Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/28/2013 – Mark Geragos

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Mark Geragos

Recorded 08-27-2013 – Release Date 08-28-2013

Production Number #1152

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Adam has an impassioned thanks for the fans keeping wind beneath the sails of the pirate ship and BB has changed up his #TopDrop delivery.

Adam is telling the gang about picking the kids up when he ran into a fan who gave him a telling “Hey Aceman!” that clues him into his fandom, the kids even busted out some live drop recreations, awesome!

Adam is teasing the upcoming 7th appearance from Mark and he’s telling the gang about seeking out some Hungarian food while in Dorchester MA with August and Lynch.


Adam is now sharing a method for putting a little carrot out in front of the horse of life, he’s describing the painful details of his east coast journey and how a 32 dollar meal was enough to take most of the sting out of the negative parts of his journey.

Man Adam sure does love Hungarian food, someone should start hooking him up with some high quality goulash in Glendale.

Adam is now citing one of his favorite tweets, he’s using his atheism and lack of parental influence to certify his status as a “neutral vessel”, hilarious suggestible comedy with BB!


Adam’s using his old Loveline schedule to explain how he would eat based on the stress of his schedule, he’s comparing the early morning trips to Chicago for Jenny Jones vs. the lazy mornings heading into the Man Show.

He’s now citing the actual scientific research that confirmed his long held beliefs.

Adam is now saying that the fakest part of all movies if the ease of parking, not Thor’s Hammer with a hilarious riff involving roach theft.


Adam is now explaining their experience obtaining a choice parking space outside the Polish restaurant, Adam is describing an encounter with a gentlemen who tried to steal their parking space with an illegal U-Turn.

Adam is now getting to the guy cashing in his “pound of emotional flesh” and has a great dick sucking hypothetical, comedy gold!

Alison seems to agree and Adam is still riffing about people and how they use subtle manipulation for emotional currency and he’s pondering why anyone would attempt it with a total stranger.


Alison is now telling Adam her take on the man’s psychology and he seems to agree, he’s adding him to the elite fraternity of the solo Southwest flier who won’t move so you can sit near your companion, BB is chiming in to assist.

Adam is recounting the infamous “No!” reply when he flew with Drew and how the guy was immediately punished for not moving his seat with a bloated corpse John Goodman sized man, good riff.

Alison agrees with Adam’s logic that he should have at least provided an explanation and Adam is saying he would have accepted almost anything including wile superstition.


Adam is now bringing it back to the days of Loveline, he’s now citing the time Alexandra Paul cancelled on Loveline, then later guested 3 times once with her Firefighter sister.

Adam is challenging her excuse as he did back in the day on Classic Loveline, she took in stride and became a classic guest of the late 90’s.

Alison just left a choice bathroom drop for BB and now BB is sharing about the “reverse huff” he experienced while holding his wife’s seat.


Adam is explaining how he didn’t recognize Drew’s son Jordan as he asked him to swap seats in 1st class as they began their journey to the east coast.

BB is bringing up the time Adam spotted Eric Stonestreet while flying with Alison stuck in the rear with the gear.

Adam just labeled BB “Pion Number 5” and is taking it back to the Alexandra Paul and Alison agrees but what they’re missing is she was training for the Ironman in Hawaii and Adam ultimately came around a bit to her excuse.


An excerpt Regarding Alexandra and Ironman 1997:

“She competed at the 1997 Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii, a 2.44-mile (3.93 km) swim, 112-mile (180 km) bike ride, and 42.195-kilometre (26.219 mi) marathon, which she completed in 13:18:52.”

She would then guest on Loveline a couple months later in December of 1997, returning in 1998 with her Lesbian firefighter twin sister and then again in April of 1999, 3 appearances in about 18 months!


Adam is bringing up his treadmill policy and how he doesn’t like being shamed, he’s now come up with an opposite/inverse to that experience.

Adam is now bringing up his camel bladder airport urine assaults after flights, he just declared there should be a Bob Seger song themed around whiz.

Adam is explaining that he is now being shamed by his super extend-o whiz and his new urinal dismount rule to not inadvertently shame strangers.


Adam is now referencing The Man Show “Wheel of Destiny” reward? Of Adam pissing on his wallet live on stage, Adam is explaining his less than shy bladder.

BB is calling Adam an “Outlier for Public pee’ers” and Alison has him admit he could probably pull it off too, Adam is now bringing up the guys who have trouble peeing in public and BB is using his urinal trips to Amalfi to explain his own experiences with it.

They’re now watching the clip from that very episode of The Man Show and everyone’s reactions are totally worth it.


Q and Ace

Everyone wants Joe on Line 5 for the first call, Joe is getting married this weekend and has two questions.

Adam has a funny reply to his destination wedding, and an even funnier volcano joke.

Joe wants to know how to stay married and why guys seem to resent marriage, Adam is citing it as a clichéd sitcom style running joke for the most part with hint of biology too.


Adam is being very fair minded and digging into the biological priorities of both genders while leaving room for exceptions.

Adam is explaining how you always want to toss out the high and low cards of life when speaking in generalities about gender roles, biology and priorities.

Adam and BB are now riffing on the idea of a “man cave” and Adam has a rare “A’s V” one liner and an even grosser one liner that Alison reacts to flawlessly.


They’re having a super in depth discussing about men and women in relationships, a very thoughtful and funny conversation that’s wrapping up with some commentary about the “European style relationship”.

Alison is giving her take explaining that she wants a man to be with her because he chooses, not from trickery and now Adam has a hilarious riff about life with men determining all the parameters.

BB steps in to clarify and Adam has two killer Middle Eastern themed one liners.


Alison wants to know the kind of porn that should freak out a partner, Adam is citing the two worst examples.


2nd Caller Bryan is telling him about her daughter naming her spirit stick “taco” and how it wasn’t allowed by the school because it could possibly offend someone.

Bryan just misquoted Adam again regarding the “Women aren’t funny” nonsense, Adam is now quickly explaining the reality of what he said.

Bryan is now reaching trying to preach to Adam about political correctness and what motivates it, Adam just even told him as much and is now connecting it back to narcissism and BB even agrees.


Alison is now asking a key sexism question and Adam is responding thoughtfully and has now transitioned to action vs. words and he’s going off on the people who use basic knowledge to try and shame others for free speech.

Adam is bringing it back to the grandiosity of it all, the notion of explaining to someone else what they mean with their words, as if they are supremely intelligent.

Adam is now bringing up Guy Aoki and why he can go fuck himself, hilarious pondering why he hasn’t heard from him since the Pirate Ship took off, finally Adam is crushing Guy’s hypocrisy and the notion of him speaking for other Asian cultures.


Adam is touching on his recent attempts to go after Seth Macfarlane and Fox Television.


3rd Caller Ray, he’s asking them about a dog he saw while viewing the Kubrick exhibit at LACMA, Adam is now bringing up the selfishness of bringing your dog with you and his own experience with Molly Earlier in the day.

They’re back from break with Mark making his 7th appearance, Adam is praising his recent appearances on CNN and ability to verbally crush the people arguing against him or misrepresenting the facts.

Mark has a solid Paul Lynde joke and he’s now telling Adam about Drew’s show on HLN and how he’s now going through the cable news dilemma of bogus experts.

They’re both joking about HLN and Adam has a killer Coming to America reference.


Perhaps Mark’s absence from the podcast was due to his recent increase in TV appearances.

Adam is now using both Ellen and Rosie O’Donnell to explain his “If You’re Thinking Bad Thoughts, You’d better Dance” observation.

Adam is challenging his own perceptions while trying to compliment Mark’s character and stable and objective POV.


Mark is going in depth on the Treyvon Martin case and he’s exploring all the angles and citing the bad reporting he witnessed.

Mark is bringing up the racial elements of the case and how the narrative of the case was determined once the jury was chosen.


Adam is now asking Mark about his work representing Chris Brown, He’s now telling the gang how he became involved in his case.

BB has choice drop of Alison quoting Chris, perfect timing!

Mark is waiting for his Orange Lamborghini gift from Chris, he’s asking Adam about driving the Lamborghini Gallardo with Lynette and how her epic drive was ruined by the Gardeners truck down Mulholland.


Mark is telling them about a recent Scottie Pippen incident at Nobu in Malibu with his family involving a drunk diner who had some hilarious fake symptoms after trying to sue Scottie.

Adam is now explaining that there are a handful of assholes out here running society for the rest of us, he’s targeting the people waiting to fake injuries in order to file bogus lawsuits and the resources they occupy while acting out their drama.

Adam is citing his NYE 911 phone call to make his point about punishing people who waste tax payer resources for their own personal amusement/vendettas.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the increasing probability of the United States intervening in Syria, Adam is now giving his take on the other civilized countries who don’t step in to assist with this stuff.

Adam has a hilarious Bulls joke aimed at Mark and Mark is in agreement about other countries stepping up and spending some coin.

Adam is calling us all global citizens and saying that anything could be everyone’s problem, he’s essentially commenting on the evolution of technology and humanity.


Adam is calling or all alliance of sane countries to clean up the schoolyard, he has a great slip of the tongue topped with a funny Popeye one liner.

Mark has some wisdom regarding financial aid provided to these countries and Adam is now replying to “why do you have to be the world police?” with a great reply calling the world a piece of shit.

Adam is now joking about missing the hardliners who would always call for nukes and Alison fears her very logical take puts her in league with them.


Adam is bringing up his old SNL news segments from the 1970’s to highlight the 40yrs of trouble in the middle east and Alison has a great “Sassy” magazine reference.


2nd Story is on the “Drive in Sex Boxes” being tested in Zurich, Alison’s explaining the history of prostitution in the country while describing the idea of these boxes.

Mark has a solid Home Depot comparison and Alison is now asking what one does with a small car, Adam is riffing about moving the children’s seats out of the way and finally lighting up the backseat headrests with some “Taboo II”.

Hilarious backing it in riff with Alison, perfect comedic innuendo. Adam is now bringing up his love for the practicality of Europe and their progressive idea regarding behavior.


Alison is now reading a quote from a retired special needs school teacher regarding controlling the uncontrollable and Adam is saying he’s for it.

Adam is joking about someone’s wife riding in the car after it’s been through the sex box and Mark and BB have now taken it to an even creepier place, great reaction form Alison.

Adam is now explaining that he never got into the prostitute part of life, he’s saying he’s not wired that way and it’s not about the money but the thought that counts.


Adam is now bringing up the broken social contract, they’re talking about “Sydney Leathers” and Alison has some key questions about trending topics equating to actual news or something we should care about.

Mark has a key point about the other end of the social contract and Adam is now taking it back to the need for content and how the 24/7 news cycle cannot continue without it.

Alison is bringing up the titillation factor and wants to know if that’s the sole reason we stay interested or if it’s because of the name recognition.


Adam is now agreeing with Mark that Kim Kardashian set the whole movement towards decency back 1k years, he’s saying we were at a cultural fork in the road before her tape was released.

Alison is now asking the order of her career path, BB has a perfect drop and Adam is brilliantly describing the alternate history that could have resulted with a different cultural reaction to her sex tape.

Mark is now joining Adam for his favorite “Go to Meeting” live read, Adam is now giving some plugs and wrapping the show.