Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/23/2013 – David Alan Grier

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest David Alan Grier

Recorded 08-22-2013 – Release Date 08-23-2013

Production Number #1149

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Adam is opening the show to a decent #TopDrop and has a little anecdote about taping the 500th episode of “The Soup”.

Alison has a Botox question pertaining to Joel and his forehead, Adam is just sticking to what an affable guy he is and now BB is describing his difficulties trying to find the version that featured Adam.

Adam is explaining his greatest fear of “shit taking too long” and why he prefers live recordings because of that.


Adam is now describing Hollywood as a dog that’s chewing on itself, he’s making an analogy to the writing staff and producers who work on sitcoms and comedy programming

Adam is saying that “I think we can beat that joke” should be illegal if the person doesn’t have the better joke chambered.

Adam is now walking them through the process of pitching alternate jokes and how everyone ends up “swimming” after hearing the original too many times.


Adam is now mocking “best punch up guy in the business” reaching back to his work on the CBS sitcom with Mike Lynch out writing the guy with the title.

Adam is really digging into the guy who maintains that title and how he gets away with it, he’s taking it back to this filming to contrast what a refreshing experience it was.

Adam is now riffing about the process for picking out colors for paint, he’s not referencing his infamous anecdote about his mother and her indecisive nature, Adam has a great “you have one chance at purity” closing line.


Adam is bringing up his “seasoned blow job time machine” hypothetical question from Adam and Drew #72 with Gary Anthony Williams and Jordan Black.

Adam just got Bryan to admit he would have accepted it and he’s asking Alison if she wants to travel back and take care of it for him, so weird!

Adam is now riffing his “rap” to hit on himself, BB’s reaction is great and Adam is continuing to roll through it “Are you tense, me?”


This is comedy gold, BB has chimed in and they’ve altered the premise of “Looper” for the parody porn version “Pooper”.

Adam is now bringing up Chris Maxipada (Laxamana) witnessing 15 year old boys rocking gold Rolex watches at the “Quale” during their romancing race weekend.

Alison has a great series of one liners about these punk kids, Adam is now posing a hypothetical of your child being injured for the expensive jewelry you bought them, very interesting.


They’re all discussing the psychological implications and possible difficulties giving such expensive items to kids could present.

Adam is now taking it to their drive home and how they were running late, he’s sharing how humans vex him, he’s describing the “out of it” motorists slowing down while driving up hill.

BB is bringing up his legacy of crappy pickups overheating, Adam doesn’t think people even think about such things and are just so checked out of it they can’t even consider any factor of the automobile or driving experience.


Adam is now brining up how people who drive pickup trucks have a propensity for showing off what they’re interested in, from bumper stickers, ajar gas tank covers and 4 wheelers in the bed.

Adam is now bringing up the car transporter that Adam ordered Chris to overtake to avoid being stuck behind it for the next couple hundred miles, Adam is further breaking down his “Street Profiling”.

Chris is bringing up a car he heard Adam order Mike August to drive around while he was half asleep, Adam is now declaring Mike August his exact opposite when it comes to noticing things and he’s fleshing out the story that Sleepy Chris didn’t fully witness.


Adam’s Favorited Tweets

Adam is bringing up the motor vehicle death statistics from the 1950’s to present day, he’s referencing guy they blew past on the 101 who was towing a BMW 8 series.

Adam is citing the time it took for him to commute home and how he was able to stop for a full lunch in the amount of time it took the tow truck to catch up.

Adam is now going off on the war between citizens for speed limit increases and law enforcement with their latest techniques circumvent it.


Adam is now going off on his radar detector he uses to do battle with the law enforcement radar guns, he’s now describing the car he was driving being completely safe at 85mph.

Adam is now going off on his constant monitoring of the radar detector to avoid these creeps pulling people over for trying to get home at a reasonable hour.

Chris is now on mic confirming how much energy it takes to commute with the radar detector and how he longs for a leisurely drive with the Aceman.


Alison is suggesting they’re transforming Adam into a “Transporter”-esque wheelman waiting to enter a life of crime.

Adam and BB are now riffing about Adam being the number #2 Wheelman in the business and Adam has a crazy Richard Branson non sequitur, comedy gold!

Adam is asking Alison about the graph they’re viewing depicting the motor vehicle deaths throughout the past 6 decades.


Adam is bringing up the barefoot in the movie theater tweet he received, he’s picking on the headrest being used as a foot rest for these animals.

Adam is now saying you should be ashamed of your public barefoot fetishistic behavior, BB is agreeing with Adam and citing people at a baseball game to contrast his point.

Adam is calling us people who photograph others on airplanes heroes and he’s now riffing on someone driving with their foot hanging out of the window.


Bryan has a telling question about the legality of having your foot hang outside your car, Adam is now riffing on the founding fathers similar to his great “1780’s Guy” bit from “Too Late with Adam Carolla”.

Adam’s riff about law makers being unable to predict the behavior of the “out of it” crazy people we all are forced to live amongst.

Adam is now citing a driver whose head wasn’t visible over the steering wheel and Chris is once again on mic confirming things and sharing how much he appreciate this bit of Adam’s profiling.


Adam has a great Hulu Plus live read that calls back Alison’s earlier comments about Joel McHale, Brilliant!


Adam is now welcoming David Alan Grier aka the one and only DAG back to the ACS for his 20th appearance, he’s immediately dipping into “Peanut” and mocking Alison’s role as “fake Teresa”.

Adam is doing a great battery riff with “Peanut” that Dag wraps up perfectly.

DAG is now telling Adam that his theory on profiling doesn’t work, Adam is saying he just uses it for driving and on the road.


DAG is citing the security procedures of EL AL and Alison is stepping in to explain that’s what Adam would call profiling.

DAG wants to know Adam’s all time worst driver and is laying in some solid whistling for background effect.

DAG is sharing his worst driver, describing a slight of frame woman with glasses behind the wheels of a Prius.


DAG is unknowingly tapping into Adam’s 2004 Free Way on Ramp story with Dr. Drew, a Grey Haired old F Town Car Driver and a Silver Prius.

DAG is now commenting on the people who drive a Prius and their gas saving techniques, Adam is now bringing up the person who waits an extra 3 Mississippi after coming to complete stop.

DAG is now making a bedroom analogy, Adam is asking DAG to do his infamous “lovemaking” riff, pretty great, and this one should be the ringtone!


DAG is taking it back to Alison and proclaiming her “heart is a Prius” while asking/mocking her life and upcoming marriage.

Adam is defending Alison by bringing up DAG’s 15 month marriage and DAG has a funny warfare one liner.

Adam is asking DAG about his love life and DAG’s telling them about a “twitter buddy” he recently spent some time with while on the road and Adam has a killer Quincy Jones joke.


Adam is sharing how he was being told by his boys about a gal rocking a back brace who was a huge Carolla fan at the show last night.

Chris is now mic telling them about how she ended up in the brace from a threesome related injury.

DAG is now riffing about a girl who was spraying breast milk during a sex act, whoa!


Adam is now setting up a great improv Reenactment, Adam is playing Becky Honkeyton and Alison the young lady sporting the Threesome back brace, BB is playing the dad.

DAG is offering up some improv advice, they’re now restarting the scene. They’re wrapping the scene and Alison has a killer one liner.

Adam is asking DAG if he would like the “titty milk” with his BJ, he seems to be the only one into it with one unidentified member of the staff raising his hand in support.


Adam has a killer one liner about how he’s not into it and now DAG is going in depth on his take about why it’s a turn on and what would make it a turn off.

Adam is now bringing up his embroidered sign in his bedroom forbidding the “Titty Milk on his Ball Sack”.

Adam is now hinting at Teddy Pendergrass and DAG isn’t protesting it. He’s now asking DAG about his new project and giving it a nice plug.


Adam is now attempting a Legal Zoom live read and it looks like they’re getting a “DAG: Special Edition” Adam is turning his snoring into a brilliant transition and DAG is now fucking with him via some apnea noises.

Dawson is now on mic confirming his weirdness with breast milk on his balls, Alison is getting DAG to spell out the sex act and all the steps involved.

Adam has a homemade pie analogy that DAG is loving, Alison is chiming in and now DAG is caroling Alison’s upcoming nuptials


Adam is now playing some Beach Boys, Adam is jumping in to his role as generic white guy producer and DAG is already in full effect as Teddy.

DAG is killing it with some low key Teddy, he’s now getting right to titty milk and nut sacks, classic Teddy!

Adam and Alison’s reactions are equally priceless, Adam just topped Dag in character with a dead mom reply, whoa!


They’re now on a crazy “titty milk ain’t right” conversation in character, Teddy is giving it another shot and it’s glorious.

Adam has a great “Titty Milk is in the Can” one liner as his producer character I love so much and DAG is going insane as Teddy about to start a fire with butt cheek scabs and such.

Alison’s reactions are becoming funnier as she goes, so funny she can’t even fully laugh and Adam is now riffing with “Teddy” about the nature of their collaborations and how talking about Titty Milk not being in the song equates to Titty Milk being brought up even more.


This might be my all-time favorite Teddy appearance even rivaling his debut visit.

Dag is now talking about trying to buy cars on EBAY, he’s telling Adam about a pristine Dino Ferrari a “barn find” going for an opening bid of 49k.

Adam is now explaining the lineage of the car to Alison who is asking follow up questions as unlike some cast members cars don’t make her “tune out” during her job.


Adam and Dag are explaining “Barn Find” to Alison and now Dag is riffing about this incarnation of the ACS being Adam’s “hobby show”.

DAG wants to know Adam’s dream car, what he would go nuts for if he could get his hands on a “barn find” and now Adam is listing them off.


DAG is now joining Adam for his Maxima Style LED lighting live read, hilarious one liners about the tiny lights, comedy gold!

They’re now discussing the value of cars, Adam’s complimenting Dag’s purchase of a Porsche and asking him about the probably value of his speedster.

Dag is now impersonating Alison joking about her thinking the gull wings function as actual wings, it’s hilarious but at least she is trying to show interest and explain things to the average listener.


Adam is now telling the gang about Jeff Fox adding a telemetry device to his car telling him the speed being recorded on the video footage of his racing.

Adam and Dag are now commenting on cell phone pics, Adam wants to know why people come back for a 2nd photo and Alison has a very basic explanation.

Now Adam is sharing the idea I presented him with over 4 years ago about using a fan to take photos for other fans.


DAG just invented “Blackgria” the new flavor of Adam’s signature booze, this time utilizing licorice flavoring.

Adam is doing a live read for Personal Capital and he’s blaming Alison for DAG’s interruptions, hilarious!

Dag is now impersonating the voice of the listener mocking Adam’s lengthy live reads and commercials.


Dawson is now on mic to plug an upcoming “corn hole tournament” and DAG has some hilarious titty milk and ass fucking interruptions while using false outrage and he’s now sharing what happened last time he ate fish tacos.

BB is closing it with a series of insane DAG drops, comedy gold!