Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/30/2013 – Schmoes Know and Mario Joyner

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Guest Schmoes Know and Mario Joyner

Recorded 08-29-2013 – Release Date 08-30-2013

Production Number #1154

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Adam is opening the show with a huge reveal that he spoke to a therapist for the first time in about 5 years, he’s sharing what he told her about how he likes to look down upon the valley houses he and his wife grew up in and comment on how he never wants to end up like that again.

Adam is now on an extended working outdoors doing construction and how uncomfortable it makes you feel, Adam’s description is harrowing.

Adam is now sharing how his discomfort laboring in the hot sun became a “literal fire” burning under his ass/in his belly.


Adam is now commenting on the fast food workers strike and he’s explaining why one is not supposed to be comfortable and how settling for a life of minimum wage is not the route you want to head in.

Alison is now chiming in with a great “Alice” reference and BB even apologizes for his questioning drop work.

Adam is now working his rent control argument into the mix to further make his point about discomfort and its role in your evolution as a human being.


Adam is now sharing how if he could have worked his way into a Carpenter’s union he would have bought a small place and settled for a different life.

BB has a great point about ambition and its connection to discomfort and poverty, Adam agrees and he’s now riffing about Molly and her gas/heat exchange.

Adam is now explaining how he found his way out of therapy in 2008 during his “Dancing With The Stars” run and how by doing the “Adam and Drew Show” with Dr. Drew has now convinced him to explore therapy again.


Alison is now chiming in agreeing with Adam’s point about Drew finding crazy in everyone, Adam is comparing him to a brake mechanic and giving the typical riff.

Adam is explaining that they were supposed to do an EMDR session after discussing it on air with Dr. Drew and Lynette discussing it on air with Drew and the therapist too.

BB is once again asking for someone to explain EMDR to him and Alison is giving an almost expert explanation of all the elements of the therapy and possible critiques.


Adam is saying he’s going to be trying out the EMDR next week, very interesting!

Adam is now describing his thought as a seagull sitting on the ledge of a dumpster when describing his take on the topic of homework, he’s now totally railing against the idea of 8hrs not being enough time to teach kids.

Adam is sharing how his thought was even further galvanized on the edge of said proverbial dumpster.


Adam is now explaining how he was working on the homework, with Olga and the kids while Lynette was working.

Adam is explaining how easy it would be to eliminate the chasm between the haves and the have not’s, he’s saying if they were to do away with homework the kids without involved parents wouldn’t suffer the current disadvantage.

As a last generation latch key kid who never had a desk nor a light in his bedroom, when he had a bedroom I can honestly say I would’ve have gone much further in school without that study gap, this is mind blowing.


Adam is using a focused dad at the batting cage to make a great analogy to his idea and he’s now sharing his work with Sonny teaching him capitalization rules.

Adam is explaining how he wasn’t aware of the name “Declan” and how it baffled both him and Olga, Adam read it as “De Clan” (Da Klan).

Adam is now predicting that name could become an actual name at some point and he’s telling them about how he had to utilize google to solve that name puzzle.


Adam has a killer riff about what he’s not suggesting in place of homework, he does allow for video game time and sports oddly enough.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Alex and Adam has a super rare off mic sneeze, Alex is a huge fart fan and likes to hotbox his work cubicle, he’s telling them about his smelly butt cushion.

Adam is telling him to make a tea out of it, he’s joking about his own processes with his fart filled ass pillows and he’s now telling Alex about the charcoal pillows he could use to be courteous to his coworkers.

Alex has now got Adam on a “Manpons” riff and he’s explaining how Jimmy got into a deep discussion about acting and now Adam is bringing up another classic “Man Show” Commercial parody.


They’re now playing the “Manpons” commercial and Adam is telling BB about the backwards cap and why it was chosen as an almost Meta joke commenting on what would happen in a real world spot.


2nd Caller Kyle wants to “suffer” through a live read due to his unorthodox phone greeting.

Kyle wants to know why he doesn’t get along with Adam because he’s Muslim, Kyle is now explaining his POV.

Adam is now citing how tolerant most Americans are by and large.


Adam is now bringing up how “breed discrimination” was brought up to him regarding different types of dogs and he’s explaining that he would choose the Labrador over the Rottweiler when choosing his side of the road to walk with his kids.

Adam is now asking Kyle if he feels discriminated as a Muslim in America and Adam is now bringing up his “some people are just assholes” theory citing all of his horrible mistreatment throughout the years and how someone else could see it as racism.

Adam has a killer point about his former cunt neighbor who tortured him, the infamous packing peanuts story.


Adam has a killer one liner about Kyle’s kid making noise and now Adam is asking him if he knows anyone who was harmed from his mosque and he can only cite a cab driver who was robbed in the ATL.

Adam is on a killer “It’s better than where you are from, that’s why you’re hear” riff.

Adam is now busting out a live read while the Schmoes enter the studio for their 10th visit to the podcast.


Adam is now thanking the Schmoes for finally giving their review of “The Hammer” and putting him over the edge for “Certified Fresh” when it comes to the number of total reviews.

Adam is explaining the rules and how the content of the review wasn’t as important as just having it written.

Adam is sharing his feeling/theory about being given a script, CD or DVD and how he always knows it’s going to suck and will intentionally not watch it to avoid the experience and why lying is easier in this situation.


Adam is asking the Schmoes about the possibility of a “Wonder Woman” movie and answering some of BB’s basic questions, Adam has a killer “Howard’s End” joke.

Adam is sharing why charging a dollar to attend the old college live shows he did with Drew would result in a better audience than giving it away free to the students.

Adam is now asking the guys about “Gravity” and they’re calling it “Open Water in Space” while praising the great director.


Adam is saying that barebones movies with single set pieces often have to be well made and the Schmoes are now weighing in.

They’re now discussing “Enders Game” and the controversy surrounding the author.

Adam is now mocking Harrison Ford’s earring and the Schmoes are giving their take.


They’re digging into the “Wolf of Wall Street” and everyone is giving their take on the movie season, BB is sharing his own experiences with Baldywood.

Adam is asking them about “Anchorman 2” and BB is giving his tempered expectations, Adam is explaining why he doesn’t like sequels and sampling in music, he’s calling it the opposite of art.

Adam’s got a great “Whistlers Mother” joke and Alison has a nice reaction.


They’re discussing “This is 40” and giving their take on the running time along with Graham Parker’s involvement.

Adam is in defense of Judd and his nuance and has a killer Jackson Brown one liner.

Adam is now asking the guys to give their most anticipated movies the fall and he’s wrapping up their segment.


Adam is welcoming Mario to the show for his debut visit and he’s responding to the listener voicemail that brought them back from break.

Adam is explaining his knowledge of the Hollywood Sign and his first home that was part of the gated community.

Adam is sharing how he was visited by a 90 year old woman who grew up in his old home, he’s got a killer twist describing what happened during her visit.


Adam is asking Mario about his Kickstarter project and the premise of the film, the budget and he’s going super in depth.

Adam is asking Mario about his experiences on the road opening theaters for Seinfeld and Chris Rock.

Adam is asking Mario about etiquette as an opener and the changes he has to make to his act/style in order to make it work with the other comics.


Adam is now using the story of “Meat” to ask Mario if he’s ever experienced something like this, Alison is now recalling the time he showed up for the podcast taping as well.

Adam is telling the full story and now BB is asking him about his “History will not be kind to this decision” regarding his dual co-hosting duties with Rikki Rachtman.

Mario is now weighing in and giving his own tale from road, Adam says the blackest club he ever played was probably the Houston Improv.


They’re now discussing the Houston Improv and he’s describing buildings that start as one thing and end up being repurposed into comedy clubs.

He’s referencing the Kirkland “Laughs” when he describes the former pizza restaurant and the club in Houston seemed to be a former rain forest café of some kind.


Alison’s News

She is now telling Adam about a stunt Ray pulled at Amalfi last night, where he pointed at a man and labeled him the “Male version of Alison” and now Alison is quoting Doug’s replies and has a great bit of drop work for BB to source.

Adam is bringing up his Gentle Ben Era Clint Howard compliment for Cousin Sal’s son and even Mario knows Adam needs to clarify that compliment.

Adam doesn’t even know where to begin while trying to breakdown the antics of Ray, he’s citing Ray’s mom’s friend and reveals the name of her son Nicanor.


Adam is citing some great rare Ray moments of rudeness, Adam is explaining how when he’s around anyone overweight you have to say a silent prayer he doesn’t do anything to ruin the interaction.

They’re now joking about his interaction with Les, Adam’s car guy and now Alison and the gang are pondering the reaction of the fan in the audience, interesting!

Adam is telling the other Kathy story, the time Ray put his cock in her ear mid phone call.


Her top story is on the striking fast food employees, Adam is now commenting on the union employees that have been identified in the protests.

They’re now discussing the Hollywood writers and commercial actor’s strikes, Mario seems to agree with Adam’s “Get another job” reply to the commercial actors.

They’re discussing the nature of a minimum wage and all of its implications, Adam has an interesting logic regarding hourly pay and how certain low wages would never be accepted by even the most unskilled worker.

They’re riffing about the Dyson guy and wrapping up the story.


2nd Story is on a new theory finding that people in more expensive cars stopped less often for pedestrians compared to people driving less expensive vehicles.

Mario has an interesting question regarding Prius drivers and their statistics, Adam is now telling the gang about driving the 10 freeway into Loveline with Drew each night.

Adam is giving his take on the drivers who don’t stop and how it might not be due their narcissism or ego but could be due to their limited schedules and time commitments.


Alison gets Adam to admit some of the people driving the fancy cars are definitely entitled and Mario is now giving his take as a Mini owner.

Adam is also blaming the impunity of insurance and wealth, he’s got a racecar without a helmet and roll bar analogy that makes a lot of sense.


Alison is now wrapping the news to a great new drop, Adam is commenting on how women can have their night, day and week ruined from comments like Ray directed at Alison.

Adam is contrasting that to the average man’s reaction to the same type of words and now Adam is launching into a live read.


Adam is giving appropriate plugs and wrapping the show.