Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/27/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 267

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/27/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 267

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 08-27-2015 – Release Date 08-27-2015

Production Number #267 – Him and Her

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Drew is opening the show with Adam just moments away, he called in and told them to get rolling without him.

Drew is bringing up the recent shooting in Virginia, he’s now offering up sound advice for identifying those around you who are potentially at risk of becoming a violent actor/mass shooter.


Drew is doing a Live Read for Bulletproof Coffee


Drew brings up his AM radio show and asks why he can’t diagnose someone with pressured or derailed speech, Drew is now listening to some clips and commenting on them.

Adam is contrasting the Virginia tech shooter against the guy who murdered his former coworkers on camera in Virginia, explaining he wanted them to see the signifiers of a manic episode.

Drew is asking the gang about Adam’s new Envelope house, he’s staying in the same neighborhood and bought a different lot, he sold his current house, and Adam walks in and explains the rest.


Adam is talking about tacking technology onto an old timey build, using old cars to make his point about trying to make an old home energy efficient.

Adam explains why he wanted to do this, he says as much as he massages any house he comes into, he never quite gets it perfect to what he wants, his home.

Drew is praising Adam’s ability to modify his homes, Adam explains how he decided on the envelope design after Doug guested on Ace on the House.


Adam says all he wants is efficient, he explains the sun is beating down on every roof he owns and all it’s doing it transferring heat, Adam says he would be perfectly fine with collecting all of the energy and rain and giving it away to a farm 500 miles away, just as long as he wasn’t wasting it.

Adam is talking about living with normal people vs. the insanity of the Hollywood school district, Adam is describing his fine neighbors and the community he’s finally a part of.

Adam shares why he prefers to live around spiritual people, he describes kind neighbors with a hello chambered and charming children.


Adam says you can call that shit burning, good, Adam likes Mayberry and Drew is confirming Adam’s take on his community being different than Hollywood.

Adam explains how he found a lot in his neighborhood, at first he didn’t want to buy and old house and tear it down, the realtor had him convinced to tear down his own house.

Adam says his realtor was able to sell his house for more than he thought he could get and then he ultimately bought a less expensive house and tore it down.


Drew is plugging his upcoming guests, Marc Maron and Ryan Holiday.

Drew is asking Adam about the live show tomorrow, Adam is explaining why they’re uncertain on the start time due to Mike August and his super confusing email behaviors.

Adam is sharing the story of trying to get to his kids open house night and he’s mocking the super pretentious and boring platitudes they all have to sit through.


Adam explains the ‘Him and Her’ confusion of the teacher and the discussion Adam had with him, Adam is sharing how frustrated his wife about the “him and her” designation, Adam figured he meant the kids, she meant the male and female teachers.

Adam is explaining how he was locked off and explains how he didn’t even attempt to interpret the events differently, Adam talks about starting these arguments in front of others only to intend to finish them later.

Adam describes a packet that Lynette handed him and how she insisted upon him having an itinerary, that she grabbed and Adam never saw, Adam wanted to stop life around him to address the massive mix-up and broken logic she was using.


Adam is back to the super funny comment in front of the teacher and Drew segues into a live read.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read


Adam is sharing how he hates the pendulum flop feeling of a rushed dinner before a live show, Adam is plugging the live show and Drew says it’s very close to his house.


They’re now talking about Uber and doing an innovated live read


Adam is sharing how the free market improves most industries, Drew wants to know if he can request his son as his Uber driver.

Adam jokes about his son reliving ‘When a Stranger Calls and then joking about slaves not getting paid, there is no such thing as “slave wages” and they wrap up the read.


1st Caller Josh, he wants to know how to deal with someone suffering from narcissism, Adam talks about the marginally talented people he knows who have propelled themselves to positions of power and great wealth purely on their own personal momentum.

Drew recommends a book with a chapter on dealing with a narcissistic boss, this might be Josh trying to be cute and he’s implying Adam is said ‘Narcissistic Boss’.

Adam talks about a hypothetical trash can dumping rule of thumb, he explains how he would ask hypothetical Matt vs. how he wouldn’t ask hypothetical negative Chris.


Adam is asking him about his predicament at work, the caller describes said employer who pays him in sacks of granola, hilarious!

Adam is talking about people sloughing off and jokes about him transitioning to Yoga Ball repairs.

Adam is now asking for them to pull up his last email exchange with Mike Lynch regarding PTSDrone the fake movie idea Mike Lynch emailed him about.


Adam explains how loved the idea and how it felt like one of his ideas.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Public Morals

Adam wants a cash machine in his time machine, go back with a couple twenties.


Adam is back to the funny movie idea where he credited Mike Lynch, he explains he had to credit Mike and how he woke up to email from Lynch trying to give Adam credits for the idea.

Adam is asking why he never gets any good will for being in the right, why doesn’t his behavior here translate to the Kevin Smith Telepictures deal situation.


Adam is explaining what a good guy Mike Lynch is and he compliments his nature, Adam mocks people who think he feels threatened by others talent.

Adam does another lap on how great Mike is and asks if we couldn’t all be a little more like Mike Lynch.

Adam talks about the super fair negotiations between Adam and Lynch for the books, Adam explains how he treats him and how Mike treats him in kind.


Drew is explaining how they filled his HLN audience with transgendered people and gives out a nice plug.

Adam is plugging their upcoming live shows and wraps up the episode.