Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/30/2013 – Adam, Alison and Bryan Live from The Minneapolis Varsity Theater

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Guest Adam, Alison and Bryan Live from the Minneapolis Varsity Theater

Recorded 09-27-2013 – Release Date 09-30-2013

Production Number #1174

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Adam is opening the show with some fresh complaints from his travels, BB has an excellent #TopDrop and Alison is also in the mix.

Adam is explaining how they had to check Dawson’s large equipment case and decided to have Adam use it as his baggage to save time.

Adam is describing his “or you could be raped with a plunger in a parking lot” scenario with the check-in agent for Delta.


BB is taking it back to “Perky Cunt” and they’re discussing how the perkiness amplifies the mean spirited passive aggressive comments.

Adam is now taking it to the flight and his desire for beer while flying, great logic and hilarious comedy with BB and Alison about the lengths Adam will descend to acquire mid-flight alcohol.

Adam is now getting heavy talking about “The fastest fly on the planet” flying while on board the plane with Adam and Dawson, Alison has a killer one liner and Adam has an accurate and funny closer.


Adam is bringing up the last time he visited Minneapolis, the infamous wrong start time story involving St. Paul MN and the Garrison Keeler Theater.

Adam is getting to the “Soca” story and getting into a tangent about getting so obese you acquire neck rolls, good stuff.


Adam is complimenting his hotel’s coffee options and Alison is now bursting his bubble.

Adam is getting into “Star Trek: Into Darkness” and the tiny screen on his flight, he’s working his way onto the topic of Spock and a thousand super nerdy fans dreams are coming true.

Adam is mocking the idea of his appearance almost being exactly like a human, he’s got some Klingon knowledge to boot.


Q and Ace

1st Question from Laura, she wants to know if Adam will come back and visit in the winter to go ice fishing, He’s now riffing about the origins of the activity and it’s connecting to daytime drinking.

Adam and Alison are now riffing a funny scenario where a guy becomes sober and discusses his annual ice fishing activities with his unsuspecting wife.

Adam is now mocking himself for not knowing spear fishing and has a funny toaster analogous riff.


“Guy hit you with a trident in the head?” – Adam

Adam is joking about fish with teeth that go in the wrong direction and how you don’t want to fuck with any animals with fucked up teeth, or worse fucked up teeth going in the wrong direction.

Adam is riffing about Sturgeon fish and citing a conversation with a staff member who’s from the area.


2nd Question from Annalise, she wants to know how to convince her boyfriend to shave his beard, Adam has a great terminal cancer one liner in reply to his own query.

Adam has a couple great angles he’s running for her to peruse and the drunken audience member in the back gets her to reveal a bit more about herself than she may have anticipated.

Adam is now riffing about the names of the cities in Minnesota and the concepts behind it, a great riff about indigenous people and Alison has a fantastic joke about what the city names are akin to.


3rd Question from Mark, he wants to know if Los Angeles wants their NFL team and Adam is bringing up the rumors regarding a team finally heading to his hometown.

Adam is joking about the team’s record so far this season and BB is jumping in, Adam is sharing a theory of Jimmy Kimmel’s regarding Los Angeles being used as a bargaining chip in negotiations, he’s got a great friend zone analogy.

Adam is now talking about the Vikings and Bud Grant, in particular his Viking like resemblance.


Totally Topical TiVo Trivia – All Minnesota Edition

1st Description “A Minnesotan…”

2nd Description “Soon After her divorce a writer…”

3rd The Kid Fights his rival for a singer and a Minneapolis rock club”

4th Description “A Lifelong Feud…”

5th Description “A Constant Barrage of Abuse from her coworkers, spurns a miner”

6th Description “A father decides to dream the impossible to get a turbo man action figure”

Hilarious Phil Hartman one liner from Adam, and a crowd splitting bit of drop work from BB.

7th Description “A Midwestern professor watches his life unravel…”

Hilarious riff about “Coach” from Adam, complete with a mention of “Dauber” who later went on to play a Nazi prison guard on “Oz”.

8th Description “Unforeseen complications arise when a precocious teenager chooses an upscale couple to adopt her unborn baby…”

BB has a super cocky premature answer and Adam is asking how these movies indicate their locations

9th Description “To get out of trouble a hotshot lawyer opts for community service coaching Rowdy’s in pee wee hockey”

10th Description “Coach Herb Brooks”


Adam is saying that regardless this doesn’t hold a candle to his NYC domination.


Alison’s News

Adam is mocking Ray’s initial claim that he was going to be heading to Minnesota with the gang, he’s connecting it to Yoko Ono’s super blowhard “end war!” proclamations.

Alison is sharing an anecdote form her hotel room and her quest from real coffee, Adam is now mocking how when you order 14$ of coffee you have to drink it all.

Alison is bringing up her Milk dilemma and solution and Adam is agreeing with her mixed feelings, he’s bringing up sharing beverages and spit bridges along with some hilarious comedy about white fluids.


Her Top Story is on the feud between Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West, She’s explaining the origins of the disagreement and they’re now playing a clip of Jimmy mocking the interview by playing a clip of Kanye not making sense.

Adam is joking that denim underwear would be more popular than leather jogging pants and sharing his sympathy for the white reporters interviewing Kanye and other rappers worldwide having to pretend to be aware of all of the single syllable named rappers they name drop.

Alison is reading the comments aimed at Jimmy and some are going to be making drops very soon I imagine, Adam just invented high heeled jogging boots and is confirming Kanye’s presence at Daniel Kellison’s wedding.


Adam is sharing his inside info regarding what went down after hanging with Kimmel at the feast of San Gennaro last night.

Adam is connecting this to his own workplace phone call from LeVar Burton regarding “Pioneer Dad” the one sentence joke from a “Man Show” bit.

Adam is telling the “Just Don’t Screw I man/just don’t fuck me” story about the time he called into a radio show to compliment the host and the screener couldn’t come up with any Carolla trivia.


Adam is now taking it back to the info from Kimmel regarding his take on Kanye “I’ve never talked to a crazier person who makes more than 20k dollar per year”.

Adam is responding to Alison’s query about crazy men, Adam is blaming the moms who love their sons too much.

Adam is going off on coddled sons and horrible roommates of yore, Alison is pondering if she was the animal roommate and has a coffee pot anecdote to ask if she was in the wrong.


Adam is bringing up his old roommate who smashes all the dishes and also kept his tooth in a water bottle in the fridge, Alison is asking what was up with the dishes story.

Adam is explaining the difference between Jimmy’s moms and how he was raised compared to how he correctly assumes Kanye was raised.

Adam is now sharing the “Briefcase Joe” story.


2nd Story is about the 15th anniversary of Google.

Adam is bringing up how Joe Namath might have been guesting on the show coming up and his sobriety.

Adam is now shocking everyone by sharing how it was a decade ago in 2003 when Joe had that “I want to kiss you” clip that caused all the controversy.

BB is now playing the clip and Alison is asking Adam about his signs of drunkenness and he just invented Siri’s whore sister “Slurri”.


3rd Story is on a new study that states when the sexes typically give up trying to look attractive, Alison brought up Adam’s free jackets and ties from O’Reilly and he’s joking about his inability to even knot a tie.

Adam is bringing up how he doesn’t do any pubic grooming to avoid suspicion of an affair and how he’s going to be in Chicago on his anniversary.


4th Story is on a woman who made her boyfriend a sandwich and was told she was 300 more away from a proposal.

Alison is remarking on the guy from the story, he’s a mix of Eric from True Blood and Buffalo Bill according to Adam and A-Roe.

Alison’s is bringing up how the woman turned this challenge into a blog and Adam is declaring his distaste for the waste of time and his own pan of lasagna variant for Lynette.


Adam is now riffing about how guys suddenly no longer love to give massages after getting laid and Alison is sharing her own anecdote.

Adam is riffing about everything being protracted bit of foreplay before a guy sleeps with a woman, hilarious examples of the events that qualify.


Adam is bringing up how he discussed the novelty birthday candles the last time he guest on the Late Show with David Letterman, his best version of this was the 2004 Will Arnett Loveline.

Adam is joking about TB covered phlegm cake and how lasagna wouldn’t be accepted with the same spittle all over it.

Adam is bringing up the east coast road trip with Mike August and Mike Lynch, where everyone pitched them on the rich pageantry of the fall, how people claim that 3 weeks earlier or later is not a kind thing to tell a visitor who may never return.


Adam is riffing with Alison and has a great portal into the future with a Re-Animator twist to really drive his point home and Alison is doing a great job arguing Adam’s position against Adam’s role as this evil “rub it in” foliage guy.

Adam just invented “Free Taco Monday” his own version of this type of travel guilt trip.


5th Story is on a family who were hit by a running deer in their car, Adam is stating how deer are dumb and has a great hypothetical about deer’s playing fetch with Frisbee.

Adam is bringing up how he came home to find a deer outside his home a few years back with the twins.

Adam is now riffing from the POV of a deer or horse regarding the more humane option being a bullet to the brain over a broken leg, Alison is connecting this to neutering pets and Adam has a great series of comments regarding this.


Adam is connecting the likelihood of killing an injured animal to the suicide rate of cops, he’s citing the Rams Super Bowl loss and Stephanie his first girlfriend breaking his heart.

Alison is complimenting and simultaneously sounding Adam’s impulsive side, Adam has a funny delivery of his reply.

Alison is mocking the idea of spending time outdoors and how it seems to be the most popular pastime of all online dating profiles.


Adam and Alison are now in another improv scenario trying to lure Adam to the beach and he’s got a great callback to leather jogging pants/shorts and Kanye.


6th Story is on how 1 in 8 workers will never be able to retire worldwide, almost 20% in the United States.

Adam is now declaring retirement overrated and mocking daytime TV along with how it’s a death sentence for many people.

Adam is using Dick Clark to make his point and Alison is bringing up some more facts to even things out.


Adam and Dawson present the “Henter Adam” Legal Zoom live read.

Adam is wrapping the show.