Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/21/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 169

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/21/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 169

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 08-05-2014 – Release Date 08-21-2014

Production Number #169 – Free Beer

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Adam and Drew are opening the rare 3rd recording of the day with a funny “sausage is made vs. fudge is packed” riff, Drew always seems to enjoys these more than anyone else, he even tries to get Adam to reference the fudge packers union.

Adam is now setting up the ultimate nullifier for Drew’s “your staff fears you” go to riff when he’s out of conversation material, Adam shows a picture of the Saint Archers beer and explains how he must tell his family and staff about why he gets things they don’t due to his celebrity they don’t also get to have.

Adam is doing a live read for Tommy John Wear.


Adam is now telling the story of how Matt Fondiler became the “M’Fer!” and Gary is asking Drew about his flip flop regarding Matt’s fear level of Adam.

Adam is back to the story of the missing beer.

This was first covered in full on ACS #1386 and now Adam is flat out asking would you do this to Mr. Letterman and Drew has a prison full of starving inmates and stolen papayas, hilarious reply from Ace!


Drew is asking Adam about what he did when this was discovered and he claims he did it just like he did now, Drew gets Adam to clarify that he shamed them and his post recording thought about who might bring their beer back.

Drew has a killer one liner and Adam tops it regarding Chris, gold!

Drew is now transitioning to a live read for E-Voice.


Adam is now saying a “few weeks back” and Gary is trying to tell Adam that it’s a few months old, Adam tells Gary not to do the hurt thing, he’s not, he’s actually right, Adam apologizes.

Adam is bringing up this article and mocks Drew’s money raising for his rival school due to his wife’s affiliation.

Adam is explaining how Donald Sterling’s money was rejected by UCLA kidney research, Adam is now bringing up the folks on the left who are not interested in where the rubber meets the road.


Adam is now bringing up “end all war” and every child should have a 1t class education” Adam says get your checkbook out and Adam is now quoting the article wanting to know why and when core values come into play for who donates money.

Adam is explaining how this should work and now gives the one caveat where it is ok to react this way, smart “profiting on the holocaust and slave trade” reasoning, Drew is now asking where the line is and Adam rejects the notion of “planation mentality” when you’re paying everyone on your staff.

Adam is clarifying his logic, Adam is now bringing up the Pablo Escobar soccer fields in the slums of Columbia.


Adam has a killer kidney from the Klan riff about how he doesn’t care about where the money comes from, Drew gives a hypothetical and Adam once again rebukes his ethical arguments with simple logic.

Adam once again takes it back to the grandstanding and brings up anti bullying bracelets, Adam is back to the negative and positive that occurs in each and every exchange, Drew is addressing Adam’s inherent pragmatism and asking if there isn’t a principle present he’s not seeing.

Adam is giving the two messages this sends, A. we don’t need your money and B. we get to grandstand.


Adam is now addressing the notion of Donald Sterling being a role model to anyone on earth and how pragmatic thinking could introduce the notion and of true progress to schools and institutors.

Adam is once again saying his plan is “take 3 million dollars form someone who is not a good guy and save someone who is a good guy” and Drew agrees.

Adam tells Drew that atheism and religion is akin to people injecting their philosophy into these decisions, Adam says they need to leave that shit at home and in the church, Drew objects with a breathing noise but also seems to agree inherently.


Drew references the old “what kind of society do you want to live in” conversations Adam used to engage in with Los Angeles Times editor Shelby Coffey III.

Adam is taking it back to philosophy and principals, Drew is resisting like a petulant puppy and twists away into a live read.

Drew is doing a live read for

Drew bangs the mic and Adam is teasing some calls, Adam is bringing up the Loveline wart challenge that lasted for over 4 years and his multiple bowel movements that led Adam to thinking Drew has genital warts and only shits twice per week.

Adam says it’s akin to how you know if someone had their kid circumcised or not, Adam is bringing up the foreskin restoration movement of the late 90’s.

They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break.

They’re discussing Adam’s endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy and how he now stinks from his armpits, how it’s a recent change in his own flora and fauna, he now showers more but still doesn’t use soap.

Chris is bringing up Adam’s wet undershirt from last year’s race and how magically odorless and tasteless his non stinky sopping wet long john shirt was.

Adam is explaining how truly funky his long johns should have been but weren’t, he isn’t lying about the sack funk that was easily identifiable and Adam says you could find out the direction of the track based on the sack odor on his bottoms.

Adam wants to know if he should get his hormones checked, Drew references the word he just mispronounced, exquisite and how he says it like “exquizid” and Adam says he learns language by parroting others, he thanks Drew for bringing it up and Gary gives Adam some backup in the form of the “Rodeo Clowns” drop mocking Drew.


1st Caller Aaron, his daughter has terrible constipation and Adam references his own daughter’s constipation, Drew asks him about laxatives used and Aaron keeps referencing non-laxatives then snaps at Drew.

Aaron was told to try an enema, Drew has a series of no’s telling him not to proceed that way, and Drew is bringing up the minor bowel problems with kids that parents freak out about.

Adam says he could send the porcelain punisher over their to lay his hands on her, hilarious pooping kid riff, Drew just invoked Chief Thunder bear, Adam isn’t doing the impression, they’re now riffing over a native American music bed, this is gold!


Adam praises the vegetables and how bulk can move things through your system, Adam compares avocado against celery, Drew clarifies it’s not just roughage, some people need bulk etc.


2nd Caller Travis, he references Adam’s theory on “motors” when it comes to people and personal motivation and momentum.

Travis is bringing up how he is life went downhill, he’s stagnant in life and a mechanic by trade, he sold his business and Adam asks him about life in Alaska and mechanic work.

Drew is clarifying a misunderstanding for Adam and Adam is sharing how one can create their own “false fire” to motivate them and Drew wants to know about the initial energy burst and Adam brings up adding push-ups to his routine as he only picked an exercise that was easy, skipping rope.

Adam is going super in depth on his push-up evolution and the importance of baby steps, he’s really giving a detailed and motivating explanation and he’s telling Drew how he moved out of self-help mode and moved onto get shit done mode.


They’re now doing a live read for


Adam is mocking Dr. Drew’s sharp pens and how he ordered larger pens, he’s commenting on the little things in life and why his uniball “vision elite” pens are superior and kick ass, Adam says this is not money, this is life.

Chris is sharing how you can find the link at the show page above.

Drew corrects himself regarding 10 factor comments and Adam plugs their upcoming live shows and wraps up the show.