Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/19/2013 – Adam, Alison and Bald Bryan

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Guest Adam, Alison and Bald Bryan

Recorded 08-18-2013 – Release Date 08-19-2013

Production Number #1145

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Adam is opening the show to a solid intro from Dawson and has some kind words for all of the supporters of the pirate ship.

Alison’s headphones just flew off, Adam and BB are having some fun and Ace get a nice “That Girl” head move reference in to boot.

Adam is telling the gang he’s fresh from the Monterey historics week, Adam is explaining the nature of the events and what race day is like.


Adam references a black couple who came and spent time with him to counter BB’s claims about the racial stereotypes of the attendees and BB comes back with a kind of harsh racial stereotype in response that Adam doesn’t even seem to really appreciate.

Adam is sharing how he’s been picking away at his Paul Newman Documentary, citing the celebrity race car drivers who agreed to appear in the documentary.

Adam is now citing Patrick Dempsey, they’re all marveling at his dreamy appearance and Adam has a funny “dick” riff.


Adam is telling the gang about running into Leno at the race, who shared a story of racing Go Karts with Paul Newman on an indoor track.

Adam is now quickly referencing running into Patrick his neighbor from the mid 90’s and how he eventually drove him to Home Depot and bought him some essential tools.

Adam is now remarking on how unlikely it would be to get Patrick to take part in this fieldtrip today, hilarious 80’s montage joke, that’s even funnier when you take into account “Can’t Buy Me Love”.


Adam is telling the gang about the new “Walking group” of cackling women rounding his block at 5am, Chris is getting on mic and Adam has a hilarious LAPD joke calling back to the Dorner news story, gold!

BB has a hilarious response and Adam is now just rolling with it, hilarious riff.

Adam is now asking about the almost 0 attention paid to the LAPD almost shooting two women to death had they not been such horrible shots, Alison wisely brings up the equally embarrassing point about their inability to fire their service weapon.


Adam is bringing up how they picked “the right color to shoot at” and he’s now going off explaining how he wants to buy the truck in question.

Adam’s plan involves racing it at high speeds for all of his commutes, then when pulled over he’ll strategically punch himself in the face and start crying about his mother and sister who were so wrongly targeted for assassination.

Adam’s acting and delivery on this riff is incredible while also filled with appropriate outrage.


Adam is taking it back to the “squawking group” yelling up and down the hills of Hollywood, great self-imposed comedic edit on Adam’s almost C bomb with two terrific replies from A-rose, gold!

Adam is asking where the designated shush-er was, he’s being hilarious describing these horrible women chatting outside of other people’s homes.

Alison wants to know at what number they start to become so loud, she has an excellent point about the noise level of just two ladies.


Adam is now bringing up how Chris had the time of his life at the Quale Lodge, they wanted two of Adam’s cars for their ceremony honoring the legend Pete Brock.

Adam is describing the champagne and caviar of the event, Chris even ditched Adam and the boys to scout the food offerings, though he did loop back from his recon mission to inform the other guys what to eat.

Adam is describing the pictures you can see of Chris having a blast via the show page link up top.


Adam is now commenting on the photo of him and Patrick Dempsey, he’s now transitioning to the most “leather/lace” experience he’s ever had with service.

Adam is explaining how he called Patrick, he called him by mistake while hanging out at his kid’s school orientation, it was a misdial and Adam got a fervent callback from Patrick.

Adam was trying to hustle him off the phone due to his packed car full of the family, Adam is now breaking down is process trying to locate Patrick who was in the VIP lounge.


Adam is getting to the guy in the VIP section who was yelling at everyone while the waiters were mid refill of the guest’s champagne.

Alison says it must be like how it feels to be caught for a high end white collar crime, Adam is making a point about the screaming asshole not recognizing celebrity.

Adam is now riffing about Chris sneaking into the VIP under the fence, hilarious.


Adam is sating the “Quale” is “hoity, toity and hoity again”, Chris is now on mic and giving his take on the guy and his insane yelling, that probably ruined the mood of all the partygoers.

Adam is now taking it back to the races, he’s describing his practices and qualifying races.

Adam is telling the gang about the semi-bad crash that took place during his Saturday morning qualifying race, he’s citing the 700k car that went into the wall.


Adam is describing how they ended up scrubbing the race after the accident, he’s explaining to Alison why they scrubbed it due to their tight schedule set to begin every 25min.

Adam is now describing how an explosion from a turbo in a Porsche caused everyone but the two wrecked cars to break, leading to their accident.

Adam is now explaining how he was running in the same class as he was last year but with a much faster vehicle, he’s telling the gang about the car being covered in dust and how he hates driving when it’s fresh from the body shop


Adam bought a Swiffer to get the dust out of his car, he even wipes his feet on the carpet before entering the car.

Adam is now explaining the ironic twist will pay off when you see what happened to his car, uh oh!

Adam is now playing some video from race and doing live commentary, you can see the video via the show page link above and get the full experience via an upcoming episode of Carcast.


Alison is asking some excellent questions as Adam further does live commentary on his race footage, he’s explaining the end of the meticulous cleaning and what happened to him around lap 8.

Adam is asking for them to set up the punch line to his anal attempt to remove all the dust, showing how the universe paid him back with ironic punishment as per usual.

Adam is excusing the small car in front of him that didn’t bother to check for superior cars while in his racing line, so Adam got punished by the only possibly scenario that could nullify his plans of having a different experience than last year in the smaller/slower car.


Alison is now asking about racing etiquette when there are different ranges of cars on the same track, too bad BB is “tuning out” as he so proudly claimed, at least Alison is being professional and getting some nice follow up information from Ace.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Danny, his wife is busting his balls about the language in the podcast when he listens around his two year old.

BB is now playing the classic “Fuck My Pussy Bro” riff between Alison and Adam.

Adam is telling Danny to let the kid listen till 5, then cut him off of the ACS till he’s 15.


Adam is now joking about Tommy Lee steering his houseboat with his cock and the Daniel Pearl execution tape to make a point about exposure and the internet on young minds.

Adam is explaining that a caller recently saw “Senna” and he’s now telling people why they should see it regardless of their level of interest in the sport.

BB is now on mic proudly telling his boss who has done countless kind deeds for him that he “tunes out during the racing videos” so he can’t even be bothered to feign interest in his bosses greatest hobby during his work shift? Holy Shit! – This is what Adam’s talking about re: entitlement.


Alison is now calling back Adam’s hilarious monkey one liner, good stuff.


2nd Caller Todd, he has two questions about Senna, he wants to know about the late 80’s F1 cars and their propensity for generating sparks. His 2nd question is if they’ve uncovered any lost Paul Newman racing and track footage.

Adam is telling they have found scores of lost footage of Paul and he’s now telling him the reasoning for the sparks, the cars are bottoming out.

3rd Caller Johnny, he’s traveling with his boss to Los Angeles, Adam has a killer “man’s insatiable” escort joke in reply, gold.

Johnny’s boss wants to make a trek to the LA Brea tar pits, Adam is telling him to not even bother getting out of the car.

Adam is sharing his “Thank god it wasn’t on Pico and Venice” reaction to the Wiltern, he’s sharing that the pits aren’t even on LA Brea but are on Wiltern.


Adam is describing the scene of the pits and what the experience is like inside, he’s telling Johnny about filming the hammer there and how he doesn’t need to experience certain sensations, Alison’s reaction is gold.

Adam is telling them about the wolf skulls found throughout the tar and his hilarious reaction to “2,000 years ago this wasn’t here…”

Adam is going off on the shitty server who was lecturing him on the masses great love of “Passion Fruit” Iced Tea and how a nearby patron saved the day by canceling her order of tea after hearing Adam.


Adam is describing what this woman is up to now, hilarious. Alison has a great Game of Thrones reference and BB sums it all up with a recommendation to go Marie Calendar’s instead of staring at tar.


4th Caller Vanessa, she claims to his biggest fan ever and she wants to share a bet she made with her mother regarding contributing to “Road Hard” – only a few hours left.

Adam is thanking the fans while making some notes about Vanessa’s mother in order to help Vanessa win the bet.

Adam has a hilarious reply to her claim that her mother was sad about Adam not being on the US version of Top Gear, Adam is now riffing about the encounter group for all the women afflicted by this tragedy and BB is joining in for some comedy gold.


Adam is now speaking directly to Maria, he’s on a great jag trying to convince her to contribute to his new movie with a great music bed from BB.

Adam just killed it with a nice callback to the KLSX ACS with a “Seacrest Out!”


Adam is now responding to a listener voicemail, Adam is going off on Zucchini in its raw form.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw Elysium, We’re the Millers and the Butler.

Adam is now contrasting and comparing Riddick to the Elysium billboards, he’s demanding to know who wants a 3rd Riddick movie, this Superfan does!

Vin was on Loveline promoting the original in 2000, it’s actually considered a classic Sci-Fi/horror film and Adam got along well with Vin on Loveline.


BB is breaking down the premise of Elysium. He’s calling it a short movie and saying he could have done with a longer explanation of the Elysium inner workings.

Adam is creeped out by it because of the name connection to the Topanga Canyon Nudist Colony, Adam’s got a hilarious poncho compromise for nudist events.

Adam is explaining how his grandma was part of the VA staff and would attend the annual gatherings in Big Sur paid for by the local government.


Adam has a great point about gathering being held in extravagant locales when the government is footing the bill for people who would never pay for the location if it was coming out of their pocket.

Adam is now riffing on the thing that used to be advertised outside of motels, color TV, cable etc.

Adam is explaining that his family doesn’t lie despite him wishing they would, he’s saying his grandma told a lie in this case.


Adam is now riffing about his kids resisting trips to the BBQ restaurant to contrast his family of origin planning their order a week out.

Adam is now riffing about his kid’s dependency on their tablet computers and about waterboarding them with yogurt being how they experience things, hilarious riff with Alison.

Adam is now explaining how he was pulled over and lied to the cop in order to evade a ticket, Adam was studying her and Alison agrees that her technique was flawless.


BB is now telling them about “We’re The Millers” and it’s the 2nd time Rawson Marshall Thurber has been brought up on a program with Adam Carolla.

BB is giving a nice explanation of the movie and fleshing out his quickie review.


BB is now on to “The Butler”, he’s explaining why the director’s name is in front of the movie and how he doesn’t think the man is far enough in his career to command that.

The title had his name added because of a 1930’s film owned by another studio with the same name, so they added the director’s name to satisfy the legal requirement it be changed.

BB is recommending this film to all fans of “The Kings Speech” and he’s now emotionally bracing himself for the slew of Oscars it’s bound to win in his opinion.


Alison wonders if this is a homework style of movie and BB misunderstands while plowing forward about Oprah’s probably acceptance speech.

Adam is taking it away from the racial undertones and digging into her narcissism, her true fatal flaw.

Adam is now bringing up the track to make an analogy, he’s telling them about a guy who drives a Porsche with 100mph less horsepower yet wins every race with faster competitors.


Adam is saying that people citing their disadvantages while explaining they won anyway makes you a “one upper”, BB calls it a “one downer” and they’re back to the movie topic.

BB is describing the totally unnecessary voice over used in the movie, he’s citing good examples to contrast what was done in this movie.

Adam is explaining that often times this stuff gets added in post, to “lay some pipe”.


Alison’s News

Her top story is some breaking news on Steve Austin tweeting Adam about enjoying some Baby corn, calling back to his last appearance.

Great follow up, Adam is now joking about baby corn being the code name Steve uses for Adam.

Adam says he needs to travel with a chipmunk mouth in order to consume baby corn.


A fan brought Adam some passion fruit at the track and told him how it breaks his heart that Adam laments it so often.

BB has an excellent point about the passion fruit in the tea not reflecting the actual taste of the fruit.

Adam is now making a fine point about him adding his favorite fruit flavor to other people’s beverage of choice while removing the plain version from the menu.

Alison is commending the tableau he’s created out of veggies, in the photo featured via the show page link above.


2nd story is the CIA finally acknowledging the existence of Area 51 aka Groom Lake Air Force Base.

Adam is now commenting on the rules regarding “lethal force” being legal if you approach the base too closely.

Alison is reading the information from the freedom of information act findings.


Adam is now giving his take on the ways you can do Arial reconnaissance, he’s citing the plane Gary Powers was flying when he was shot down.

Adam is now bringing up the Blackbird and how fast it flew.


BB is now asking Adam what he thinks about our place in the universe, Adam is citing the 1950’s story of a farmer claiming something crashed on his property.

Adam is not a conspiracy theorist and is explaining how he does allow caveats for previous generations like the 1940’s and 50’s, the “Game on” era.

Adam is saying that aliens don’t exist to him because he hasn’t seen them, Alison is explaining her thoughts on the nature of life in the universe, and she is wise in her response.


BB is bringing up the math and how it essentially means there must be other life in the universe, hilarious commentary from Ace and Alison.

Alison is bringing up the lawsuit from the widows of former Area 51 employees who died with elevated levels of chemicals in their blood, which goes hand in hand with the reported nuclear waste buried at the base.


3rd story is on a young dying fan who was offered a description of the ending from “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan.

Adam is asking Adam what he would do if given the option, Adam is now saying he would essentially focus his remaining hours on re-creating Michael Keaton’s “My Life” from 1993.

Adam is now riffing on the various life milestone tapes he’s going to record for his kids, this idea is going to hilarious lengths.


Alison is telling the gang about the young fan who died and how he was first in contact with Bryan Cranston who sat with him for hours.

Adam is now bringing up his conversation with Leno explaining that he tried to get David Letterman to participate in the doc due to their time spent together co-owning Indy car teams.

Adam is explaining that he just ran into Jay and got a spur of the moment interview with the man.


Adam is now explaining how he knows Jay is not an asshole, he cited his shop manager telling Adam he’s right there when he called vs. other people whose staff “have to check”.

Leno had a great lamentation about everything in show business not being so hard, he’s citing the multiple attempts to get Patrick Dempsey on Carcast.

Alison is wisely attributing it to the people working as intermediaries in the industry, very insightful conversation.


4th Story is on the Ferrari Spider that sold for a record 27.5 Million dollars at Monterrey, she’s now reading the specs on this super rare car.

Adam is explaining how he was eyeballing a Ferrari GTO and was told by the kind man letting them kick it at his Paddock about his pal who bought a 19 million car that’s now worth 30.

Adam is saying it won’t be insane when this guy sells his 27.5 million dollar car for 40 million in 12 years.


Adam saw one of the cars on the track and it was driven by the only douchebag attending the races that he encountered.

Adam asked the guy looking over the car what the car was worth and he was met with a shitty reply that he didn’t care for.

The man who sold the car is going to give all the proceeds to charity, Adam is now bringing up the auction house wetting their beak in the process, they get a 10% cut and the state takes even more.

Adam is now bringing up the state who gets their cut for doing nothing, very insightful mini rant.

Alison wants to know how these large transactions take place, personal checks.

Adam is now explaining how you have to pre-qualify with your bank and the auction house before bidding.


Adam is now telling the guys about his funny plan he can now share with them.

Adam is explaining that they did a 2nd Carcast and a live show with Dr. Drew kept him from his prank, joking about using the Road Hard contributions for a new car.

This would’ve been gold, Alison’s and BB’s reactions are wonderful. Adam is bringing up Rob asking what would happen if won the bidding, Adam is now citing the reserve price and how it would’ve kept him from the joke backfiring.


Adam is bringing up Mike August’s point about it never leaving the internet and the eventual shit storm that would have erupted.

I agree Adam should have done it anyway, I would’ve policed the fans and corrected the record as per usual.

Alison is now wrapping the news, Adam is doing a live read for Legal zoom and has a “you can’t afford to now have a will” riff that BB is now joining him for, this is insanely great!


Adam is giving some plugs for the upcoming week and wrapping the show.