Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/23/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 266

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/23/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 266

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 08-18-2015 – Release Date 08-20-2015

Production Number #266 – Vigor

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Adam opens the show telling Drew they must go to dinner with the wives and Adam immediately takes it to the topic of vitality.

Adam is sharing how there used to be aftershave and now there are just hipsters with three days growth trying to get their dicks sucked.

Adam is now describing classic aftershave commercials and the bygone age of Vitalis and Adam is back to his this is country was great when we made stew and casseroles theory.


Adam is refining it to casseroles and aftershave, Adam and Drew are now arguing about the novelty of a tuna casserole and the one time they tried to eat it at a restaurant while on the road.

Gary plays the wrong commercial, one for Vitalis or a song inspired by it.

They’re now riffing about ‘High Karate’ and Adam jokes about being in a room full of gay guys, they play a classic TV commercial.


Adam says that Vigor became brown nosing or something, something uncool.


Drew is now doing a Bulletproof Coffee Live Read

Drew is sharing his love for MCT oil and describes his metabolic syndrome


Adam is back to the death of a pet and compares his mixed feelings about his parents and their eventual deaths, he calls them lateral moves, with the dog, with the pets it’s just pure love and Adam says it’s a pure form of grieving.

Adam says you have no other feelings, no regret nor anger at a pet like you do with a human.

Adam asks how you give someone vigor and Drew explains his peculiar resurgence of it, Adam is talking all of the different walks of life that pass through Carolla Digital and brings up Norm Pattiz and compares him to Bryan Cranston.


Adam is singing the praises of enthusiastic and emphatic individuals who are interested and full of vigor.

Adam talks about the way people try to style hair to look like they don’t care and Adam is now asking when this entered society.

Drew is now making a larger point and Adam says what we don’t want are more Gavin Newsom types, the platitude dudes.

Adam has a funny stumbling over his own tongue moment and it sounds like a shitty machine gun.


Adam is asking people about wanting people who reflect them to be in charge, mocking Villaretardo and Drew has an insightful quote about the right not always being wrong and the left not always being right.

Adam is now ranting about Tony Villar and his failed law career and lack of insight along with his 12hr work weeks.


Drew is doing a Betterment Live Read


1st Caller John, he’s been listening since he was 11 and is now bringing up his struggles with school and learning growing up, he wants to know how to avoid that with his own children.

Drew has some interesting insight and Adam is now wanting to yell at Drew about his “disease” that Lynette claimed he has because of Drew due to him trying to get her to properly use her phone camera.

Adam says because Drew has given him that label it now results in everything being filed under his illness other than him trying to avoid wasted time and effort.


Drew explains how narcissism isn’t always pejorative and has some net benefits in many cases, Adam is explaining how he feels about narcissism and Adam explains how he feels about spectrum disorders.

Adam says people are turning a positive into a negative, Drew has a point about assholes vs. being direct.

Adam is now sharing how he turned off the light in the laundry room, he just didn’t want to waste power, he wasn’t shaming Maxipada, he was just avoiding waste.


Adam is doing an Live Read

Adam says he uses their coffee related products, eats their warrior bars, and uses their deodorant and rope for skipping rope at night.


2nd Caller Steven, he’s a big fan and Drew brings up all of the time he spent in Nashville with his son’s college, he wants the guys take on the ‘Flat World Theory’ and describes it to them, not with enough detail.

Drew is trying to get him to specify more of it and Adam is willing to entertain the hypothetical, would people act differently if we were under surveillance by an overlord of some kind.

Adam is now going over the “most people don’t know and don’t care to know” theory and explains how people will freely enter down dog position doing yoga in the airport without concern of other people, humans are getting to the point where they behave like dogs without concern for judgment nor shame.


Adam says if you would like to eliminate dog shit on the side walk we should remove 5 gallons of gas from your vehicle, he says that will then stop the problem.

Adam takes it to god and the overlord theory and how it doesn’t work, Adam is telling Drew he’s too caught up in the flat world setup for the question.

Adam brings up the gardener and the pool gate, docking him 50$.


Drew is doing an eHarmony Live Read

Adam wishes that guy was his dad, the eHarmony guy.


3rd Caller Corey, he wants advice about proposing to his girlfriend, Drew tells him not to worry about the proposal nor wedding, the marriage is what matters, he remembers and flubs an aphorism about it.

Adam is now sharing how if guys had 200k beers together they would never talk about the proposal when learning of another guy’s engagement.

Adam brings up his theory on wedding dress cost, he explains the rule of thumb regarding cost and body weight with each year of marriage.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read

Adam wants the footage of the car shooting fire


They are now watching some footage, Drew asks if that’s Adam driving and he rolls with it, mocking him.

They watch the rest of the footage, Adam is giving out the plugs and wraps up the show.