Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/22/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 397

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/22/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 397

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 08-14-2016 – Release Date 08-22-2016

Production Number #397 – Duckbill

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Adam quotes ‘Misty Green and Blue’ by the band ‘UFO’ and they hear a few beats of an alternate version of it, Adam is saying hardcore rock guys will often mention them as one of their favorite groups.

Adam is now doing live commentary over the opening Overture of UFO’s 1977 track ‘Love to Love’ and Adam is sharing how he saw a stripper once come out to this track and he was impressed that her tastes ran deep into the B sides.

Adam is talking about the era of album flops that were followed up with super successful live variants ala Peter Frampton with ‘Frampton Comes Alive’ or the infamous ‘Cheap Trick at Budokan’ and they hear some more of this awesome UFO track.


Chris or Gary has fired up another one of their tracks, Adam says it’s another great driving song, they’re listening to ‘Doctor Doctor’ and Drew recalls Adam bringing up his lack of an office at the studio last week.

Adam is now addressing and explaining his point, he’s asking Drew if most people wouldn’t assume they needed an office at their podcast studio, he’s commenting on his wiring and Drew asks if he needs an office, Drew is really busting his office balls.

Adam says there is the difference between needing and office and getting by without one, he says he built two facilities and didn’t build an office for himself in either, Adam says Drew would at least consider it if he was in Adam’s shoes.


Adam is now explaining how he tells people all the time, it’s the ultimate self-esteem not to have an office, he wants some other guy working away for him while he’s out earning someplace else.

Adam is now bringing up a late 90’s or early 00’s incident where he needed brown dress shoes to tape
‘Politically Incorrect’ and they only had “Bozo’s duckbill clown shoes” the style/trend at the time.

Adam says they looked stupid, he bought some and wore them begrudgingly, he took his daughter out to the Grove to buy his daughter some back to school clothes, he happened upon dress shoes for males and he took a photo of the selection, all of the shoes come to a point.

Adam says they no longer had the platypus shoes, it’s why he doesn’t listen to these people who explain trends and the future to him, this is why you can’t find a picture of Adam wearing anything that is specifically from the time, ever.


Five Four Club

People sporting their stuff globally edition


Adam is bringing up his argument with the woman at the Marie Callender’s Restaurant & Bakery about the passion fruit Iced Tea, which then resulted in a nearby patron cancelling their tea order upon overhearing the discussion, perfectly disproving the waitress’s assertion that her customers preferred the passion fruit flavored variant of tea.

Adam teases a moment with his son that rivals that experience.


1st Caller David, he thinks Adam must’ve worn parachute pants and Adam says he got his hair a little shorter on the sides and a little higher on the top, that’s the most he budged fashion wise.

Adam is talking to producer Gary and David keeps saying hello, Adam has a killer “I know that’s confusing to you” comment and David keeps hammering his “Carolla 2: Electric Boogaloo” joke attempt.

David is telling them about his multiple back and neck problems, he says he’s feel really good at 45 years old with a 4-year-old kid, he keeps repeating himself and Drew is picking up on it with Adam who is getting assertive.


They agree this sounds like opiate addiction and David asks what he can do to get off of the pills, he gives them his daily pill regimen.

Adam asks how many beers he washes that down with and asks him to get a handle on this addiction on behalf of his child.


Adam is now sharing how he was sitting alone in his office watching The Olympic Games and he describes Sonny’s kind and forgiving/innocent nature, asking for permission to get food from the vending machine.

Adam says Sonny brought up the runner who was wearing multiple chains, Adam comments on Sonny sounding like a 10-year-old version of him and the “from the mouth of babes” comment he made about the lack of logic with the dude wearing his chains while running.


Drew saw the same race and had a similar reaction, Adam says he knows half of the stuff his son says is just stuff he’s parroting back to impress him.

Gary is on mic as he’s trying to find the footage, Adam says like out of a movie the runner starts to lose his stride a little, it looks like the chains are slowing him down, as American sprinter Tyson Gay rounded the end of the race he perfectly demonstrated the exact thing Adam was trying to impart on a curious Sonny. Thus rivalling the passion fruit tea karma story.


Drew has more medical advice for David and they move on.


2nd Caller Steve, he’s calling about his gambling addiction and Adam shares his wishes for no child nor wife to have a gambling addict father/husband, it’s worse than cigarettes, booze etc.

Steve has lost about 20k over the years, Adam has a point about what an amount of money is to you vs. what it is to Adam or someone with more wealth, loaning money is not about what that money means to the person loaning it to you, it’s about what that amount means to you, look at that and learn from it.

Adam says “whatever your name is” and then tells him what he can’t say to his wife, women need to be heard sometimes, not have a problem solved, they want someone to experience what they’re experiencing and feeling.


Adam talks about a covert life and stepping outside of someone else’s reality, only to learn you were correct and your spouse was lying to you.

Adam says he hates that and then feels crazy about the betrayal.

Drew has some practical advice.


3rd Caller Daniel, he’s calling from Utah and is telling them about a promotion he was passed over in favor of a person less qualified.

He wants Adam’s advice about what he should do, Adam is now recalling the ‘Top Gear’ pilot and how the revamped ‘Knight Rider’ tanked it after David Hasselhoff appeared on the ACS.

Adam is now talking about having nothing on the horizon and ending up lost in the rearview mirror, Adam says the losers in this business are the guys that have a project and will never let it go.

Adam says he never has conversations with Kimmel about revamping ‘The Man Show’ nor licensing it etc., he has so much more to deal with and on his plate, they’ve moved on.

They brought back the Jump Ropes because of Adam’s love for them edition

Adam tells Drew about his plywood jump rope box/platform and Drew talks about the emulsified MCT oil that doesn’t leave the slick anymore.

Adam gives out the plugs with Drew stepping in for his own, solid ep!