Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/04/2013 – Chris Titus, Live at the Brea Improv

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Guest Chris Titus, Live at the Brea Improv

Recorded 10-03-2013 – Release Date 10-04-2013

Production Number #1179

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Adam is opening the show live from Brea with Christopher Titus the Classic Loveline legend making his 8th appearance on the podcast.

They’re having some opening comedy mocking the concept of “surface streets” and the lack of commuting options in and out of Brea.

BB is opening the show with what seems to be a non-requested #TopDrop from a rare banked episode that will air on Tuesday.


Adam is bringing up Christopher’s wedding, in particular the nearby reception that made it super convenient for Adam and added to his enthusiasm.

Adam was rolling solo and Lynette refused to come due to the fight Adam and Lynette both referenced a few weeks ago, hilarious quotes and honesty from the Aceman.

Titus is explaining how he first met his wife and how it coincided with his ex-wife’s affair and their impending divorce.


Adam is now riffing about Karl Malone and the “she thought I was a mailman” excuse he used to dismiss the idea that his wife was a gold-digger.

Adam is joking about relationships and comparing them to anal carbuncles that need to be lanced from time to time, much like Adam’s infamous anal carbuncles from days of yore.

Adam is now furthering his relationship analogy of a “douchebag filled with putrid semen” that needs to be emptied from time to time.


Adam just set Titus up to tease his 30min Springsteen chunk that’s part of his new comedy special, Titus is now plugging and explaining the premise.

Titus is sharing the story of telling of Gail Berman behind the scenes at Fox, a story he’s told Adam at least 3-4 times but Adam isn’t recalling it.

Adam has a great reaction to the notion of Jenna Elfman cheating on “Dharma and Greg”, comedy gold!


Adam is now joking with Titus about canceling his custom Chip Foos hotrod modifications about losing his job/TV show and Adam is joking with him about it.

“It seems like every vertebra is fighting with each other” – Adam describing Christopher Titus’ pal with CP.

Titus is telling the gang about bringing his buddy Mike out on stage to tell an opening joke for him.


Adam is now riffing about catching Mike on the can and seeing him totally relaxed taking a shit, Titus is rolling with it much like the infamous “Tragic Rim shots” incident on classic loveline after his sister’s suicide.

Adam is riffing about Brodie knobs and who they’re for and why they’re illegal, Titus just referenced the Showtime pilot “Special Unit” which he once again working on, I hope it gets made!

Titus is now getting to the Springsteen story and explaining how Nils Lofgren plays into it.


Adam is now on his riff about “Larry” from U2 during Titus’ story about “The Edge”.

They’re all now riffing on comedy club ceiling height and bathroom quality, Alison has a great anecdote regarding the removable stain she found on the toilet seat.

Adam is explaining to Titus how he feels about Bruce Springsteen, he was never a hater, and just a realist battling extreme fandom, he’s citing the people who cry at his shows as an example.


Adam is explaining the Nils/Lynette car scuff story to Titus and giving it a fair telling while expediting the words.

Alison has a nice counter argument for Adam’s take on Lynette doing the waxing herself, he’s got a super condescending yet logically flawless reply using a homework analogy.

Titus is now telling Adam about “Special Unit” much as he did back in 2005 on Classic Loveline, they’re now playing a clip from the new Funny or Die piece resurrecting the show.


Titus is announcing they are raising money on Fund Anything much like Adam did with Road Hard, they are going to make a feature film version of this terrific idea.


Alison’s news

Her top story is about a punk band who shot a porn video on the front lawn of the Westboro Baptist church, Alison is reading the details of what actually went down.

Adam is referencing Shirley Phelps the 2006 ACS regular he would challenge on air from time to time.

Adam is now on a crazy polygamy riff, citing all the flavors of the women rainbow he would like to add to the list of regulars in comparison to the actual sister-wives.


Adam is now riffing about “Fugly Snowbank” in response to Alison’s idea that he had an unattractive woman into the mix of 19 year old runaways he’s going to group marry.

Adam is really taking this out to the ends of the tangent universe, Alison is in agreement telling him not to rush his choices for wives.

Adam and Titus are bonding over how much they would appreciate it if Hefner had one ugly woman in his stable/harem, great one liners from Titus.


2nd Story is about a shooting at the capital

Alison is explaining the actual story and what went down after a woman hit an outer security perimeter with her car.

The woman was shot dead with her child in the car, Alison is explaining why the story is so frustrating.

Titus is now giving his take and Adam is riffing with him about the NSA monitoring people who clap at Titus’s words about congress and the growing distaste for their efforts.


Adam is making a point about aiming accuracy, contrasting kids who kill each other with a single shot by accident with unattended firearms vs. professionally trained armed forces.

Titus is now sharing the story of his uncle who was robbed and killed the intruders in his home, he hit 5 out of 7 rounds and was told that cops typically only get 3 out of 7.


3rd Story is on a Montana man who gathered up all of the shards composing 500$ his dog consumed, Adam is now joking about Molly doing the same thing with chemotherapy drugs.

Adam is explaining the effects of her chemo and her constant shedding that is impossible to detect if increased.

Alison was eating zucchini earlier and thinks Adam hates it and Adam is explaining he doesn’t hate it but he just finds it pointless, he’s got a great zucchini is worthless jag.


Nice “Fugly Snowbank” callback by A-Rose and Adam is rolling with it nicely, palate jack comedy to boot!

Adam is now riffing about things being pushed into peanut butter or rolled in meat and how he wouldn’t mind his taxes and other distasteful activities submerged in meat.

Adam is now riffing about Molly viewing Lynette as “the giver as the meat pocket” and Adam is now saying he thinks dogs know what they’re doing with showing affection based on motivation for more food.


Alison is finishing the story and Titus is riffing about it, Adam is joking about paying for his parking tickets this way, with shitty shredded post dog digestion dollars.


4th Story is an article that Bryan sent Alison from Buzz feed listing the items all men must own by 30 years old.

Alison is listing them off and Adam is mocking how entertaining the story is, Adam is now asking Titus about their old world existence, if he would fart on people in stockades and he totally agrees.


5th Story is on a perpetrator putting human shit on the dryers across Yale campus, Alison has a very funny non-sexist reply and Adam is predicting this as a white guy crime through and through.

Adam is explaining what makes a white guy crime, the goof off element, Adam has a killer one liner about rappers not making fortunes based on filling dryers with shit.

Adam is now riffing about the almost medieval looking Yale campus and how the architectural design building done in the late 1970’s is the biggest eyesore of the institution.


Adam is now riffing about the snuggle bear dropping an f bomb in response to the turded up dryers, he’s got a great call back to story #3 and Titus and Alison have priceless reactions to the comedy.

Titus is asking the one bit of advice he needs before making the film, Adam has a hilarious reaction to the less than enthused crowd reaction “The Hammer” and Titus just revealed that he attended the premier screening in Los Angeles.

Adam is suggesting coverage, he’s going super in depth on what he’ll need once he reaches the screening and editing stages.


Titus is now telling the gang about the original 2005 Showtime pilot and what happened with the network giving notes about the stuttering character.

They’re now riffing about “Fucking Starbucks” the CPK express variant for smaller locations in response to Titus adding some blue language to his anecdote.

Adam is giving out the plugs, the west coast live podcasts and his Mangria signings.


Adam is now wrapping the show with plugs for the great Christopher Titus!