Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/26/2013 – Jay Glazer

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Guest Jay Glazer

Recorded 08-22-2013 – Release Date 08-26-2013

Production Number #1150

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Adam is opening the show with a tease for Jay’s upcoming appearance, BB has a perfectly timed #TopDrop and now Adam is explaining why he responds to the “Who the F Sells This S” bit.

Alison is now quizzing him about his reasoning and he’s using his mom and rake stepping comedy to make his point.

BB is chiming in with a “yeah but still” and Adam is telling him it speaks more of a person’s self-worth, interesting!


Adam is citing his conversation about the resell value of automobiles with Dag from the last episode recorded immediately before this one.

Adam is now telling the gang about a 95k car he was trying to get off of EBay and how he contacted the guy offline to obtain it for 116k which is now a pittance when contrasted to the cars dollar value today.

BB is now calling back Adam’s point about when to pay full price vs. when to go for the off brand version and Adam is sharing his “leather/vinyl Mason Dixon line” for most items.


Who the Fuck Sells This Shit

1st Caller Christina, she’s 26 and Adam observes she’s a little young for the game, she has a blow off reply as she’s dealing with her two year old.

Adam is asking her about her baby headbands, hilarious shooting hoop one liner from the Aceman.

Adam is calling the super tacky headband for infants the cultural unifier among the various ethnicities of earth.


Adam has a hilarious “HAH!” upon learning of Christina’s teenage pregnancy, she’s got some careful phrasing to dance around it and is muted in her pride of being with the same man for all 5 of her children.

Adam’s got a killer joke about her oldest being 17 and he’s now getting into the nitty gritty of her life and asking her how she is able to get by and provide for her family.

Adam’s now on a “Pardon Me” tangent asking her how she decided to have a 5th kid after the burden of the first 4.


Hilarious reactions from Ace and BB regarding her two year old pretending to call the cops on his fake phone, Adam is asking her about their square footage and how they acquired such a large home.

Adam is asking her about her man and his two low paying jobs that require over 18hrs of his day, Adam is sharing his pain regarding his driveway patching work.

Adam is now praising her and has a “baby bandanna” slip of the tongue which leads to hilarious imagery of baby gang wars.


Adam is now declaring he’s a fan of this family and their commitment to each other, Christina just revealed the mystery of their home and Adam has a hilarious “Whaaaat!?” reply.

Adam is now asking her for her website as he wants to support her and has a backup use for her headbands, Alison wants to know how her 2yr old knows about the police and how to call them.

Adam is now joking about his reaction to being arrested should it ever happen.


Adam is wondering why people with extreme difficulty taking care of themselves are so open to having a child and he’s bringing up his own resistance to having one before he was capable of providing support.

Alison has a nice “it’ll change things” bit of empathetic thinking to describe how some women end up in these situations.

Adam is now riffing on maritime public service announcements to make a point about wasted time and energy burned for the lower priority messages in lieu of important things like family planning.


Adam is now going off on the government and the failure of all the programs intended to keep kids from being left behind, extremely powerful rant.


Jay Glazer is now making his 8th appearance on the podcast, he’s telling Adam about his show and giving some predictions about the upcoming NFL season.

Adam is asking him who will wind up in the Super Bowl, he’s got no answers and is fresh from a training camp tour, he’s explaining all the things he didn’t learn while observing various teams.

Jay is joking about the 3rd Barber brother and BB has a nice one liner to shift gears and topics.


BB is asking Jay who serves the best food at their training camps and now Jay is saying he doesn’t sample the food, Adam just got him to admit the Raiders camp in Napa Valley is the best.

They’re now playing a clip of Jay mocking the bedding of Jered Allen, they’re discussing him in depth.


Adam is now asking Jay about the recent UFC fight and Adam is asking if Chael’s win was an upset, Jay is now saying people don’t know him like he does complete with Kenny Florian name drop.

They’re now discussing Chael Sonnen and Jay is sharing a text message chain to make his point.

They’re now discussing the UFC heavyweight division and Adam is telling Jay about doing the Toyota celebrity grand prix with Cain Velasquez and holding the focus pads for him in the parking lot.


Adam is now going off on how sports talent doesn’t always carry over to driving ability, he’s making a great point about how race car drivers couldn’t shoot a 3 point shot or hit a heavy bag for a minute.

Alison wants to know what sport would provide the best all-around athlete, Jay is admitting his bias while stating its simple fact that MMA training results in the most well rounded athletes.

They’re now discussing the evolution of the MMA fighting style and it’s “bouncer” origins.


Adam is now discussing the ring entrance ritual of examining the fighters before entering the ring, Jay is now citing a classic fight from the jungles of Brazil where Chuck Liddell battled greased up Brazilians.

Adam is now bringing up the legend of the “death fight” among various pro fighters such as “Benny the Jet” the kickboxing legend, Adam is essentially describing “Kumite” tournaments from “Blood Sport”.

Alison is bringing up the two times she was knocked unconscious during elementary school, she’s describing “spreadsies” and how it resulted in her waking up on the blacktop, Adam is calling it “our double-dutch”.


Alison’s now sharing the details of her 2nd knockout and Jay is sharing the details of his own son’s recent concussion during a “pickle drill”.


Alison’s News

Her top story is an update on the recent school shooting, Alison is reading the details of what’s come out since she first reported on it.

Alison is now setting up a clip from the 24min 911 call where a bookkeeper was able to talk the shooter down and ended up saving everyone’s life.

Adam has a Tyler Perry one liner in response to the woman’s vocal qualities and BB jumps in with a continued joke.


Adam has a great point about people being motivated by seeking attention or delivering their intention, he’s discussing the nature of love and its possible role in preventing these tragedies.

Adam is now breaking down the different types of these cases, he’s citing chemical imbalances, evil and attempts at seeking attention.

Adam and Alison are having a back and forth over the semantics regarding their interpretations of parental love and Alison is making a point about this woman using love to save everyone and Adam is with her in appreciation.


Jay is telling the gang about his parents retiring up north to Vermont, he’s making a point about the non-typical location for retirement.


2nd Story is on Bradley Manning announcing his intent to live the rest of his life as a woman, Alison is commenting on his 35yr prison sentence and Adam is declaring he’ll do the behind the bars math.

Alison is now reading Bradley’s statement regarding his transition and Adam is now complimenting his choice of name and originality in not using similar letters as his birth name.

Jay is having what most would presume to be Adam’s reaction and Adam is having a muted reaction and Alison is quizzing him on whether or not he would actually enjoy a sentence in women’s prison.


Adam is now explaining how life would differ between dude prison and lady prison, Jay is now telling Adam he’s not prison rape ‘able and Adam is taking the Compisult in the spirit intended.

Adam doesn’t want to pay for the surgery or hormones but has no problem with the choice.

BB has them all on an Aaron Hernandez tangent and now Adam is sharing his experience on celebrity apprentice while awaiting the announcement for the winner, the Bob Kraft story complete with hilarious “Magic Nerd” one liner to describe why Penn didn’t know of Bob’s work or legacy.


Adam is no declaring he would be the world’s worst “cop river dredger” and BB is chiming in to improv with him while discussing the Aaron Hernandez case, comedy gold!

“Get Your Dredge On!” – Adam, Ace just invented a friendly dredging pelican and he’s now riffing about how he doesn’t even know what his job description entails.

Ace Awards 2013 material, this at least deserves a nomination.


Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is doing a solid Onnit.com live read.

Adam is giving the appropriate plugs and wrapping the show.