Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/02/2013 – Adam, Alison and Bald Bryan

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Guest Adam, Alison and Bald Bryan

Recorded 10-01-2013 – Release Date 10-02-2013

Production Number #1176

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Adam has a very subdued initial intro after Dawson’s terrific delivery and Adam is bringing up the multiple generations of fans he’s now acquired and BB has a great #TopDrop.

Adam has a tease for Rich Eisen later in the show, making his 7th visit, he’s also a 2004 Classic Loveline vet.

Adam is walking the audience through his trip to Minneapolis with Alison and BB, he’s getting into their last minute 9am Polish food smorgasbord/work meeting, and Adam just solved my curiosity regarding the restaurant being open that early.


Adam is now asking about bringing food through security, you can actually bring food through the TSA checkpoints, and Adam is connecting this to his idea about policing the “Gay Games” to weed out the straight dudes.

Alison has a killer one liner and now they’re all discussing it, hilarious closer form Ace.


Adam is now taking it to when he arrived here in Chicago, I along with my buddy @Dune drove Adam, Mike August and the fantastic Mike Lynch around the city and to the outlying areas.


Gio’s Take:

Adam had to get right downtown and despite Transformers 4 filming and strange road construction I got them their 5min earlier than we had planned, with hot coffee and colder than room temp waters in the car, cookies for Lynch and August too!

Adam then did what he always does and signed with all of the fans there, even the stragglers who waited at the bar the whole time until the line cleared out, it’s beautiful the lengths he goes to make sure everyone gets their time with him.


We then drove them back to the hotel and got them back in about 20min, less than half the commute to the Binny’s liquor store.

We picked them up perfectly on time and immediately missed an exit due to the construction, we still made it on time for the show in about 39min, despite another missed exit.

Adam then killed the show, stayed and did the meet and greet and really made everyone’s night.


Driving home the GPS actually required us to get off at Irving Park and backtrack to get to their hotel, due to a closed exit and this being the shortest journey, the return commute took about 57min which is closer to the distance away/standard commute.

Adam is right about everything and it was a wonderful visit, nice seeing ya Lynch!


Adam is now taking the gang on a journey with the song “Float On” by “The Floaters” that came on as Adam was playing with the radio on the return trip to their hotel.

In the car we had a few false starts due to the sample being on August’s phone, but then @Dune found the actual version in Google Play Music and got it going.

Adam is now joking about the drive back and hilarious fictional events that Alison and BB both comment on, love you too BB!


Adam is riffing about the song and declares that DAG has to use this as his next Teddy Pendergrass song, which is something I shouted out in the car as I think everyone has the same thought.

Adam is now riffing some lyrics to the song, this is comedy gold “take my magazine hand”.

Adam is now quoting himself mocking me on the return drive to the hotel, comedy gold!

We also listened to Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious “Christmastime in the LBC” twice as Adam and Lynch loved a specific phrasing from the song, good times.


Adam is now getting into the Huffpo article about the Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West Twitter war, Adam is calling the spoof on JKL about a 2.5 on the offense-o-meter.

Adam is joking about “frozen lasagna pops” in reply to Kanye’s rant about his leather jogging pants idea.

They’re playing the clip that offended Kanye and Adam is picking apart the argument declaring this a racist attack, Alison is in total agreement with Adam and has some great logic.


BB is now sharing his experience attending a Kanye West concert with a majority white audience, he’s using this to also destroy the argument presented in this Huffpo piece.

Adam has a great callback to “The Floaters” and Alison jumps in helping Adam wrap things up.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw “Prisoners” and he’s breaking it down for Adam, Alison and the audience.

BB is going into the plot and sharing the details that lead to the main storyline of parents unraveling while trying to find their missing children.

Adam is bringing up how Hugh Jackman seems like the greatest man on the planet, he’s citing his acting, his singing, dancing and impressive physique coupled with his faithful marriage of over 25 years.

Alison is proclaiming him more Tim Cruise than Tom Cruise.


BB is saying how he doesn’t want to experience this movie again because it was so effective and he’s giving some of the tense moments a tease.

Adam is now digging into BB’s TFV topic, he’s saying why he can watch “Goodfellas” any time unlike BB’s examples.

BB is now bringing up minor roles filled by high profile actors being a dead give way about plot developments.


Adam is using the Sylvester Stallone cameo in “Stayin’ Alive” to make his point and it’s hilarious.

Adam is now bringing up the chick daredevil PSA’s to make a point about trains being portrayed in film, where they don’t seem to edit in real time, good riff from the Aceman.

Alison has an amazing “Hentrance” callback and they all seem to pick up on it, Adam is making a point about Stallone in his “shit doesn’t stink era” of movie making.


They’re doing an Onnit live read and Adam is now bringing up the box that was in the “Hentry Hall” and I actually witnessed dropped off several months ago.

Dawson is now doing a plug for “Hemp Force” their excellent protein supplement, nice work Dawson and he’s right as I do the same thing, water and banana with 3 scoops.

Adam is now trying to figure out the culprit of this heist and has a great fart smell riff with A-Rose, Adam is now targeting Maxipada for fun and saying he doesn’t know who it was, Gary interrogated everyone who has entered the grounds and Adam is saying everyone should pretend to target Fondiler to not hurt his feelings.

Adam is now saying it could be Ray, Adam is saying how Ray doesn’t think of himself as a liar and is commenting on the people who have lied to him in the past who wouldn’t like being called a liar.

They’re now riffing about Dawson’s love for “Emp Force” minus the H, BB is complimenting this awesome live read and I totally agree, Chris has a funny Sonnygate callback too!


They are now watching the opening of “Stayin’ Alive” and Adam wants to know who is going to let some grey show on his temples first, Paul McCartney or John Travolta?

Adam is asking where the wives are with these hair choices and Alison has a killer one liner when Adam laps back around to Travolta.

Adam is now mocking “Top Coverage” the spray on hair for men, Alison’s reactions are solid and she’s got a killer “Wooly Willy” reference.


They’re now further debating hair, in particular Paul McCartney’s possible toupee and they are seeing some revealing photos of a bald Travolta.

Adam is saying he wasn’t sure about live podcast tapings in theaters and he’s loving it, Alison and BB are both fans of it too.

BB is going nuts for the great craft beer in Minneapolis and Adam calls it the Seattle of the Midwest, Adam is bringing up the gay population stat and how if Mike August tells him one more time he’s going to think he’s down low.


Adam has a great “Utter Balm” and “Dauber” call back while plugging his upcoming live shows in Portland and Seattle.

Adam is now announcing the new podcasts on Carolla Digital “The Pat O’Brien show” and “Calling out with Susan Pinsky”

Adam is plugging Alison’s show, her episodes with the “Thursday Gang” are all off the charts great and the interviews are solid too, the most recent Tom Segura episode was a delight, definitely a must listen!


Rich Eisen can’t make it in to the show, Adam is giving a mock pox and still playing the clip of the Sunday evening game between New England and Atlanta.

Adam is remarking on the leg power and the clip, the rule is now being discusses in the clip and Adam has a great bit of logic mocking Al Michael’s laser beam idea.

Adam is screaming about pole extension and wants another POV on the last angle in the clip.

Adam is asking what the plan is, BB is adding some practical defense for Adam’s argument and summing it up that nobody can disagree with him, he’s right.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the potential for anal invading ants in the Carolla Digital bathroom, Adam is agreeing with her and showing support unlike her staffers Gary and Matt, hilarious pubic hair misstep from A-Rose.

Adam is now riffing about lone ants being scouts, he’s got a great hobo analogy and Alison and BB are in the mix making this even funnier.

Adam is riffing about “Flint McCullough” and why he would make a horrible scout in comparison, he’s now sharing his “sarcastic cowboy answer” and Alison seems to enjoy it as much as I did.


Hilarious improv reenactment with Adam as the scout in the posse, he’s got a great breast analogy and bumpy areola comedy with BB and Alison.

Adam is calling back “The Floaters” and it’s gold!

Adam is going off on their ant annoyance that hasn’t yet become a problem, Alison seems to disagree with her response, Adam now feels an ant on him and Alison wants to know what they eat.


2nd Story is on the ongoing government shutdown, she’s explaining how it may sound ominous but it’s only affecting non-essential services.

Adam is joking about that being a slap in the face for the employees to find out they’re in non-essential roles.

Adam is explaining why he likes this kind of stuff, he’s referencing the sequestration and why he would like to shrink government, Alison is explaining to Adam how the suspended pay will end up being retroactively paid for this lost time.


Alison is now explaining the government drug trials that are being suspended during this time and the actual effects it’s having on dying people/children while not being hysterical or typical in comparison to the majority of other news media.


3rd Story is on the open enrollment of Obamacare, BB is quizzing Adam about his own health insurance and they’re now discussing unions.

Adam is clarifying how he gets his medical care and bringing up a person who went after him on twitter with such faulty logic even BB is forced to agree with Adam.

Adam has a killer Zanies comedy club joke that I at least partially inspired shortly before he mocked me “Did you drive around with a fucking bag over your head?” upon entering Rosemont Illinois at about 12:11am on Sunday.


4th Story is an update on the Jimmy Kimmel vs. Kanye West drama, Kanye deleted his twitter tirade and Adam is taking it back to Huffpo and their super biased and almost insane piece about the harmless JKL comedy bit.


5th Story is on the finale of “Breaking Bad” and Adam is explaining that he was forced to watch the first episode of Breaking Bad (again? He was made to watch it several years back, possibly even in 2007 and again in 2009).

He wanted to take Lynette to the Hollywood forever cemetery to see the finale with Jimmy Kimmel, Alison is explaining the taping and what took place.

Adam is now riffing about watching movies and TV shows on the dirt above other people’s decaying loved ones.


Alison is now bringing up people who sit cross legged without prompting and Alison wants to know if Adam is going to watch the rest of “Breaking Bad”.

Adam is explaining how Jimmy Kimmel will corner him from time to time and force him to watch something, Adam is refusing to watch “The Wire” but has agreed to cave and watch BB.

Lynette and Jimmy Kimmel rejoice!


Alison wants to know what they can spoil regarding the finale and Alison is explaining how spoiler adverse Matt Fondiler is when it comes to upcoming movies.

Alison is now attempting to give her review of the finale without spoiling things too much, she’s bringing up the people who complain about the loose ends being tied up.

Alison is asking Adam his take on TV finales and he’s comparing them to Oscar hosts.


6th Story is on the National Toy Hall Of Fame inductions

Adam is now riffing with BB, great 90’s Utah Jazz references with BB.

Alison is now listing off the rest of the toys that recently made it in, BB has a valid question about how long running this is as most of these should already be inducted.


Adam is referencing his infamous Rochester vs. Rochester argument with Dr. Drew from 35k feet while touring during their Classic Loveline days, performing at colleges.


7th Story is on Youtube’s new comment system

Adam is asking if the gang would prefer a happy filter on their computers, blocking them from abuse.

Hilarious douche and whale cock (dork) comedy, Alison is now getting Adam to really walk her through it and he’s comparing it to graduated butt plugs.

BB is stepping in and being his best incredulous guy asking Adam about his knowledge of butt plugs, this is comedy gold!


They are now on some weird 4th stage of this improv scenario, Alison has taken over as lead prosecutor and Adam is explaining how he obtained so many butt plugs free with his automobile.

AAA is now being brought into the mix, butt plug emporiums are now Adam’s main topic and it keeps getting crazier.

Adam is walking Alison through how to put a butt plug up her ass, starting with a warm sits bath, Adam is now advising microwaving the lube and butt plug for 33 seconds, holy shit this is weird man.


Adam is now explaining why he uses a butt plug in place of a standard “death seat” in his automobiles, BB is now twisting the reality once again and Adam is taking it even further, if Bryan doesn’t get like 1k drops from this I don’t even know him anymore.

Alison’s reactions are priceless and Adam closes out the scene right as he really brings it home, Alison just wrapped the news.


Adam is doing a live read, hilarious “Henter” callback for Dawson and he’s got a lot of legalese for this one, wow, nice!

Adam is now back to his butt plug relationship and Alison is the perfect comedic foil, monkey nipples is back and Adam is now threatening to remove his tandem plugs.

BB is quizzing Adam about the plugs up his ass, this episode is wonderful, and I love this episode!


Alison’s muted laughs and BB’s follow up questions are making my face hurt from laughter, this is the “Butt Plug Episode of 2013”.

Adam is now riffing “Good Butt Plug/Bad Butt Plug” like good cop/bad cop and has a butt plug dream catcher and shaped bed, this riff is one of the all-time greatest moments of the ACS.

Adam has a butt plug change belt and he’s now not threatening to throw one at Alison for her judgmental tone and prodding.


Adam just cited the inventor of the butt plug and has even more facts pertaining to the history of butt plugs.

Adam has another live read and Dawson has more legalese. Adam is walking them through his hasty exit in the Butt-Mobile.

Adam is giving out the plugs, non-butt.

Adam is now wrapping the show.