Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/02/2014 – Rick Harrison, Live from Treasure Island Las Vegas

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Guest Rick Harrison, Live from Treasure Island Las Vegas

Recorded 08-29-2014 – Release Date 09-02-2014

Production Number #1401

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Adam is opening the show live from Treasure Island in Las Vegas with Rick making his 2nd appearance on the show, Adam is now asking about the scale in the casino hotel bathroom and the logic in keeping them when they don’t keep clocks on the Casino floor.

Adam is setting up Rick’s joke, Adam told him to save it for the show, Rick is now telling it and it gets a decent reaction “you’re driving me nuts” and Alison has a killer follow up and shares about Rick telling them about how he lost his virginity.

Adam is saying that guys lose 18 months when they tell the story of their 1st time, Men round down and women round up, the math eventually evens out.


Rick is sharing a summertime story of fucking a fat chick in the desert of Nevada and how his friend lost his virginity against a car seat.

Adam is asking Rick about his journey and how he ended up in Las Vegas and when the pawn shop 1st opened in 1988.

Adam is asking Rick how you get such a license, he is explaining how the state had to be prodded into issuing new licenses, Alison tells Rick to get closer to the mic for Dawson’s sake.


Rick is now telling the gang how ‘Pawn Stars’ came to be, he’s got a nicely compacted version of events with the producers at the History Channel and wraps it up.

Adam has a killer fake misunderstanding riff in reply showing off his acting chops on multiple levels.


What Can’t Adam Complain About

1st Topic – Adam has a great padded stool joke mocking Alison’s bra, she adds to it and improves the joke, and BB adds some punch too.

Ryan wants Adam to complain about popcorn in movie theaters (fucking popcorn in movie theaters) and Adam is now riffing about angel farts aka Popcorn and how they reach for the sloppy seconds’ stuff that’s too salty while the fresh stuff is popping away.

Adam says that you know the fake butter stuff is cancer causing and free to them because of their “oh help yourself” policy.

Adam is sharing the pro tip of mixing M&M’s into popcorn, Bill Simmons claims to have invented it and Adam argues that a stoner from the 1940’s must have found it first.


Adam is bringing up the yellow and white shades, he’s now riffing a popcorn mood ring of changing colors that display if it’s been buttered or salted.

Adam is joking that popcorn at the theater is more expensive than cocaine, Adam is bringing up the dietary concerns and how popcorn never fills you up despite the high calorie and carb count.

Adam just destroyed this one, Ryan is now trying to add to this rant and Adam is telling him how this game works and yelling back at him and Rick take.


2nd Topic from Bridgette – Glory Holes, Rick tries to call Adam out on using them and he uses perfect logic about Rick’s business and expertise to prove his point, to great reaction from the crowd.

Adam is now bringing up the show ‘Naked Dating’ and how insane it is, he says that as a camera man it must be the best job around and Adam is explaining the show, he says it’s not a realistic accounting of men’s penis sizes as no guy with a tiny dong is going to sign up.

Adam is now riffing about the cameraman union hall and taking it back to the topic, Adam is now explaining how there is now a porn genre based on the concept.


Adam says he would need a reduction in the wall size, joking about a sheer plastic he could bend his body into, Adam is now riffing about triple stacking plywood on the other end of a glory hole to make fun of the dude.

Alison’s reactions to Adam’s medium not that girthy penis revelations is always priceless, Adam is riffing about cigarette lighters and all kinds of pranks he would pull on dudes, hilarious “Ray wiping his mouth” one liner and he wraps up, Ace awards 2014 material.


3rd Topic Evan wants Adam to complain about Roundabouts and Alison is once again the only one who remembers this just came up on the show during their long beach live show.

Adam is now explaining how deadly the combinations of traffic and beers is and wants an ice bucket challenge for traffic, it’s a disease that affects us all.

Adam is now telling them about driving from La Palma and how it drove him insane, what about the healthy people who are stuck in their jaguars.


Adam is now asking Rick about the BB stuck in his head, Rick is telling them about a BB gun war as a child that left the equivalent of a chest burster from a Xenomorph in Adam’s analogy.

Adam is now riffing about when doctors think it is or is not a good idea/time to get things removed, Adam claims to not know gay slang, and BB has a funny correcting reply.

Rick is telling them about riding a Quad and pulling some sick tail whips off of jumps and shares how he got his son his first motorcycle at 8, now he says 6.


Adam is explain that the problem with the throttle is that it goes in the wrong direction, it should go the other way instead.

Adam is sharing how he took his kids to see ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and it was hard to tell how good it was as the only row that was open was the front row, Adam is describing a terrible viewing experience.

Adam couldn’t tell the characters apart, great… Adam continues his streak of only halfheartedly supporting the careers of their best and most successful guests.


Adam is now sharing his reactions to trailers, forgetting the movie he is seeing and getting his pussy wet for the upcoming releases.


4th Topic Shannon wants Adam to complain about free drinks and Adam uses his kids abundance of food compared to his deprivation as a kid to make a point about how it has affected him psychologically, the mindset of a crazed poor person who is constantly hungry, except he’s rich and fat.

Adam is sharing how he had a celebratory high five with Olga about all of the leftovers getting cleared out of his fridge.

“My mom was like the Euell Gibbons of North Hollywood” – Adam


Adam is now riffing about Euell and the old commercial of him telling you to eat a fucking pine cone, Adam is now riffing about nature guys dying long before alcoholics and uses Frank Sinatra to make his point.

BB is bringing up Rick’s smoker’s laugh and wants to know how long it took him to cultivate, Adam is sharing how he loves the sight of cigarette butts on the floor of the elevator, Adam misses the days of ashtrays in elevators and everything had an ashtray bolted into it.

Ricks references the bygone smoking section on airplanes, echoing Adam’s rants about the concept over the years.

Adam is trying to get Rick to rally and now Adam is sharing his theory on why people get injured on Quad’s way more often than bikes, the illusion of safety of the four wheels.


Totally Topical TiVo Trivia Today – Las Vegas edition


1st description “a Las Vegas mystery man offers a desperate couple…”

Adam is now riffing on this idea, calling the concept of the movie ‘Indecent Proposal’ and calls it a no brainer to pimp your wife out for 1 million bucks, Rick references the movie ‘Kingpin’ and the idea of Robert Redford as your John.


2nd description “Intent on Drinking Himself to dea…

Dawson checks the tape to confirm the point for Pete (Adam)


3rd description “a Parolee organizes a gang”


4th description “a wrongly convicted parolee”

BB steals it from Pete


5th description “Following a night of wild partying two strangers awake and find that they have married each other”

Alison screams to the heavens for the title that is eluding her, Adam calls BB just as guilty for thinking ‘The Hangover” and he gets very serious and competitive and steals this point too.

Adam calls out Alison for not cock blocking Bryan for him, she apologizes and says she’ll try harder.


6th description “A trucker takes his snooty son”

Adam gets the point for ‘Over The Top’ and riffs about movies about arm wrestling, Alison reveals she went on 2 ½ dates with said snooty son from that movie.

Adam has a killer Indian burns joke that Alison adds to nicely.


7th description “In town for a motorcycle race, a sports writer…”

BB kills it and takes the win, Adam is now bringing up Hunter S. Thompson and the concept of “half crazy” and how Hunter was full tard when it came to being an alcoholic.


Alison’s News

Adam tells the story of Jonathan Kimmel and his hallway running game, eyes closed and hands at their sides while drunk, John went first and made it 35 feet at full sprint until he split his forehead wide open.

BB asks about the rules of the game, Adam explains that he didn’t accompany John to the doctor to get his stiches and that’s another difference between men and women.


1st Story Is another airplane diversion story about someone getting angry about a reclining chair, Adam is now mocking people and the animal like nature we all have so close to the surface nowadays.

Adam is now saying they will have to be a cage in every plane like the mountain to Mohammed of bringing a judge and drunk tank into the basement of Eagles Stadium.

Adam is now bringing up ‘Con Air’ again and Alison jokes about modifying the overhead cabin and wants to know when it became not ok to recline your seat.


Alison is now afraid she’s going to get tackled and Adam came up with a great name for a dog, Peeve, your pet Peeve and now he’s riffing a “who’s on first” bit with Alison in perfect sequence along with him.


2nd Story Is an update on Joan Rivers and Adam is joking about her being the ‘Bionic Woman’ and Alison reads a quote from Melissa Rivers and brings up Joan’s husband killing himself and how women must take that personally one some level.

Adam is now ready for Joan to die and Alison hopes Joan never hears this episode.

“like I your gynecologist killed himself” – Adam, he’s riffing with Alison about this scenario and calls back bullets in people’s body with doctor’s unwilling to remove them.


3rd Story is on the marriage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Adam is now riffing about “Chateau Hairball” and it being a metaphor for Rick’s junk and he is now mocking these private ceremonies in France, he calls it the private ceremony capital of the world.

Alison is sharing the details about the 6 kids participating in the wedding and how he would make the kids set up the chairs if he was in her place, hilarious riff.

Adam is now asking if anyone has participated in a wedding of their parents.

Rick Harrison brings up his wedding band ‘Steel Panther’ and Adam is now recalling singing “Lick it up” with the band and he’s trying to discern who the band is.


Adam is trying to recall singing the song with them, they guested in May of 2010, there episode with be on ‘Adam Carolla 2010 Volume 2’ coming soon to iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

Adam is now telling them about participating in his dad’s 2nd wedding at Alison’s behest, Adam says he looked like Woody Allen with zits and riffs about the temporary timeframe where you are the same size physically as your father, Adam’s was at 13.

Alison explains how Brad Pitt said he wouldn’t get married until gay marriage was legal everywhere and Adam says if he wants to really do a favor to the gay community how about some gay porn, everyone seems to agree.


Adam and Alison are now riffing about the guys, do they want to see Brad give it or take it up the ass and Adam has a killer one liner and jokes about the honeymoon after years of common-law living.

Adam is now riffing about Brad Pitt seeing his dick not covered in pussy and how it must be so foreign and freaky to him.


4th Story Alison cites the Central Perk Café that will be a pop up shop in NYC, Alison is super stoked and cites the guest appearance by Gunther,  Adam predicts he will be short and curt, a little heavier and his hair will be not as bright.

Adam is now mocking the Batmobile up-close and what a piece of shit it is in real life, Adam brings up the ‘Wheel of Destiny’ on ‘The Man Show’ and he lists off the various items on the list, Jimmy was shocked to see how flimsy the Batmobile was in person.

Adam is once again telling the ‘Adam pees on your wallet’ story.


Rick is now setting up a story about pissing on a friend and now Adam is asking Alison if she’s peed on anyone and she tells them about peeing her pants, Adam is bringing up his daughter’s pee mishaps while walking with her as a younger kid.

Adam is now riffing about trying to aim his daughter and Alison says that women can’t control the stream and Adam calls it violent and she agrees.

Adam has a killer Brad and Angelina pee on each other misdirection closer.


5th Story is on a study that shows 1 in 3 relationships begins with a hook up, Alison is giving her take and the convential wisdom that often states the opposite.

Adam explains why some guys don’t go for women after a hook up or didn’t in times past, Alison is now speaking for herself and citing her own promiscuous periods.

Adam is now telling Alison about meeting the women in the “swear off the cock” periods of their lives, Alison wants to know how much a hook up effects how men look at a potential relationship and Adam is riffing about the “soft taco blowjob exchange era” we now find ourselves living in and he threatens to build a time machine to take advantage of it.


They’re riffing about sucking on titties with Rick, Alison shares her take on how the evolution of “getting action” leads women into unhealthy patterns of exchanging sometimes false intimacy for other purposes in a complicated and damaging manipulation cycle.

Adam is now riffing about Rick meeting a wounded solider and brings up meeting the man who inspired the story behind ‘Lone Survivor.’


6th Story is on wine consumption, women drink more wine per year but men spend more money on it, Adam is now bringing up women dirking white wine during the day and getting away with what anyone else couldn’t get away with, with any other beverage.

Adam has a killer white privilege riff in reply and now Alison and BB are weighing in with their theories and now Adam is sharing his horribly sexist theory saying that his wife has less on her plate during the day and can get away with doing this kind of thing.

Adam is talking about how women spend their lives being encouraged to drink more and men spend their time being told to drink less.


7th Story as demanded by Adam, It’s about the date rape drug detecting nail polish, Alison explains the premise and Adam has a killer riff.

Alison explains how it works and now Adam is saying this is “cunt check time” when you need this, where are you hanging out and who are you hanging out with, Adam is now sharing how the average Roofie story would go on Loveline, typically it was just binge drinking and alcohol abuse.

Adam is now asking if roofies are going to be our kids Quaaludes and Adam is joking about super low self-esteem guy who beats off after drugging himself, Alison asks about the fate of Quaaludes and Alison wraps up the news.


Adam is now doing a live read for Draft Kings

Adam calls BB “Bald” singular like Dameshek and now they’re crushing this read.

Adam plugs Alison’s show and Rick’s podcast as well, Rick is now giving out some more plugs with super rushed Oscar speech voice and Adam is mocking his 28 plugs.

Adam references the Oscars, great minds!