Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/19/2014 – Ivan Reitman

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Guest Ivan Reitman

Recorded 09-17-2014 – Release Date 09-19-2014

Production Number #1414

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Adam is now opening the 2nd of two recordings with Alison and BB both in studio, BB has a #TopDrop from yesterday and Ivan Reitman finally making his ACS debut after cancelling then running into Adam at the NFL network as discussed in ACS #1298.

Ivan and his time writing with Adam was also brought up on ACS #949 and ACS #1386

Ivan and Adam are now referencing the brilliant ‘Hot For Teacher’ script they sold to Ivan and wanted to star in, the precursor to ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’ and many other scripts that were at best unintentionally inspired by it as I assume it floated around the studio and may eyes saw it, hell I read one of the final drafts done and it was genius btw.

Adam is saying he remembers the script coming along nicely and recalls Ivan’s home the former (or next door?) residence to the Shaw of Iran, Adam describes the palatial estate as he did on Classic Loveline several times.


Adam jokes about the copy machine being in the bathroom, Ivan’s office was originally the fully mirrored bedroom of the wife, interesting …

Adam describes his post Loveline script doctoring sessions with Kimmel, he’s bringing up the reminders of Ivan’s past work to inspire them to work harder and trust him.

Adam brings up ‘Draft Day’ and the use of real teams, why they sent the script to the NFL and how they loved and didn’t ask for any changes, Adam mocks the team names of the ‘Any Given Sunday’ type football movies.


Ivan tells them about going to the MPAA appeal board and winning, Adam brings up the one fuck removal option for his movie, Ivan brings up the argument over “Motherfucker” and Adam mocks the FCC rules.

Ivan defends the MPAA as the best option, he explains how it works and why it keeps everyone else from laying off.

Adam asks him about his son, the successful Jason Reitman and Ivan tells them how his son had a personal evolution towards the arts from his initial medical ambitions.


Adam is now mocking the notion of Ivan being like a traditional Jewish father not working in show business, Adam takes it back to the “Proud Papa” element of the success his son has received.

He tells Adam about a moment on set with his son where they talked things out, Adam has a killer reaction mocking Ivan’s infamous “hard on you” descriptors, he then takes a moment for a genuine reaction to the parking lot breakthrough Ivan describes.

Ivan questions his sincerity, now he’s embracing his “guy that yells” status and Alison calls him out on it, it’s great.


Ivan tells them about his kids on set from a young age and Ivan is now telling Adam about his origins in filmmaking and he explains the Canadian content bump his first film ‘Orientation’ received, the precursor to ‘Animal House’.

Adam is now sharing his favorite scenes from ‘Animal House’ and the mustard scene with Belushi in particular, Ivan is now telling them about ‘Calendar Girls’ and Adam sets up a commercial live read, asking Ivan to conjure the heyday of comedy and standup, what era?

Adam has a great heavyweight boxing analogy and now asks for a theatrical era that was the best for comedy.


Adam is now doing a live read for Stamps.com


Ivan is now sharing his era of filmmaking, the small films aren’t made today and unknowns can’t lead a movie like they could in his early days.

Ivan now says he thinks that Adam and Jimmy would’ve been great starring in a comedy, he believed in them, then (why did he add the then?)

Ivan thinks Seth Rogen is now in his 40’s, he’s younger and Adam knows it, he’s only 32 and first guested on Loveline at 18.




Adam now goes back to ‘Draft Day’ and mentions how Kevin Costner is now his email buddy and sent a long rambling one, he jokes about him being “nutty” and Alison wants to know more, more than Adam will share.

Adam is talking about how great Kevin is with Ivan who agrees and also gets emails, Adam references the debacle at the veteran’s event, wounded warriors, something, and Adam didn’t seat the details.

Adam describes the husky old man who mocked Adam right after he wrapped his intro, Adam was stranding off stage getting chewed out by this old cunt.


Ivan wants to know what Adam did in reaction, he mocked himself for giving up his Sunday night to get his asshole chewed out and a new one apparently by said General Asshole, Adam is now bringing up his reply and joke about an intervention.

Adam says that every single person came up and apologized for the asshole, Adam got more uncomfortable the whole night as people apologized for him.

You can hear about it here ACS #1228

Adam brings up ACS #75 (feat. Francis Ford Coppola) while talking about the process of Ivan making Draft Day and how he makes movies in this era.


Adam uses Ivan’s movie to launch into a Draft Kings Live read with a Dave Meggett riff with BB.


Adam jokes about Ivan’s palatial theater that’s now been rendered obsolete by digital technology and Ivan laments his few events using it, Adam mocks the expense to run the screenings.

Ivan recalls the last night he had Adam and Jimmy over was on 9/12 2001, Adam did Loveline that night from 10pm – 12am without commercials. Adam praises Ivan’s wife and her patriotism and what she did for everyone at Ivan’s house that day, Ivan thanks and praises her too.

“Yell at Jimmy and Adam Day”

Classic Loveline #1554 – WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2001 GUEST: NO GUEST • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW


BB shares his “The Show must go on” story from the same day about his taping for ‘Beat the Geeks’ the following day.

Adam is now asking Ivan about his current scripts sitting around, he explains how he picked the script for ‘Draft Day’ and he brings up why this movie was hard to put together.

Adam brings up the role that big studios still play in filmmaking, he thinks maybe it’s time they are past the era of the big studio, and Ivan tells him they’re still needed.


Adam is now adding Jennifer Garner to the list of hot chicks that women aren’t threatened by, up there with Jennifer Aniston, he elaborates and BB brings up ‘Ghostbusters’ as an early “tweener” and discusses the budget with Ivan.

Ivan is telling them about making ‘Ghostbusters’ and how it differs from filmmaking today, he tells them about meeting with Dan Aykroyd and taking a guess on the budget, he said 30 million and got an approval as long as he delivered by spring of 1984.

He tells them about not being able to use ILM due to ‘Temple of Doom’ which opened the week prior, Adam is now asking Ivan about Bill Murray and his elusive nature, he tells them about celebrating ‘Bill Murray Day’ with him in Toronto recently, their first Q&A together.


Ivan is now telling them about working with Bill at a time where he did have an agent and a manager and his secret cellphone, Adam thinks he’s a guy who doesn’t want to get caught up in the trappings of the Hollywood scene.

Adam is addressing the notion of Bill being trapped as himself, Ivan brings up a recent movie and how he was able to escape his persona and entertain the audience.

Adam has a great “turnabout is fair play” reply to Ivan who is commenting on the difficulty for him to answer these broad esoteric questions.


Adam is now doing a live reads for Pella Windows.

Adam is now doing another plug for Draft Day, he once again plugs his writers before getting to the answer to Adam’s question about female driven comedy, and he cites the shift of women seeing movies more than men.

Adam jokes about “Full Lesbo” with Ivan and they’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break.

Adam puts “Blah, Blah Blog” on the back burner and Ivan is telling them about moving on from the 3rd “Ghostbusters” movie and his emotional state after the funeral of Harold Ramis, Adam says he seemed liked a real decent guy.

Ivan says he wouldn’t have the success he’s had without Harold and Bill Murray, BB cites ‘Groundhog Day’ and how Harold was the only guy not hired on a sketch show after the ‘National Lampoon Show” stage production he worked on with him, he brings up how he brought in Harold Ramis for ‘Stripes’ and Ivan says he only starred in 3 movies and he directed them all.


Adam jokes about him being held back by his own name and praises his work in ‘Knocked Up’ and Adam is now asking about the role that Rick Moranis eventually was cast in after John Candy turned it down.

Ivan brings up how cast Sigourney Weaver in the movie after predicting another young actresses stardom.

Adam is now asking Ivan to think about the notion of too much time in a production, how people start gnawing on their own tales, in response to the information about the short production schedule for ‘Ghostbusters’ due to its set release date.


Adam does a live read for Legal Zoom


Adam is now telling them about a writers lab at ‘The Groundlings’ and how they only had 10 minutes to whip up a monologue and despite the protesting many of them ended up very strong.

Ivan says everything would have ended up like the unmade 3rd movie and Ivan is now sharing how they worked over and over on the script for ‘Hot for Teacher’ and how most of his scripts that actually get made seem to have a life of their own and an almost predetermined momentum.

Adam is now explaining your joke vs. my joke and why punch ups don’t always work in the studio system, instead of assigning a number, let auteurs make their art.

Adam rants against art by committee (the concept not the book) for a few moments.


Alison’s News

1st Story is on the D.A. passing the Tony Stewart charges to a Grand Jury, she explains they could have thrown it out.

Ivan is now weighing in and says this a common occurrence, Adam is now asking what the inference is, that he did it on purpose?

Adam is now asking about the bygone “Shit happens” era and the dangerous moves made by the now deceased young man.


Adam shares how people ask him about his take on the Tony Stewart case, he jokes about racing a bit and has another funny riff.


2nd Story is on John Travolta addressing the gay rumors, Alison reads his quote After Adam’s hilarious band joke, he’s now got a solid Lance Bass follow up joke and cites making his wife laugh while asking for Lance’s ‘People Magazine’ cover.

Adam references “The New Face of Al Qaeda” punchline he used to make Lynette laugh.

Adam cites David Faustino and how he has no gay rumors, he’s addressing all the angles and how none of these guys have rumors swirling around about them.

Ivan wants to know why this conversation is even interesting and BB throws Alison under the bus, Adam quickly follows and quote his own “Fruit Fly” term.


Adam is now addressing the “I think this” moment people have before they can move, he’s addressing people lying to the public, nobody cares really, and they just want the truth, to calibrate their gay divining rods as it were.

Adam is now asking when it turned out to be 100% false, Alison brings up the Richard Gere gerbil urban legend and her disbelief, and she then addresses Adam’s theory on why it’s true.

Adam has shared this at best 1-2 times on air, somehow this is remembered?

Adam is told by Ivan that it’s nutty thinking and is now asking if Cindy Crawford’s exes all have a gerbil history, hilarious back and forth between Adam and BB.


Alison wraps the news.


Adam is now doing a Lifelock live read.

Adam wraps up with Ivan and invites him, his son and his other kids to come on the show, BB has a nice comment about the work of the very talented Catherine Reitman.

BB plays Adam’s “Oh Yes!” drop, odd choice.