Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/18/2014 – Tara Reid and Anthony Ferrante

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Guest Tara Reid and Anthony Ferrante

Recorded 07-21-2014 – Release Date 08-18-2014

Production Number #1378

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Anthony is back for his 2nd appearance, he was on ACS #1121 from last July with Ian Ziering and Tara Reid is making her ACS debut, she was never on the morning show and only has one known appearance on Classic Loveline on episode #711 from MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1998.

Adam is bringing up the codename “Dark Skies” that originally became “Sharknado” and Anthony is explaining how the cast first learned of the title and how he was trying to explain to them that it would be a good thing for the low budget SyFy Original movie.

Adam is trying to figure out what it is that the movie tapped into, Anthony is explaining how he first pitched the title and included it in a leprechaun movie he made that was heard by the executives.


Adam is asking about the sequel and how long it took to go from pre-production to filming, Anthony is bragging about the 18 day shoot and 700 visual effects shot.

Adam is asking Anthony about the movie’s budget and Alison is calling him out for not asking her back for a role in the sequel after she couldn’t clear her schedule for the first movie, they have a funny back and forth.

Adam is asking Tara about her origin in acting “A Return To Salem’s Lot” and BB jumps in as she brings up her work in “The Big Lebowski” and Adam is on his “Devil Dog’s hounds from hell” riff about the lack of the devil in modern pop culture.


Adam is bringing up Mark McGrath and his work in the sequel “Sharknado 2” and Adam wants to know why he’s so cool and kind despite having every reason under the son to be a douche, he never acts like anything other than a gentleman.

Adam has a sweet “hire Anthony” comment summing up his abilities outside of aquatic creatures being sucked up into funnels.

Adam is asking Tara what she hopes to be doing in her career, she says that movies are hard to get and the business is different, she addresses her advancing age and how growing up and old means transitioning to TV, if she’s lucky.


Made Up Movie

1st Movie from Spencer, “Damaged Goods”

Adam is pitching a riches to rags story with Tara cast as a Paris Hilton type having to work at a thrift shop.

Adam has her working at the thrift shop of some kind and befriending Monique and BB jokes that she calls her “Side Salad” and Alison is trying to add something to the mix.

Tara and Anthony are adding a bunch to the romance subplot, Adam adds Busy Philips to the cast as Tara’s old nemesis.

Joshua Jackson aka “Pacey” has been cast as the possibly male lead and Tara sums things up nicely even if she essentially is just repeating everything else everyone else said in her “own words.”


2nd Movie from Bill who was stoked to speak with Caelan Biehn, Adam mocks him not being that big of a deal, Alison comments on his “5 words per show” and Bill pitches “Time for Change” and BB has a lame change belt idea involving Las Vegas.

Tara has time tunnels in closets and agrees with Anthony and Adam is now riffing about a magic change belt and dinosaurs in one era he travels to.

Tara suggest Gary Busy and Adam is Jan Michael Vincent and BB changes the title to “Making Change” as they wrap up with Bill.


3rd Movie from Darren “Full Court Press” and Alison is taking the lead, possibly picking some posthumous casting and BB picks up on it.

Alison has a lonely stenographer idea, Adam is riffing about the idea of gregarious life of the party style stenographers.

Adam is now riffing an “idiot savant of the law” side plot and Adam jokes with Andy, “not everything is about vengeance Andy!”


Adam is casting Bradly Cooper + 40lbs as the chubby dyslexia law student, Tara pitches queen Latifah as the judge and Alison cast Ryan Reynolds as his brother.

Adam is now figuring out the casting for his father possibly Dabney Coleman, dependent on whether a shovel is also dependent, Adam is back to the snarky fit brother and they reaffirm Ryan Reynolds as the super fit brother.

Ellen Page is the lowly and lonely stenographer in “Full Court Press” and Adam now riffs a tangent about “From the Hip” and they’re back to the stenographer plot.

Tara has a great closing plotline of brother vs. brother in the courtroom.


Adam is now doing a Nature box live read.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break.

Adam is giving another plug for their new movie “Sharknado: 2 The Second One”


Alison’s News

1st Story is on the effect makeup being used in women’s dating profiles has on potential partners, The audio from the booth comes through and BB calls this a shitty story, Adam agrees and they’re now going into dark lips and eyes that “scare” potential suitors.

Adam is now riffing on the Wiccan religion and how it’s simply about recycling and not demonic, BB asks if there are still wiccans, Tara says “white magic” and Alison picks up on it, gold!

Alison brings up the movie Skeleton Key and how it scared her for days, Alison explains the plot to Adam and the involvement of “Santeria or Voodoo” and how it freaked her out long after.


Tara brings up the Bloody Mary childhood myth, Alison doesn’t believe in it but it scares her anyway, Tara shares an anecdote and Adam does a riff about Baron Samedi from the James Bond movies and calls for a picture of him.

Adam is now asking about modern horror film and mocks the “based on real events” claim used in PR campaigns, Adam doesn’t care for “Amityville” the original nor the remake it seems, he apologizes to Ryan.

Adam has a true scary ghost scenario, a gay rapist Ving Rhames ghost, not a little girl.


Adam wants to know why they don’t use people and figures that are scary in real life as the ghosts you face, Adam jokes about Ghost gangbangers and ghost rogue cops.

Adam says that old ladies and young girls are the two people he doesn’t fear on earth, but he fears them when they’re in spectral form.

Alison has a great point about what’s menacing and what’s innocent and brings up the movie “Sybil” that terrified her, Adam jokes about Cybil stealing all of her mother’s personalities.


Alison references Classic Loveline and someone finally mentions that I host the show and do 95% of the work, for free…

Adam is bringing up Dr. Drew’s panic attacks and he’s referencing the 1997 John Favreau incident where Drew freaked out.

Adam is explaining the scene, he’s leaving out a lot of the details but giving enough that it’s still compelling.


Anthony is now trying to figure out what actually scares Adam, Adam brings up his sympathetic nervous system and how he doesn’t react to car’s backfiring.

Adam brings up his dread and how can’t stand seeing anyone in pain, citing compound fractures and broken bones in sports that he doesn’t want to see.

Alison cites the torture porn movies and Adam says that most of them aren’t creative, Adam says getting beat up and car crashes don’t scare him, he’s not nuts about flying but he does it all of the time so it’s neither here nor there.


Alison is asking Adam about his childhood and he explains how creepy his home was and how scary it was to be along with just his mom, Adam knew that if someone broke into the house, his mom would cower in her room while he was left to fend of Tex Watson and the Hillside Strangler.

Adam says he loves “The Shining” but it doesn’t make him think it’s going to happen to him, he cites “The Alps” and someone references his experience watching “The Ring” and how his Gateway computer monitor he was using as a TV was turned on in the middle of the night due to a power outage/surge that reset the breaker.

Adam is going into full detail with this story, with more noises and impressions of the preacher on his TV screen than even on the first Loveline after this happened, this is the best version!


Anthony is sharing some anecdotes of making old low budget horror films with his buddies in the woods, Anthony explains how the guy ran far down into the field and screamed cocksucker after abandoning his girl in the car.


“I like that cocksucker was his battle cry” – Adam

Adam brings up Cujo and how you can’t pick a worse dog than a Saint Bernard, BB explains he was rabid, yeah but still.


Adam is now doing a live read for Legal Zoom.


Adam is now asking Anthony about his top 5 scariest movies as his new drop plays, he cites “The Changeling” “The Thing” “I Walk with a Zombie” and “Curse of the Cat People” and how they used to milk frames in old timey horror films.

He says “The Exorcist” and says he can’t watch it again due to the devil stuff, he also says “The Shining” and Adam is now reacting to Stephen Kind disowning the best horror adaption of King’s work.

Adam forgets that Dr. Drew eventually saw “The Shining” and the hour of nothing foreplay before the movie really started to unfold, BB and Anthony are talking about the documentary “Room 237” and BB gives it a recommendation.


Adam is ding a Blue Apron Live Read

Adam is pugging the guests work and inviting them back anytime, solid episode!