Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/07/2013 – Stone Temple Pilots Dean DeLeo and Eric Kretz, plus Jo Koy

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Guest Stone Temple Pilots Dean DeLeo and Eric Kretz, plus Jo Koy

Recorded 10-06-2013 – Release Date 10-07-2013

Production Number #1180

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Adam is opening the show with a classic KLSX #TopDrop and a nice pre-taped intro from Dawson, Adam has a stye of some kind in his lower eyelid, Alison is describing it well.

Adam is sharing how it grew over the past two days and Alison is bringing up his home/self-lancing work and he’s citing his eyeball location as the only reason he hasn’t.

Adam just admitted he almost got Ray to go at it for him, with his personal scalpel collection he uses for all of his own lancing work.


Alison has a great immediate one liner and follow up query about Adam actually considering letting Ray perform surgery.

Adam is now citing his schedule book cover photo shoot and citing his children’s reaction to his eye and now sharing his theory about cutting someone off or interacting with a child to find out what is most noticeable about your appearance.

Adam is really going in depth and has a great “cut off a kid” follow that is insane and hilarious, Adam is sharing the story of the Man Show wardrobe guy “Rodney”.


Adam is now explaining how gay trumps Mexican and citing the limited space for people to process all of the other people encounter in daily life, Alison seems to be in agreement, her take is always refreshing.

Adam is telling the gang about taking Sonny over to the JKL studio/theater to watch the Sunday football and how he had to buy his own Mangria from the local liquor store at full price, a case per week, not bad!


Adam is giving his full review of “Rush”, he and Lynette really enjoyed it, Adam is going super in depth and BB is referencing his review from last week’s “Hooray For Baldywood” segment.

Adam really enjoyed the performance of Daniel Brühl and much like his prediction over Christoph Waltz and his two Oscar wins in 2010 and 2013, he’s now predicting that Daniel will be at least nominated

Adam is citing Lynette’s response to the movie to explain why he thinks it’s actually solid and not just his love of racing bias.

Adam is now mocking the outrageous drinking scenes featured in many films, Alison and BB are jumping in and Adam has a great “Street Car Named Desire” reference.


Adam is explaining how during the crucial closing race scene the houselights came on and it totally through him out of the movie, he’s explaining how he can’t go back to the film.

Alison says she would be nervous, Adam wasn’t just perturbed, he’s now sharing a theory about a possible law or mandate for wheelchair accessibility at the theater also requiring the lights to be put on.

Adam is further sharing this theory with BB and Alison, and asking for the producer gang to find some info regarding whether there actually is a law.


Adam is doing a very original live read, he’s mocking the obsession with abdominal muscles and their lack of necessity in modern life, Adam has a killer “all you’re doing with your abs is more ab work” gold.

BB is now making Adam say Abs’ once again to break some kind of record he’s keeping, Adam has a killer closing abdam comment.

Adam is clearing up that he wasn’t recently in a fight with Lynette and needs to be clearer about those things and timelines when bringing them up on the podcast, how considerate.


Jo Koy is now on the line, agreeing with Adam about women with visible abdominal muscles, Adam is joking with him and now giving out his plugs.

Adam and Joe are now sharing their observations on other comedians who seem to be perpetually miserable and now Adam is sharing the “prove you love me” move pulled by Kevin Weatherly his former Loveline program director.

This story is very similar to what Kevin and Bean started to pull on Adam after he got his Loveline success and kept appearing on their show.


Adam is now asking “Joy” about his love life and complimenting his mysterious ethnicity and “slight gay angle” he’s got about him.

Jo is once again referencing his Nordstrom rack days, selling ladies shoes, Jo is calling it the most degrading job ever and sharing his experience being recognized at the job after performing on “The Tonight Show”.

Adam is reading some upcoming guests including Classic Loveline regular Art Alexakis from Everclear.

Alison now sharing her own personal experience with Art, she doesn’t want to bring it up when he’s in studio and now BB is declaring this story will be told, very 2006 ACS of him.

Adam is giving his take on Art, how he could alternate between serious and fun based on the venue.

Adam is explaining how interviews can be spoiled by one single question up top that sets up a negative spiral of replies to follow.


Adam is explaining how he hates lazy above all else when it comes to people being interviewed.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB is reviewing Gravity and boy is he getting it right, non spoilery and he even gets a “The Film Vault” plug in once again.

Adam is now riffing on a TFV topic with BB as he breaks down how much he enjoyed this film and is actually recommending it in 3D.

Alison is getting BB to elaborate on why this is being so emphatically praised.


Adam is giving his take as a witness to the critical acclaim and has an eloquent version of “sci-fi so good it transcends the genre and is enjoyable for all audiences”.

Adam is now riffing with BB and Alison about people who bitch about the hassle of going to the movie theater, he’s breaking it down step by step in a very sarcastic tone.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Alex, he’s quitting his job and telling Adam about his current position, Adam is quizzing him why he’s jumping ship.

BB is complimenting him on his foresight for his industry and its possible future.

Adam is on a good saddle repair riff.


Adam is now on an interesting tangent about personal antennas, calibrated for individuals, he’s using his buddy Ray as one side of the example.

Adam is offering up an epic motivational logic bomb for Alex and agreeing with BB while including a caveat about exceptional and worth.


Dean and Eric are now making their 2nd visit to the podcast, they first visited the show for ACP #299 available in the official archive via the show page link above.

Adam is now asking them about Chester’s addition to the band, Adam loves Chester from his Loveline visits with Linkin Park.

Adam is asking them about their first success and music video that happened parallel to Adam’s career progression at KROQ and MTV.


Adam is explaining how both networks had the “you should be paying us” mentality and it is partially true.

Adam is telling them how Kevin Weatherly would get a free Porsche for every year he made top PD in the country and would continually sell them until he was forced to drive one by the parent company.

Adam is riffing about being the one guy in the country that didn’t want to see Kevin in comparison to the millions who would love to get him to hear their demos, he’s citing the air check attempts where Kevin would try to artificially manipulate what made the show entertaining.


Adam is asking the guys about working on music and how too much time can result in a shitty project and Adam is connecting it to the shitty sitcom scripts that make air.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the wreck at the “Grand Prix” Adam is now weighing in after Alison reads all the facts and he’s telling them about hanging out with Dario Franchitti and Patrick Dempsey just a few weeks back.

They’re now watching the footage of the wreck and their reactions in particular Alison’s imply some horrific footage is being screened.

Adam is explaining how these cars end up airborne, he’s citing the simplistic NASCAR solution for this problem.


Alison is now asking Adam about SUV use, she’s trying to clarify his take on the large vehicles.

She wants to know about the actual rollover danger due to the higher center of gravity and Adam recommends an AUDI A8 for keeping your family the safest due to the high end engineering and safety concerns.


Her 2nd story is on the man who set himself on fire at the national mall, she’s describing the details and witness accounts.

Adam is riffing about a monster truck crash death toll he heard about how and once he heard where it happened it made more sense, still an equal tragedy but due to the lacking safety standards it lent clarity to the news report.

Alison and Adam are discussing how this crazy stuff has always been going on, Adam thinks society has ratcheted down rape and increased school shootings, and Adam is citing all the domestic violence of a bygone era and the strange violence in its place.


One of the STP guys is now complaining about Grand Theft Auto V, he’s misrepresenting what the game is and falsely connecting the real world violence to the games.

Adam is now explaining how he was tweeted a picture of a fan who made “Harry Seaward” his in game license plate, Adam is blaming dumb people and explaining they are influenced by anything, Go Adam!

STP guy is now still giving his take on parenting and the effects of gaming, Adam is being philosophically consistent and saying all of these tragedies involve a powder keg combination of events going wrong, not just a single game.


Alison is giving a brilliant and accurate defense of video games, using multiple arguments and Adam agrees with her 100% while citing the comparison to the NRA argument about gun use.

Adam is not a fan of gaming due to the time spent in simulated life and how it robs you of time in reality with your peers, friends and family.

Adam is making a great point about any habit for 10hrs a day is absolutely not good, then an hour a day is not best either.


Adam is telling the gang about sitting out on family Nintendo night and skipping his turn on the latest Mario incarnation, I’d pay him money to take a few turns once in a while.

Alison is giving her take as a video game witness and comparing it to something like Breaking Bad, Adam has a nice mushroom reference back to Mario.

Caelan is now on mic saying there is no artistry in GTA V, I’d disagree as it does have a story that plays like what Adam just described, a more interactive version.


BB is now pitching “Adam describes video games” and one of the STP guys is telling them about “WII Bowling” and the other dude is calling it wholesome.

Adam is now advising video games for waiting rooms and green rooms.

Alison is explaining how twitter can be destructive in the same way and she’s now bitten Adam with his own snake regarding exercise.


One of the STP guys is bringing up the dental hygienist who was killed outside the White House last week.

Adam is mocking one of the STP guy’s replies and tone is going to be hard for his daughters, Adam and Alison are now riffing about his tone and doing a quick improv scene.

STP guys might be implying some “birther” or affair conspiracy and Adam is now riffing about the details and mocking the idea along with Alison who’s dropping some funny quips.


3rd Story is on the two U.S. Military raids overseas this past weekend, she’s citing the details and Adam is clearly for it.

Adam is now riffing about having to pronounce all these difficult names of places and Alison is admitting she feels ill prepared as a news reporter/journalist.

Adam just said “Tongue trigonometry” in defense of the simplicity of Dave and how it could be universally used in any culture.


They’re now riffing about Steve Smith as a generic American name and citing the NFL players and barrage of Steve Smiths in Alison’s rolodex.

Adam is now citing the groups outside the U.S. who hate this country and how the citizens within our borders use our own logic and math when processing their actions and wishes for destruction.

Adam is citing the civilized math that doesn’t allow for preparing for 9/11, he’s bringing the unspoken feeling among Americans about the elevation of Barack Obama and how it hasn’t improved things. That the answer is they hate us and want us gone, without any reason that has practical logic or something that would motivate an American to lash out on another country in the same way.


Adam is bringing up the lateral move of prison and how it can influence people in impoverished communities to live a care free and dangerous life, he’s citing his own drunken rain soaked motorcycle rides.

Adam is now asking how anyone would suggest to improve the worldview in hostile regions and has some funny back and forth with Alison over operation flat screen drop.

Adam is now explaining once again how there is nothing better than a simple 50 cent fix for problems, Gary is now playing a computer simulation showing how the technology works.


Alison has a hilarious “imagine trying to have sex with me” and Adam has a killer reply, Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.