Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/14/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 175

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/14/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 175

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 09-09-2014 – Release Date 09-14-2014

Production Number #1745– Guest host Mindy Sterling

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Drew asks for his Music ‘T-Rex’ and their song ‘Bang a Gong’ and tells Chris to remind him to play it for Adam when he comes back, once again that’s not why Adam likes the song.

Gary got it right last show, it’s the phrase, the lyrics of a ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’ song that Adam liked and used as a Karaoke staple as well as played on Classic Loveline.

Drew brings up ‘Austin Powers’ and is now talking about ‘Legit!’ and Gary mocks the cameo Drew made in season 2.


Gary is helping Drew figure out how he got into the work of Jim Jefferies, Drew marvels at the episodes he’s done for his own podcast.

Dr. Drew Podcast #026: Jim Jefferies

Drew is now bringing up the show ‘Louie’ and his love for Pamela Adlon, they’re now playing her classic Loveline drops.

Adam and Drew Podcast #034: Pamela Adlon

Mindy and Drew are now talking about ‘Louie’ and Drew shares the knock knock jokes bit from the episode, the same one he told Drew about.


Who didn’t let the gorilla into the ballet? From ‘Louie’ and they’re now praise the work for Sara Baker on the show, during the fat girl episode.

Mindy is praising the show ‘Nurse Jackie’ and says she also loves ‘Veep’ and Drew brings up Matt Walsh, he’s a founder of the UCB and neither Mindy nor Drew knows that.

Mindy is talking about ‘The Leftovers’ and Drew is unsure what the point is, Mindy is now Halle Berry’s new show and Drew praises ‘The Knick’ and now he’s explaining it in full to Mindy.


Mindy is now asking Drew what compels him in TV content, Mindy is now going off on reality TV and Drew shares his offers for reality shows about his home life.

Drew is now explaining how the reality TV stars are pressured into creating story lines for themselves by the meddling producers and they go into schadenfreude.

Drew shares his love for Amy Schumer’s show and Mindy is telling them about her love for ‘Bates Motel’ and now Drew is asking about teaching young people, does she see a difference in this generation.


Mindy is now describing a ‘Groundlings’ show to Drew and what one can take from their time with the company, how sketch writing leads to so many other things.

Drew is now bringing up the Woody Allen documentary and his time in the Catskills writing a comedic play per week, 3 summers in a row.

Drew is now asking her again about teaching, he shares his own struggle with med students and the break he took due to the generation he didn’t want to teach, and then how he was lead back with a new wave of addiction medicine students.


They reference Adam’s time at ‘The Groundlings’ and Drew asks Mindy about telling people to leave or give up who don’t make it into the program.

She says it’s therapeutic and how you can see what’s going on with people who attend classes, she says people will open up to her about their problems.

Mindy is asking Drew about the last time he cried and he reveals it was with Kathy Griffin while talking about the effect and legacy of Joan Rivers.


Drew explains how he did a “3 year closure” to process leaving therapy, Mindy shares how she goes back when she feels blocked by an issue and Drew is fantasizing about going into deep analysis.

They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break.

Drew is once again playing the ‘T-Rex’ song, sigh.

Drew explains the documentary Adam is making about Paul Newman’s racing career and Chris gets on mic to explain how his racing career was far more important to him than his acting work.


Chris says the picture is locked and Drew jokes about taking a picture next to the cigar store Indian at Disneyland, referencing the Classic Loveline joke.


Adam is now asking Mindy about her talents, she says she’s not a writer and she can’t work without being in a team, she does better.

Drew shares the “He Channeling” something observation and impression Bobcat Goldthwait had about Adam Carolla, and why he likes to watch and direct him.


1st Caller Hayden is about to move in with a co-worker, a female he’s not dating and wants to know about the ground rules for having the opposite sex over.

Mindy and Drew are busting his balls about trying to hook up with her, he seems adamant that he’s now into her.

Drew tells him to have that conversation with her to figure out the game plan, Drew does another lap and is confused why Hayden doesn’t want to have sex with this gal again, Drew gives Hayden is typical goodbye for women callers.


Mindy is now talking about the call, referencing what happens when people get high and drunk and are with the opposite sex.

Drew is calling out her son Max who is probably embarrassed at this point.

Mindy is sharing how things have evolved for her and her acting career, she loves film and single camera television.


Drew and Mindy are now discussing voice acting and Drew brings up his work on the show ‘My Gym Partner is a Monkey’ and his character Dr. Baboonski, they pulled the show off the air according to Drew.

Drew and Mindy are bringing up the subtly and skill of VO artists.


2nd Caller Brad, he has some bones to pick with Dr. Drew about his recent podcast with his guest, his urologist.

Drew plugs the prostate awareness month and Bret is now bringing up the radiation equipment bought by doctors and the possibility for them to be swayed by financial reasons.

Drew tells him that his point is well taken, he’s now “triggered” Drew to want to do another podcast about how to choose a good doctor.


Drew got Brad back on the line, he’s now doing another lap on why he was pushing for people to trust their doctors, using the instinct and expertise, not just knowledge.

Brad brings up the Da Vinci robot procedures and the lack of outcomes being improved in the stats, Drew calls it a marked improvement and tells him the data will show the truth, whatever that is.

Brad is bringing up their attempts to have a 3rd child, him and his wife.


Brad says the financial part is not an issue, but they want to jump ahead in the fertility process.

Drew is now going in depth on the struggle and motivational intensity women endure to get pregnant and have children, Mindy thanks the system for her ending up adopting her son.

Drew wraps up the show and thanks her for representing the show ‘Legit!’ and thanks her son Max as well!