Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/03/2013 – Paul Reiser

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Guest Paul Reiser

Recorded 10-02-2013 – Release Date 10-03-2013

Production Number #1177

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Adam is opening the show to a great intro from Dawson that references “My Two Dads” a predictable and awesome #TopDrop from BB and Adam is sharing a reveal about the conversation regarding death as a lateral move for his father.

Adam is riff about “meet and greet” and “Vim and Vigor”, Alison is adding in and they’re going over trials and tribulations.

Adam is telling the gang about taping “Ace on the House” with Ray yesterday where he interrogated all of the staff trying to figure out if they were working or not, Adam is contrasting that to the early jobs he shared with Ray.


Adam is calling the computer a modern golden pickaxe that shovels mysterious shit, hilarious examples of what the boys at the shop might be up to on their laptops.

BB is now chiming in with his own take on the definition of work in the modern age while mocking their careers on the show.

Alison is reading the definitions of the earlier words and Adam is diving into a live read for Audible and he’s really going off on “The Kid Stays in the Picture” the Robert Evans audiobook.


Q and Ace

1st Question from Brandon is about Pumpkin flavoring and the fall season, Adam is giving the examples of what he does and doesn’t like when it comes to flavor, he’s using Eggnog as a counter example to passion fruit.

Adam is riffing about an eggnog carton that used to feature Huell Houser (probably a mascot lookalike) on it, a glass bottle eggnog.

Alison is now asking about milkmen getting laid during their shifts and Adam is dispelling that while riffing on the pool guy, Adam is using the milk delivery service as an example of a bygone era, in particular for Los Angeles.


Adam has a great riff with Alison about leave in eggnog conditioner and he’s harping on the idea of a pumpkin flavor season unlike other flavors, he’s citing thanksgiving dinner as another example of something that is consumed so infrequently it’s hard to get sick.


2nd Question Garret wants to know the origin of how he became familiar with Paul Newman and his race career and Adam has a funny Robert Evans callback joke.

Adam is explaining his pickup origins with Datsun, Adam is citing his poor upbringing and all that meant for his automotive plans and desires.

Adam is riffing about the prototypical William Morris agent trying to bang everything in sight, the bottomless scrotum sack of life and Adam is the equivalent when it comes to cars.


Adam just shared his plans to buy Patrick Dempsey’s Porsche then kill him in order to increase the value, much like what happened with Paul Newman and his 110k car, minus the murder though one could argue as Adam points out, that Adam had a financial incentive death wish of sorts for the man.

Adam is explaining how he gets alerted to Paul Newman vehicles that go up for auction as one grows a reputation for their “thing”.

Alison is sharing how she’s often complimented on being skinnier than many people anticipate from hearing her on air, Alison is quite svelte, definitely more Wednesday Adams and way less Pugsley than these fans she’s citing must assume.


Adam is comparing Alison’s weak spot for fat talk to the power of a nuclear core pushing a submarine across the globe, she’s in agreement and Adam has some hilarious comments.

Adam is responding to the guy who commented about Alison’s appearance in Minneapolis and he’s sharing his own experience with the two chicks in the Burbank airport complimenting his good looks in person.


3rd Question from Hayden, a name Adam doesn’t hate as it’s not been fucked out.

He wants to thank Adam for inspiring him to follow his goals to become an on air sports reporter, Adam is telling him to stay on prompter and is mocking his bumpy tone.

Hayden wants Adam to assist him with a catchphrase to wow the people of the 140th market in the U.S.


BB has a “Don’t be Hayden” idea and Adam is sharing his own experience with his Carcast sign off.

Adam has an original catchphrase, a little wordy but it works and Adam is now teasing Paul Reiser’s appearance while noting he wrote the “Mad About You” theme song.

BB has some praise for the man and his work in “Aliens” and they’re talking about the “Kid Stays In The Picture” documentary.


Paul Reiser is now making his ACS debut and enjoys the “Definitely Not a Jew” intro.

Paul is explaining how he got back into standup after years of intending to segue back into his first love of standup.

Paul is walking them through how he builds an act in 2013 and how it contrasts to what he was doing 20 years ago.


They’re now playing the segment of “The Kid Stays in the Picture” that Adam has been requesting the whole show.

Paul is trying to figure out the connection between this piece and his interview, Alison is clearing things up and Adam uses “grandfathered” nicely.

Paul is walking them though his journey in standup and how he first started out.


Paul is explaining the way show business was viewed as lower class when he entered into it and Alison has a nice follow up.

Paul is sharing a personal anecdote regarding a note from David Brenner, a comedy pass as it were to appease Paul’s father.

Adam is asking Paul about his peers, they’re talking about Jerry Seinfeld and Adam is asking Paul if he experiences any ageism in the business, he’s citing how Phil Rosenthal can’t get a show on air, Adam is waxing poetic on the lack of reverence in modern society.


Adam is lamenting the young people telling the world what life is about, he’s got several examples and Alison has a great reference to “Wizards of Waverly” place and Adam’s role as a taxicab.

Adam is asking Paul about the theme song for “Mad About You” he’s initially combative in his reply but now he’s opening up with how it came to be.

Adam is saying how much he loves Helen Hunt and Paul is telling him it’s mutual, but Adam already knows as she was a huge fan of “The Hammer” and told him so during the party for Dan Finnerty of “The Dan Band” if memory serves.


Alison is asking Paul what happened to the other dad on “My Two Dad’s” and BB totally hijacks the conversation with a TFV plug and question about Paul as the boss in “Aliens” and now Paul is correcting him about his role, BB is speechless.

Adam is sharing his own version of Paul’s waiting game after his audition for “Aliens” and BB has a nice one liner to mock him.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the government shutdown, Adam is giving his take on government and agreeing with Paul about the basic necessity for civil services.

Alison is sharing some facts about how a protracted shutdown will affect the economy.

Paul is giving his take on Obamacare and Alison is giving her take on how this would be passed without any argument had it not been the passion project of the president.


Carolla Care Rules #1-120 “Cum on the Tits”

Adam and Paul are having an in-depth conversation about parenting, raising children and American priorities, complete with hilarious comment from Adam regarding a fictional scenario between Lynette and Olga.


2nd Story is on the brawl that took place off the Westside highway in New York, involving a motorcyclist and a Range Rover.

Alison is now playing a clip of the footage showcasing “the fast and furious” guys surrounding The Range Rover.

Alison is walking them through the footage and Adam has a hilarious one liner about using his kid as an offering to appease them.


Adam is now citing the bicyclists who even drive with this attitude, he’s citing the guys in Los Angeles who attempt to take over the streets.

Adam is sharing the recent story of the time he was driving and the car was split by two motorcycles.

Paul is sharing his own anecdote involving a misunderstanding on the road and Adam is wrapping things up with a moral of the story.


They’re now sharing their love of “Diner” with Paul and Adam is mocking the “Happy Madison” project du jour.

Paul is suggesting Adam start his own cable network that only shows things he approves of.


3rd Story is on the death of Tom Clancy

BB is sharing his great success in the video game world and they’re all discussing Tom’s legacy.

Adam is now taking it back to the previous story and the comingling of motorcycles, the Enduro bikes near the café racers and Adam is connecting this to the story with the name Elsinore.

Adam is now asking to see the clip of the 2nd story one more time.


Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is doing a live read and this might be the best Paul Reiser interview I’ve ever heard.

Adam just came up with “Sulking Room Only” and BB has a great closing drop from Adam’s one off riff about Lynette and Olga.

Adam is closing the show.