all love.

Adam is now asking Matt about he got involved with Bobcat Goldthwait, they met after knowing the same Sarah, tattoo Sarah that Adam says he knows really well.

Adam is bringing up how cool Bobcat is and what a solid director he is, BB is praising his film work and nobody is mentioning his work with the Aquabats on Classic Loveline.


BB is asking him about writing a song about another woman while married, Adam has a killer “The hag I’m tired of fucking” reply that everyone seems to love, great comedy inspired by BB’s query, nice work!

Adam is riffing about August, Caelan and Laxamana all competing for the sponsor Onnit.com, funny comments from the whole gang.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Matt and his relationship to “Northern Exposure” being akin to her love for “Facts of Life” and she’s quizzing him about John Corbett and his role on “Sex and the City”.

Adam and Alison are now bonding over their take on his portrayal on the show, Adam is calling him the go to P-whipped bf for movies and TV roles.

Adam is bringing up the 2nd Sex and the City movie, Matt is challenging Adam saying he loves the show and Adam isn’t fighting it too hard.


Adam and Alison are now breaking down the kissing scene between Carrie and John Corbett’s character in the 2nd movie, they’re qualifying if it was really cheating and the moral implications of such behavior as well as her choice to tell “Big”.

Adam is telling the gang his favorite of the show was “Charlotte” as she was sweet and kind and reminds him of his true love Lynette, Alison really just got some gold out of the Aceman.


2nd Story is on the new law banning “revenge porn” in California and Adam is for it, he’s explaining why this will only snowball and get worse, he’s citing how unfair it is and Adam has a very specific scenario that Alison and BB are quizzing him about, gold!

Alison is giving her take as a woman who is very conscious of nude recordings and none should exist, BB is offering up a counter point and Adam is now taking the ultimate fairest road, for men and women, as expected he’s making a lot of sense.

Adam has a great Bob Crane one liner that echoes back to his two sons guesting on loveline a few nights apart, offering very different takes on their dear departed father.


Adam is now bringing up the future when every politician has nude images and is ripe for scandal, Alison is now explaining how it’s only identifiable photos and one could still post anonymous body shots.

Matt and Adam are both for “The Douche Dams” to be built by hero beavers, this echoes his “you gotta go through the dam to get to the beaver” dental damn joke from Classic Loveline.

Adam is now further riffing about “the douche dam beavers”.


3rd Story is on a vivid insider who revealed that “Teen Mom” was only offered 10k for her “sex tape” that involved the work of past guest James Deen.

Adam is now bringing up the cast of “Deepthroat” who probably thought the movie would never see any huge spotlight and were only compensated for the one scene, he’s contrasting and comparing that to today.

He’s exploring the idea of things meant to disappear now living forever due to archivists, creepy ones.


Adam is now riffing about James Babydoll Dixon modifying his approach for Adam’s porn film deals, hilarious quote from Adam, GET THAT DROP!


4th Story is on the most difficult marriage being the Fifth year according to some study and now Adam is singing an impromptu song in response, get that DROP!

Adam is now bringing up “Sock Puppet Porn Theater” for the “The Man Show” in reply to a very natural reveal from Matt about life on the road.

Adam is now joking about dropping from turnbuckles, comedy gold!

Alison is asking Adam if he found that to be true, Adam is now making an analogy to the classic movie trope of two rival forces uniting against a monster, he’s talking about him, Lynette and Natalia, hilarious!

Adam is now waxing poetic on the idea of changing your partner, “this condition is chronic” and the importance of picking your battles, with a little love and appreciation to boot.

Matt is giving his take as a married man with 12 years together before they tied the knot.


They’re now discussing fantasy and Adam has a call back to the puss o’ nine tails.

“Our fantasy is fucking older chicks when were young and younger chicks when we’re old” – Adam on Men

Adam is now explaining the difference between thinking about marriage since childhood vs. an MLB career and now BB and Matt are riffing along with Adam, good stuff.


Adam is riffing with the gang about male fantasy and Alison has a great “puss mountain” line that needs to be a drop forever.

Alison is asking the guys what the wedding day was like, Matt is saying Weddings are shams while praising marriage, Adam is telling him to write greeting cards in jest, funny stuff.

Matt is telling Alison that the weddings are for everyone else, Matt hates the crying and Adam is ordering him to write these observations down.


5th Story is on the lawyers for the Boston marathon bomber demanding he have his restrictions lifted from him.

Alison has a cool “Orange is the New Black” references while asking isn’t that the reason for prison.

Adam is now explaining how the gang networks are run out of these institutions, he’s making some insanely brilliant observations on the nature of the joint and has no sympathy for people who injure and kill others.


Adam is now sharing his theory on Charles Manson vs. Tim McVeigh and how differently things turned out for each guy, he’s asking how precious life truly is to those who take them “willy-nilly” from others.

Adam is adding a caveat for possible wrongly incarcerated and racially motivated railroading cases, dude’s a genius.

Alison is asking about prison jizzin’, Adam is explaining why they don’t want to limit beating of in the joint and Adam has some killer on liners after she wraps the news.


Adam is doing a live read, giving the plugs and telling the audience about the upcoming live shows in Seattle and Portland, I wish I could afford to make it, have fun Pacific Northwest, those are my favorite shows.

BB is now playing that mysterious drop we heard on the Titus episode despite him being aware this was pre-taped due to that earlier mix up with caller no. 1, Bryan don’t “spoil” drops!

We need to hear them happen naturally first, then play them.