Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/21/2013 – The White Buffalo and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest The White Buffalo and David Wild

Recorded 08-20-2013 – Release Date 08-21-2013

Production Number #1147

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Adam has a standard intro with older #TopDrop from Andy Dick, David Wild is in studio for the first visit in a long time.

Adam is thanking a fan for sending him a flag with a card of authenticity, Superfan Giovanni was also sent one of these flags after sending podcast DVD’s overseas to troops in combat.

Adam is reading the certificate and the letter along with the flag, he’s saying its right below having the asteroid named after him and this Superfan would wager above the Kentucky Colonel status.


Adam is giving supreme thanks to Staff Sergeant Donald, his note was inspiring and meaningful.

BB is commenting on the redacted parts of the note and how that makes it official, Alison is observing how it’s even folded in the special flag way.

Adam is now citing his horrible disease of waking up in advance of his early wake up calls, he’s giving examples of what it does and how it makes him feel.


Adam is getting to his little piece of serendipity, he heard a “Faces” song with Rod Stewart as the lead vocalist then he heard it earlier today when he was subbing for Laura Ingraham on her radio during a “bump in”.

Adam is now talking about the experience of trying to dial your phone right as you wake up, Alison is now chiming in and they’re talking about the amount of time it takes for their eyes to adjust as they age.

Adam is now setting up the song, he’s asking everyone to listen to the message and breaking it down for them between lyrics, gold!


Alison’s reactions are priceless and Adam is destroying Rod with hilarious quips, David is trying to explain the real world explanation for the song, essentially alcoholism.

Dawson is now on mic, David and Alison have some funny replies too and Alison wants to go back to the cologne lyric that Adam was having fun with earlier.

Adam is now mocking the portion of the song that turns into dog like instructions, this has now lead to a “Rambling/Ramblin man” riff from Ace, that connects back to his #Classic Loveline and KLSX musical tangents.


David is wishing a “happy John Hiatt” birthday to Adam and pledges to be the 3rd Superfan to get him on the show, Adam got him on Loveline in 1997, I got him on the KLSX show in 2008 and now if David does it the trifecta will be complete, he would sound so good in that studio!

David is now playing something from Robert Plant as it’s also his birthday, he’s selected a cover of Arthur Alexander’s “If it’s really got to be this way”.

Adam wants to know if anyone in the Rolling Stones, The Who or Led Zeppelin have put on 20lbs in the last Thirty Years, he’s comparing them to the rest of the world who gain weight with age.


BB has a funny Keith Moon back and forth with Adam, Adam wants images of the guys from BTO and Lover boy to see if the packed on the pounds.

Adam is doing a great Lumosity live read while relaying Patrick Dempsey’s devotion to the core and unintentional social slip up with frequent mentions of the danger of racing vintage cars.

Adam is now looking at a picture of BTO and commenting on their appearance, Dawson and Gary are on mic to explain the image choice, things are getting mildly condescending topped with an apology from Ace.


Adam is now bringing up “Rolling down the Highway” calling it the less well-known BTO song, BB is now playing a different song Adam doesn’t want to hear.

Adam is prefacing this one that it’s common for people to screw up the lyrics, Adam’s explaining how it’s an obligatory “take it on the road” song that all bands were seemingly required to record in the 1970’s.

Adam is now explaining how his buddy screwed up the lyrics with “diamond highway” instead of down the highway and Alison is sharing her friends “Hel Jealousy” mx up.


Q and Ace

1st Caller John wants Adam’s take on his idea for a possible solution for dogs on airplanes.

John is now pitching their dog whistle idea, Adam doesn’t think they work any better than rodent repelling devices sold in sky mall, Adam is riffing about the “sonic wave” in the advertisements and Alison has a great understated one liner that everyone misses.

Adam is now talking about his dog Molly doesn’t even react to the super serious voice which probably means a whistle would be ineffective as well.


Adam thinks his idea won’t work and could be cruel to the animals, he’s now citing an article tweeted at him regarding the best yoga positions to perform midflight.

Adam is asking when air travel became everything but simple transportation, he’s citing the yoga mat guy he encountered a couple years back.

Adam is telling the gang about stopping at Anderson’s pea soup on the way home for a photo op and meal, BB is saying he’s heard it’s not that good and Adam is explaining how wildly overrated most of these roadside diners are.


Alison is having them explain the photo for the listeners, she’s actually doing it and you can see the photo via the show page link above or via the Carolla Digital instagram account.

David says this photo proves Adam could never be “anti-gay”.

Adam is telling the gang about driving back from pebble beach while pressed against traffic en route back to the shop, he told Matt D’andria to fill up the car and be ready for them, Jeff Fox was surrounded and asked to take multiple photos of other diners.


2nd Caller Matt, He’s torn between two Carolla ideas.

On one hand he wants to buy a house so he can join the make fun of Ray club, the other side of the coin is he has a shitty job and is trying to follow Adam’s “don’t save money when you’re living in poverty” idea.

Adam is now stopping Matt to explain his “earn a dollar, don’t worry about saving a nickel” idea.

Adam is responding to Mat’s desire to learn computer programming with a thoughtful idea about his own kids education and a funny “Ulee’s Gold” reference but I think he might have been thinking of “Lorenzo’s Oil”.


David is giving a thoughtful reply in response to Adam and BB is now laughing and mocking Adam, Adam is now mocking his laugh back at him and telling him not to give him the snarky tone.

Adam is asking him how much he pays him to see how much a college education benefited his life, BB just brought up his house and Adam has a crushing “your wife bought it” oooh!

Matt is now popping off telling BB that he’s not writing a book because of his doubled down on the snarky, slightly upset reply, Adam appreciates Matt defensive assist.


Adam is asking Matt what he currently does and telling him to peck away at his skills via the internet while working full time, Adam is telling him to get the house and then focus on the new career.

Matt’s telling them about living in Salem Oregon and Adam is asking him about the river, he was actually recruited to play college football there in Matt’s home town, wow!

Adam and Alison are discussing the role of college in current day society, good points A-Rose!


3rd Caller Liz is not on the line anymore, she wants to know why Adam thinks the younger people entering the workforce now lack “GRIT”.

Adam is bring up his own children to give an example of how little we ask of kids today and the lack of discomfort in their lives.

Adam is saying that discomfort is part of growth and life, he’s using push-ups to make his point and Alison is sharing her thought from earlier in the day regarding children and the pediatrician.


David is saying he disagrees with Adam politically (about what?) but agrees with him 100% about raising children.

David is citing a recent time when he got into a misunderstanding with his son, Adam is citing how he’s been blown off for frozen yogurt trips.

Adam has a quick reference about the time he tried to teach Jimmy’s son some football techniques with a great “East of Eden” equating molestation code.


Adam is now citing his go kart that gets stepped over by visiting children who prefer to go for the sofa, David is blaming the private school systems.


4th Caller Nick, He bought the Road Hard reward to visit the studio and he’s going to be flying out from Toronto.

Nick is now telling Adam that he taught himself Photoshop online and actually runs a professional touch up service for photos, confirming Adam’s earlier argument that Bryan shat upon.

Adam is now riffing with him about touching up photos and enhancing the crotch, Nick wants to know if they want any Canadian treats that he can pack with him.


Adam is now asking why Canada gets their own Oreo cookies and why we get the dumbed down versions, David is bringing up the Canadian Content laws that mostly apply to media.

Adam is cool with the Dill chips but doesn’t want to fuck with the Ketchup flavored ones, he’s now explaining why to Nick by listing all of the acceptable meals to eat ketchup with.

Adam is saying he finds ketchup mixed with eggs bumps him, he’s got some great maxi pad in a Cuisinart comments.


Adam is now explaining that tonight Joel is filming his 500th episode of “The Soup”, he’s now bringing up the time the security guard stopped him at E!

The Superfan has an interesting side note, I recently met a fan who was there that day and saw Adam while he was doing his own business, and he could have escorted Adam in but didn’t want to bug him, Carolla luck for ya!

Adam is now going off on the idea of taking the fattest and dumbest guys and using them for the face of security, Adam is telling the story in full.


Adam has a hilarious description of the guard, complete with drool bucket and David is confirming the same guy is still stationed there, great “Dr. Bombay” reference from Adam with a quick explanation of his character from “Bewitched”.

Adam is taking it back to “Bewitched” and explaining how Dr. Bombay would be introduced for each of his appearances, David’s asking him about his preference over the lead actresses from both “Bewitched” and “I Dream of Jeanie”.

Alison is now asking Adam about “Freak Out” his mom’s spirit chant, he was riffing about it and she finally asked as all of us fans always wanted to know, we always assumed smoking pot with her friends and yelling it in a celebratory way.


Adam is wrapping the segment with a plug for David’s new book with Cee-Lo, Adam has a funny “newCie” comment or “New C” instead of newbie.


Adam is now welcoming Jake Smith aka “The White Buffalo” to the ACS for his debut visit, Adam is complimenting his work while describing it as his first new CD for cruising around the town in some time.

Another couple nice John Hiatt comments too, YES GET HIM ON THE SHOW!

Adam is asking Jake about his journey and how he got into music, he’s a little monosyllabic and Adam is asking multiple follow ups to get him out of his shell.


Jake is now explaining how his music got involved with the show “Sons of Anarchy” and Adam is now on a crazy hilarious “roaming the badlands with his attorney” riff mocking the less than intimidating way his music was brought into the series.

Adam is asking him about the song we’ll be hearing and he’s giving the dark background behind it, Adam has a comedic fake plug in response to Alison’s reply to Jake.

Jake is now playing and it already sounds amazing.


Jake just wrapped up and everyone is appropriately blown away.

Adam is complimenting him for it sounding just like the album and Dawson for his work with the studio and mixing, Adam is plugging the preorder and I will be grabbing one for sure!

Alison is now telling Adam about her discussion with Jake about getting into music when he was 20 and what his career ambitions were before the music started.


Adam is asking him about his former baseball playing days and BB is jumping in too, they’re all now in a baseball conversation.

Adam is asking him about his college and Jake is being very honest, Adam is now observing how Baseball has a ton of great players who are just below the margin to enter the pros due to the different demands for abilities.

Adam is saying he would take the PED’s in a heartbeat and he’s citing all the guys in their 60’s achieving physical benefits and he’s countering Lyle Alzado’s claims of steroids causing his brain tumor.


BB is jumping into confirm Adam’s point and they’re wrapping the conversation.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the school shooting in Georgia where nobody was injured.

Alison is explaining the details and Adam wants to know the plan, Alison is now sharing even more details regarding the shooting and surrender.

“I feel like barricading rarely works” – Adam.


Alison just observed that chaining yourself to a tree doesn’t work much either, now they’re riffing about Darryl Hannah and her living in the tree “upping of the game”.

Alison is bringing up the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse, they’re all reminiscing about how desirable the abode was and Adam is now asking how long that bucket they used would take to construct let alone the treehouse.

Adam is now mocking the notion of the size of the house he was living in even more painful, Alison is bringing up the shipwreck plot device and Adam is now citing the wake up scene as the most unbelievable of every movie.


Adam mistakenly thinks he’s never discussed it on air with BB before, he has several times.

Adam is now joking about the idea of ripped jeans, how his would rip to show his balls and the idea of sleeping in the ocean.

Adam is now saying the first thing that would happen upon hitting land would be a session of horrific vomiting and screaming in disbelief questing what happened.


Adam is now citing his 1997 Christmas Cruise with Jimmy Kimmel, Lynette and Jimmy’s ex.

Adam is citing the bug infestation and the lack of balsamic vinegar and the Kareoke night with no song options.

He always forget the “75lbs of Nickels” story from their Casino, the best story from this trip!


BB and Alison are bringing up the reduced balsamic syrup and Adam doesn’t care for it and he’s comparing it to the popular trend wine, Jake chimes in with White Zin and Adam tries to shame both Alison and BB.

Adam is saying it was only invented for daylight drinking without shame, Alison agrees and now wants to know Adam’s morning Mangria concoction.

Adam is saying the problem is the next morning, hinting at hangovers due to people over serving themselves.


2nd Story is on the Obama family adopting another dog, named Sonny and Adam loves the tongue on that beast.

Adam is now discussing eating tongue with Alison, they’re both repulsed and can’t understand why it was consumed, Adam is now combatting the modifier “good” and how it doesn’t mean the sandwich is good.

Hot pocket tongue and “Tonuery Man” – Bald Bryan, gold!


Adam is now saying his grandpa Lotzi would make a pot-roast tongue and how it must’ve been the best day for the butcher at the local “Lucky’s” supermarket.

Now they’re riffing about Von’s and Jon’s, Adam has some words about the signs and the brighter letters.

Adam is saying that his grandpa must have been the only guy to come in and buy it, delighting the butchers.


BB is calling braised beef cheeks wonderful and Adam doesn’t like it when we get into the names of parts that he knows, like eyes, brains etc.

Alison wants to know if Adam would be more likely to eat Tongue, Brains or Balls first.

Adam is now explaining that she’s misunderstanding, he consumed a ton of tongue, whoa!


Adam is now telling her how it is, he’s saying the meat isn’t bad, it’s the whole form that is the problem.

Adam wants to know how his son will feel about his name now being used for a pet and Adam is saying he’s mad at him for not eating barbeque.

Adam thinks if BBQ was the only option he would be game, he’s citing Lynette’s eagerness to make different meals as to why he’s become so picky.


Adam has a hilarious Fagin reference from Oliver Twist and Adam is sharing that he always said if he had a picky eating son he would miserable and that’s what he has, he does like that he is a fan of the veggies.

Alison is sharing a story about walking her dog and running into a woman who also has their breed of dog and was telling her about their love of vegetables, Alison is mystified by her blueberry mention.


3rd story is on Japan’s Pepsi flavored Cheetos.

Adam is claiming that they are daring themselves to get fat and thinks our number 1 sport should be Suma over here instead of Japan.

Adam is now suggesting they worship the fat guy as they are such a skinny culture, Alison wants to know what the Suma wrestler wear while not in battle or training.


Alison is asking how the Sumo Wrestler’s eat to maintain their weight, he’s citing their eating the face of dietary wisdom while trying to recall the former Hawaiian Champion, I think he may have ended up in the movie version of Street Fighter in 1994 and Adam is right.

“You could probably kill a prostitute” – Alison, Adam is riffing on the idea of Japan allowing for a 1950’s style of fame where you could get away with more.

Alison wants to know if you would be that eager to wrestle if you were that heavy and Adam wouldn’t want to take his shirt off, he’s citing the different skin tones effecting the appearance of an overweight person.


Adam is now further going off on how white skin/pigment often looks worse compared to darker skin tones.

Adam got a facial tan while on the track and was able to elicit the attentions of his maid Olga upon returning due to his newly improved coloring.

Alison wants to know if there will ever be a time where tan is no longer considered attractive and Adam is saying that more of a symbolic thing and BB has a great rubenesque follow up point.


Adam is making a point about genetic diversity and the innate human desire to reproduce with new genetic material, he’s citing Dr. Drew’s claims about the nature of evolution and genetics.

Adam is pre-deeming it interesting and connecting the point about the human race becoming stronger with genetic diversity that it makes sense we would become less attracted physically to the most extreme examples of either race.

Adam is bringing up many examples and Bryan keeps bringing it back to Derek Jeter (get a room!).

Adam punctuates it with a great Self Satisfied Sniff and now Alison is wrapping the news.


Adam is doing a live read, giving some plugs for the guest as well as Mangria now being available in Louisiana.