Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/29/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 401

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/29/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 401

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 08-26-2016 – Release Date 08-29-2016

Production Number #401 – Phil the Tank

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Adam and Drew have a blurred intro and they remark on Phil being in the house, Adam says he’s getting thick now and Gary says he’s a tank, Adam says everyone now just slaps Phil now, he’s like a horse.

Adam says he’s enjoying himself and he says his biggest problem with Phil is that he likes to go into the pool at night and circles back to the deck all sopping wet, he punches the glass door, to the point where Adam thinks he might break the door.

Adam says the thing that’s great as every Hispanic person he’s been around has been able to whistle loudly, the finger in the mouth is the white man’s folly, it spreads disease.


Adam says Olga can make him shut up with a whistle, Adam just shouts “hey you can’t come in here, the carpet” and he says Phil just tried to power his way into the studio and Drew lets him in.

Adam is talking about how other cultures treat dogs and Adam gives Phil the mic to say hi, hilarious!

Adam is describing how Phil tries to take territory like Napoleon each night, knocking him out of bed and Adam decided to pack him up and take him with for the day, Adam says Phil knows what’s effective and Drew compliments Phil’s training.


Great Clips


1st Caller Mike, he’s calling about his neighbor who has some kind of mysterious IBS type condition, Adam asks if there are more gay people now or if more people are just willing to talk about it akin to the IBS conditions.

Adam says women never talked about their burning buttholes in the past, Mike says this neighbor smokes a ton of weed and seems to be depressed, he talks about how the kid pushes back against his advice.

Adam asks how they worked up the guy’s condition, Mike has a lot of details and tells them about this guy and his parents, Adam says 19 is the worst age ever for a male and brings up how 19-year-old women have something men simply don’t, nobody wants to bang you.


Adam says his worst year was 19, he was living in his dad’s garage and he had horribly unclear thoughts and no worth/value.


Adam talks about the rough patch where his stepmom wasn’t getting along with Jim and didn’t’ seem to care for Adam much, Adam is now talking about how his sister was pre-ruined by her own mother and how hard it was for the stepmom to deal with her.

Drew says it’s amazing Adam’s sister made it out and Adam says he was a good kid and he only became a dick very recently, he wasn’t depressed nor irritable, he was an extrovert and fun.

Adam says he wouldn’t burden people with his mood and he talks about the chronical issue at play that goes beyond Crohn’s disease.


Drew talks about pain and trauma, Adam says Mike is a good guy for taking him under his wing and he offers up some further advice for Mike.


2nd Caller Eric, he’s asking about hubris and wants to know their take on a situation, he brings up a woman who freaked out on someone working on home remodel in the backyard.

Adam shares how his neighbor reacted to Adam having crew people working on his home, the neighbor was yelling at the building inspector about his truck he then told her too bad it was legal and nobody could do anything about it.

Adam says theoretically you’re supposed to be at work in the middle of the day on a weekday, it’s about context.


Adam says he didn’t resolve this with the neighbor who was obsessed with cars, Adam says these people wield no power, that’s their problem.

Drew brings up Adam’s crazy old neighbor who was obsessed with the shrubs and Adam is now trying to put his finger on the insanity. These people want to be asked permission for things that having nothing to do with them.

Adam brings up Obama and his golf, Adam is asking who is home at Noon on Tuesday, he is always on the go and he says the gunite guys didn’t even spend the night, Adam did take a shining to them but even still they left at night.


Adam says our society is filled with these kinds of people and he comments on his own feelings about neighbors and being infringed upon.


‘Don’t Think Twice’


3rd Caller CBD oil guy, he dropped off while asking about it and Gary brings up Greg Grunberg who uses CDB oil for his son who has epilepsy.

Adam talks about how we all have to be experts on medical conditions and we have to know what’s going on in Tikrit, why must we be experts on the middle east, how does this affect us?

Adam says they only had Egypt when he was a kid, it was the only country that existed.

Adam goes over some middle eastern tropes.


Drew says that there has been some social media spin about Dr. Drew’s comments regarding Hillary Clinton’s health having something to do with the end of his HLN show, he says it was unrelated and they were already planning on ending the show before the comments and controversy.

They give out the plugs and wrap up the show.