Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/24/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 275

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/24/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 275

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 09-22-2015 – Release Date 09-24-2015

Production Number #275 – Terrible Threes

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Adam opens the first of two episodes with a refreshed cadence and says he’s hoarse after his experience at The Foo Fighters concert from last night.

Adam says it’s so weird, he then transitions to how he turns his phone off and comments on the texts he’s getting during the concert asking him to ask Pat for more tickets for when they come back through in Anaheim later this year.

Adam explains he brought Kevin Hench over Lynette, he shares her reaction to him going vs. how man she’s gone to, Adam has a funny line about counting concerts on his one toe and then he crushes Gary in the booth with a Jason Pierre-Paul one liner.


Adam is telling Drew about Dave Grohl’s rock and roll throne, something better in its own way, Adam gets to be the guy who saw him on the throne tour, something unique.

Drew is riffing with Adam about repeating the amount of people in attendance for famous events, Adam is commenting on how doctors are so cavalier with telling people they cannot continue their favorite activity or passion after an injury involved with said events.

Adam is saying you can’t tell Dave he’s going to not be able to fulfill his rock and roll commitments, Adam brings up running into Dave’s mom and making sure to asking her about her daughter as well, Drew brings up the father of one of the dancers from when Gwen Stefani was co-opting Japanese culture for fashion or whatever, the Harajuku girls.


Adam is trying to respect some privacy and gets to the Loveline annals with the 2nd Dave Grohl Incident.

Adam is about to get to the “Dave Grohl Incident” and possibly tell a new one, but he always forgets about this first incident from 1997.

It’s unclear if this episode aired in the CLL feed, Loveline – 1997-03-xx (No Guest, Dave Grohl Incident 1) where Adam apparently didn’t pay proper attention to Louise Post (repeat Loveline guest with her band Veruca Salt) when he was greeting her boyfriend Dave, Adam didn’t immediately recognize her and she took offense which led to some friction.


Then again in 2003, Adam was going by Dave Grohl’s sister’s house to say hello, his sister lived in Adam’s neighborhood which lead to this “Adam says that Dave is pissed off at him for knocking on his door, being greeted by Dave’s fiancé and then later explaining to Dave that a floozy answered the door. He didn’t know that it was his fiancé.”


Dave did come back for WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16, 2003 – GUEST: FOO FIGHTERS • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW where he recounted his version of events and then Adam publicly apologized.

Then Dave came back again for THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2005 – GUEST: FOO FIGHTERS • HOST: ADAM, DR. MARCEL so clearly any remaining hatchets had been buried by then.


Adam is now singing the praises of the rest of the Foo Fighters and how like Dave is the wrong guy to tell that “you’re not feeling it today” and explains how much he brings it for the audience, he will not let them be let down, a healthy combination of ego and not wanting people to waste their money.


Drew is doing a ‘Last Man on Earth’ Live Read

Adam cites ‘Omega man’ and explains how enthralled he is in the concept of having free reign over the world without the rules and people to stop him, he brings up Heston playing chess with Caesar.


Drew says Adam’s affect the last 6 weeks has been angry and off, he wants to know why and asks with the movie and lawsuit stuff out of the way why that is.

Adam says he’s most irritated at his earliest gig, I was right.

Adam says he does the rest of the podcasts at his own terms, not this show.

Adam says that Drew’s schedule requires them to record earlier in the day and he says that 2/3rd of what they’ve been experiencing is his early call time and traffic experience after being rousted awake.

Adam brings up the aggravation with moving.


Drew just offer to adjust the recording time, WTF!?

That will solve this, just change the time, do it!

Adam is talking about moving and the death of his dog, Adam is explaining his dog’s half a tennis ball sized ass tumor.

Adam talks about leaving Molly outside for when people were touring the house, Adam explains how Lynette was objecting to Molly being outside because of the symbolism.

Adam says her bed was more expensive than his.


Drew is doing a Bulletproof Coffee Live Read

Adam and Drew don’t measure it, don’t measure shit edition

Don’t use an & in the offer code, it needs “Adam and Drew”


1st Caller Paul, he’s calling about his recent dating experience and he wants to know the “why” to explain things, Adam is blaming the movies and explains the way things work in reality in contrast.

The things you used to do, the events you used to attend and the places you used to eat, not everywhere raped you with a mop handle, sometimes things just don’t continue.

Drew is offering up some practical advice and Adam talks about asking the cute chick out from your class.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


2nd Caller Caden, Canan?

He’s calling about his 3yr old and Drew explains how three is the problem, it’s the terrible threes.

Pronounce it terrible like Dr. Bruce and it could be Turrible Threes.

Drew recommends ‘Time Out For Toddlers’ and Adam is convinced he could create a periodical with “be a great mother everyday” as the title and would get 100k subscribers who just want it for vanity sake, to send a message to guests.


Hilarious “my first Garden” line from Adam, Adam talks about seeing the magazines floating around the house, he’s just never seen them used or looked at.

Adam says he’s not a taskmaster nor is he able to look at what is working and compliment that, Adam says his wiring is always set up for what’s on the horizon.

Adam talks about the upside to his shark like momentum to accomplishing tasks, Adam explains how the glass Pyrex plate was missing from the large microwave he has.


Adam says for Olga and Lynette it was their lot in life to not have this, Adam says this was lost in the previous move a year ago.

Adam explains people thing they are better than they are and how you can’t recall your own coded initials for items in the boxes you packed 3 days ago.

Adam has a great BBQ and sunglasses analogy, Adam says what is, is, for most people.


Adam talks about people tuning out planes flying overhead when living under flight paths, Adam says a lost loved one or limb requires one to tune things out.

Drew tries to float a theory and Adam shoots it down, Adam says a $150 isn’t a financial burden and he talks about not having the same energy or pressure for his kids.

Adam talks about asking his kids to be a bit quieter for someone else’s sake and asks how he can have such patience and kindness for his kids if he’s such a taskmaster.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam thinks he’s so lenient and kind with the kids is due to their innocence and how they’re off the hook due to their age and society.

Adam hates people who live off the system and others, he doesn’t like weak people who game the system, and he doesn’t like the person who takes up two parking spaced to avoid their car getting damaged.


3rd Caller Frank, he says they gave him some practical advice a couple years back and helped him get back on his feet.

Frank is telling them about his dread and shares the details of a job offer he was presented, Adam is telling him that they’re not there and not able to process the pros and cons, he’s telling people to master their own internal level to be able to figure this shit out on their own.

Adam is talking about the 3 days he no showed for work, he sat at home at 08:30pm and watched ‘SportsCenter’ without thinking about it, like a serial killer.

Adam has made this decision, Adam tells him to trust it and do it, and Drew now asks if he can find a way to do both.


Adam asks Drew how man career regrets he has, funny noise in reply from Drew, Adam interrupts and takes it to a live read.


Adam is doing a Live Read for ‘Grandfathered’


Adam is giving out even more plugs, he’s wrapping up the show, great episode!