Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/22/2013 – Greg Fitzsimmons, Live from Amalfi

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Guest Greg Fitzsimmons, Live from Amalfi

Recorded 08-21-2013 – Release Date 08-22-2013

Production Number #1148

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Adam is opening the show with Greg Fitzsimmons making his 28th appearance on the show, Adam is raising a form of a toast for the 1.4+ million raised for Road Hard.

The front of the audience seems to be packed by some of the backers and they seem enthusiastic.

Adam is now lamenting the press not picking up the story of his crowd funding success, it wasn’t reported via any known outlet and he’s now using “The Hammer” being rejected from Sundance based on Adam and not the merit of the movie to make his point.


Adam is now explaining how he found out that Variety did a story and Alison is confirming it, Adam is asking Fitzdog for his take on what to do.

Adam and Greg are now co-lamenting how nerds became cool in popular culture, he’s now taking it back to #Classic Loveline and citing how the “nerd bands” were always the angriest guests.

He’s now comparing and contrasting ICP and Weezer, Alison has a great jizz retort.


Adam just coined the “Blue Ball Chip on Your Shoulder” combination of no sex in your past creating your present day angry attitude.

Adam is now giving his most detailed thoughts on Tim Tebow perhaps ever and Alison has a great reply to Adam’s comments about his probable handshake style.

Adam is now bringing up the incredible range of the Middle East, everyone kisses each other then they stone each other to death, Adam is calling for the preferred middle ground of “Howie Mandel”.


Adam is now saying that Mustard Gas is a great “sounds better than it is” and just invented “relish gas”, Alison is now quoting a couple bumper stickers she saw while driving, she’s puzzled by the choice of sticker.

Adam is now bringing up the “fuck off and die” bumper sticker often found on large trucks, he’s now bringing up his mom and John showing up for his Grandma’s funeral and how he was sporting a maroon windbreaker to contrast the guy with the sticker on his truck.

Adam is now asking where are the wives or significant others of these gents who sport unusual traits/looks telling them to curb their shitty choices.


Adam is now asking what the legal lines are with cars, he can’t have a tint he wants or drive without a front plate but this guy gets to tell his whole family to fuck off and die.

Greg is now calling for Adam to carry around alternate stickers to vandalize these people’s stickers, Alison has a funnier idea that everyone seems to enjoy.

Adam is now bringing up the TV shows that would come on during the day when he would skip school, hilarious joke about having a good “11 day run” of attendance.


Adam is now wondering why he was so eager to stay home at his piece of shit place, he’s comparing how his kids would be living if they stayed home sick at his current home.

Adam is now bringing up the shitty TV shows he watched in black and white, he’s connecting this to the shift in commercials played during daytime TV over the past 30 years and what that means about society.

Adam is now bringing up “The Good Sam Club” and how it looks like the padres, he says you would color in every state you visited and how it’s been replaced with Calvin pissing on things, and he’s got a great point about the simultaneous societal shift.


Greg is bringing up the Obama sticker he saw on a Prius and how unnecessary it was, he was at Whole Foods and Adam has a great reply.

Greg is sharing with the gang about his people watching while in the store, Adam is now bringing up the hipster’s with the build of a “pre-pubescent David Bowie”.

Adam is now killing it describing these guys, complete with scarf mention.


Adam is now telling the gang about the guys when it comes to pussy, Greg is eager to hear and Adam is now citing the hypocrisy of Russell Simmons and his spirituality that flies out the window when he spots the 22 year old piece of ass.

Adam is now using Lenny Kravitz and his words vs. actions to further prove his point, Greg is now bringing up David Cross marrying Amber Tamblyn, Greg doesn’t realize the added wrinkle that she’s the daughter of his friend.

Alison wants to know more about men and their quest for young pussy, Greg has a “The More You Know” regarding age of consent.


Adam and Greg are joking about their mutual methods of math.


Q and Ace

Adam is mocking the gentleman in the audience who just commented on the questions being asked, Greg is joining Adam and now Adam is sharing how he never uses the “I have black friends” defense to combat claims of racism.

Adam is now breaking down his unusual relationship with Dag, regarding aged meats and focus pads for their boxing workouts they’ve been doing for over 13 years.


1st Question wants to know when his friend will get to provide music for Adam’s movie?

Adam has a great “Sons of Anarchy” joke that is assisted by a motorist outside the building with amazing timing.

Adam has a great “casket model” joke and now Adam is riffing about how musician and comedian are the only dreams that people can hold on to well past their expiration date, unlike modeling.


Greg is now plugging his new special and telling people to Pre-Order it, he’s using his career in standup to make a point about how his profession is demeaned based on the open nature of the job.

The guy plays the keyboards, Adam loves them and loves the piano, if he had one h’s claiming he would always leave it in “hockey arena mode” and BB has a great one liner combined with a drop to close the riff.

Adam is further quizzing the audience member about his day job and ambition, Greg has a funny observation about the similar posture involved in both of his gigs.


Adam and Greg are now commenting on why a Piano improves a party while an acoustic guitar is more likely to hurt it, Adam is now joking about the faces and moves of a pianist, gold!

Adam is now saying he lacked the


2nd Question is about the extra 400k for Road Hard, Adam is claiming it is going up his nose, he was straight up with everybody.

Greg is glad coke is making a comeback, Adam is about to say “good coke is nummy” and now Adam is telling Greg about his buddy who worked on “Miami Vice” and got the good coke.

Adam has never revealed that layer of the story onion, holy shit! Adam hasn’t said the nummy thing and Alison is probably relieved as she is always bumped by it.


Adam is now polling the audience on the price of a gram of coke, Alison is now commenting on how the person she would least expect yelled out the price, Adam says “coke is delectable” wow that’s a new variant, high falootin Aceman!

Adam is now telling the gang about having to go by E! To tape “The Soup” for its 500th episode, Adam is now bringing up the time he and Drew hosted “Talk Soup” in the late 90’s.

Adam is now telling the infamous “clear the teleprompter” story where he got into it with the producer “Tom”.


Adam has told both Aisha Tyler and Joel McHale this story and they have explained it was due them working with people not as talented as he and Drew.

Adam is now on an “adults aren’t adults” tangent, about how everyone is stupid and Greg seems to agree with some additional ideas.

Adam is giving the full story, Greg is sharing his own experience of taping a pilot in Chile 5 years ago.


Adam is now riffing about the harness worn by steady am operators, Greg is agreeing to Adam’s hilarious descriptors.

Greg is going in depth on the pilot filming and how he was forced to work with a guy twice after he was fired the first day.

Adam is now bring up Chile and his lack of familiarity with their culture, he just knows of their fruit and sea bass.


Alison is now asking if it’s Chile or Chilly and Adam is tossing out Cannes vs. Can and Alison counters with Pakistan vs. Pakeestan.


3rd Question, Alison wisely has Adam repeat it, the audience member is tall and blocks the view of fellow concert goers.

Adam is now riffing on how much of a first world problem this is, hilarious Mogadishu example.

Greg is loving this and how offering his own guy he hates at a concert, the tall guy who puts a girl on his shoulders, hilarious riff about Greg’s kid “piece of shit”.

Adam is now joking about the lack of titty sightline for all concert goers and how a tit notification needs to go out, BB suggest an app and Alison is getting the mix too.


4th Question from Monte, Adam is now joking about him being the lone black guy in the audience.

He’s the guy who told Adam about camping during the live show with Brian Posehn, oh wow!

Hilarious affirmative action riff and now he’s inviting Adam to go camping with him and the pals, Adam is now asking what day it is and explaining he has to go.

Adam is comparing this to when Marine’s ask Selena Gomez to the prom, he’s mixing up the facts of various celebrity YouTube date requests, Alison has a hilarious observation about Adam’s role as Selena and BB has a funny nitpick about Adam’s use of the word prom.


Adam is now asking what the camping trip entails, Adam is unbelievable agreeing to go, holy shit I wish I was Monte right now.

Greg has a comment perhaps even more racially insensitive than BB’s from earlier in the week.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on an article asking why tourists love fudge and who is actually buying it in enough amounts to keep these businesses around.

Adam is now using his point about daytime and morning drinking as an analogy to this, he’s saying travel is an excuse to eat fudge as it’s not something you would feel ok eating at home, much like a corndog.

Adam is now saying he loves fudge and fish and chips and never eats either.


A drunken “Sons of Anarchy” extra is shouting to Adam about how he wants the right to talk since he contributed to “Road Hard”.

Alison is now jumping in and BB has some choice drop work to mock him, Adam is now asking him about “being on the road” in response to his constant refrains.

Adam is trying to take it back to their import fudge related discussion and Alison is now trying to get to the coda to the story as Adam described the things he will tolerate in his fudge, Alison is sick of Walnuts and Adam agrees.


Alison is bringing up the saltwater taffy trend on the east coast and how it’s their fudge, Alison isn’t a fan and Adam is now going off on Greg for not knowing about “Abba Zabba”.

Alison says it’s to flavors that don’t go together and Adam is joking about giving it to people when he wants them to be quiet.

Adam’ on a hilarious tangent about taking a dress off of a woman with a stiletto while talking about the candy, gold!


In response to Adam’s riff about removing candy from wrappers, Alison is saying the button candy is the worst and Adam is saying he would rather be hit with them from 8 feet away than consume them.


2nd Story is on TV guide’s list of salaries for Late Night television hosts.

Alison already figured out how much James Babydoll Dixon got from Jon Stewart deal and now they’re shedding some tears for Leno and Letterman taking pay reductions to 20 Million per year.

Adam is now telling the gang about hanging with Andy Cohen on his Real Housewives after show and why it’s fun to get drunk, hilarious closer from Ace.


Adam and Greg are now commenting on the different late night shows and their alcohol options and why drinking is subtly encouraged.

Alison wants to know who makes the most on TV and he predicts its Judge Judy, he’s now channeling his mother asking why Jude needs 47 million per year.

Adam says he could do Judy’s job while intoxicated and now he’s pitching “Ace’s Court” in response to Alison saying he should bring his judging powers to TV.


Adam is saying why he watches the show to make himself feel better about his life, witnessing the petty cases and amounts these people are battling over.

Alison agrees with his points and now Greg is riffing on what would happen on Adam’s court.

Adam is telling the gang about spending time with Kelly Ripa and how small she is, citing why she look so great on TV and he’s now asking why camera guys why he can’t look good on camera, Alison is calling for a “flattering filter”.


3rd Story is on a website that had to remove an article about football being vexing for women.

Greg is asking what website it was posted on and Alison wants to know if it’s harder for women to understand football and Adam says it’s not about gender but interest, that women can understand it just as well as men if they’re interested in it.

BB is telling Adam that most season ticket holders get invited to classes to teach their wives about the game for various colleges, Adam has a great cock fighting and fudge callback complete with Abba Zabba closer.


They’re back to fudge and Adam says just like there is no crying in baseball there is no room for raisins in fudge.


4th Story is on Tina Fey returning to TV with two new series

Adam says she deserves everything he gets and is a true talent, Greg just stepped on Adam’s “Scrotum Buddies” one liner.

Greg is telling the gang about “Fire Island” and Adam wants to know if that’s a real name or a local nickname like “Boy’s Town”.


Adam is using his old buddy who had a problem with the booze, that he witnessed hock a loogie in Adam’s living room then go right back to sleep.

Adam is further describing Mike and his ford Ranchero that required climbing out the window or scooting over to the passenger side.

Adam is telling the gang about their trip to the golden chop sticks restaurant after 14hrs of concrete work.


Mike spotted an attractive woman waiting out front of the restaurant and told Adam they should try to hit on her, like Adam was declining the offer off pussy.

Adam is now doing a solid Stamps.com live read while once again working Abba Zabba into the mix

Adam is giving some plugs and wrapping the show.