Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/27/2013 – Lisa Lampanelli

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Lisa Lampanelli

Recorded 08-26-2013 – Release Date 08-27-2013

Production Number #1151

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Adam is opening the show with a mini flashback to 2006 with a great #TopDrop featuring former KLSX ACS producer Jimmy Brusca one of the staff and characters of the first year of the radio show.

Adam is telling the gang about playing the “Casino” on the sand, he’s telling everyone to picture “Boardwalk Empire” and describing the buildings as if they look like they were built for arson.

Adam is setting up Alison for her worst nightmare, she has a funny quick reply and Adam is now talking about the “green room” setup they were stuck in.


Adam is now once again commenting on the “joy” of long car rides with his former manager Howard who Drew brings along as his impostor Mike August.

Adam has a hilarious descriptor for Drew’s wife Susan, describing her as a motion activated stuffed animal that starts going whether or not you want it to.

Adam is now back to the green room aka trailer, it was packed with Drew’s wife, kids and Howard, Adam is now riffing about his toilet mishap.


The toilet flushed and took the paper but not the waste, hilarious “The Shit remains the same” and Alison is now quizzing him if he was looking around the room for a tool to redistribute the shit.

Adam is going super in depth on the multiple angles for dealing with a rogue turd, hilarious blame for Katt Williams.

Adam is revealing he told Drew about what he left in the bathroom and asked for discretion, Drew emerged with hilarious criticism for Adam’s digestive process.


Adam is explaining the pain of having to warn the other guests and how it’s unfair to be forced to feel shame when it’s a malfunction of the bathroom not Adam, Alison agrees and now Adam is telling them about going sick on the sink.

Adam is telling the gang about his romantic bike ride with Mike August through Boston, he’s describing their municipal bike program and how it would never work in Los Angeles and how they would pick the bikes apart piece by piece.

Adam is explaining they ended up on “Bunker Hill” and he’s singing the praises for the city.


Adam is bringing up the “Three Stooges” and he’s now explaining his take on them, how he had never seen it since he was a kid and he’s observing the clichéd concept of men loving their work.

Adam is explaining that simple men might love their shorts and films, BB is jumping in to defend their choreography.

Adam is calling it an aquarium of comedy and he’s now remarking on Curly, how he was the fat stooge and that was what was funny about him.


Adam is bringing up how Curly is not fat at all by today’s standards after watching some of their stuff while at the hotel in Boston.

Adam is proclaiming he witnessed 22 women fatter than Curly on staff at Disneyland on his last visit with the kids.

Alison is bringing up how she was watching some old family ties and early friends episodes, she’s remarking on how skinny everyone looked back then and she says they looked thinner than people do on TV now.


Adam is now bringing up the other thing he watched in Boston for the first time in long while, he caught some “Good Morning America” on ABC.

Adam is commenting on how much of an assembly line these types of shows are and how much they lack in content.

Adam is bringing up how he knew Patrick Dempsey was on the show to promote his new documentary and how he was given short shrift to discuss it and how the interviewer tried to praise him for his Toyota Grand Prix performance.


Adam, Alison and BB are all now critiquing the lack of content on morning television programming.

Adam is now taking it back to the bathroom, he’s telling the gang about breaking out his “ironing board” maneuver to pee in the lavatory midflight.

Adam caught a whiff of his own urine and came upon the realization that perhaps serving asparagus on a plane is not the best “whizdom”.


Adam is now describing the vessel they were visiting in Boston, he’s describing it as “Master and Commander”-esque and how they snooped on the below deck tour without actually taking it.

Adam is now sharing his 3rd hand information gleamed while eavesdropping on the tour guide.

Adam is using the sailors eating what they were served to solidify his point about feeding your own children and why it’s superior to eating it at school.


Adam has a great “an ounce of goo for a gallon of grog” one liner while describing the practices of serving grog to sailors.

Adam is explaining that scuttlebutt is the workplace water cooler of the 1800’s and BB is now sharing an unrelated maritime drinking factoid.

Alison busts out the full name for WD-40 topping BB for coolness and non sequitur’ness.


Lisa Lampanelli’s now back for her 7th visit to the podcast, another phoner this time.

Adam is asking her about her remarkable weightless and ability to maintain it, she’s very happy and gets in a mention for Jimmy Big Balls.

Lisa is telling the gang about her one woman show that she’s been work shopping for 3 years, it’s now in previews before heading to Broadway.


Adam is asking her about the development process for a show like this, she’s saying she became board with standup comedy 3 years ago and Adam has a hilarious joke about Jimmy Big Balls who has also guested on the podcast.

She’s explaining that she chose to write a one person show after seeing Carrie Fischer as a bizarre type of inspiration.

Lisa is giving them the beat by beat over the past almost 3 years developing the show.


Adam is asking her about the sets and costumes for the show, she’s telling them about her food rehab program she’s discussed on the show in the past.

Adam’s got a hilarious Michael Chiklis joke and Lisa has some comments regarding her Catherine Manheim backup plan.

Adam is telling Lisa about Mike August and his involvement with “Defending the Caveman” and touring that around, he’s describing how it became almost a franchise like “The Vagina Monologues”.

Adam is wrapping with Lisa, she’s got some lovely words for Ace and the gang.


Adam is now telling the gang about the double header of insanity he experienced on the flight, with a shoeless fat monster of a man next to him and a dog running down the aisle as he went to look away from the guy’s repulsive feet.

BB has a great point about exit row travelers and FAA policy being overlooked for people who don’t want to wear their shoes.

Adam is bringing up Disneyland to make a great point about when going barefoot is not ok.


Adam is bringing up the idea of a villain named “Killian” in fucked out action movies and he’s now bringing up another complaint.

Adam is bringing up the breakfast served on American Airlines en route to the east coast, Adam is sharing their reaction to his egg option and he’s demanding to know why they can’t make a cheese omelet.

Adam had some weird clump of cream cheese in the middle of the eggs, he wants to know why they always fuck things up with strange twists to classic dishes.


Adam is saying it’s people “jacking off on themselves” and BB is solely trying to attribute it to cost saving measures, they’re both right, Adam more so!

Adam is now explaining that the problem is they’re trying to go gourmet in a place where average is difficult to pull off, he’s got a great point.

Alison’s got a very poignant question asking where the eggs are cooked, hilarious Hell and Thailand replies from Ace, Adam’s using Drew and his wife’s preflight knowledge to avoid the eggs to prove his point.


Adam is now bringing up the US Airways executive that did a phoner on the KLSX ACS in 2006, Adam convinced her to allow him to program a sleep station without the blowhard in between songs interrupting the flow of the classical/sleep inducing music.

BB shockingly remembers her name and Adam has an almost equally vivid recall of the beats of the phone call.

Alison’s really responding to Adam’s idea for a channel and inquiring how he picked the songs.


They’re back from break with a new “Nicaraguan Name That Movie”, Adam is saying he’s waiting for “Django Unchained” to pop up on cable so he can get another viewing in.

Adam is now asking about the movies he sees popping up in shorter windows than the time it’s taken for Django to make it to cable, Adam’s quickly rehashing the bet he was talked out of by Nick Santora.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw “World’s End” and Adam reveals he’s never seen any of the “Cornetto Trilogy”, not even “Shaun of the Dead”.

BB is breaking down the plot of the film and is giving it an A-, Alison thinks this might be his highest praise for any film in the history of this segment.

BB is complimenting the films ability to switch gears between comedy and action, Adam is now giving his take on scripting and tone of delivery.


Alison’s News

Adam is now bringing up his coffee run before enduring his travels to Rhode Island with the dreaded Howard.

Adam is remarking on the hotel employee’s use of “Have a wonderful day” and Alison is sharing her “Was it great?” questions from a former co-worker.

Adam is now talking about his quest for a cup of coffee upon landing at LAX, he’s now calling for a line dedicated to plane coffee drinkers as it would be great for business and people on the move with simple tastes.


BB is claiming that they do that at most coffee places, Adam is telling him he’s describing courtesy from an employee on a case by case basis, Adam is calling for “10 items or less line” dedicated to basic coffee.

Adam says he only views coffee as a drug to put in his system, a caffeine delivery method and everyone else seems to be ordering their last beverage on death row. Adam may have just invented nicotine high octane coffee.

Caelan is now on mic to confirm that people who come into his other gig at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf do sometimes have exotic requests just for the sake of being different/difficult.

Adam is bringing up the taco salad orders at the hotdog train he visits with his kids, he’s going off on people ordering fancy pants items.


Her top story is on the newly elected Mayor electing a figurative state of emergency in California regarding the fleeing film and television productions.

Alison is reading his quotes regarding runaway productions and the creation of a “Film Czar” job to help stop the loss.

Adam is now bringing up the reaction someone should have had when the first series filmed in Vancouver over Los Angeles, he’s missing the dates a bit and using the “X-Files” to make a point, though he doesn’t seem to be aware it was moved to California for production of season 5 and beyond.


Adam is making a point that if Hollywood will blow out of town to evade taxes then every other industry will, he’s citing the majority of political views among creative types and how quickly they’ll dip into hypocrisy to save a nickel.

Alison is asking what the political right think about productions in Hollywood receiving tax incentives.

Adam is bringing up Joel McHale’s difficulties getting a pool installed in his backyard and why he gave up trying after 10k wasted dealing with the city, perfect analogy from Ace.


2nd story is on the birth of Alec Baldwin’s daughter, Adam has a nice comment about the “Great Magnet” timing of his mention and a funny one liner about her awaiting voicemail.

Adam is now explaining why he love Alec, he’s praising his talent and abilities to rise above in the same league of Bryan Cranston and Christoph Waltz.

Adam is now commenting on his crazy intellect and how it can turn around on you, solid.


Adam is now going off on how Alec got away with is comments from a few months back, Adam is wondering if it’s due to his political affiliations or the timing of other scandals that showed up in time to take the heat.

Alison is in agreement and has a great explanation of why people don’t want to tarnish Alec like others, she just dropped the bomb she’s been watching “Hard Knocks” and has a funny back and forth about “Eat, Drink, Love” on Bravo with Ace.

BB has a nice “Blind Melon” music bed ad Alison describes the heavy earrings that stress her out on her new favorite show and Adam is now commenting on the dude’s with the ear gauges forcing people to witness it.


3rd Story is about Miley Cyrus and her performance during the VMA’s, Adam is explaining he was bugged by a TMZ guy about it at the airport, his hilarious fake reaction is comedy gold!

Alison is now playing a clip of her performance and Adam is explaining that he’s not attracted to her in the least, he’s putting her in the same category as Amanda Bynes.

Adam is explaining that being tan and thin doesn’t make you hot, he’s railing against the thinking of these young ladies.


Alison is saying that she overshot the mark and is no longer trying to appear hot, she’s asking the booth for a “show of cocks” and Gary is on mic and got Adam to reveal he was busy working.

Adam wants to know what Miley’s career is now after her Disney show, Adam’s got a hilarious turtle joke in reaction to Miley’s sexual pop music awakening.

Adam is explaining that this is just the evolution and escalation of titillation much like everything else in society upping the ante and he’s now predicting a hilarious wardrobe malfunction/sex offense that will put a stop to this, great “Bread” topper to boot.


Adam is now suggesting that people keep kids away from MTV if they’re worried about what they witness, Alison has a great quick explanation of her complex view of “The Newsroom” and her compulsion to watch it, much like my own.

Alison is asking if they can get Natalia’s take on the awards, Adam just revealed that she was allowed to watch them while he was out of town.

Natalia has strict instructions for him to book “One Direction” on the podcast, the gang are mocking her hopes much like the hopes of Superfan Giovanni regarding Clive Barker, Bad Religion and John Hiatt on the ACS.


4th Story is on the controversy surrounding Ben Affleck being cast as the latest Batman, he’s sharing how discussed this while “bumping grips” mid bike ride with Mike August in Boston.

Adam is now remarking on how celebrities will sometimes take roles to get paid to get in shape or for their kids who will appreciate seeing them as heroes on screen.

Adam is now defending his selection and essentially telling nerds to rest easy, BB is explaining why he doesn’t like really famous people in superhero movies, Alison has a great “Newsies” reference.


Adam is following BB’s logic while saying you could level his criticisms at any film or role and may have just leaked that Cranston is confirmed as Lex Luthor which is just an internet rumor, so either Adam just let something slip or is getting into internet movie websites.


Adam is doing a live read, giving plugs and wrapping the show.